a FAMILIAR excerpt

a short story by Meg Allison
featured in AFTER DARK anthology
COMING SOON from By Grace Publishing

excerpt (c) 2007 Meg Allison

She could swear she had stepped backward in time. The feeling left her a bit disconcerted. Penny had expected things to be different and not so much the same, yet it seemed as though the world stood still.

Then she blinked and the landscape transformed before her eyes. The grocery store had a Piggly Wiggly sign in place of the original; Jefferson’s had four modern gas pumps in place of the two relics; the Clip n’ Curl awning had been replaced with one in a muted shade of pink champagne; and there was a travel agency where the five-and-dime had once flourished.

Smells were familiar—the scents of apple brown betty from the diner and diesel from Jefferson’s filled the air along with the fainter scent of a brush fire burning nearby.

“Penny Lane.”

Startled, she spun toward the voice and the almost forgotten nickname that had vanished along with another part of her life. Given the sudden shift in scenery, she wasn’t too surprised to have her late husband standing behind her, smiling in the afternoon sun. This had to be a dream.

“Lou, what are you doing here?”

“I came to take you to the hardware store.”

“I don’t need anything there.”

“Yes, you do, sweetie,” he insisted and held out a hand. “You have work to do on the house.”

“I don’t need anything!” She crossed her arms over her middle, reluctant to touch her husband in any way. A shiver of unease snaked over her skin. “I’m not going.”

“Stubborn as a mule,” he said with a shake of his dark head. “But everything you need is in that store.”

He disappeared. Penny blinked at the empty space.

“I’m dreaming,” she said aloud, somewhat comforted by the visible proof. “This doesn’t make a lick of sense.”

* * * *

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Edge of Sanity, Book 3, Now Available!

From Freya's Bower and author Jamie Hill:

Edge of Sanity, Book 3

Detective Jake Gilford is skeptical when he hears Joss Wheeler say she believes her newly inherited house is haunted. He's a man of facts and hard evidence, and ghosts aren't on his radar screen. He's also a man, and Joss is a beautiful, if somewhat nutty, woman. Won over by her charms, he promises to stay and help her unravel the mystery of the house--or whatever else she has that might need unraveling .

"So, Jake and Joss are a couple now. They fit easily together, and while reading, it feels like they've been together a lot longer than they have. I do enjoy their banter.

Nice to find out a little more about Jake's past in this chapbook. I warmed to him even more. I mean, he's a nice guy, but it's his past that makes him so understanding in the present.

A nice coupling scene between Joss and Jake, and now I'm eagerly awaiting news on the charity and its founders. Have they got something to do with the weird noises and goings on at Joss' house? Come on! I need to find out who is doing this!

Jamie Hill is driving me crazy!"

4 Champagne Flutes ~ Sangria ~ Cocktail Reviews ~ Read review here

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Domination and submission, yin and yang, two halves that make a perfect whole. This duet of stories walks the razor's edge of the real BDSM scene.

Dominance, by B. D. Dark

A man indulges in his long-held secret desire to exercise power and control over a woman. He meets his perfect match in Kim, another newbie to the scene, who wants to give herself to a master. Together they experiment, pushing sexual boundaries to the limit. What is his role as a Dom? Should he end the torture even if his submissive begs for more?

Submission by Roxy Harte

Julia is the grieving submissive of Master Jasper. After two years, three months, and eighteen days of crying she decides enough is enough and decides to get laid, even if it means nobody is going to get hurt. What she doesn't expect is to be set up by her friends on a blind date with a professional Dominant who goes by the name of Lord Draco. The question is, how far is Julia willing to go for pleasure...and pain?

Publisher's Note: This book contains very explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: BDSM, including anal sex, bondage, clamps, domination/submission, exhibitionism, hot wax, ropes, and spanking/flogging.

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Perfecting Amanda

One woman, two men—the choice of a lifetime and the chance for a perfect future. When Amanda McCormick heads west as to create a home of her own and begin a “perfect” marriage with a man she’s never met, gambler Spencer Teague intercepts her. Pretending to be her fiancé, he tricks her into surrendering her virginity.

Amanda hides the misguided affair and forges a relationship with her young husband, Travis. But her secret haunts her when she learns she’s pregnant. Meanwhile, Spencer is haunted by visions of a little girl who demands he find and help Amanda.

Their lives entwine as the three come together in an unexpected relationship that touches—and tortures—them all. Amanda questions whether perfection is attainable and if it’s possible to love two very different kinds of men.


