IN THE COMPANY OF WOLVES, Book 3 in my action-packed SWAT Series releases today, and I couldn’t be more excited! Its picks up where WOLF TROUBLE (SWAT 2) left off, with Becker finding "The One."

I knew I had to pair the heroine Jayna Winston up with a SWAT hunk who’s the sensitive type because she had some issues to work through and needed the right alpha werewolf to help her do it. Officer Eric Becker immediately came to mind because he has this boyish quality about him that’s perfect for her. And when I heard out how many pairs of yoga pants she owns, that sealed the deal. Because we all know how much Becker loves a woman in yoga pants. Luckily, Jayna and Becker fell hard and fast for each other from the moment they met. I love their story and think you will, too!

There's a new gang of criminals in town who are organized and ruthless in the extreme. When Eric Becker, along with the rest of the Dallas SWAT team, ends 
up in the middle of a shootout, he immediately senses werewolves-a lot of them. Turns out, the new bad guys are a pack of wolf shifters.

In a spray of gunfire, Becker comes face-to-face with the most gorgeous woman he's ever seen. Becker does the logical thing. He hides her and leaves the 
scene with the rest of his team.

Jayna Winston has no idea why that SWAT guy helped her, but she's glad he did. Ever since she and her pack mates got mixed up with those Eastern 
European mobsters, everything had pretty much fallen apart.

So what's a street-savvy thief like Jayna going to do with a hot alpha-male wolf who's a police officer?

Read the First 5 Chapters for FREE!

Check out the Pinterest Board for IN THE COMPANY OF WOLVES! 

Some Reviews!

"The action scenes are gritty, the suspense is knife sharp and the romance sizzles. For romantic suspense readers, this novel has enough chases, fights, bullets, blood, drama, action, trepidation and heart stopping moments to cause an adrenaline rush. It’s riveting! This is an awesome book and an easy one to recommend!" - 4.5 Stars from Long and Short Reviews

"Paige Tyler can write action scenes like no one else, and in this book, she goes all out! Being IN THE COMPANY OF WOLVES has never been better!" - Fresh Fiction

“Tyler delivers plenty of heat and action in the third Special Wolf Alpha Team paranormal contemporary romantic thriller…The love story is sweet and hot in equal measures, balancing explosive action and in-depth character development.” - Publisher's Weekly

“Tyler takes the action to a new level!” - 4 Stars from RT

"A fast-paced romantic thriller that we have come to expect from Paige Tyler, “In the Company of Wolves (SWAT)” does not disappoint. It’s pure adrenaline rush from the first chapter until the  end!" - Books, Fashion, Movies

For everything SWAT:


New York Times Bestselling Author
Hunky Heroes. Kick-butt Heroines.

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A Perfect Christmas Read - One Christmas Knight - Out Today - Details and Excerpt

ONE CHRISTMAS KNIGHT, an anthology of medieval novellas, is now out at Amazon. There are seven wonderful historical romances here, by various authors, all set around Yule and Christmas.

Here's a blurb for each of  the stories, plus the blurb and an excerpt from mine.


Sir Rhys de Valyer, on his way to Scotland to join his liege, Julian Challon, becomes lost in a blinding snowstorm. But this is only the start of his troubles. In a brutal ambush, he and his men are attacked and left for dead. Rhys only escapes the horrible fate due to his trusted steed, who manages to drag him away from the battle. Fearing death’s approach, he never expects a beautiful snow angel to come to his rescue.
After being cast out by her family for being the bastard child of a Selkie, Annys Bràigheach has made her life in the sanctuary of Rowenwood Forest, far away from the world. In spite of her acceptance of the solitary life, her heart still yearns for more. To her surprise, after making a Yuletide wish, she discovers a handsome knight, clinging desperately to his horse, half-frozen with two arrows piercing his body. Her healing skills may save him, but can she reach his heart?
Magic can happen at Yuletide if only you can believe….


When Meryk the Outlaw finds a badly beaten woman beside the road, he almost rides on. With a price on his head and a winter storm raging, even a short delay could cost him everything. But when he discovers she’s ready to give birth, he takes the risk and vows to protect her.
Ada of Bew doesn’t want the outlaw’s help—much less his protection—but she has no choice. Unable to run any farther and ready to give birth, she must place her faith in this stranger…or die at the hands of the men who want to kill her unborn son.
In the struggle against the cold and would-be kings, Meryk and Ada discover love is the most unexpected gift of all, but will they survive long enough to claim it?


Sir Hugh Tarrant returns home from war with a limp from an enemy's sword and a hole in his heart from the death of his beloved. Lady Margaret Dillon is filled with anger at the man she believes deserted her sister. On a stormy Christmas Eve night filled with danger, fate throws them together and makes unexpected allies of them. Will passion ignite as a result...or will they survive to find out?


