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Author: Susanne Marie Knight

Genre: Romantic Suspense

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After a fall down a flight of stairs, Ali struggles to remember who she is and why someone wants her dead.

Ali wakes up with a raging case of amnesia. Her New Hampshire hospital records state she’s Alabaster Kinedulay, age twenty-four, married to a professor who has a son the same age as Ali. She remembers none of that. The only thing she knows for certain is that she’s in danger. Her intuition tells her to run away. And so she does, ending up on the Pacific side of the country. Everyone she meets seems very helpful, but are they really? When she learns she’s a mega rich Regale heiress, more attempts are made on her life. Her heart is in danger, too, from hunky psychiatrist Mack McClanahan. But is he telling the truth? Who can she trust?

Security specialist Mack McClanahan is hired to protect a wealthy client, Alabaster Regale Kinedulay--without her knowledge. Trouble is, she has amnesia and doesn’t remember who she is, that she’s rich, or why she has no recollection of her past. Pretending to be a psychiatrist, he tries to help her while also insuring her safety. It’s a tough job, with a gaggle of suspicious characters hanging around--the inattentive husband, the devious relation and his henchman, the same-age stepson, even the patronizing attorney who hired Mack in the first place. Or is the perpetrator someone else? As he struggles to protect Ali, he breaks the number one rule in his job: never fall in love with the client.

Scene Set-Up:
Suffering from amnesia and distrust of strangers, Ali, goes to pick up her new friend, Matilda Winthrop, at the psychiatrist’s office.

Ringing the doorbell, Ali lifted her face to soak up the warm California sun. She was a million miles away when the door opened.
“Good morning. You must be Ali, Mrs. Winthrop’s new friend.”
Blinded by the sun, Ali blinked her attention to the man with the sexy voice. No prim and proper psychiatrist stood over the threshold, but a tall, well put-together specimen of the male persuasion.
She gulped down surprise. He was dreamy in a Hollywood actor kind of way. Mid-thirties, black-framed eyeglasses, dark brown hair brushed back with a heavy lock falling down on his forehead.
He smiled and extended his large hand.
Surprisingly, the thought of shaking his hand was intimidating. Instead, she gave him the plate of muffins. “Um, yes. That’s me. And these huckleberry muffins are for you, Doctor Daw--”
“Thank you. They smell delicious. Actually, I’m Mack, Mack McClanahan.”
“Oh, I thought--”
“Family emergency,” he said quickly. “I’m subbing for Doctor Dawson.” He gestured for her to come inside. “Mrs. Winthrop’s freshening up.”
Once Ali stepped into the foyer, he raised his voice to carry down the open area to the left. “Mrs. Winthrop, we’ll be out on the terrace.”
A mumbled “okay” came from one of the closed doors down the lobby.
Ali walked with him through the Great Room. From what she could see, the setup of the doctor’s villa was the same as Matilda’s except for the lobby area off the foyer. That must’ve been his office space. He had the same fireplace, compact kitchen, and roomy terrace. Beyond the kitchen was the bedroom or bedrooms. She couldn’t tell how many. Matilda had two.
Now outside, she took in the unobstructed view of the ocean. Wow.
“This is fantastic! So serene.” The sound of waves crashing against the shore seemed to relax every muscle in her body. “No wonder you, I mean Doctor Dawson, works out of his home.”
“It is nice, isn’t it?” He set the plate of muffins on the round table, and then pulled out a cushioned chair. “Please, have a seat. How about something to drink? A brew--” He glanced at his wristwatch. “Er, brewed coffee? Iced tea?”
She pressed her lips together to keep from smiling. She’d stake money he’d been about to suggest a beer. “No thanks, I’m fine.”
“Yes.” He sat across from her. His dark grey eyes almost glowed as he looked at her and his lips curved up slightly as if in appreciation. “Yes, you are.”
Hmmn. Ali sat up straighter. His practiced gallantry was off. Alarm bells rang. She felt like a lamb in the presence of a wolf. Incredibly exposed.
Matilda, hurry up! 
He leaned in closer to her. She could smell his earthy masculine fragrance. “Mrs. Winthrop tells me you’re from the East Coast. From New Hampshire, isn’t it? Are you just visiting or are you planning to move to California?” He glanced at her left hand. “Single?”
She gulped down distress. Sudden perspiration popped up on her forehead. All her senses seemed heightened around him. She had to be on her guard.
Thrusting her hands under the table, she inhaled a ragged breath. “Goodness, so many questions. I do hope you’re not drumming up business, intending to send me a bill for psychoanalysis. I’m on vacation, Doctor McClanahan. Nothing more than that. And as for my marital status, well, it’s none of your business.” There. Fingers crossed that would deflect his interest.
His chuckle was deep and genuine. Appealing dimples showed briefly on his clean-shaven cheeks. “Touché, Ms...?”
She flared her nostrils. “Ali.”
“Ali, then.” His dimples flashed again. “I promise there will be no bill waiting for you after our talk. And please, call me Mack.”
As she had no intention of ever using his first name, she just shrugged.


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