Chatelaine of Forez is out! Medieval Romance by Vijaya Schartz

CHATELAINE OF FOREZ just went live in kindle, for only $2.99.

1028 AD - Afflicted by the ondine curse, Melusine seeks the soul of her lost beloved in the young Artaud of Forez, who reigns over the verdant hills south of Burgundy, on the road of pilgrims, troubadours and merchants. But this dark and brooding Pagan lord is not at all what she expected or even hoped. He knows nothing of their past love, her Fae nature, or her secret curse. Must Melusine seduce and betroth this cold stranger to satisfy the Goddess and redeem her curse?
The gold in the rivers instills greed in the powerful, and many envy the rich Lord of Forez, including his most trusted vassals... even the Bishop of Lyon. When Artaud’s attraction to Melusine makes them the target of a holy hunt, will she find redemption from the curse, or will they burn at the stake?

Each book in the series can be read separately, but if you are like me, you’ll want to read them in the right order, which it:

And there is a box set of the first three novels in one download, special edition Curse of the Lost Isle for $4.99.


Chapter One
March 1028 AD - Forez (now in central France)
Melusine stopped singing and shuddered in the cool water. Someone was coming. Fast approaching hooves trampled the underbrush. She straightened and gripped the well worn sides of the rectangular stone basin. Birds and insects had ceased their chirping. Through the trees, a single horseman on a black stallion galloped up the forested path to the sacred spring where she bathed.
How had he crossed the magic barrier she'd erected down the hill? Could he be an immortal like her?
She glanced at her blue robes, left in the middle of the clearing, at the foot of the tall, standing stone hugging the statue of the Great Goddess. Too far away. No time to step out of the catch basin and retrieve them. With a flurry of the hand, she wove a quick invisibility spell and willed the water around her to still.
Her heart stumbled for a beat or two. This could be the blessed day the Great Goddess had promised her. The day she finally met her former beloved... Sigefroi. Although, in his new incarnation, he wore another name.
The horseman emerged from the curtain of trees, impossibly tall, dark, muscular, in black leather gear, a crossbow across his back. A sword slapped his thigh, and a hunting knife adorned his belt. Half a dozen bloody hares hung from the back of his saddle. Definitely not her beloved Sigefroi. What now?
The stranger glanced at her, raised a dark brow and nodded a salute from the saddle. A restrained smile touched his lips. How could he possibly see her through the invisibility spell? But he'd already crossed her privacy barrier. Fae blood definitely coursed through his veins.
Melusine shrunk into her chilly bath, dreading to face him naked.
It could be worse. It could be the first Wednesday of the month, when the curse made her a serpent from the waist down. In this increasingly Christian land, discovery in ondine form could cost her to burn at the stake.
Since the local Christians avoided Pagan shrines, however, the stranger must be of the old faith.
She took a deep breath and made her voice as formidable and intimidating as she could. "Who dares violate the sacred spring of the Great One?"
"Count Artaud of Forez." The deep baritone rang loud and clear.
Melusine's heartbeat faltered. Not an immortal, but worse. "Artaud of Forez?"
"I own this land, and methinks you are the one trespassing." He dismounted with surprising agility for his size, sliding off the saddle like an acrobat.
Melusine scrutinized the young man. According to the Goddess, Artaud had inherited the soul of her late Sigefroi, but how could it be, when they looked like opposites. Where Sigefroi had been wiry and fair, with gold reddish hair and a clear gaze, Artaud had broad shoulders, straight black hair, a hale face, and a dark, brooding gaze, as deep as a lake on a moonless night. Both looked fearsome, but in different ways.
Count Artaud led his prancing stallion closer to the large rectangular basin where she bathed.
Dear Goddess! Heat crept up Melusine's cheeks. She gathered her legs and encircled her knees with her arms for modesty. "How dare you!"
"My horse is thirsty." His voice held a subtle challenge.
The black stallion snorted as its master freed him. The beast drank noisily from the far end of the long basin.
Count Artaud cast her a sidelong glance, his swarthy, square face unreadable. "The Great One would want to quench an animal's thirst."
"Only a Pagan would know the Great One respects all creatures as equal." Melusine kept her voice even, but anger gripped her insides. How could this Artaud hold the soul of her beloved? He was a cold, dark stranger, not her fiery knight of old.
His brow shot up. "I fear you have me at a disadvantage, my lady. I have never seen you at court or on my estates. Who might you be?"
