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For some frolicking fun, be sure to read, MY FAVORITE GHOST, an unusual paranormal romance!


Author: Susanne Marie Knight

Genre: Paranormal Romance, Contemporary Romance

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Price: $9.99.

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Is it possible to make love to a ghost?


Billionaire Timothy Bolland Carter is having a very interesting day... and night. First he finds out that he has a previously unknown great grandmother, Emaline, who is not only turning one hundred years old, but who also practices Appalachian Granny Magic. Then, he receives a wake-up call--literally. A very friendly... and passionate ghost visits his bed in the dark of the night. He doesn’t know the woman and she doesn’t let herself be seen. When morning arrives, not only is she gone but there’s absolutely no way she could have entered or departed from his penthouse apartment. She says she’s a ghost, but is she really? How can Carter find her again?


Doctor Gabrielle (Gabby) Rossi has her life on track. So what if she’s twenty-nine, single, with no special man on the horizon? When billionaire Timothy Bolland Carter arrives at her medical office to handle a cyber attack, she ignores him as if he had the plague. This man was responsible for “knocking up” and abandoning her best friend. But even though she gives him the cold shoulder, she can’t help but fantasize about indulging in some late night aerobics... in the privacy of her mind, of course. A couple of intense dreams later, and then... Wait a minute! How did she get pregnant?

Scene Set-Up:

Arriving at the medical offices of Health Solutions 4 Today, cyber security expert Timothy Bolland Carter wanders the hallway in search of his new client.


Just as Carter was about to walk past an open room to the right of him, he heard a young voice, begging.

“Pease? Pease, Doctor Gabby, can’t you play another game w’me?”

Intrigued, he leaned against the threshold to peer inside. Wallpaper the color of a tropical forest impinged on his gaze, complete with colorful long-billed toucans, beautiful Monarch butterflies, a slow-as-a-tortoise turtle, and some adorably cute capuchin monkeys. Clever.

This room looked like it was in the middle of the Amazon--jungle, not retail center. Stacked against the walls were an assortment of games, figurines, toy cars, etc.

Carter smiled. Points regained due to this jungle-themed playroom for Health Solutions 4 Today clients’ children.

Sitting on the grass-styled carpet was a mere wisp of a girl with tiny pigtails. He’d guess she was only four. She had her hands clasped against her skinny chest and her lower lip was extended in a pout. Her small hand patted the game board of the ever-popular Candyland.

“Pease,” the little girl beseeched again.

The Doctor Gabby the girl was talking to also sat on the floor, her very shapely legs stretched out in front of her. With perfect posture, she regarded her young charge. The woman’s honey brown hair was pulled up into a bun, revealing a lovely curve of her neck. As for what she was wearing, he couldn’t tell. A white lab coat covered her outfit.

Her pert mouth beamed in a dazzling smile as she glanced at the young girl.

In truth, there was something about the woman that took his breath away.

“It’s time for us to clean up, Lana.” The woman suited her actions to her words and then set the game on the stack against the wall. “There. Now Candyland is ready for the next person to play it. So, give me your hand and we’ll go back to Ms. Abigail’s office where I’m sure your mother is waiting for you.”

Doctor Gabby gave the little girl a kiss on the forehead. “We can play Candyland again next time.”

Neither of them had seen him yet. From his position against the threshold, he was an observer, not a participant. He needed to change the equation so he interrupted. “This playroom makes me want to be a kid again.”

They both stared at him--him as an intruder. The little girl, Lana, stared with curious eyes, but Doctor Gabby, well, her grey eyes widened but not with pleasure. She recognized him; he could tell. Her eyes narrowed.

She got to her feet, brushed down her lab coat, and then looked at him. “Are you lost?”

What a delightful introduction! He had to laugh. “That’s a matter of debate. No, actually I had an appointment with Doctor Holmes.”

She pressed her plump lips together and nodded. “Yes, Doctor Holmes would’ve been here, but as it happens, his vacation to celebrate his fortieth wedding anniversary started this morning. By now he and his wife should be flying over the Pacific. Jack O’Connor will be talking with you.”

An informative and intelligent answer. He nodded back. “So you know who I am?”

If he wasn’t mistaken, and he wasn’t, her delicate nostrils flared for a brief second. She was annoyed with him. Actually annoyed. How very interesting. 

“Yes,” was all she said.

Then Lana pulled on Doctor Gabby’s arm. In response, the woman picked up the child to carry her. “Let’s get you back to your mother.”

In effect, he was dismissed. Him, the CEO of a Fortune 500 company? Unheard of.

An unusual emotion coursed through him. A yearning. A desire to be acknowledged by this young woman.

No. He wasn’t going to let her get away just yet. Even though her arms were full with a four-year-old child, her right hand was still free.

He extended his for a shake. “We haven’t been introduced. I’m Carter with CBP Enterprises.”

Her stormy grey eyes narrowed even further. Huffing a breath, she quickly completed the handshake and then disconnected. “And I’m Doctor Gabby. If you’ll excuse me, please.”

She walked away, carrying little Lana into the corridor and out of sight.

The next thing he heard was the sound of her voice floating down the hallway. “Jack, you look like you’ve lost someone. I believe you’ll find him in the playroom.”

Carter grinned. He had to get to know this Doctor Gabby better.


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Susanne Marie Knight

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