Juliet’s Diary: My Secret Plague Journal, The Lesbian Diaries Book 4 by Giselle Renarde

Juliet’s Diary
My Secret Plague Journal
Series: The Lesbian Diaries
Book: 4
Word Count: 45,000
Release Date: May 21, 2020
ISBN: 9780463259344
PRINT ISBN: 9798651142668

Juliet is young and in love. Problem is, there’s a pandemic gripping the planet. She knows she’s not supposed to leave the house, but her lust for her girlfriend makes her defiant. How can Juliet get close to Romi if she has to stay away?

Lesbian fiction from award-winning queer Canadian author Giselle Renarde.

Buy Now from Smashwords: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/1023428?ref=GiselleRenardeErotica
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Apple: https://books.apple.com/ca/book/juliets-diary-my-secret-plague-journal/id1514850526
BN: https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/juliets-diary-giselle-renarde/1137068563
Kobo: https://www.kobo.com/ca/en/search?query=9780463259344


I never imagined things would escalate so quickly.

Seems like only days ago it was like, “Oh, there’s this virus halfway across the world, sucks to be them.”

Now it’s everywhere.

Now it’s us.

Or, that’s what the news is saying. That’s what the politicians are saying. That’s what my parents are saying.

It’s everywhere. It’s bad. It’s gonna get worse.

Stay home.

So yeah, okay, maybe if you’re eighty. But what if you’re eighteen or nineteen? Who’s gonna get sick and die at my age?

This virus has radically fucked up my first year at university. Classes have already shifted online. Oh well. It’s just as easy to skip an online class as it is to skip one in person. Maybe even easier. As long as I can find someone who’ll sell me exam questions, I’m set.

Worked in high school. That’s how I met Romi. She’s so smart. And she needed the money.

Not that I care about my education. I only enrolled in university because Dear Old Dad promised to pay me fifty grand if I didn’t move out right away. Or, to put it less succinctly, he didn’t want me moving in with Romi and her whole consortium.

So I didn’t move out.

I stayed put.

And look where that bright decision landed me.

Buy JULIET'S DIARY from Smashwords: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/1023428?ref=GiselleRenardeErotica
Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0893931Y4?tag=dondes-20
Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/books/details?id=IhTmDwAAQBAJ

Apple: https://books.apple.com/ca/book/juliets-diary-my-secret-plague-journal/id1514850526
BN: https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/juliets-diary-giselle-renarde/1137068563
Kobo: https://www.kobo.com/ca/en/search?query=9780463259344

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Sensual Romance 18+ Historical Romance New Release

Hello readers! I have a new book coming out on June 9th, The Seduction of Laird Sinclair is the first book in a new Scottish historical romance series called the Lairds of the North.

Book blurb:

In order to love, she must first seduce…

Callum Sinclair should have known the night the great fireball lit the sky would change everything. He returns from battle wounded of body and heart to find his clan in disarray. Someone within his clan wants him dead and tried to assassinate him, his brother/laird murdered, his wife died in childbirth. Family dysfunction forces him to accept a destiny he never expected.

Violet Danvers’s life takes a complete turn when the king executes her husband for treason. Now he vows she will either wed his favored knight or suffer his punishment. With help from her husband’s ally, the king’s cousin, he sends her to his comrade in Scotland. He gains one promise from her, never to return to England, even if she must seduce the Highlander to gain his aid.

Even with the five rules of enticement, Violet’s seduction doesn’t come easy. Callum is broken of spirit, but she is not one to easily surrender to defeat. With laughter and grace, The Seduction of Laird Sinclair might lead them both to lose their hearts.