Although she'd known they would soon meet, Melusine had no ready answer. An ondine? A cursed immortal? The woman you are destined to marry? The love of your past life? The enchantress who might bring your doom? She couldn't find words he might accept, even less understand. While she remembered their lifetime together, he did not.
No sympathy softened the neutral face as his dark stare pierced her. He removed his black leather gloves and sat on a jutting stone next to the well worn edge of the old basin. "Devil got your tongue?"
Visions of hellish creatures flashed upon Melusine's mind at his mention of the devil. Christians believed in the devil... and Christians wanted her dead.
"Melusine..." She cleared her choking voice. "My name is Melusine."
She fancied her first name innocuous enough. Better than Melusine the Fae, immortal, cursed by the Great One, excommunicated First Lady of Luxembourg, the love and the bane of your past existence.
"Lady Melusine..." He rolled the words on his tongue. His dark, liquid eyes softened and unfocused slightly. "An unusual name for an unusual woman."
"‘Tis an ancient name, my lord." Tempted to prod his mind and find out what he thought of her, she stopped herself. If he could see through her spells, and Fae blood coursed through his veins, like Sigefroi, he would be impervious to her magic... but not to her charms.
Changing tactic, she smiled and relaxed against the hollowed stone basin, exposing her submersed nudity through the clear water. "I hear you have done well, Lord Artaud. Your lands of Lyon and Forez thrive, and your people consider you a fair and wise ruler."
He cast her a sidelong glance, then shifted his gaze to the statue of the Great One dominating the clearing. The quenched black stallion walked away a few paces and grazed the luscious grass of the hillock.
Awe widened his eyes as he faced her again. "What else have you heard about me?"
Although Melusine had kept her promise not to spy on Artaud, she knew a few things about him. "The river gold makes you richer than any king. So does the trade on the pilgrimage road to St Jacques of Compostella. Travelers speak highly of your hospitality."
Bird trills and the chirping of insects had resumed, and the sweet scent of wild flowers filled the air with vibrant life.
"What you hear is true." He faced her but kept his gaze at eye level. "I'm also a Pagan count ruling over Christian barons. That alone can get you killed these days."
"Then we have much in common, my lord." Melusine smiled seductively. "Only a devout Pagan would visit the sacred spring and the shrine of the Great One. Why else would you come here?"
He barely cracked a thin smile. "To water my horse."
His jest bothered her. So did his cool response to her charms. Hard as she tried, Melusine could not see in this man any remnant of her past love.
Had she waited these few decades for naught? Had the Great One tricked her? No. The Great One never lied. Still, even though Melusine did not intend to share this stranger's fate, she should warn him of the dangers threatening his rule.
She trailed her fingers on the water surface, blurring it. "This hill is not just a sacred shrine from time immemorial, Lord Artaud."
His dark gaze alighted upon her with a new spark of interest. "State your meaning."
"‘Tis the site of your future castle of Montarcher."
Suspicion narrowed his eyes. "How do you know of my future designs?"
Melusine's heart skipped a beat. "The Great One sees and knows all, my lord. You must build your castle in haste to face the coming dangers."
A muscle in his square jaw jumped. "What dangers?"
"Your enemies are gathering." Melusine didn't know the future, only that Artaud would need help. "Many envy your riches, my lord. Others resent your faith. But from here, you can fend them off."
"Why here?" His tone held curiosity.
Melusine straightened and gazed in the distance. She was destined to protect him, but she felt naught for this stranger. "This is a sacred site, my lord. From here, the statue of the Great One will bless and protect all your lands."
His brow rose and his eyes softened but still stared at her. "Truly?"
Melusine shrank under his scrutiny, wishing she wore clothes. "Truly, my lord."
"Thank you for the warning, my lady." He rose and whistled. His stallion trotted up to him. In one light vault, Artaud landed in the saddle.
Melusine's heart jumped. Had she done right, or had she spoiled everything? In any case, she must speak with the Great One. There must be a mistake. She could never love this dark, brooding man. He was not her long lost love.
* * *

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My MILF or Yours? Hot Cougar Erotica from 7 Sexy Authors

You're gonna want to get your hands on this one--trust me.  And if you act fast you'll get it for an unbelievable price!