Annalisa has lost everything to her uncle. Taking sanctuary in a convent for safety, she yearns to go back and reclaim her rightful place. When she discovers a seriously wounded man, she realizes that he might be the one who can help her.
Jack wakes up in a convent, wounded and fearing for his own sanity. The last thing he remembers is a firefight in the Middle East, and the pain of being shot. Waking up centuries in the past is not what he expects—but Jack has his own code of honor, and when Annalisa asks for his help, there’s no way he can turn her down.
With the help of Mother Albrade, a nun who has powerful visions and knowledge of the future, Jack and Annalisa begin a journey of discovery and bravery that just might change both their lives—or end them.


Cursed by a bitter enchantress in ancient times to wander the earth as an immortal, Jurian Locke is bound by both love and magic to answer his beloved's need in times of danger.
Into each new life, his soulmate is born, unaware she is tied to him by magic, unknowing that a threat to her life will send forth a summons to a man she doesn't know.
Drawn together in dangerous times—his eternal love is her single chance at life. His curse, the only time he can be with the woman who possesses his heart.
Her call reaches him, this time, in 1328 at a Yuletide tournament for King Edward III.


To save her family’s fortunes, Lady Alisoun must wed an elderly earl the day after Christmas. But in the chapel on Christmas Eve, her heart collides with that of an elegant, mysterious stranger. Is he…one of King John’s spies?
Raised in a monastery, Lord Kitt has no experience with love, but finds his heart lost to a lovely lady. Yet he cannot succumb, for the day after Christmas, he must marry a woman he has never met.


Ambitious and arrogant, the young knight Sir Baldwin returns to his family’s lands and estate at Brigthorpe to face disaster. The pestilence has struck, destroying his parents and all his family save for a young half-brother, Martin, whom Baldwin does not wish to acknowledge because Martin is the bastard child of a serf. Baldwin needs to learn kindness and how to be a lord–and quickly.
Into this hopeless situation comes Sofia, a young woman who can see glimpses of spirits, of the restless dead. These revenants are very restless around Sir Baldwin.
Somehow, Baldwin and Sofia must work together, to make a true Christmas for the survivors of Brigthorpe and the Christmas ghosts. Can they do so in time—or will the gulf of class and custom make any love between them impossible?

For sale here at Amazon here 

And at my author Amazon page here

For sale at Amazon UK here

Excerpt from Sir Baldwin and the Christmas Ghosts.

One Christmas Knight

Sir Baldwin and the Christmas Ghosts

Lindsay Townsend

December, North of England, 1369

“I can help you with your ghosts, sir.”
For an instant, no longer than a single beat of his heart, Sir Baldwin of Brigthorpe was too startled to answer. That a stranger had entered the manor and he had not heard any approach was disconcerting, that the said stranger could sense the spirits that accosted him every night was disturbing. Not that he let such unworthy, serf-like feelings show on his face. He was a knight—courage and power were his.
“Sir? Do you wish for my help?”
He would have ignored his own peasants if any had dared to keep questioning him, especially one certain grizzling boy, but courtesy to strangers had been ground into him. Reluctantly, he fashioned some reply. “I do not think anyone can aid me. There are too many ghosts.”
I should not have admitted that. Mother of Almighty God, I must be wearier than I thought.
Scowling, Sir Baldwin swept the last of the rotted floor strewing into the fire-pit in the great hall and watched the stinking mess smoke and slowly burn. His back and shoulders ached worse than after a sword practise but he forced himself to straighten and relax. He had not been physically attacked yet and doubted he would be. There are few left alive to try. The ghosts were another matter. There are so many...

Reminded of his losses afresh, the grief sharp as broken glass within him, Baldwin looked at the dais. A swift glance reassured him that the brat was still asleep on the platform, snuggled down in his own long winter cloak. Last year I would never have given a cotter bastard any of my clothes, even though we are akin. Frowning anew, he flicked the broom from hand to hand and raised his head. “How did you come here?”

Lindsay Townsend

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STILL MISSING - new release - m/m contemporary

By Christiane France

This is the sequel to Missing, But Not Dead, and there’s a third book in the works. 


Ever since Greg Stewartson, ex-cop, private investigator, and half-owner of Amethyst Cove Security & Investigations, first met Ash Tyler, a handsome and very sexy nurse, he’s been trying to find Ash’s biological family—the one Ash says he had before he was taken into care and adopted by the Tylers more than twenty years ago. Greg and Ash are now a couple, but Greg’s leads have all turned into dead ends, so Ash told him to let it go.

Then one night a half-drowned man is brought into the urgent care clinic where Ash works. He says he’s looking for Jack Smith, the man Ash knew as grandpa. Suddenly Greg is up to his ears in new information and new leads. Will he finally get Ash the answers he so desperately wants or is he being conned by a pair of clever hustlers determined to conceal the truth? 


