Erotic Older Women: The Complete Collection
Erotic Older Women
The Complete Collection
by Giselle Renarde

Erotic older women prove it’s never too late for new experiences! In this superbundle of three erotica anthologies, explore older women’s wild, lesbian and kinky desires. From group sex to spanking to sex at the office, we catch older women enjoying forbidden fantasies over the course of more than twenty sexy stories. Whether they’re getting amorous with long-term partners or younger lovers, the women in these stories delight in carnal encounters. Enter a world of enjoying aging bodies in Erotic Older Women: The Complete Collection!

Enjoy an excerpt:

The back roads were dark. The only lights around were the headlights from other cars, and those were few and far between. I bent forward to turn on the radio, and just as my hand met the knob, Seth’s hand strayed across my breast.

I sat up in my seat, on high alert.

Seth said, “Take off your bra.”

I said, “My bra?”

He said, “Take it off.”

“Why?” I asked. My heart was racing.

Seth had one hand on the wheel, the other on my thigh. It snuck up my leg, diving toward my crotch and petting me ferociously.

“What the hell are you doing?” I asked. My voice sounded angry, but I wasn’t angry. I liked the attention. It was so dark out and the area was so desolate that I wasn’t worried about being seen.

Stroking my pussy, Seth said, “I want to play with your tits. Take off your bra.”

I did him one better and took off my top too.

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New release: ANGEL OF LUSIGNAN by Vijaya Schartz

Medieval Fantasy Romance
by Vijaya Schartz
Curse of the Lost Isle Book 8
In eBook everywhere and in paperback
Find it on Amazon HERE

Young knight Raymond of Forez, blaming himself for his uncle's death in a hunting accident, falls off his horse at the very sight of the lovely Melusine. He has no knowledge of their turbulent past. Even less that she is an immortal Fae with angel blood... afflicted by a curse. He doesn’t believe in the local legends... yet how can he resist such beauty and loving wisdom?

Melusine, who waited for him in Aquitaine, is full of remembered love. But can she trust this young knight with her mission, or her deadly secrets? In this explosive religious climate, the Church is suspicious of everyone, and the slightest rumor of witchery or Pagan magic could send them both burning at the stake. Can their love overcome the curse this time?


     Raymond raised his head and flinched at the jolt of pain. He reached and probed the lump on the back of his skull.
     “Easy. Do not move too fast.” The melodious feminine voice soothed the pounding in his brain.
     A woman? How odd. He forced words through his raw throat. “What happened?”
     Raymond opened his eyes upon the deep gray gaze of a blond beauty. Her long hair fell in smooth waves around her shoulders. The light of a camp fire illuminated her angelic face, or was it a saintly halo? A soft blue gown clung to her lovely shape. She looked vaguely familiar.
     He couldn’t suppress his grin. “I must have died and gone to heaven.”
     She chuckled and smiled at him, and him alone. “Nay, my lord. You are very much alive.”
     His mid section tightened at the lady’s beauty and attention, leaving no doubt he was indeed alive. She resembled the woman of his most secret dreams, the blonde beauty with eyes the color of a clear stream in summer. She’d haunted his sleep since puberty, and he’d looked for her in every woman he’d ever met. Now, here she was in the flesh... nay. He must be dreaming.
     “You fell off your horse when you caught me at my bath, do you not remember?”
     He gasped at the sudden memory of the naked nymph on the river bank, His blood stirred. He swallowed hard. “‘Twas you! Who are you?”
     “My name is Melusine.” Her lovely breasts hovered close when she dabbed at his forehead with a wet cloth. The large silver medallion between them caught the fire light, or did it glow of its own? “You should rest.”
     Rest? How could he? He glanced all around. Under the stars, half a dozen white square tents had sprouted in the clearing by the river bank. Guards sat around a fire and laughed at some jest, horses whinnied from a clump of trees nearby.
     Surprised at all the activity, Raymond sat up and his hand went to his sword hilt. His memories remained fuzzy, but he sensed no threat. He forced his hand to relax.
     The richly decorated tents indicated a noble traveling party. Under an awning, a lady in waiting combed her long dark hair. Cooks and servants busied themselves around the pots sitting on embers, while more cooks turned a whole deer on a spit over the main fire. Did they have permission to hunt on these lands? More confirmation this could not be real.
     The tantalizing aroma of roasting meat made his stomach grumble loudly. It felt real enough.
     “You must be hungry.” Lady Melusine held for him a silver platter loaded with sweet-smelling honey cakes.
     Raymond eyed the food suspiciously. Was it one of the enchantments sometimes attributed to this forest? Nay. Enchantments did not exist, so this must be real... or was it a dream? His fuzzy brain could not decide which.

