WAIT FOR ME, JEFF New release v. sensual ROMONA HILLIGER

Set in the
Northern Territory of Australia
A tale filled with stunning surprises and twists that will send the pulse racing and challenge the emotions...
Jeff Hunter. A captivating reneged with a cause. A lawyer who, though in demand by the privileged, prefers to pit his extraordinary skills in the defence of the under-dog. Jeff has never forgotten Kate the sweet love of his life since his teens, but though the years have kept them apart, playing out its little games, a twist of fate has brought them together again. To his utter shock, the little girl who’d followed him everywhere had now, grown into a perfect swan. Never had any woman aroused him as this beauty did. But this was little Katie, for God’s sake.

Stunned by the news that Jeff had married someone else, Kate Anderson knows that she can never have him. Throwing herself into her new job as a bush pilot and the realization that she’s raised the interest of another man, helps cushion her pain but nothing will erase the bitterness of the love that still haunts her dreams.
“Wait for me, Jeff. Will you marry me, Jeff when I grow up?” she still heard her childish pleas as she’d followed him around.
“I will, but you’ll have to grow up fast Little Birdie…”

Their heart-rending destiny seems now fulfilled. But could Destiny be changed? Perhaps, but that would take a miracle...
Available at Lavender Isis Press http://www.lavenderisis.com/

SEE FLASH MOVIE http://www.toufee.com/cgi-bin/user.pl?u=54301186643445

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Station Leave by Silvia Violet

Just Released: A new sexy sci fi novella by Silvia Violet

Station Leave by Silvia Violet

Sabra Dexter, an employee of Inter-Galactic Shipping, just completed a two-month run with a crew who couldn't find their heads if they weren't attached, rations that consisted almost entirely of beans, and the tedious job of managing every ounce of cargo on her ship. She needs a vacation and some hot sex.

When her ship docks at Cisco Station for three days, she intends to find some good food, and a man to satisfy her pent up needs. But she doesn't expect to find them in the same place. When a mix-up with her food gives her the chance to talk Nick, a gorgeous crew captain from a rival shipping company, she gets up the nerve to invite him to join her for the evening. Sabra quickly discovers that he loves dominance games as much as she does, and they spend a delightful, exhausting night together. Sabra intended to have a one-night stand, but she quickly realizes she feels more for Nick than just desire. Can a station leave liaison become a relationship, or should she cut her losses before she gives up her heart?

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Founder, a novel by Jodi Payne
gay (m/m) drama/romance
Aubrey blinked. He hadn't expected the kid to answer the phone himself. "Uh, Kelly?"

"Hello? Aubrey? Hey," Kelly answered, almost stammering into the phone.

"Yeah. Hey." Aubrey cleared his throat.

"If you're drunk again, I don't want to know it."

"Okay." So Aubrey wouldn't tell him.

"Are you drunk again?"

"I thought you just said…?"

"Just answer the question." Kelly sounded worried and once again Aubrey felt like he shouldn't have called.

"Yeah. I'm sorry, kid, I am."

"Damn it, Aubrey, are you ever going to call me sober?"

"Probably not."

Kelly snorted into the phone. "Well, at least you're honest about that much." There was a long silence that Aubrey didn't try to fill. He rubbed his forehead and paced as far as the receiver would let him go, two steps away and two steps back. Kelly finally spoke up. "So uh, we were just laughing about you last night."


"Yeah. Haley was telling us a story about the night Little Blue got out of his stall."

Aubrey rolled his eyes. "Oh, damn, that was a long time ago. Ancient history."

"Did you really set the barn on fire?"

"Nope. Hep set the barn on fire. I'd already passed out by then."

Kelly laughed. "Oh, right! You were one dumb bastard back then."

Kelly was right; he had been a dumb bastard back then. He rolled right off of weekends pumping gas to full weeks mucking stalls. He knew nothing about horses then, not even how to ride one, and Little Blue knew an idiot when he saw one. He'd slipped his halter while Aubrey was bringing him in from turnout and Aubrey had been chasing the bastard around the barn before he ran head first into an open split stall door. Hep, the barn manager at the time, had thrown him into the stall to keep his sorry ass out of the way and then at some point while Hep took up the chase, either he or Little Blue had kicked some hay into his space heater and it went up in flames. Hep had it under control right away, but Aubrey had come around just in time to see smoke and the hay burning and he'd run from the barn screaming, "FIRE!" at the top of his lungs. The barn never actually caught, but Haley liked to tell the story that way.

"You still there, Aubrey?"

"Oh, yeah. Just remembering. Good times." Much better times. And it wasn't all that long ago really, so why couldn't he find that part of himself again?

"Wish they'd all been good," Kelly said more seriously.

"Hey, once a fuck-up, always a fuck up."

"That's not what I meant, Aubrey."

Didn't matter, Aubrey meant it. He changed the subject. "So, Thelma says you're not yourself."
Kelly was instantly defensive, snapping in a way that made Aubrey realize she was right. "Thelma is a nosy woman."

Aubrey could imagine Kelly kicking the dirt floor and squinting out over the dark pastures. "Okay. So… how are you, then?"

"Fine," Kelly answered tersely.

"Fine." Aubrey snapped back.

"Look, I miss you, okay? Fuck off."

Aubrey nodded. He heard Kelly loud and clear. "Yeah okay, I miss you, too. Or am I not allowed to say that because I'm drunk?"

"Aubrey," Kelly sighed. "Look, can I ask you something straight out?"

"Yeah," Aubrey answered, bracing himself.

"When are you coming back?"

Watch the Founder book trailer at

More information about Founder at

I have a newsletter! Email me at
jodi@jodipayne.net to join.

