Capture the Bride by @GiselleRenarde #DarkRomance #NewRelease

depicts a bride leaning against a window, light from outside contrasting with dark interior
Tessa is two days away from marrying the wrong guy. What will it take to save her from a life of misery?

When Alec, Tessa’s ex, shows up out of the blue and begs her not to marry Sean, she brushes him off. Sean is the most romantic guy she’s ever met. So what if her friends aren’t so hot on him? It’s her future. It’s her decision.

Not as far as Alec is concerned. When Tessa won’t listen to reason, he takes matters into his own hands. He won’t stand idly by while Tessa makes the biggest mistake of her life.

Will Tessa change her mind before it’s too late? Or will Alec make the choice for her?

Find out in Capture the Bride, a new dark romance novelette from Giselle Renarde.

At present, Capture the Bride is available for Kindle Unlimited subscribers to read for free.

Capture the Bride is available for purchase through:

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“We already discussed this, Alec. I’m marrying Sean and that’s final.”



He shrugged. “Okay. That’s all I needed to hear.”

She lost a bit of respect for him every time he gave up so easily, but it still moved her that he cared. “Thanks for being concerned. It’s good to know I’ve got someone in my court.”

He nodded casually and looked around. “Say, I’ve got a little wedding present for you in my car, but I had to park around the corner.”

She was about to tell him to send it to her new address, but what would Sean say? A gift from an old boyfriend would set him off for sure. Sean would ask if they’d seen each other recently, and she’d either have to lie or face his sullen jealousy.

“Okay,” she told Alec. “That’s sweet of you. Thanks.”

He led her up the block, just past the club entrance, and then around the corner. When they got to his car—a sharp new sedan, much more sophisticated than the old clunker he drove when they were together—he opened the back door and pulled out a black fabric bag. Looked like the sort of thing you’d carry a nice pair of shoes around in.

“What’s this?” she asked.

He reached inside and pulled out her present, then slung the bag over his shoulder.

She laughed. “You’ve got to be kidding me. What’s this, a gag gift?”

“Not a gag,” he said, gazing down at the length of rope.

He still had a smile on his face when he turned her around and pushed her against the car. She laughed, but asked, “What’s this all about?”

“Sorry to take such drastic measures.” Yanking both hands behind her back, he looped the black satin rope around her wrists. “You’ve left me very little choice, Tessa. You wouldn’t listen to reason.”

Was he serious?

He pulled the rope tighter and knotted it, pinching her skin. Up until that moment, she could take this as a joke. But as she listened to her ex’s heavy breathing and felt the intensity of his restraints, she had to believe this was for real.

“Alec,” she said. “What is wrong with you? Untie me now! Let me go!”

“Shh-shh-shh! Keep your voice down.”

“Keep my voice down? You’re tying me up and telling me to keep my voice down?”

“Trust me. This is a last resort—and I’ll stop at nothing to protect you.”

“Protect me?” she cried. “I need to be protected from you!”

She looked around, wondering why nobody had come to her rescue, but this little side street was totally void of pedestrians. All the shops were dark, and most of them boarded up. Jeeze, this wasn’t a very nice neighbourhood, was it?

Trying to keep it together, she said, “Alec, if you don’t untie my right now I’ll scream bloody murder.”

“I thought you might say that.” He shoved the black bag over her head and then folded her body down, pushing her into the back seat of his car. “Sorry about all this. I really am.”

Amazon UK
Amazon CA
Amazon AU
Amazon DE

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Romance Novel "Flavia's Secret" 99c 99p at Book Pebble

#BookPebble #99c #99p #deal #romance Ancient World Historical Romance Read about #ancientRomans and #RomanBritain in my #romance novel, "Flavia's Secret."
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Dare Celtic slave Flavia trust her new Roman Master Marcus? #Free to read with #KindleUnlimited

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Excerpt [PG] Of Re-release: ONE WIFE TOO MANY

New Cover!

What happens if you find you have... ONE WIFE TOO MANY?