“Did you get a chance to follow up on that guy who was brought into the clinic last night? The one who said he had to find Jack?”
            “I made a few inquiries. That waiter you said brought him into the clinic didn’t know anything about him, but he said his friend might. Today was the friend’s day off, but I’ll try to stop by the surf shop again tomorrow.”

            “You didn’t go down to the rocks?” Ash seemed a tad surprised.
            “Not yet. I figure I should wait and hear what the other guy has to say about him first.”
            He reached up and patted my cheek. “Sorry. I didn’t mean to push. I guess that’s how you PI’s have to do it, huh? One careful step at a time?”
            “It’s all I can do when I have nothing solid to go on.”
            Ash nodded. “Probably the best approach with this guy. He was pretty jumpy last night. I wouldn’t want him to take off before we know what he’s all about.”
            This was exactly why I’d decided not to say anything about my chat with Mary or the kid who’d shown up in The Riptide, at least for now. No point in raising Ash’s hopes for what could be yet another disappointment.
“We still going to Le Pastis for dinner?”
“That’s the plan. I just need a few minutes to change.”
            I chuckled at the way he managed to slide his body off the lounger without disturbing the cats more than absolutely necessary.
            “I see the boys already have you well trained.”
            “Trained? Me?” He shook his head. “No way. I was just trying to be considerate and not spoil their sleep.”
            “Right.” I wrapped my arms around Ash and gave him a hug. “They’re so good at what they do, you don’t even know they’ve done it. Now, scoot. I’m starving.” With that, I turned him toward the house and gave him a smack on the butt as incentive.
            He took a couple of steps, wiggled his ass and shot me a provocative look over his shoulder. “Before I change I need to wash off the sunblock. Sure you wouldn’t like to join me in the shower? Maybe wash my back, massage my shoulders a little…hmm? What do you say?”
            “No. Now, go.”

Cool mysteries and hot romance -
Latest Release: No One’s Perfect – 




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AN ALIEN PARADISE--Science Fiction Romance

Author: Susanne Marie Knight
Genre: Science Fiction Romance 
Available electronically at


PARADISE LOST--Teacher Petra Richardson receives a mysterious summer job offer. If she tutors a young boy, Traynor, all her expenses will be paid during her stay in the Galápagos Islands. Although she has misgivings, she agrees. Her new employer is the Taurus City Travel Agency, run by Traynor's hunky Uncle Kelvin, whom she'd met and fantasized about when she was a teen. While romance simmers between Petra and Kelvin, there's also danger. Who sabotaged their kayak? What happened to Traynor's poomba? Why do some travel clients seem to flicker? 

Just what is going on at this sleepy outpost in the South Pacific? 

PARADISE FOUND--Kelvin Lacertus has a full plate. CEO of the Taurus City Travel Agency, he oversees alien and extraterrestrial Human tourists to Planet Terra. He's handling the most important diplomatic conference in the galaxy. And he's babysitting his nephew, Traynor. Kelvin arranges for a tutor, little Petra, whom he remembers from his Grand Tour of Terra years ago. She'd impressed him then. The grown-up version is even more irresistible. How can he protect his Petra when a terrorist group targets all Lacertus family members including his would-be bride?


Kelvin Lacertus sunk his chin in his hand. Here was a devil of a situation. He was responsible for the whole of the Tau Ceti or rather Taurus City enterprise here on Terra, yet he held no sway whatever over a five-year-old boy.


The doorbell ran throughout the house. No time to wallow in inappropriate thoughts.

He corralled his nephew with a few well-chosen words, and then they both walked through the sliding glass doors into the living room to await Petra Richardson. As soon as sounds were heard at the living room door, however, Tray darted back outside. 

That boy is in serious need of discipline.

But that thought completely vanished as Kelvin watched the willowy woman enter the room. He sharply inhaled. The enchanting fifteen-year-old waif he remembered had grown into a beauty that took his breath away. Her dark hair, parted in the middle, hung down in cascading waves just past her shoulders. Still slender, still petite, she wore a camisole top and matching covering tied at her narrow waist, along with a long gauzy skirt. Her sandaled toes peeped out from under the hem.

She walked in as a goddess might, strong and confident in her appearance. As well she should. She was like the Greek goddess Artemis--wild, determined, and pure. 

He raked her with his gaze, inhaling her flowery fragrance. There was something special about Terran women. He'd always believed that. But more so with this Terran woman. Something elemental, something primordial. Something that appealed to every sense that a man possessed.

Her eyes, a mixture of butterscotch and honey, widened at seeing him. 

She remembered him. Good. 

Kelvin stepped forward and extended his hand. "I am charmed to see you, Ms. Richardson. Although we have met before, yes?"

The slightest blush colored her high cheeks. She shook his hand. "Yes, a very long time ago. I'm flattered that you remember me, sir."