Beth Williamson, author of the Malloy family series
"Perfecting Amanda is an emotional ride that swept this reader along, a gripping historical that allows you to peek into the life a strong woman lived so long ago. Get ready y'all, you're in for a story that won't let you go."

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Hot Summer Nights

Anything can happen in summer when steamy days lead to even more torrid nights. Whether a new love, an unexpected love or stolen passion that can only lead to trouble, summertime romance is impossible to resist as you’ll see in this trio of tales by Bonnie Dee, Jayelle Drewry and Rusty Wicks.

"Summer Break" by Bonnie Dee (a re-release)

The summer after high school graduation—rich kids relax and enjoy the last taste of freedom before college, poor kids like Eric struggle just to keep afloat…and secretly lust after their best friend’s girl. When Travis is gone a Young Leader’s Convention, Eric and Brianne come together with a passionate intensity that will blow apart the threesome. Can friendship be salvaged and new relationships formed before the three part ways forever?

"Sun Kissed" by Rusty Wicks

A job amidst the hot, sultry sands of Egypt…Bess thinks it’s the perfect way to spend her summer. So she accepts a position giving language lessons to a wealthy businessman’s two young sons, and settles into posh accommodations. She’s got a beautiful place to live, exotic sights and sounds everywhere and Clay, the man she’s working for, is a dreamboat. What more could she want?

More. Much more. And that’s exactly what Bess gets when she purchases an old ring with a stunning green stone in its center at the marketplace. As soon as she slips the ring on her finger, Bess’ summer takes a decidedly romantic turn. She and Clay explore the Egyptian countryside, find passion in a secluded pool and learn that even the unlikeliest of pairings can sometimes be magical beneath the hot summer sun.

"Summer's Promise" by Jayelle Drewry

It’s the beginning of summer, time for fun in the sun… and in the dark. When the kids are away, single mom Delilah Jaynes is ready to play. She’s got the whole summer to herself. The perfect time to find a summer lover. That’s a promise she’s going to keep.

John Knowles has watched and wanted Delilah. She’s suppressed her needs, denied herself, denied John. But denial is over. He’s tired of waiting. It’s time to take action. By the end of summer, he’s going to be her lover. That’s a promise he’s going to keep.

She’s looking for a lover. He’s ready, willing, and able to fill that position, or any other position Delilah needs.

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Coming in October 2007!

Book One in the Bride's Inn Series...

LADY IN WHITE is a sizzling, sensual paranormal romance guaranteed to leave you tingling.

Serena Reilly has come to 'Bride's Inn' to care for it's owner, elderly Clarise Masters. One dark and stormy night, a darkly handsome, mysterious visitor arrives at the old inn, scaring....and kissing Serena senseless. But the handsome rogue, a man who Serena comes to know as her dark prince, a man who stirs Serena's deepest, most erotic desires, isn't all that he seems...and neither is she.

As Seth and Serena's mutual attraction grows, so does the mystery surrounding Bride's Inn, and the strange apparition that haunts its legendary halls. Serena and Seth stand to lose far more than their hearts when the 'Lady in White' shows up. When Serena's life is threatened, it's up to Seth to save his fiery-haired goddess.


