New Time-Travel Regency--A DELICATE CONDITION (excerpt PG)

Hooray! My newest Time-Travel Regency, A DELICATE CONDITION, is now available.


Author: Susanne Marie Knight

Genre: Time-Travel Regency

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Price: $3.99
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Print: $10.99

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Dessa’s wish to be part of a family takes a strange turn when she suddenly finds herself back in time in the home of her ancestor, the Marquess of Hampton.

LONGING FOR A FAMILY: Odessa (Dessa) Franklin is all alone in the world. She’s suddenly contacted by her long lost great aunt, Verna, who supposedly died nearly eighty years ago. But Verna has a hidden agenda and Dessa has a curiosity that rivals a cat’s. Using Verna’s mysterious magnetic stones, she soon finds herself in a house full of relatives... back in the nineteenth century!

TOO MUCH FAMILY: Michael De Lyndley, the Marquess of Hampton and a gentleman astronomer, prefers studying the stars than having family members roam about his manor house. His house is in mourning however and overflowing with family. Just when he thinks his relations will leave him in peace, a new one appears... unexpectedly, wearing the most peculiar apparel. The woman purports to be his late brother’s widow and claims to be with child; at least the letter that precedes her states this information. Fighting his attraction to his new sister-in-law, Michael struggles to learn the truth about the lovely and enigmatic Odessa.

Scene Set-Up:
Dessa’s newly discovered great aunt tells a fantastic tale of being able to hop through time using magnetic stones. Unfortunately Dessa doesn’t follow instructions and travels back in time instead of forward... into the drawing room of her ancestor, the Marquess of Hampton.

Oh my gosh! Dessa fell back against the couch cushions as if suddenly deflating. For several minutes she sat, staring at nothing as she tried to piece together her bizarre situation. Great Aunt Verna’s stones had worked, yes,--but in a counter-clockwise way. Instead of traveling to the future, she’d twirled herself back into the past. Back into the nineteenth century. Back into 1817.

Wow. How could she take in the enormity of being in Regency England? Seeing a part of history up close and personal? Having the chance to hobnob with the Duke of Wellington, the Prince Regent, and even Jane Austen?

Wait a minute. Dessa frowned. Her favorite author had died in 1817, but what month? And what month was it here?

No matter. She had more important things to think about. Most specifically, what in heaven’s name was she going to do? Should she use the stones again, only this time in a clockwise movement? But how could she be certain of returning to her own time period?

What a crazy mess. If only she hadn’t been so impetuous back in Great Aunt Verna’s room.

Dessa’s focus slowing returning, she found herself looking at the ornate white fireplace and the family portrait painting above it. A moment of envy struck her. Oh, to be a part of a family again. Then she did a double take. That painting was familiar. It had to have been the same one that she’d noticed in Great Aunt Verna’s room.

She walked over to study it. Six adults and two children in an outdoor setting gazed down on her. It was this family, the De Lyndleys. Some smiled, some looked indifferent, but one adult, the youngest man, had a repugnant sneer. Most likely he was the now-deceased Odell. He resembled her reluctant host, the Marquess, only not as handsome. The Marquess in the painting and the Marquess in person were, most definitely, hunks of the highest order--no matter what the century. Deep honey gold hair, wavy against an intellectually high forehead, beckoned to women to glide their fingers through the curvy locks. His eyebrows heavy, his eyes brilliantly blue and ringed by a darker navy border...

Oh dear. Her heart beat faster at the thought of him. When she’d opened her eyes and found him so close, intently looking at her, she’d almost turned to mush.

Intricate cravat, form-fitting tailcoat, tight breeches and black boots... she fanned her face. He reminded her of a learned professor--proper, precise, and quite British. Yep, Michael Tomer De Lyndley was quite a dish--a Regency dish of the 1817 variety, two hundred years ago.


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Susanne Marie Knight
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