Her shake was firm, her skin warm. Her touch engendered a tickling sensation--one that penetrated down to his innermost regions. He held her gaze. "But of course I do. You were a most engaging child."

He then turned toward the windows and watched his nephew scurry down the deck making guttural bird cries. This time Tray had found two branches that had fallen off a palm tree. One in each hand, he flapped them, making a jump every so often as if to take off to the skies. 

"There is your new charge, Ms. Richardson. As you can see, my nephew is a lively child with a vivid imagination. Unfortunately, he just had a run in with a pair of scissors. His hair lost the battle." 

She walked over to the sliding glass door and looked out, obviously watching for the boy's next turn around the deck. When Tray came back around, he waved a palm branch at her.

"He's darling! A typical boy," she exclaimed.

Kelvin withheld his comment. Tray wasn't exactly typical.

Tapping her finger against her chin, she tilted her head. "Tell you what. Another pair of scissors can fix the damage. Do you have clippers? Hair-cutting gear? I'd be happy to give Traynor a trim. I often cut my father's hair."

"I'll have the equipment brought in. I admit to being curious as to how you will persuade an active child to sit still for a haircut." Kelvin gestured toward the white contemporary couch. "Come, let's sit. I'm being an inattentive host. Would you care for some refreshments? Coffee? Iced tea? Something stronger?"

Petra glided over, sat on the cushions, and then placed her handbag next to her. She smoothed her skirt's material down at her knees. "Thank you, no. I'm fine."

He mixed himself a vodka tonic, splashed in a lime slice, and then sat adjacent to her in one of the white contour chairs. Leaning back, he studied her.

She glanced around the large room.  "Mr. Lacertus, I can't, for the life of me, figure this out. Why did you choose me to tutor your nephew?"

He started to speak, but she held up her slim hand. "I need to know the real reason, if you don't mind."

"The real reason," he repeated. Stalling for time, he took a refreshing sip of his drink. "Well, first, please call me Kelvin."

Her eyes crinkled up and her shoulders hunched forward, ever so slightly. Why was that? 

"My name amuses you?"

She flushed. "You do know your name is a measurement of absolute thermodynamic temperature?"

Petra Richardson was of a literal mind; he explicitly remembered that about her. She was also a science teacher, through and through. 

"Indeed it is, Petra, if I may. And if I gage the temperature in this room correctly, it is not only sixty eight degrees Fahrenheit, but also can be stated as two hundred and ninety four Kelvin."

She tapped her sandaled foot on the plush, cream-colored carpet. "I'll take your word for it. You very neatly avoided my question."

"So I did. Astute of you to notice." He took another cool sip, and then set his glass down on a side table. "If you truly want to know--"

"I do."

He couldn't tell her the real reason. What the devil could he say?


Hope you enjoy!

Susanne Marie Knight
Read outside the box: award-winning Romance Writing With A Twist!
Now Available: AN ALIEN PARADISE, science fiction romance
Planet Earth is a jewel that must be shared!

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Hooked on You.

Hooked on You, contemporary novel.

Hooked on You is my first contemporary chick lit novel that was first published in 2009, but I've re-released it with a new cover and under a different pen name, Annemarie Brear.
I loved writing this book as it was a different genre to my normal historical novels. I enjoyed the different pace and the funny aspects of my female character, Katie, she came into my head and seemed like a best friend from the start. She funny and modern and very honest about herself.
I hope you enjoy her story, which of course doesn't run too smoothly, but then, what in life ever does?