~ Jodi

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Forcing a square peg into a round hole can be difficult. This time the results are positively disastrous.

Young Peyton Hamilton believes she was sent to Wellbourne Manor to act as chaperone for her marriage-minded sister. Therefore the warnings in the orientation pamphlets hold no truth for her. Peyton begins to seek out the hidden magic of the manor, putting her at odds with the lady who runs Wellbourne, Lady Elizabeth and finds herself being tutored by her rude nephew, Rupert Granville.

Rupert no longer sees magic at Wellbourne. Calling it a slave auction, he resists his aunt's attempts to name him as successor. However, there is one thing he can not resist. Peyton's reckless nature has unwittingly drawn him in and he is torn between tutoring the little hoyden and leading her further into the forbidden.

I loved this novel. An easy-to-read story, it was erotic without being overly graphic. The romance between the two main characters built throughout the story, giving this reader the tingles at the relatively minor romantic parts. I will read this one again and again.
The Romance Reader's Connection Review
THE UNSUITABLE SUITOR available now at Champagne Books
Please visit me at Romance Run Amuck

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PLAGUED by K. Z. Snow, Ellora's Cave

Like a dash of the historical with your dose of paranormal? K. Z. Snow's Plagued is now available at Ellora's Cave (link below).


Adin Swift's 658-year-old hunger--for blood, sex, and vengeance--has inadvertently led him to Celia Quill, a bright and independent young woman who's on the verge of a major change in her life. Within days of meeting this enticing and enigmatic vampire (and having what she thinks is the most exciting one-night stand of her life), Celia will be moving from her city apartment to a small northern town. But the couple captivate each other...far more than either had expected. So, in a last-minute decision, Adin accompanies Celia to her new home.

What was supposed to be a brief stay results in a life-altering experience. Adin and Celia soon must confront a threat neither had anticipated. Their efforts to comprehend and overcome it take them from her modest farmhouse to a lumber baron’s mansion to a blue-collar tavern complete with a secretive local drunk. Their bond strengthens, and answers come…but the threat only grows.

Desperate, Adin calls his old friend Jackson Spey for help. The quirky modern wizard extends their search to a place where the vampire was both born and birthed and has only revisited in his nightmares—14th century, plague-torn England. Gut-wrenching as it is, this journey into the past may be Adin’s and Celia’s only route to a secure and blissful future.

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Life hadn’t been easy for Brad Steele and he’d lived on the edge since his teens. Now at thirty and a naturalist, Brad finds peace and solidarity in the wilds of the Northern Territory bush. His passion is helping relocate crocodiles and caring for injured wildlife.

Brad’s dark sensual good looks are the ultimate in a woman's fantasy but any hopes the young English heiress, Jodie Marshall, might have of touching the heart of the aloof wildlife warrior, are bleak indeed, until the night circumstance throws them together and into the firestorms of love and passion. But Brad has a secret buried deep in his soul that forbids his loving her…

The power of their love survives heartbreak, a jail sentence and poison pens but can it survive their worst nightmare? Its evil meticulously crafted and now a reality?

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Opposites Attract

Opposites Attract is available at Samhain today.

An uptight concert cellist. A freewheeling rock guitarist. Does love stand a chance?

Kelly, cellist with the symphony orchestra, has always been too busy working to enjoy life. When Ren, lead guitarist for an up-and-coming band moves into her building, he rocks her world. She’s never had sex so sizzling. Ren continues to assault her barriers even as she tries to push him away. Then he goes on tour, which she thinks proves she was right not to get involved. Only problem is his band’s hit song haunts her everywhere she turns and she can’t drive the man out of her head.

A tragic accident makes her rethink her fear of commitment, but is it too late to offer him the love she withheld? Kelly takes a drastic step to prove to Ren she’s willing to change. She can be just as hip as any rock groupie. Overcoming obstacles of her own making, uptight Kelly releases her inhibitions and lets love take control.

This is a previously released title.

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AVAILABLE AT Romance At Heart Publications E-Novels
ISBN#: 0-9785189-7-7

AUTHOR WEBSITE www.thewaterfront.net.au/romona

Also see a short movie for LURE OF THE EMERALD PEACOCK http://www.toufee.com/cgi-bin/user.pl?u=54301174361393#

A highly sensual story set in the dying days of the British Raj in India
AVAILABLE AT LINDEN BAY ROMANCE www.lindenbayromance.com
PAPERBACK www.amazon.com

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A FEW GOOD MEN by Cat Johnson

Erotic Romance author Maureen Mullen, aka Summer Winters, is on a quest. She’s in pursuit of the last decent man left on earth. Week after week one loser after another has passed through Maureen’s ever-revolving dating door. Now it seems opportunity is knocking in the form of deployed Army Staff Sergeant John Blake.

John gets through his days fueled by caffeine and adrenaline. A fighter, not a lover, he relies on years of training and sheer force of will. The last thing he’s looking for when he accidentally becomes Maureen’s pen pal is an emotional entanglement.But when emails between the unlikely pair heat up enough to keep them both warm and wanting at night, they have to wonder if their relationship just might have potential after all. Can a hot war-hardened soldier find love in cyberspace with a sweet, hearts and flowers writer of passionate prose?

5 Blue Ribbons from Romance Junkies
“red-hot passion, fascinating characters and thrilling situations”

5 Angels from Fallen Angel Reviews
“Her attention to detail in the hardships our troops live through daily can only make you appreciate our military more.”

Ebook Available July 1, 2007 from http://www.lindenbayromance.com/
Print Coming soon to Amazon.com
Info at http://www.catjohnson.net/ and www.myspace.com/authorcatjohnson
Email author at cat@catjohnson.net
Watch the Book Video at http://www.youtube.com/AuthorCatJohnson

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