Seven of today’s hottest erotica writers have teamed up to bring you a collection of cougar tales sure to get your pulse racing!

These mature women are hungry for hot sex. And the guys? They’re eager to please. Hitch a Ride with Terry Towers, take on the football team with Delilah Fawkes, get clingy with Giselle Renarde, and meet Savannah Reardon’s Pool Boy. Jade K. Scott has a Naughty MILF who can’t wait to show you what she’s got, but not before Sasha Blake’s Aged To Perfection. And in case that’s not enough, get More Experienced with sexy Saffron Daughter.

You’re certain to enjoy these seven sizzling stories every bit as much as our young men love their confident, vivacious cougars!

Excerpt from The Pool Boy by Savannah Reardon

Marin sauntered out onto the deck, the beads of sweat glistening on her creamy skin in the scorching morning sun. Her mood was as sour as the orange juice she was drinking. It was blistering hot outside and even hotter in the house. The central unit had stopped working the night before and no matter what she tried, she couldn’t get a repair man to agree to come before tomorrow morning. She had called her oldest son to come take a look at it, but he was clueless as to what the problem could be.

Her dark nipples showed through the flimsy white cotton tank. The running shorts she dug out of her dresser drawer barely covered the round moons of her ass. That was fine with her. The less clothing she had on, the cooler she was. She placed her arms on the rough wood and leaned over the deck rail. The rippling water in the pool sparkled in the sunlight. Marin’s plan for the morning was to get in the pool, but she had forgotten it was the day for the pool boy to do maintenance.

Marin gazed followed the pool boy’s movements as he walked around the pool, skimming the water for trash and bugs with the net. His well-defined muscles rippled as he gripped the metal pole. His dark bronzed skin was coated with the sheen of sweat. Marin felt a heated tingling between her legs as she watched him clean the pool. He exuded raw sexuality, the kind that attracted women of all ages.

Normally, Marin wouldn’t even give thought to the idea a young man would be interested in her. After all, her children were older than the pool boy was. However, she had noticed how he looked at her when he thought she wasn’t watching...

I want to see this anthology in your hands... or, on your e-reader, I guess.  It's only $0.99 at Amazon.  You've got nothing to lose and 7 sexy stories to gain.  Get them now. Now. NOW!

Now Available from Amazon|


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In The Eye: Bisexual Storm Fetish Erotic Romance

In The Eye
Bisexual Storm Fetish Erotic Romance

by Giselle Renarde

Dale and Xu are not your typical tornado-chasers. These guys don’t pretend to be in it for the research. It’s a thrill ride for them, that’s all. Hell, they spend September to May bettering their minds as Grad students.  They could use a little excitement in their lives.

When Susitna begs to come along on their annual adventure, Xu is absolutely opposed. Dale convinces him to take her on as a driver so they can fulfill their fantasy of getting naked in the backseat during a storm--but they don't tell her that!  How will Susitna react to the boys' storm fetish?

Erotic Romance with a tornado fetish twist!

Word Count: 8,500


“Are you seriously this turned on just because of a tornado?” Susitna asked.

“It’s not just the tornado,” Xu said, raising his voice over the windstorm. He tore out of his top and pushed off his bottoms to reveal the hard dick Dale had come to know and love. “And it’s not just him. Lots of people find storms sexually thrilling.”