Hi, I’m Katie Edwards, 28 and single and living the life, that is until a few incidents occur which changes things. You’ll love Hooked On You and reading about my little adventure in finding true love and all that.
After leaving a leech of a boss, who enjoyed putting the personal in personal assistant, my best friend in the whole world, Joanna, tells me of a job vacancy as a PA at a sports magazine. So, I zip along, having to take the dreaded London tube, to the interview, and then later I meet Joanna at a bar in the middle of the city to discuss the chances of me actually getting the job.
Anyway, after a night out on the town, getting thoroughly smashed, I wake up the next morning still wearing my office clothes from the previous day and suffering a hangover of gigantic proportions. The phone rings. I’ve somehow managed to get the new job.
Well, I’d have celebrated if the drum in my head stopped pounding.
Now I work for a Mr Liam Kennedy, a sports freak, and I don’t even like sports. I don’t go to the gym, I don’t go on skiing holidays and the only time I run is when I’m chasing a bus, even then I soon stop and wave for a taxi. My job is to make his life smoother as he travels around trying out new sports equipment, interviewing celebrity athletes, reporting new sport crazes, etc. I’m supposed to book his hotels, find future people or companies to interview, etc, all very boring really and typical PA stuff. I can do that with my eyes shut.
At the moment, Mr Kennedy is in Cumbria, Northern England. I arrive at the hotel and have a fortifying drink in the bar while I wait to meet my new boss. Only, when I do, well, what can I say, he’s simply sex on wheels, the kind that model for men’s clothing in catalogues. Yummy!! I always wanted to work for a sexy boss, but really, you need to be careful what you wish for, because sexy bosses are a hazard to the heart. Before I could say hello, I’d fallen in lust with him.
Great. Terrific start.
Mr Kennedy, Liam, is totally drool-worthy and as we have dinner I find that I’m mesmerised and alarmed by my attraction to him. How could I work in a professional manner when all I want to do is hop into his bed? Difficult dilemma, I grant you.
By the end of the week, and let me tell you what a week it was, after fishing, we went mountain hiking and then horse riding, and I was sure Liam was either trying to kill me or enter me in the next Olympic games. Anyway, I realised lust has turned into love. Brilliant.
Ever been in love with your boss?
It stinks. Don’t do it, ever!
When Liam travels to Cornwall to see his sick grandmother, I’m told to return home and wait for Liam to contact me. For a whole week I’m in my tiny flat near Kensington miserable and in a quandary. Should I keep working for Liam and hope my feelings will go away, or do I quit and forget him? 
Liam calls the following morning, while Joanna and I are having a heart to heart talk. I’m thinking I need to quit working for Liam before I make a fool out of myself. He asks me to come to Cornwall and we’ll work from there while his Gran is sick. Should I go or should I stay?
I go.
Cornwall is lovely, Liam’s Mum is lovely, everything is lovely, but I’m sick with despair, as I know Liam is ‘the one’ for me. Does he feel the same way though?   
What should I do? Help!

Kisses, Katie. xx  

Hooked on You is available in all ebook formats and outlets, including from those below.

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The Other Side of Ruth: A Lesbian Novel

The Other Side of Ruth
A Lesbian Novel
by Giselle Renarde

Ruth loves her husband, but she keeps secrets from him. Big secrets.

When a notoriously lesbian neighbour returns home to Toronto from Art School in Montreal, Ruth finds herself unmistakeably attracted. Agnes is quirky, creative, and significantly younger. Despite their age difference, Agnes welcomes Ruth’s attention.

But Agnes has secrets of her own. She plays hide-and-seek on Ruth, disappearing for months at a time. Where does she go? And what emotions are brewing between Ruth’s husband and his closest friend? Everyone on the block seems to be hiding something, and Ruth isn’t sure how long she can conceal her true self from the neighbours.

After twenty-five years married to a man, can Ruth find a place in her life for ambiguous, artsy Agnes? Or will the younger woman’s demons devour them both?

A lesbian novel.

Ruth is available as an ebook from numerous retailers, including:

All Romance Ebooks:


Amazon UK:
Amazon Canada:
Amazon Australia:

“You still live with that bald guy?” Agnes asked.

“Lawrence? Yes.” Ruth watched the girl slip into the front room. She ached to follow, but couldn’t bring herself to move. “That bald guy is my husband.”

A sour sensation rolled through Ruth’s stomach.

My husband.

She took a sip of peppermint hot chocolate, and that helped.

Agnes tilted her head to read the titles on the built-in bookshelf. “I always thought you were too good for that dude.”

Ruth watched through the stair railings, not knowing quite how to respond. Too good for him? Was that a compliment?

“You always looked so young and beautiful, out there working in your garden. He looked old. Way too old for you.”

Ruth laughed without meaning to. “Lawrence looks younger today than he did ten years ago. Men are lucky that way.”

Agnes looked Ruth straight in the eye. “Bet you could still get lucky if you really wanted to.”

Was that… a come-on?

The Other Side of Ruth is also available in print at

If you purchase directly from
you can use Coupon Code AN5EWZTX
for $5.00 off the purchase price!

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Ride Your Luck by KC Kendricks


(Modern cowboy)

Regan Oakley’s luck ran out. After a stint in rehab, he’s putting his life back together without the booze. What he thinks is an old friend’s charity is really a plea for help. There’s trouble at the Bar RC Ranch and the friend’s son is in the middle of it. Regan takes one look at Wythe Carver and knows that young man isn’t the only one with his world turned upside down.

Wythe Carver’s life took a strange turn. Suspected of murdering the ranch foreman, he’s hanging on, one day at a time. The person who could alibi him has disappeared and Wythe can’t find him. To make matters worse, his prize stallion is loose on the range. Complicating his life even more, his father called an old friend to come help out at the ranch. One look at Regan Oakley is all Wythe needs to know it’s going to get hot at night. 

Regan sets out to find the truth of what happened that night at the Bar RC. He’s sure Wythe is innocent, and he’s just as sure he has no business getting involved with the boss’s son. With no solid proof to clear Wythe, Regan needs to ride his luck to get to the truth and keep Wythe by his side.