 Vijaya Schartz
 Romance with a Kick
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Undeniable by KC Kendricks

(excerpt edited to PG13)
Contemporary gay romance

With a summer storm threatening to ruin his Friday afternoon, Asa Burton packs his briefcase and bolts for home before the driving gets dangerous. On the interstate, stuck behind an accident, he regrets his decision until he sees Ford Weston standing along the side of the road talking to a police officer.

Ford Weston can’t believe his luck, bad and good. First, his car gets clipped on the tail end of an accident, and then none other than Asa Burton pulls over and offers him a ride home. Coming face-to-face with the biggest regret of his life leaves Ford off-balance. He screwed up with Asa all those years ago. It was his fault the relationship ended.

Asa can’t believe he’s found Ford again, so why is he angry with himself? Could it be because Ford walked out on him without a word seventeen years ago and he did nothing to stop him? Asa’s sure of only one thing – Fate just handed him a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to win back Ford. 

It felt like he was on hold forever even though it was only a few seconds. Lord, he was going to screw this up somehow. He almost dropped his phone when Asa answered.
“Hello, Ford.”
“Asa. I, um, hope you don’t mind me calling.” Boy, that was slick.
“No, no. Not at all. What can I do for you?”
Ford took a breath in the hope of steadying himself. He hated to sound stupid and he was certain he did.
“Would you have time to see me today? You know, as a lawyer.”
There was a slight pause before Asa replied. “May I ask what this is about?”
Crap. Did that mean Asa would only see him for business? It was time he admitted to himself he wanted a lot more than that.
“I landed a big job today. Actually, it’s the most important job I’ve ever gotten. I need a good lawyer to look over the contract. I thought – I hoped you’d agree to look it over.”
“Is that all you want, Ford?”
Was that a note of hope in Asa’s quiet voice or did he want to believe it so badly he imagined it?
Ford closed his eyes and saw a younger Asa sprawled naked on his bed, the golden candlelight flickering across the white globes of his virgin buttocks. Asa had trusted him and for at least that one night, he hadn’t let Asa down.
“No, Asa. I need to see you.”


Asa rested his hand on Ford’s knee. “Satisfy my curiosity. Who’s going to make the first move?”
He grinned as Ford put his arm around his shoulders.
“That’s how you moved in on me the first time. I was sitting on the sofa talking to friends and you plopped down beside me. Then you put your arm around me and asked me if I wanted to get naked.”
“I was smooth in those days, wasn’t I?”
Asa laughed. “You were one horny bastard and you were on the prowl.”
He sobered as Ford stroked his cheek with trembling fingers then ran his thumb over his lips. “Asa, I’d have never jumped you like that if I’d known you were so inexperienced.”
He was surprised to hear the regret in Ford’s voice.
“I was shaking like a leaf in my frat-boy sneakers when I walked out the door with you. You were the answer to my big problem, you know. I was desperate to lose my virginity but just any guy wouldn’t do. I wanted a real stud for the job.”
“I’m glad you chose me.”
Asa set his beer down. It was the second one today he wasn’t going to finish. He turned and put his arms around Ford’s neck. There was one thing he knew would move them past uncertainty. He pressed his lips to Ford’s.
Ford was still for a moment then his lips parted. Past and present merged for Asa as the memory of those long ago shared kisses blended with the feel of Ford’s warm mouth moving under his. Now was all that mattered. His groin tightened as he shifted forward and Ford went down beneath him.
Never breaking the kiss Asa worked his hands under Ford’s shirt to caress bare skin. He was full and hard when Ford slipped his hand down the back of his pants to squeeze his ass. Inside him, little muscles twitched with the memory of the first time Ford had him, of the burn as Ford went into him. He’d spun into a white-hot heat he’d never found with anyone else. Asa kissed the throbbing vein in Ford’s neck.
“We have too many clothes on.”
Ford stroked the back of his head. “You cut your gorgeous hair.”
“It was time.” Asa raised up enough to look at him. Ford’s pupils had gone wide and black and Asa wondered if his eyes looked the same. He ran his fingers through Ford’s dark locks.
“I wanted the senior partners to take me seriously. That wasn’t going to happen looking like a wannabe singer in a boy band.”
“I get it, but it really surprises me you’d do it. Are you ready to take this to the bedroom?”
“Oh, yeah. I’ve changed some, Ford.”
“So have I. Let me up.”
“One more for the road.”
“The bedroom - ”
Asa cut Ford off as he kissed him. Ford met him, thrusting his tongue in Asa’s mouth in a mock taking. In response, Asa flexed his hips against Ford’s. He silently damned the layers of fabric between them and shifted sideways to drop onto his knees and rock back on his heels.
“Which way?”