"Let me in, Serena," he crooned in her hear, his breath warm, his voice languid. "Let me in."
She paused, undecided, afraid that if she let him in, she'd never let him go. But when he pushed her blouse aside and started a tender assault on her breasts, teasing and taunting her nipples with the pads of this thumbs, she let go of that fear and let desire take hold once more.
He slid down the length of her body, his hands skimming her waist, his fingers working to release the buttons on the waistband of her skirt. As he slid the zipper down, she heard the metal catch scrape against the teeth of the zipper, the sound sending shivers down her spine. She wiggled her hips, forcing the skirt down past her thighs and calves, kicking it away in her haste to bare all to him.
He chuckled low in his throat. "Anxious, are we?" His black eyes were filled with heat, and she hoped, a longing to match her own.
"Oh, shut up," she countered, fitting her thumbs into the waistband of her panties, shoving them down her legs. "And help me."
Seth threw back his head and laughed. "Oh Serena, you are an absolute delight."
She stopped, the panties midway down her thighs. Men had said they loved her, but no man had ever said she was a delight. She wasn't sure if it was a good thing or not, but her thoughts fled as Seth continued his sensual assault.
His large hands were gentle as he took over the job of sliding her panties down the rest of the way, easing them over her feet and toes. He grasped hold of her silky underwear, placing it near his nose and inhaled, shutting his eyes as he breathed deep. Then he opened his eyes, revealing the large, dark pupils, dilated with passion. He smiled wickedly as he gazed at her, his eyes traveling the length of her body, from the tips of her toes to the nest of curls between her legs.
"So, you really are a true redhead, aren't you?"
Serena tried to nod her head, but she couldn't move, her body pulsing with every look he gave her.
He grinned again. "That was a rhetorical question, sweetheart." Seth slid his long body next to hers. Grasping her silk panties in one hand, he brushed them up the inside of her thighs. "No answer is necessary."
Serena's body went up in flames, her legs opening wide when he slid the silky material against her labia. The only thing she found necessary in that moment was that he should keep doing what he was doing…and a whole lot more.
"You like that," he whispered, leaning down to kiss her.
She moaned into his mouth and twined her arms around his neck, pulling him closer.
He continued his ministrations, sliding the soft, silky panties against her until Serena became mindless with need. Soon, his fingers replaced the silk material, as he stroked and played in her nest of curls, teasing and taunting her little pearl of flesh. His fingers came away wet, their tips glistening with her essence. He placed his index finger in his mouth, shutting his eyes as he tasted her.
"Delicious," he murmured, his voice husky, opening his eyes to reveal their dark, smoky depths.
She reached over, running a hand over his bare chest, enjoying his sharp intake of breath when she placed the tip of her tongue on the jagged scar on his shoulder. Her tongue traveled down to his pecs, to his hard, copper penny nipples. She loved the feel of them, loved the feel of the silky, dark hair that lined his chest. Reaching down, she released the button on the waistband of his jeans, slid the zipper down, and reached in to massage and knead his large sac, reveling in the feel of him.
Seth reached around and tugged her close, pulling her flush against his body, his movements anxious and restless as he struggled out of his jeans and underwear. Serena helped, but her hands shook as she pushed the clothing down over his hips and buttocks. When he lay naked before her, she sucked in a breath at the size of his penis, reaching out to grasp it in one hand, running her thumb across the tip where a drop of his semen shone. Serena rotated the pad of her thumb on his swollen member, massaging his glistening essence into the tip.
He moaned in response, resting his forehead against hers, placing his hand over her hand. "I'll come right here," his voice sounded ragged, almost pained.
Seth removed her hand, bringing to his lips where he kissed each finger. Then he removed her blouse and bra, his movements swift and urgent. For just a second, apprehension crept in.
It had been a long time since she'd been with a man. If Seth found her wanting…she didn't know what she would do, or how she would feel.

This excerpt is subject to final edit & may differ from the final version.
Copyright 2007 by Catherine Chernow

Visit me at www.CatherineChernow.com

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The Werewolf Whisperer

The Werewolf Whisperer

The residents of Eclipse, California have a secret.

Celebrity dog trainer, Serena O’Toole, had the perfect life. She has a boyfriend, kind of, and a job she loves, well, she used to love it. And the audition for a national television spot could skyrocket her dog training show, “Woof”, to the stars…if it doesn’t bore her to death first. Then, when she thought things couldn’t get any worse, a sexy-voiced stranger calls to tell her that her brother, Michael, is missing. He’s hiding in the desert outside his new home in Eclipse, California. It only takes her a few minutes to pack her bags and head off to a town not marked on any map.

The last thing Jackson Hardy wanted to do was to involve another civilian. But, unless the horror writer, Michael O’Toole, was found in the next two days, he would die. But, from the moment Serena’s black VW Beetle rolls into town, Jackson knows he’s lost. He can’t keep his mind, or his hands, off her. She’s beautiful, talented, irresistible. Everyone in town notices her charms. . . Everyone. But Jackson knows to fall in love with her, and make love to her, would be a fatal mistake.

When Michael is found, Serena decides to stay and get to know Jackson better. When she looks in his eyes, she realizes he exudes a sex appeal she is helpless to deny. Nor does she want to. But for a man who can’t keep his hands off her, Jackson is sure in a surprising hurry for her to leave.

But someone in Eclipse is equally determined for her to stay…forever.


The full moon hung low in the sky and lit the yard as if it were daytime.