Susi was still dressed and dripping as she leaned over Dale to grab Xu’s cock. Resting her wet tits on Dale’s stomach, she pulled his erection out from under the mesh and pumped its shaft in time with Xu’s. As Xu groaned, bucking to meet her strong hand, the winds howled through their hideaway. A leafy branch flew through the air, smacking Xu clear in the face.

“Oh my god!” Dale cried. Susi clung to their cocks as he tore the branch away. “Are you okay?”

For a moment, Xu looked utterly stunned. After a brief silence, he chuckled. “I will never be defeated by foliage. Why don’t I just close this trap door, here?”

When he shut the shell, their hideaway went pitch black.

Buy it now:

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Taboo Erotica: Frankie Steps Up

by Lexi Wood

Frankie’s kind of a nerd. Okay, full disclosure: he’s a HUGE nerd. Everyone in his graduating class teases him relentlessly. That’s why he’s shocked when Leslie, leader of the mean girls, steals his phone to put her number in it.  Little does he know the girls have orchestrated a cruel trick: they’ve sent a nasty sext to Frankie’s stepmother, pretending to be him. How will Frankie react when he gets home to find his sexy stepmom is up for anything?


“Get up here, young man.”  She sounded serious.  “I’d like to have a word with you.”
Oh god, had Leslie really told the principle that he’d exposed his dick to half the graduating class? Fuck!
“A word?”  Frankie’s blood ran cold.  “What about?”
“Just get upstairs, Frankie. I’m not going to have an entire conversation shouting from one floor to the next.”
His head buzzed.  He felt dizzy and… oh god, his knees were giving out beneath him.  He could hardly walk, but he somehow managed to pull himself up the stairs.  “Where are you?”
“In the bedroom. Where else would I be?”
Probably doing yoga.  The master suite was huge and she often worked out in the afternoon. Sometimes the sight of her in those tight-fitting clothes… well, there was a reason he didn’t bring his friends home to meet the family.  He knew they’d be drooling all over her and never let him live it down.  Really, if she wasn’t his stepmother, he might be tempted to think of her that way, too.
Her door was half-open, and Frankie took a deep breath before charging confidently forth.  “If Mr. Rajnaratnam called, I don’t think it’s fair for him to be talking to you without getting my side of the story first, because Leslie and the girls…”
Mummy Dearest wasn’t doing yoga.  She wasn’t wearing tight-fitting pants.  She wasn’t wearing a purple spandex tank top.  In fact, she wasn’t wearing any pants.  She wasn’t wearing any top.


Now Available from Amazon|
Amazon UK|
Amazon Canada|
Amazon Australia|
Google Play|

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Breathless Surrender

Reid entered the room quietly. His gaze immediately zeroed in on Alexis. He swore beneath his breath and thanked god she hadn't been there long. She was hanging by her arms in the center of the room, feet dangling inches from the concrete floor. Blindfolded, gagged and almost naked. They'd stripped her, leaving on only her red lacy bikini panties. He knew she was wearing a matching bra, too, the kind that emphasized her full breasts by pushing them over the top. The first time he'd laid eyes on her he'd been able to examine their perfection. Now her jet-black hair, long and thick, hid her breasts from his view.

His gaze skimmed over the room, taking note of the two-way mirror covering the wall, giving whoever was on the other side a bird's eye view of everything that went on. He clenched his teeth-he knew what they expected him to do. This was a test to see if he made the cut and could be trusted. One of several, he'd been informed. And Reid knew he'd have to see it through to the end.

Or he and Alexis would both die.

Except for the bed, which he was supposed to make use of, there was no furniture in the room. Walking quietly toward Alexis, Reid let his gaze roam over her lovely shape from the top of her bent head down to her painted toes.How many months have I imagined her without her clothes on? Nothing escaped his scrutiny. From what he could see, she was flawless, her skin like a sun-kissed peach. Healthy, with a natural sheen, toned where it needed to be, soft where it mattered. There was no movement to indicate she was alive until he saw the slightest stirring of her belly when she breathed.