Book excerpt copyright @ 2020 Kara Griffin

“Come, Milady, I’ll show you to his chamber.”
She followed and took the stairs to the upper floor. He stopped at a chamber and motioned her inside. Violet opened the door and stepped through the threshold, but she didn’t see anyone within. The keep was lavish and the chamber as adorned. A large wooden desk sat by the window, flanked by a high-backed chair. A smaller hearth situated across from the desk and its embers were aglow. Adjacent to the chamber, a door led to a sleeping quarter.
She ambled forward and gasped when a man startled her. His leg and thigh were bared, and he appeared to massage his muscles. The man’s brows furrowed as if he was in pain. Rule number one, use the body. Violet leaned against the door’s threshold and pulled her shoulders back. She waited for him to notice her.
She roved her eyes over his naked skin and stepped back when he startled at her appearance. “I’m sorry, sir. I didn’t mean to intrude…”
“Who are you?” his voice was deep with a hearty lilt to it, and he sounded affronted.
“I’m Henry’s friend, Violet Danvers.”
“You can’t be. Henry’s friend is a man.”
“I am his friend, and I assure you, I’m not a man. Surely you received his missive which foretold of my arrival? You are Callum Sinclair, are you not?”
He nodded but remained silent.
Violet couldn’t take her gaze from his naked, muscular thigh. He pushed the fabric of his tartan over his leg and straightened. She took her time to assess him and the enticement rules were all but forgotten. Callum stood tall and perhaps over six feet in height, and his brawny muscles tightened the front and arms of his tunic. It was his handsome face that captivated her and caused her breath to still. He had light brown hair, almost chestnut in color, and even darker eyes and brows. The man wore no whiskers about his face, but his jaw tightened as she perused him.
Callum cleared his throat and stepped forward. “I could’ve sworn Henry mentioned his friend was a man.”
“Perhaps he misled you. He asked me to give you this missive and container.” She approached and held out the items. Rule two was easy to do since she didn’t take her eyes from his, and with confidence from somewhere deep within her, she peered at him with interest. “It might aid your pain for he said you were injured.”
He reached for the items and brushed his fingers against hers as he grasped the missive. Violet took in a startled breath. His touch evoked excitement or something similar. She couldn’t place the sentiment as she’d never experienced it before. With a jerk, she retracted her hand. If she decided to go ahead with her maddened plan, rule four would positively be pleasing.
His gaze lingered as if he disbelieved she was there. The man set the items on the desk in a hostile manner and glared at her.
She knew well enough where she wasn’t wanted. “I shall hurry to stop the coachman from leaving. Hopefully, he’s still in the courtyard. I’ll be gone since it is obvious you will not offer sanctuary.” Before he retorted, Violet fled the chamber.
 She needed to escape his pierced gaze and aggressive mood. As much as she detested to admit it, rule five wasn’t within her. Violet had no confidence whatsoever. Never had a man looked at her with such hostility. She didn’t know what to make of him, or what he intended with such a look. But it was her reaction to him that troubled her more. Why had she gaped at him as though he was a statue? She couldn’t reason her reaction or behavior.
Violet rushed through the hallway and reached the bottom of the stairs when she heard someone call out. Ionnsaigh.
A dog growled and ran at her. It jumped up, knocked her back and to the floor. The dog’s mouth gripped her leg, and he shook his head and flailed her. Her gown tore with his sharp teeth dug in. Violet cried out and shouted for help. The dog ravaged her and wouldn’t let go. She tried to free herself from his hold by kicking out, but he wouldn’t cease his attack. The beast locked his jaw and wouldn’t let go, and the pain on her leg caused her to gasp for breath.
“Frang! Cease. Go, be gone.”
The dog released her at the man’s command, and he whined and fled when the man approached with heavy steps.
Callum knelt next to her. “Don’t move. Are you injured?”
Violet’s voice rasped from her fright. “I…I’m uncertain.” She tugged the material of her gown to reveal her leg and winced at the bloody marks from the dog’s teeth.
Callum lifted her in his arms. “We need to get the healer to look at you.”
She tensed in his arms, but couldn’t resist taking a whiff of his manly scent. He smelled of outdoors, pine, and as if he’d spent the day ensconced in the woods. His face was close to hers, and all she focused on was the way his strong arms held her. Violet wrapped her arm around his neck when he jostled her. He strolled to the adjacent room next to the entry. The man limped slightly, and his movement inhibited.
“Lady Danvers, are you all right? You are shaking.”
She shook herself from her reverie. “Why would I be shaking?”
Callum grinned. “Perhaps because you were just attacked by a large hound. Let’s make sure you’re not injured, lass.”
Violet stared at the way his lips moved when he spoke. His mouth fascinated her, with his full lips that surely would make a lady swoon if he kissed her. He reached the hall and crossed it quickly even though it must’ve pained him to do so.
Gussy screeched when she noticed him carrying her. “What happened to my lady?”
He set her on the comfortable chair near the hearth. Once she was settled, he knelt next to her and pressed her skirts above her knee. She almost giggled at the way he took hold of her naked calf. But when he continued to press her skin with his warm fingers, she lost her breath. His touch sent a pleasurable chill through her and she remained still.
Callum raised his eyes and held her gaze. “It doesn’t appear Frang damaged you too badly, but we should get the healer to make certain. Are you in pain?”
She shook her head but wanted to tell him she was injured if only he might continue to touch her. Violet sat back, content that he persisted to hold her leg. When his hand brushed along her skin, heat rose within her and her cheeks burned. His nearness brought forth a shyness she hadn’t ever possessed. But she had to remember to be confident. He was more than handsome, but it was the way he touched her that riddled her senseless. No man had ever struck her with such longing.
If she wasn’t mistaken, she might liken the sentiment to desire. She desired Callum Sinclair, and that thought settled the matter. Until she kissed him though, she wouldn’t know if it was true passion that brought fervor to her. She would do whatever it took to seduce him, even if she only got to experience it once. After all, she was entitled to take a lover once in her life, and glory be, he’d be worth the risk. Violet would be content with one night spent in his muscular arms.

Available at all retailers on June 9th.
Book price: $5.99 Pages: 200

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