I hustled a glowering Wythe out the door. The moment it closed behind us he shook me off.
“I’ll do what the hell I want to do about my horse.”
“Yeah, yeah. I know. You need to learn when to smile, nod, and do what you want to do anyway.”
“Is that what you do, hot shot?”
“When necessary, and it was back there in the kitchen. Now what other tricks does Shorty know?”
Wythe smiled broadly and slowly shook his head.
“Fucking smartass.” I grinned back at him.
We stepped into the dimly lit barn, bumping shoulders and telling each other to fuck-off back and forth. I stopped at Shorty’s stall and made a kissing noise at the dozing beast.
Wythe froze and the sudden look of yearning on his face brought me up short. I glanced around. We appeared to be alone. I kept my voice low.
“Don’t look at me like that, cowboy. You’re my employer’s son.”
He swallowed, the muscles in his neck moving tightly. He licked his lips and my mouth went dry.
“They told me about you, Regan. And they told me you were particular about who you fucked and not to make a run at you because it would put you in an awkward spot since I am John’s son. But you do want me. I felt it back on the patio.”


KC Kendricks

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Stepbrother and Company: A Steamy Forbidden Ménage Romance

If you thought nothing could be more taboo than Stepbrother Summer, you won’t believe what happens in STEPBROTHER AND COMPANY by Giselle Renarde!

After two months of forbidden love at the cottage, Sheree crashes at the townhouse Adam shares with a motley crew of college students. There are no spare rooms, but she doesn’t mind sleeping on the couch. It’ll only be until she finds a job. No big deal, right?

But Sheree isn’t interested in mainstream work. She lounges around all day, tempting her stepbrother and annoying Adam’s rent-paying housemates.

When Adam and his roomies find out about the sordid online business Sheree’s built right under their noses, will they kick her to the curb… or choose to be used?

A steamy stepbrother romance novel including multiple partners and mind-blowing ménage!

Amazon UK:
Amazon Canada:
Amazon Australia:

Adam breathed hard as Sheree’s fist slid up and down his dick. “There’s no reason you couldn’t stay with Mom and Dad. You just don’t want to. You’re not my problem.”

“Aren’t I?” Sheree arched on the bed without releasing Adam’s hard-on. Her free hand yanked the crotch of her jean shorts to one side, giving him an explicit view of her peachy shaved pussy. “If I’m not your problem, whose problem am I?”

Adam’s heart raced as he stared unapologetically at his stepsister’s cunt. The muscles in her forearm struggled to keep her cut-offs pulled out of the way. Rough denim pressed against her most tender part. His cock pulsed because, god, he knew that pussy. He knew it well.

“Quit fighting me, Adam.” Sheree inched her wet pussy closer to his dick. “Just shut your face and let me fuck you.”

His cockhead spilled precum across her clit as she rubbed him there. Fuck, that flesh was hot stuff. Pulpy, swollen, juicy, and pink. Who was he kidding? He wanted inside. He wanted to ram his dick into his stepsister’s tight snatch and fuck her brains out. Just the thought of it…

“No, don’t!” She ran her fist up his shaft and squeezed the tip. “Don’t you dare come yet!”

Adam’s body gyrated on the bed. He flopped like a fish trapped in Sheree’s net. “I can’t… I can’t stop it!”

Amazon UK:
Amazon Canada:
Amazon Australia:

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Release Day - REKINDLED (Dallas Fire & Rescue Book 1)!

So excited! It's release day for REKINDLED, Book 1 in the Dallas Fire & Rescue Series! Can't believe I haven't written a book about a firefighter before, but the hero Jax Malloy is smokin' hot, no pun intended! :) He's not only a firefighter, but he's a cowboy, too. Oh, and he falls for his best friend's sister. Sparks definitely fly in this one! See what I did there? :)

REKINDLED is available at Amazon, B&N, ARe, Kobo, and iTunes.

Things are about to get hot in here...

When firefighter Jax Malloy gets called out to battle a blaze at a hotel in the middle of the night, he doesn’t expect to find the sister of his best friend and fellow firefighter in need of rescuing. He didn’t even know she was back in Dallas.

Skye Chandler has always had a crush on Jax and is ready to be more than friends. All they have to do is survive an overprotective brother who just doesn’t get it, and a psychotic ex-boyfriend who’d rather see her dead than with another man.


“Lieutenant, this is Malloy,” Jax shouted into his radio. “Tory and I are going up the east side stairwell. We have a report of people trapped on the upper floors.”

“Roger that. Watch yourselves up there.”