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KC Kendricks
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Older Women, Wild Desires #Erotica #Anthology
Older Women, Wild Desires
Erotic Older Women, Volume One
by Giselle Renarde

Older women prove it’s never too late for new experiences in this delicious collection of nine spicy stories. From outdoor sex to tantra and toys, we catch older women enjoying forbidden fantasies and acting on impulse. Whether they’re loving long-term partners or persuasive young bucks, the women in these stories delight in physical and metaphysical encounters. Enter a world of enjoying aging bodies in Older Women, Wild Desires!

Older Women, Wild Desires is available from...
Google Play:
...and other retailers!

Enjoy an excerpt from the story Ghost of a Chance, which appears in Older Women, Wild Desires:

Finally, I ask, “How about William? Is he married? What’s he up to?”

Zelda’s face becomes a mask and she says, “Oh, you didn’t hear… honey, William died.”

A million questions spill out of my mouth. I can’t keep up with myself. I want to know everything: when did this happen, how did it happen, why him, so young? And when Zelda tells me William’s wife died at an early age, even before I split with Jack, my head starts ringing like a bell.

And the only question left is why didn’t we find each other? In all those years, when I thought about William—and I did think about him, often—why didn’t I open the phone book? When I was single and he was a widower we could have softened the edges of each other’s lives. And now that would never happen, because he’s departed this Earth.

I drown my grief in red wine, and not merely for William’s sake. It’s my own despair, as well. Everything that might have been, gone. Suddenly I see a perfect life together. I see the life I want for myself right now, and I know I can’t have it. Because he’s gone. He’s dead. He’s never coming back.

Throughout my niece’s wedding reception, I hold back tears. Look how young they are! She loves Dumbo, God only knows why. Maybe they’ll be happy together for the rest of their days. But not me. I’m old and shrivelled, and the one man who might have made me happy is gone.
I drink and drink and drink, but every glass of merlot makes matters worse.

My daughter’s still dancing with the young people when I’m ready to stumble home, so Zelda drops me off at my dark and gloomy house. Alone, I sit on the stairs and try to get my shoes off, but my drunken fingers refuse. My dizzy brain swerves to the left, and teardrops land on my hands as I crawl up the stairs. My legs are done for the day. I’m not sure how I manage to haul myself into bed, but I’m still fully dressed when my head hits the pillow.

I’m out like a light.

When I wake up, my mouth feels full of cotton. Water? Can I get some water over here?
My heavy eyelids take their time, but when they open I see… no, it couldn’t be. There’s a figure standing in the doorway: a tall black man with a kind face and a heart that glows as brightly as his soul.

I’m not afraid, because I know this man. I knew him.

It’s William.

Older Women, Wild Desires is available from...
Google Play:
...and other retailers!

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Re-Released! Contemporary Romance LOVE AT THE TOP (excerpt PG)

A classic romance just in time for Valentine’s Day!

EPPIE Finalist for Best Contemporary Romance: LOVE AT THE TOP

Author: Susanne Marie Knight

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Available electronically at and

Price: $3.99

Buy link:

UNWILLING TO LOVE AGAIN: Ever since her divorce, Cassidy Romanelli is reluctant to trust another man. A chance meeting with a bearded stranger, Alex Smith, causes her to have second thoughts. But when she finds out Alex is really her new boss, multi-millionaire A.E. Haydon-Smith, can she learn to trust her heart instead of her head?

THE WOMAN OF HIS DREAMS: On holiday before assuming his new position, A.E. Haydon-Smith meets the woman of his dreams only to discover she prefers his riffraff personae rather than who he actually is. Will he be able to win over the reluctant Cassidy and heal her wounded heart?

Returning to Alex's office at ten past six, Cassidy dragged herself through the door. She couldn't wait to slam her apartment door closed, peel off her dress, and flop onto her couch. Working this assignment, as well as trying to keep up with the demands of her regular job was slowly draining her reserves of energy.

