New Mystery Series--Book 2: BREAKS AN EGG

BREAKS AN EGG, Book 2 Sedona West Mystery Series

Author: Susanne Marie Knight

Genre: Murder Mystery Romance

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Price: $2.99

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In Print: $6.99

Just when she thought she was out, she gets pulled back in!

Sedona West wants to move on from the unfortunate murder of her ex husband, however Jervis still has a trick or two up his dead sleeve. He stole two million dollars--now missing--and the Mob thinks she knows where the money is. Her cabin burglarized and shots fired, she turns to the town’s hunky sheriff and the swoon-worthy celebrity psychologist for support. She’d rather turn to them for romance, but gangsters and thugs, masquerading as tourists, have other ideas. More than anything she needs to put the past behind her and live a normal life, but not yet. Sampling the “candy store” goodies of Harrison and Doug will have to wait. Right now Sedona is worried about staying alive!

Scene Set-Up:
At the town café, Sedona is having breakfast with Harrison Oakdale, who just recently returned to Cozy Haven. While they’re catching up, sheriff Doug Marino interrupts and then joins them. The two men are not eager to share Sedona’s attentions.

Harrison glanced around the Food For Thought Café. Maybe he felt their fellow diners’ gazes. He smoothed a hank of his dark hair off his forehead. “This place gives me the creeps. It’s like a gossip-central, isn’t it? People feasting on the lives of others.”

“Maybe it is a little creepy, but it’s harmless.” Sedona took a sip of water. “So why don’t you tell me about your L.A. trip? How many radio shows did you do?”

While they talked, the server brought them coffee. Harrison dumped sugar in his and Sedona took hers with milk and one sugar. It was while she was stirring hers that she noticed a shadow darkening the table.

She looked up. Omigosh, it was Doug, standing there, looming over the edge of the booth.

He was in his summer uniform, the one with the short sleeves revealing strong bicep muscles on arms lightly sprinkled with dark hair. With his warrior stance, he looked, quite frankly, ready for action.

“Doug!” she squeaked.

“Sheriff.” Harrison rolled his gaze.

Hopefully Doug didn’t notice. “Mind if I join you?” Doug raked his gaze over both of them.

“Ah...” Sedona glanced at Harrison.

“Sure,” he begrudgingly replied.

“Hmmn, who shall I sit next to?” Doug set his cowboy hat on the side peg on their booth, then slid in next to her. “No contest, really.”

His muscled thigh butted up next to her partially bare one. Heat seared through her. She tried to move farther down the booth but honestly, there wasn’t much spare space.

“So what brings you to the Food For Thought Café, Sheriff?” Harrison drummed his fingers on the oak tabletop.

“Breakfast,” was the terse reply.

The server dashed over to take his order of coffee and rye toast, and then just as quickly sprinted away.

“Good service,” Harrison commented. “It’s good to be the sheriff.”

“Sometimes it is,” Doug admitted.

Harrison tapped on his mug. “Sedona and I saw something last night that might be important, Sheriff.”

Sedona winced at the “Sedona and I” part. And so did Doug. His body stiffened.

“On the Cozy Cottage burglary?” Doug then turned to Sedona. “What might that be?”

Oh dear. She could feel waves of red anger emanating off of him.

She took a deep breath. “Last night, Harrison called to let me know he just arrived back at Cozy Haven, so he came over for a cup of tea.”

“Tea?” There was that raised eyebrow again.

“Yeah, damn good tea it was, too.” Harrison grinned at her. “Double Bergamot Earl Grey, wasn’t it, darlin’?” He then dug into his hashbrowns.

Darlin’. She grit her teeth. Had Harrison said that on purpose?

Who was she fooling, of course he had.

“Yep, that’s the tea.” She lifted her own eyebrow, but at Harrison. “Anyway, as I was saying, we were drinking the tea out on the front porch and that’s when a car raced down the road. It didn’t have headlights on so I didn’t see the color or make of it. I’d say it was dark though, that’s all I recall. I thought it was a drunk tourist or a speeding teenager.”

“But maybe the car was heading for Cozy Cottage, for whatever reason,” Harrison added.

Doug nodded. “Maybe. The time?”

“Probably around ten, give or take.” Sedona ate a forkful of her huckleberry pancakes. “Mmm, this is so good.”

“Yeah, it sure is.” Harrison grinned.

She shook her head. How in the world did he make everything seem like a sexual innuendo?

Doug took a bite of his toast. “Thanks for the heads up about the speeding car. It’s possible someone else noticed it. We’ll ask around.” He finished his coffee, then firmly set his mug down. “I’ve got to get back to it.”

“But, Doug, you’ve hardly eaten.”

He slid out of the booth, and then patted at his heavy-duty belt. “I’ve had enough.”


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