Room for More: Two Guys, One Girl

Room for More: Two Guys, One Girl

by Giselle Renarde

Claudia detests Mark. Mark detests Claudia. They both love Jason Paul. Two years after Claudia’s husband leaves her for another man, she finds herself unemployed but desperate to stay in the city. The only solution is to move in with Jason Paul and his new love. When sparks fly, will Claudia imagine the possibilities of having two men in her life… and in her bed?

Previously published by Amber Quill Press as Painting with Brushes.

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“You made love to him in our bed, didn’t you?”

One man and another man, their bodies writhing together…rough sex...tender kisses…

“When you were away,” Mark admitted. He didn’t stop painting to confess. “You visited your mother the summer Jason Paul and I first met. We lived in your bed that entire week.”

She nodded.

Where had her anger gone? She felt none of it. In fact, when she reflected on the two men falling in love and into bed, it seemed romantic. She had the choice to play a bit part in their love story, or to play the evil witch. Why had she chosen the latter? Why had she made their love more difficult than it had to be?

Simple enough, she thought: Jason Paul was her husband. Of course she felt possessive of him—she was in love with him too!

Was it possible to love selflessly, she wondered? One could love one’s children and one’s parents without ego interference. Yes, it was very possible to love two people at once. But being in love was different. In love, she’d been jealous and controlling. It didn’t seem like too much to ask, at the time, that her husband not sleep with other people.

Love was such a crazy animal. Uncontrollable.

“I had a feeling you did,” she said. “Something about the sheets. They seemed more tousled than usual.”

“We washed them.”

“Even so.”

“We had sex up against the washing machine,” he reflected. Mark shook his head, staring at the wall. “Sorry. I’m sure you didn’t need to know that.”

“I don’t mind.” Claudia actually smiled when she pictured them together. And then she surprised herself by saying, “Tell me about it.”

Mark stopped painting and turned around. “About having sex on the washing machine?”

After the day’s start, she never would have imagined they’d end up in a conversation like this, but she was intent on knowing. She wanted to see it in her mind. “What did you do?”

Coming down from the stepstool, Mark picked up the whole can of primer and brought it with him to the ceiling. “It was the dryer, actually. When we threw the laundry in, Jason Paul made some joke about lesbians and the vibrations… I don’t remember exactly. He eased up against it and said it actually felt quite nice.”

“What were you wearing?” Claudia wanted to know.

“Wearing?” He seemed to reflect. “I had on my tightie whities. He was in that silk number of yours—the short black dressing gown.”

“Oh.” Her stomach felt full of butterflies as he spoke. She wasn’t nervous, though.

What was this inexplicable sensation? It felt terribly like arousal.

“Go on.”

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Is it getting hot in here? Curl up with a hunky firefighter for #FirePreventionWeek!

Curl up with a hunky firefighter for #FirePreventionWeek!

It's RELEASE DAY for ABLAZE (Dallas Fire & Rescue Series) and I'm so excited to share Dane's story with you! :)

If you read the first book in the series, REKINDLED, then you’ve already met firefighter Dane Chandler. He’d be the first one to tell you that he was a bit of a jerk back then, but he really is a great guy. Just ask Lexi Fletcher, the paramedic who falls for him!

I'm celebrating all day in the DALLAS FIRE & RESCUE Kindle World FB Group with fun facts, hunky firefighters and goodies! See you there! :)


The heat is on…

Paramedic Lexi Fletcher is thrilled to transfer to Station 58. For one thing, her commute time is half of what it used to be. For another, Station 58 has a much better facility and far more exciting calls. It doesn’t hurt that Dane Chandler, the firefighter she’s been crushing on since joining Dallas and Rescue, works there. Okay, to tell the truth, maybe Dane is the biggest reason she requested the move!

But just when things with Dane start to heat up, Lexi’s dream job takes a turn in the freaky direction. Patients she’s been bringing to the hospital are turning up dead, even though they were in stable condition when she dropped them off. Her instincts are screaming there’s something fishy going on, but she can’t figure out what it is, and she can’t get anyone to believe her—except Dane.

Can he help her find the killer and stop him from striking again, or will Lexi become the target of a madman?