But the real reason for her total exhaustion was trying to keep her emotions on an even keel around the finger-licking good Mr. Alex Haydon-Smith.

Oblivious to her surroundings, she dropped her handbag and kicked off her wing-tipped shoes. The feel of the plush carpet against her feet soothed her, and she headed for her desk. Just a few items to wrap up then she'd head for home.

"You look weary, Cassidy."

She jumped. Alex sat at his desk, his jacket off and white shirt sleeves rolled up. His forearms had an abundance of dark hair, which probably meant his chest also had....

"Cassidy?" He waved his hand close to her face to catch her attention.

She flushed. Bedroom thoughts were dangerous thoughts. "Um, hi. I thought you'd gone for the day."

Sinking into her chair, she brushed the hair off her forehead. He'd been working, too. His tie jammed into his pants pocket, he hunched over the desktop, scribbling on his ever-present yellow pad. The loosened collar on his shirt revealed curly black hairs. He looked endearingly casual. He looked like Alex Smith.

She picked up her cup of cold coffee and gulped it down. Goodness, but it was bitter. She shivered. She felt very vulnerable right now. Too vulnerable. Her defenses were weakening.

He leveled a pencil at her. "Go home, Cassidy. Get some rest." Leaning back in his executive chair, he stretched his hands behind his head. "By the way, where do you live?"

"You know where I live. You have my personnel records, remember?"

"Right. Queens." He flipped his pencil off the desk. "Want me to drive you home?"

"No, no."

She had to keep him at arm's length. After their understanding in the elevator, she didn't want to take any chances. Business and pleasure didn't mix. One-night-stands had a way of breaking hearts. Her heart had just recently healed, and she wanted to keep it that way.

Rubbing her temple, she stood. Forget this paperwork. She'd better leave now while her body still obeyed her. "Well, I think I'll go now. See you tomorrow."

Before she had a chance to turn, he was by her side, gripping her shoulders. "Why are you frightened of me?"

Her heart slammed against her ribcage. "Fr--Frightened? D--Don't be ridiculous." Without her heels, she felt so tiny next to him. She had to crane her neck to look up at him.

His voice turned husky. "I'll never hurt you, Cassidy. I promise you that."

He lowered his head, capturing her lips. At first his touch was soft, then he crushed her against his chest, burying his fingers in her hair.

She moaned. She couldn't deny her feelings any longer. Lifting up on her toes, she wrapped her arms around his broad shoulders and pulled him closer still. She circled small swirls on his back with the palms of her hands and sank deeper and deeper into love's abyss.

All sensations were pushed into the background, except for the frantic beatings of his heart and hers that became a wild primitive mating ritual.

Although her knees wobbled, he held her steady. He nibbled the sensitive skin of her earlobe, then trailed his lips down the curve of her neck.

A thousand electric vibrations pulsed through her. His sensuous kisses rocked her sanity. She'd never felt this way before, but, dear God, she wanted more.

"Cassidy." Alex whispered her name, sighing deliciously into her ear. Back to her parted lips, he swept his tongue inside her mouth.

Trembling, she let him take possession of her tongue, of her mouth. On its own, her head tilted back, as if seeking a soft bed to continue their lovemaking.

With a sudden movement, he lifted her up and carried her over to the black, cushioned couch. Gently placing her down, he brushed his lips against her cheek.

"Cassidy, I've wanted this since the moment I met you."

His warm breath fanned her face. She gazed up at him and saw his desire-darkened eyes. Those eyes fueled an untamed longing in her. She licked her lips.

For a fleeting second, a strange expression passed over his face, and she paused to analyze it. On his face was a look of victory, or of triumph. Like she was a conquest.

Conquest? Another notch on that damned gun belt? Anger pushed passion aside. Anger or self-preservation?

Slithering out from under him, she rose unsteadily to her feet. She held up both her hands. "I'm sorry. But I just can't...."

She had to get out of there, fast. By the drop of Alex's black eyebrows, she could tell Mount Haydon-Smith would erupt momentarily.

Maybe she couldn't blame him. She hadn't meant to tease. But then she hadn't planned on being seduced, either.

And she was nobody's conquest.

He sat up, a look of bewilderment in his blue eyes. "Cassidy, why?"

No words could get past her lips. Her throat had thickened and she couldn't speak. Shaking her head, she spun around, and as fast as she could, picked up her handbag and shoes, to beat a very hasty retreat


Hope you enjoy!

Susanne Marie Knight
Read outside the box: award-winning Romance Writing With A Twist! 

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