Running up steps while wearing a self-contained breathing apparatus, helmet, and fire-resistant turn-out suit that weighed an extra sixty pounds wasn’t exactly fun, but as a firefighter, Jax was used to it. He automatically controlled his breathing so he could conserve as much air in his self-contained breathing apparatus as possible, and kept humping up the smoke-filled stairwell. The SCBA gave him a full thirty minutes in ideal conditions, but conditions in a burning building were about as far from ideal as you could get. The fire was already eating through the walls above him, and the ceiling didn’t look like it was far behind. The hotel had ten minutes tops before it was completely devoured by flames.

He and Tory almost tripped over an older man down on his knees on the third-floor landing. His equally older wife was at his side, urging him to get to his feet. The woman’s shoulders sagged with relief at the sight of them.

Jax was all set to help her while Tory assisted her husband, but she waved away his hand.

“There’s a young woman up on the fifth floor. She helped us down, then went back up looking for other people,” she said, her voice hoarse from the smoke. “I can walk down. You go find her.”

Jax glanced at Tory to see him pressing the mask of his air pack against the old man’s face. Splitting up once you went inside a burning building wasn’t smart, but sometimes it had to be done.

“You good?” he asked.

His fellow firefighter nodded. “Go. I’ll get these two down by relay if I have to.”

Giving Tory a nod, Jax sprinted up the stairs. A moment later, he heard Tory’s voice on the radio, announcing he was coming down with two, while Jax was heading up for another.

By the time Jax reached the fifth floor, he knew the chances of finding anyone alive up there were slim. All public places like this were supposed to have sprinklers and water deluge systems, but if the hotel had them, they weren’t working. He could feel the heat from the flames even with all his gear on, and knew the air was getting hot enough to sear lung tissue. He kept going, though. He’d seen miracles too many times to give up on anyone.

Ten steps later, he almost stumbled over a woman lying on the floor. She had a wet bath towel over her shoulders, and another draped over her head. Smart girl, he thought as he crouched down beside her. He was half afraid he was too late, but then the woman coughed. 

Wrapping one arm around her, Jax gently pulled her up into a sitting position, then took off his mask to place it over her nose and mouth, pushing the button on the regulator to dump extra air into it. 

He would have preferred to wait to see if the woman was able to breathe, but he couldn’t risk it. The building could give way any minute. So instead, he got the mask on the girl’s head as well as he could with her long hair, then scooped her into his arms and headed for the stairwell.

The smoke burned his throat like acid as he carried her down the five flights of stairs, but he ignored it. Another crew of firefighters were heading up as he came down, and he gave them a nod as he maneuvered around them, then through what was left of the lobby and out the front door. Damn, fresh air never tasted so good.

“Malloy. Out of the building with one rescue,” he called over his radio as he hurried over to the collection of Dallas Rescue vehicles and regular ambulances set up on the far side of Jacobs street. There were at least a dozen other patients already there, sitting on gurneys or on the ground. Most had oxygen masks on, getting good air into their lungs. Jax saw the older couple he’d left with Tory in the stairwell, but there was no sign of the other firefighter. He’d probably already gone back inside.

Alec McIntyre, one of the paramedics from Jax’s station immediately ran over, a green oxygen tank with a mask kit already attached in his hand. Jax gently placed the woman on the ground, then turned off the valve on the top of his tank and took the big firefighter’s face mask away. Alec quickly replaced it with the smaller medical mask. The woman was aware enough to get her hands around it and press it firmly to her face, breathing deep.

“I’ve got her,” Alec said, already checking the woman for burns and other injuries. 

Jax was about to turn around and head back to the burning hotel when the woman flipped her long, brunette hair aside to fit the oxygen mask more closely to her face. Jax stared, stunned.

“Skye, is that you?” he asked.

He was sure he was wrong even as he said the words. No way could the slim, curvy girl sitting on the curb be the little sister of his best friend and fellow firefighter, Dane Chandler. Three years younger than them, Skye had spent most of their childhood running around behind them wanting to be included in everything they did. He hadn’t seen her in years, not since he’d graduated high school and moved away. Skye had only been a freshman in high school then, all skinny arms, long legs, knobby knees, and sharp elbows.

The woman blinked up at him, her big, blue eyes going wide as they filled with recognition. Damn, it was her. Little Skye had grown up, and even through all the dirt and grime he couldn’t miss the fact that she’d become one hell of a beautiful woman.







Hunky Heroes, Kickbutt Heroines 

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New Release ASLEEP IN SCOTTSDALE by Vijaya Schartz

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 Amazon - Barnes & Noble - All Romance eBooks - Smashwords - iBooks - Kobo

When Talia runs over billionaire Kyle Dormant with her bicycle in the dog park, she considers their meeting a happy accident. He believes it is destiny, but her physician's mind rebels at such notions. Their budding romance comes to a grinding halt when Kyle won’t wake up from deep sleep... with no medical explanation. Baffled and deeply concerned, Talia digs into his recent past for a plausible cause. Instead, she uncovers dark family secrets. Convinced Kyle's condition was induced, and someone wants him dead, she is anxious to save him, but the closer she gets to the sordid truth… and a possible cure, the greater the risk to both their lives.