He quickly figured out Lexi was one hell of a good dancer. Before long, they were scooting, spinning, and shuffling around the floor like they’d been dancing together for years. The music was too loud to even consider talking, so Dane made do with gazing into her beautiful blue eyes.

The band played one great song after another, so he and Lexi stayed on the floor along with everyone else. Dane had no idea how long they danced, but at some point he looked up and realized the place was a lot more crowded, making it harder to get around the doughnut-shaped floor. Then the band switched gears, playing a much slower tune and calling all the couples out for a little slow dancing.

Lexi slipped into his arms as if she belonged there, which he was beginning to think she most certainly did. He slid his right hand behind her back, pulling her close, then casually rested his palm on the upper curve of her ass, letting his fingers trace little circles on the sensitive spot right at the base of her spine. She shivered the slightest bit before resting her cheek against his chest.

He groaned at how good Lexi felt nestled up against him, but he doubted she could hear over the music. There was no way she could miss the hard-on he sported in his jeans, though. Hell, the thing was pressing right up against her belly begging for attention. Lexi snuggled even closer, one of her hands digging into the muscles of his shoulder like she wasn’t ever going to let him move away. She didn’t have to worry about that. He wasn’t going anywhere.

When the song came to an end—way too fast, in his opinion—Lexi tipped her head back to look up at him. Seeing the hunger in her eyes, and knowing it almost certainly matched the look in his own, Dane did the only thing he could. He dipped his head and kissed her.

He swore he felt a spark jump between them when their lips touched. He was also pretty sure he heard Lexi moan against his mouth. Then again, that might have been him groaning. It was hard to tell.

He buried his free hand in her hair, cradling her head as he traced his tongue around her lips. She parted them, inviting him in, and he slipped his tongue into her mouth to two-step with hers. Damn, she tasted good! It was all he could do to control himself.

From the way Lexi was clutching the front of his shirt and kissing him back, he wasn’t the only one having problems keeping things PG-rated.
Dane didn’t realize the band had started playing again, or that the other people on the dance floor were moving around him and Lexi like a tide until someone bumped into him. Grabbing Lexi’s hand, he led her through the crowd and off the floor. After a kiss like that, dancing was the last thing he wanted to do.

He headed for one of the bars so they could grab a couple of drinks. Besides the fact that they had been dancing for a while and she was probably as thirsty as he was, he needed something else to focus on. If he didn’t calm down before they left, he was probably going to rush into something, and he didn’t want to do that. Not with someone this amazing.

When he ordered two bottles of water, the bartender looked at him like he had horns growing out of his head. He guessed water wasn’t a big seller around here.

Dane handed one to Lexi to see her regarding him with an expression half amused, half hungry…and altogether sexy. This woman was dangerous all right.

He drained half the bottle of water in one gulp. When he looked at Lexi again, she’d turned her attention to the mechanical bull pit set up along one of the walls near the pool tables.

“Have you ridden the bull here before?” he asked.

Now she was looking at him like he had horns growing out of his head.
“Are you crazy? I’m a paramedic. I’ve seen people screw themselves up royally falling off a curb. There’s no way in hell you’ll get me on that thing.”

He chuckled. “Oh, come on, it’s not that bad. They’re not nearly as hard to ride as the real thing. The operator will put the thing on slow if you tell him you’re a newbie.”

Lexi’s eyes widened. “You’ve ridden real bulls?”

He nodded. “I’ve written in quite a few rodeos, including some charity DF&R events. Trust me when I say mechanical bulls are easier.”

She eyed the mechanical contraption doubtfully, but Dane could see curiosity warring with her better judgement.

“I’d never be able to stay on that thing, no matter how slowly it was moving,” she said.

He swigged some water. “If you want to give it a go, you could always ride with me.”

Lexi blinked. “We can do that? I mean, they’d let us?”

“Sure. They don’t care.”

She still seemed doubtful, but finally nodded. “I’ll be mad at myself tomorrow if I don’t, so let’s do this.” She gave him a stern look. “But if we fall off and get hurt, you’re going to be the one to explain to Captain Stewart how it happened.”