Author: Susanne Marie Knight
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Available electronically at and
Price: $3.99
Buy link:
Wilson Struthers is an ambitious attorney who advances his career by marrying eighteen-year-old Andrea, the boss’ daughter. Things are going according to plan... until Andrea is lost at sea. Seven years later, Wilson marries again. Then the fun begins!
After seven years of amnesia, Andrea suddenly meets Will Struthers, a man who looks hauntingly familiar.
The shower’s jet of warm water couldn’t dispel the growing cold spreading throughout Andrea’s body. This man, this Will Struthers, was someone from her former life.
It was as if a missing puzzle piece suddenly fit into place. His deep voice kindled a rush of feelings within her, shaking her to her very core.
The feelings swirling through her were neither good nor bad. Rather she felt incredibly anxious.
Whatever her previous life had held, it couldn’t compare with her present one. She didn’t want to go back to being Andrea Last-Name-Unknown. More than anything, she needed to continue as Anakalia Lawai’a.
Turning off the shower faucet, she then stepped out of the ball-and-claw-foot tub. She dried off, and slipped into her terrycloth bathrobe. Next, she wound a towel around her wet head. These actions were done by rote. Her mind was a million miles away.
Or rather, her thoughts were one floor below, in the kitchen, with her brother Nathan’s handsome friend.
What if Will is my husband?
She shuddered. No. It’s impossible. It can’t be. It can’t be. She used the phrase as a mantra to shut out these disturbing thoughts and images.
Andrea hurried out of the bathroom, into her bedroom. She pulled off the towel and started to comb out her hair. What was most important right now was to concentrate on what she needed to do. To not think about that man, about her past. She had to help Mama Kalala cook. So she had to dress. She had to focus on the little things.
The doorknob to the connecting bedroom jiggled. Without thinking, she rushed to unlock the door. On the other side of the threshold stood the man she was trying to forget.
Him. Will Struthers.
He eyed her from head to toe and blinked rapidly. His tanned face turned rosy red. “I-I beg your pardon. I didn’t mean to intrude.”
His embarrassment made her grin. Nothing erotic here. She was completely covered.
And just to make sure, she held the edges of her robe closed against her chest.
Andrea backed away from the paneled door so he could enter. “Not a problem, Will. I have three brothers. I’m used to sharing a bathroom.”
None of what she said was really true, but he wouldn’t know that.
She turned to go into her bedroom. “Well, I’ll let you have your privacy.”
He tapped her on her shoulder. Even through the terrycloth, his touch seared her skin.
“Listen, I know this may sound odd, but I feel as if I know you from someplace.”
Oh great. He felt it too, then. Her long dormant memory started to bubble as if getting ready to boil. Soon the dam would burst.
She did not want that to happen.
She turned back around, her bare feet squeaking on the parquet wood flooring. She played innocent. “Really? You don’t look familiar to me. I rarely leave the Big Island. You said you work for ESP. Sometimes I visit Oahu to see my brother Thomas and his wife, Hi`ilani.”
She believed him to be an outsider, though. He didn’t have an island feel about him. Especially since he wore an expensive executive suit... in the bathroom.
And she absolutely itched to escape from his company.
He smoothed dark hair off his forehead and shook his head. His gaze never left her face. “No, that can’t be it. I work for the firm but out of Richmond. I only visited Oahu once before.”
Richmond. As in Richmond, Virginia. That rang an unwanted bell.
She inched closer to her bedroom door. “I’ve got to get dressed and help with dinner.”
A haunted look came into his dark brown or black eyes. “I was on Oahu seven years ago.”
“Oh!” she inadvertently gasped. Seven years ago her new life began. This was no coincidence.
She shrugged as if his words were inconsequential. “That was a long time ago, wasn’t it? Well, I’ll see you downstairs.”
He held out his left hand as if to prevent her from leaving. The gold gleam on his ring finger caught her eye.
Married, but not to her.
Thank goodness. Her wedding ring had been made of white gold.
Andrea made a very hasty retreat and took great pleasure in shutting... and locking the connecting door.
Hope you enjoy!

Susanne Marie Knight
Read outside the box: award-winning Romance Writing With A Twist!

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Country Girl, City Lights by Giselle Renarde #UrbanFantasy #Romance

Cover art depicts the silhouette of a young woman against city lights at night
When bad boy Matt leaves the small town of Port Canatangua, Delia follows him to the big city.  Delia’s crazy about Matt, and refuses to believe the rumours surrounding his departure.  As soon as he finds a good job, he’s sure to get in touch.  Until then, Delia takes a dingy little apartment and a position as a security guard at the art gallery.  When she falls asleep on the job and finds herself inside a painting alongside Jacob the handsome shepherd, she tells herself it’s just a crazy hallucination.  What better place than a dream to find the man of her dreams? 

Previously published as “The Rococo Room.”

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Delia concentrated on the sheepy hillside hanging directly across from where she sat. It had a soothing effect. The sloping green hills looked like the little valley in Canatangua Park, where she’d tobogganed every winter as a child. In the summers, they’d lie on their backs and point out constellations to one another. Matt hadn’t moved to town yet, when she was that age. When he touched down, it was like an asteroid hit.

As she watched the sheep graze, her eyelids grew heavy.

Pry them open, girl. Focus!

She stared at the painting. Little Sam had pointed to “the boy” in the picture, but for the life of her, Delia couldn’t find any figures. Only sheep.

Look for him.

She roamed the hillside, up and down the green grass. She crept between fluffy sheep in search of the boy who kept them. Where was he? Beyond the next knoll? Off in the distance? But the distance seemed so far. She’d continue her search after quick nap.

Cuddling her head against the fleece of virgin-white lamb, she fell asleep.
When she awoke, a dark form all but blocked out the sun. Her mind told her body to leap, but her legs froze in hypnopompic atrophy. She tried to press herself up by her palms, but her hands slipped on the grass.

As her pillow bleated and scrambled out from under her, her cranium met the ground with a hard smack.

“Aww, I think I bit my tongue,” she mumbled as the hovering shape stretched out a hand.
When he leaned forward, his golden form blocked the sun from her eyes. She could finally see who he was—and man was he a sight to behold!

His curls sprung like dark woodchips from under his peasant’s cap. Even standing against the sun, gold specks glinted like fireflies in his hazel eyes. He’d shaven at some point, but not within the last two or three days. That was all well and good—his square jaw wore stubble well. A threadbare shirt narrowly concealed his undoubtedly perfect chest, and beyond his brown trousers there be dragons.

Propping herself up on her elbow, Delia held out her hand to accept his help. As he lifted her from the grass, it hit her—something was wrong with this picture! Most notably, she was in it.

She spun around, expecting to find herself face to face with a window on the red room. Nope. Nothing but pastures, sheep, and a beautiful boy looking at her quite quizzically.

“There’s no need for alarm,” he said. “This is a safe place.”

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