“Watch out! Behind you!”
Kyle glanced back. Too late. A big black dog shot out like an arrow, tires burned rubber. A blur of bright pink trampled Kyle. The impact shoved him sideways toward a bench and sent him bouncing up into the grass, in a jumble of limbs, pedals, and bicycle wheels.
“Are you okay?” The voice of an angel.
Kyle shook his head to stop the world around him from whirling.
“I’m so sorry!” The pink blur disentangled itself from him and the bike, her helmet askew. She pulled it off and shook away a cascade of blond hair as she watched the black dog run away across the lawn. “At least, I avoided the poor dog.”
“That’s a relief.” Kyle retrieved his sunglasses from the ground then winced as he stood up and his knee buckled. Righting himself, he blew grass off his twisted Ray-Ban before he slipped them into his breast pocket. Keeping his weight off the busted leg, he struggled to mask his discomfort.
Pink helmet in one hand, the young woman stared up at him through striking blue eyes. She was slim, with exquisite curves under the pink and gray spandex shorts and sports bra... and vaguely familiar. “Are you all right?”
“I’ll be fine.”
The other cyclist, who had stopped at their level, stood astride his bike and lifted his sun visor. “Are you guys okay?”
The gorgeous blond woman waved back. “We’ll be all right. Thanks for stopping.”
The cyclist nodded, pulled down his visor, set his feet on the pedals and rode away, leaning forward to climb the slope.
The blond beauty faced Kyle and held out her hand. “My name is Talia. Talia Beauregard.”
“That’s a pretty name.” Instinctively, Kyle shook the offered hand, enjoying the smooth feel of her bare fingertips beyond the cut leather gloves. “Kyle.” He cleared his catching voice. “Kyle Dormant.”
Concern narrowed her azure eyes matching the clear morning sky. “Are you sure you’re all right? I’m a doctor. I can help.”
“No need. Thanks.” His knee and hip hurt like hell, but he’d never let such a pretty little blonde inspect him for bruises and scrapes... not unless they were both naked. He realized he was staring at her sexy curves and returned his gaze to her face.
Talia broke into a pure, angelic smile. “I’m glad nothing’s broken.”
 Kyle forced his stare to the distorted front wheel at his feet. “I wouldn’t say the same about your bike.”
“Can you believe it’s a brand new bicycle?”
Then he realized where he’d seen her before. In his waking dream, or vision. Her hair had been pulled back, but it was her. The kind face, the blond hair, the striking blue eyes, the sensual lips. No doubt about it. It was the first time one of his visions materialized. How weird.
He gave her a once over. “What about you? Are you sure you’re okay? We took quite a tumble.”
She chuckled. “I’m tougher than I look.” She wrinkled her pretty nose as she lifted the handlebar with one hand, inspecting the twisted front wheel. “I should return it. I think there’s a serious manufacturing defect in the steering column.”
Kyle bit his lower lip not to grin. “Are you certain it wasn’t human error?”
“Of course, I am.” She stared at him, eyes round with offended shock. “The front wheel started wiggling as if it would come loose, and the brakes wouldn’t grip until it was too late. Definitely a mechanical failure.” She dropped the handlebar in frustration, and the shiny, twisted bike fell back onto the grass.
Guilt squeezed Kyle’s gut. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to make fun of you.” He took her elbow gently and guided her to the nearby bench. “Let’s sit a while.”
She let him lead her and sat, helmet in her lap, shoulders down. She sighed. “That other bicyclist saw I was in trouble. He tried to warn you. Then the dog crossed the path... I barely avoided the poor thing.”
“I saw the dog. He’s fine.” Damn she was lovely.
“Couldn’t you hear me, screaming for you to get out of the way?” The sincerity in her voice stabbed at his guilt.
“I apologize. I couldn’t hear anything with my music on.” He couldn’t help but think about his vision. Why had he seen her face smiling at him? And he’d wanted to kiss her... like he did now. It had to mean something. He wanted to know more about her.
She glanced back toward the broken bike. “Now, my day is ruined.”
He smiled at the dramatic statement. “Not necessarily.”
She rewarded him with a hopeful gaze. “What do you mean?”
Kyle tapped his Apple watch for a GPS map of the area. “I know a quaint breakfast place on Chaparral, a walking distance across Hayden road.” He showed her the tiny map. “Right there. See it? We both could use a break.”
“Actually, that sounds good.” Her smile lit her entire face. “But I insist that it’d be my treat. It’s the least I can do after what I put you through.”
“If you insist.” But Kyle had no intention of letting her pay.

Vijaya Schartz
Romance with a Kick 

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