Dane chuckled. “Deal. But don’t worry. If we fall off, I’ll make sure you come down on top of me so you don’t get hurt.”

There were three women waiting in line to ride ahead of them, but they all chickened out. For a second, Dane thought Lexi was going to bail, too, but she took a deep breath, kicked off her shoes, and stomped across the squishy mats.

Dane handed the operator a twenty. “There’s another twenty in it if you don’t kill us.”

The man nodded his head and tipped his beat-up cowboy hat. Dane figured that was about as good as he was going to get.

The thing didn’t look much like a bull but more like something you’d see on a carousel—if it was a demented carousel for really disturbed kids. The body was a basic barrel shape with no legs and a barely recognizable head with floppy ears instead of horns. But there was a simple saddle to sit on, with a wide strap at the top to hold onto.

“How the heck do I even get on this thing?” she asked, staring at the high back in alarm.

Dane could have suggested several different ways, but finally decided to reach out and pick her up by the waist, sitting her on the forward part of the saddle.

She smiled at him. “Thanks.”

Lexi adjusted her dress, pulling it up a bit here and there to get comfortable, flashing a lot of thigh in the process. Damn, she had nice legs.

Dane hopped up behind her before he could think too much about her legs—and what it would feel like if they were wrapped around him instead of a stupid fake bull. Riding a mechanical bull with a hard-on might or might not be legal in Texas—it was a weird state like that—but it wouldn’t be very comfortable.

He reached past her hip and grabbed the strap positioned between her legs. He really had to think hard about what he was doing so the fact that his hand was inches from her pussy didn’t distract him too much.
Wrapping his free hand around her, he pulled her even more tightly against him, which made the junction of her thighs press enticingly against the hand he was using to hold onto the strap and his hard-on nestle temptingly against her ass. The hard-on he wasn’t supposed to have at the moment—yeah, that one.

“I think I understand why you wanted to ride this thing,” she murmured over her shoulder. “It definitely has the potential to be interesting.”

That was an understatement if he’d ever heard one.

“Ready?” the operator called.

Dane nodded at the man, and the bull began to move.

Riding a bull, whether a real one or a mechanical beast, wasn’t about guessing what the creature would do. It wasn’t even about holding on tight. It was about relaxing and feeling the flow of the movement.

At first, Lexi was stiff as a board, trying clench her legs tight to the bull’s sides like she thought that would keep her on the thing. It wouldn’t, but she didn’t know that. Dane kept his body loose and balanced, holding on for the both of them and hoping she relaxed enough to enjoy this.

She did, shocking him at how quickly she got into the bull’s rhythm and began moving as one with him.

The bull operator earned his money, setting up a routine of mostly simple turns and rolling waves with enough change of direction to keep it interesting. It was the slow, ocean-like wave motion that got to Dane first, as Lexi’s ass began to move against his hard-on in the most erotic motion. There was no way Lexi wasn’t feeling the hard shaft of his cock moving against her ass, because he sure as hell was.

Beneath the arm he had wrapped around her, Dane felt her muscles tense and relax as she began to gyrate, riding him as much as she was riding the bull. But it was when she started grinding against the hand holding the bull’s harness strap that he really lost it.

Fortunately, the operator chose that moment for a sudden change of direction, combined with a sharp flip of the bull’s back end. The move tossed Dane right off, and he took Lexi with him.

He twisted in the air as he fell, making sure he came down on his back with her on top of him. It wasn’t exactly the most comfortable landing in the world, especially when Lexi’s hip slammed into his stomach. But considering he ended up flat on his back with a beautiful woman sprawled across his chest, he could put up with the minor pain.

“That was more fun that I thought it’d be,” she said in a deep, husky voice.

He ran his hand down her back, making her arch against him like a kitty. “I don’t think I was expecting that either.”

She leaned closer, her mouth about to come down on his when Dane noticed a pair of booted feet on the mat next to his head.

“Y’all okay?” the mechanical bull operator asked, his voice full of concern. “Y’all need a paramedic or something?”

Lexi smiled, her perfect, full lips only inches from his own.

Dane chuckled. “That’s okay. I already found the only paramedic I need.”





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