Reid walked slowly around her. His gaze explored the enticing swell of her ass, the graceful curve of her hips and small waist. Damn... the sight of her is arousing. He felt something hot twist in his gut and his cock began to swell. He hadn't expected it to be this easy, not with an audience. But then this was Alexis, and he'd been aching for her. His mission was simple and crude. He was supposed to fuck her and, he feared, kill her. He couldn't afford to fail and see six months of hard work go down the drain. Not when the end was so close.

It was a stupid initiation, but he was dealing with a freak, Juan Rodriguez. A weirdo who got his kicks playing games with other people's lives to suit himself. The only way Rodriguez felt he could trust anyone new in his organization was to make them perform an act they found reprehensible, to prove they were as unscrupulous and evil as he was.

Reid came to a halt in front of Alexis, standing for a moment and just staring at her. She gave no sign that she knew he was there. But instinct told him that she did. Reid gave her credit. She had to be terrified, yet she remained quiet. No screaming out or pleading for release, no twisting at the rope binding her wrists in an effort to break the restraint. The only sign of her turmoil was the tear tracks lining her cheeks.

Resisting the urge to look at the two-way mirror again, his gaze dropped down her body slowly, feeding the need uncurling and growing in his belly. He'd never had to perform with an audience before. Could he do it? The need to see more of Alexis prompted him to reach forward. He answered his own question when he pushed her hair back to expose her luscious breasts. The shape of her full, sensuous body was hot enough to bring him to full arousal.

Tory Richards
Ellora's Cave

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Tisha and Narine’s Afterhours Fetish Party

Tisha and Narine are lovers who work together all day and party together all night. They happen to share a boot fetish, not to mention an exhibitionist bent. The boardroom in their office boasts professional camera equipment and web streaming capabilities, so after their clients leave in the evening, Tisha and Narine put on a show for the hordes of paying customers who watch them online at “Tisha and Narine's After-Hours Fetish Party.”

Word Count: 4,000


Only when Narine heard the front door close and the deadlock bolt did she come out from her IT hidey-hole.

“Cheeky bugger,” Tisha said, leaning against the door as Narine crossed the lobby.  “These bloody-minded gits all seem to think I’d jump at the chance to accompany them to their hotel rooms.  I’m a hostess, not an escort!”

Narine wanted so badly to pin her girl against that door and kiss the worries away, but she stopped short.  They’d be late getting online tonight if they wasted any more time.  Better save it for the camera—their viewers paid big bucks because their connection was real.

“I’m sorry, babe.”  Narine placed a hand at the small of Tisha’s back.  “At least he’s gone now.”

“But it starts over tomorrow with brand new clientele,” Tisha sighed, arranging the magazines.

As much as Narine didn’t appreciate today’s straggler, he had one thing right: their facility’s webcasting capabilities made a welcome addition.  Without that technology, she and her girl would never have come up with their idea for “Tisha and Narine’s Afterhours Fetish Party.”  It was an online event their boss knew nothing about, held every night after the clients left.

The focus group room was already equipped with two cameras: one on the wall, the other a mobile eye that rotated in a circle like a garden sprinkler.  The cameras’ real purpose was to capture focus groups and even get close-ups on participants’ faces.  All Narine had to do was change a few settings and she and Tisha were ready to broadcast themselves online to paying customers.


They primped a touch and raced into the focus group room.  Narine couldn’t keep herself from smacking Tisha’s ass along the way.  She switched on the dual streams and followed her girl to the blonde wood table.

Tisha’s bright smile glazed her cheeks as she looked into the main camera.  “Good evening and welcome to Tisha and Narine’s After-Hours Fetish Party.”



Other titles you might enjoy include:

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…and more!


Giselle Renarde is a queer Canadian, avid volunteer, and contributor to more than 100 short story anthologies, including Best Women’s Erotica, Best Lesbian Erotica, Best Bondage Erotica, and Best Lesbian Romance. Ms Renarde has written dozens of juicy books, including Anonymous, Ondine, and Nanny State. Her book The Red Satin Collection won Best Transgender Romance in the 2012 Rainbow Awards. Giselle lives across from a park with two bilingual cats who sleep on her head.

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