Her shoe bumped something and it fell with a clatter. Shit! She looked down to see what she'd stumbled over. Blessed God. It was a shotgun! She hadn't fired one in years, not since she and her brothers had made soda cans quake in fear on the back fence. But with a shotgun, she wouldn't need perfect aim. Heck, when they saw she had a gun, maybe they wouldn't mess with her. Okay, so she was fooling herself. But she couldn't help a quick rush of joy when she picked up the gun and saw that it was loaded.

Surprisingly, no one had come running at the sound of the clatter. Serena didn't pause to wonder why. It only took her a few more strides to reach the front of the house and peer around the corner.

What she saw nearly made her drop the gun. Ben and the man were bent over. Had they poisoned themselves? Then, icicles of fear rushed through her veins. What was happening?

Ben's form was suddenly covered in silver grey hair that almost sparkled in the moonlight. His ears had elongated and his face! She shuddered and stepped back, resisting the urge to run. The whole frontal section of Ben's face elongated into a muzzle. Then, with shock, she realized the wolf's savage gaze was locked on her. She stifled a scream as the thing's mouth split open in a wolfish grin. Serena stepped back and pulled the gun up.

The wolves crept closer. Didn't they see she had a gun? Perhaps they didn't think she would use it. Well, they were wrong, she would.

As she ran forward, she could hear their growls. This had better work or she was dead—or worse than dead. Pulling the trigger, there was a pause when time stood still. The blast nearly deafened her. The wolves scattered.

One disappeared. She'd have to watch her back. One dashed off around the house, possibly to leap on her from behind or cut off her retreat. The other had been hit fully in the face and was now pawing at his muzzle and whining.

She ran toward the car, expecting a heavy body to leap on her at any moment. It wasn't until she was sitting in the driver's seat with the keys in the ignition that she stopped to take a breath. A roar at the window made her jump. The third wolf, which was the largest, was launching himself against the window. Again and again, it leapt at the door, its claws screeching as they scratched against the glass.

She started the car and gunned the engine. The animal didn't even flinch. Fingering the can of mace in her pocket to make sure it was still there, she backed out. The wolves followed her, stalking the car.

The little Beetle couldn't do more than twenty-five miles per hour on the washboard road. Any faster and she'd knock the whole bottom out of the car and then where would she be?

In eerie silence, the wolves ran alongside the car. Then, they began howling. Ice cold panic filled her veins.

Suddenly, another figure came dashing along the car, snapping and barking at the wolves. It was Tucker. The wolves turned their attention away from the car and toward the Labrador . Serena felt a surge of pity. The poor old dog would be torn to shreds. She had to do something.

Rolling down her window an inch or two, she pulled the can of mace out of her pocket. "Here doggie, doggie," she called.

The wolves turned as one toward her. Faster than she'd expected, they were almost through the window. Startled, she pushed the button on the mace. It didn't fire. Oh, my god. She leaned back as snapping muzzles filled the opening and she could feel their spittle sprinkling her face, neck, and arms. Then, there was a loud hiss and the wolves were gone. They rolled in the dirt, pawing at their muzzles while Tucker pranced around them barking. Her breath came in little pants as she rolled up the window and drove away. Tucker's fierce barking faded into the distance.

It was a momentary victory, but she pumped her fist in the air anyway.

Now, to get into town and find Jackson . Something bad had happened to him. But he was still alive. Ben and Doc Brown had talked about sending someone back to the jail to question him.

The town was silent. There were no lights on in any of the houses, no sounds of televisions playing behind closed curtains, nothing but the roar of her car's engine. Something really bad was happening and she knew she couldn't stop it.

And above all, she had to find Mike. Please, God, don't let him be dead. But he couldn't be dead. Jackson had gone through all the trouble of calling her out to this god-forsaken place to help find him. No, she had to believe that Mike was still alive. And Jackson was the key. He knew what happened to her brother. He was the one who'd arranged the helicopter and set up the fake hospital story. Damn it, she'd make him tell her where Mike was. She grabbed the shotgun and left the car unlocked and running, just in case.

Pushing open the station door at a run, Serena started yelling his name. " Jackson , hey, Jackson ." Waiting a heartbeat in between her calls, she listened for a reply, for any noise. She pounded on the counter and rang the bell. Still nothing. Damn it.

He had to be here or at home. She started to turn around when she spotted a door under the clock marked Staff Only.. She ran around the counter, slipping a little on the linoleum in her haste. Grabbing the knob, she twisted, half expecting it to be locked. It opened easily in her hand and she felt along the wall inside for the light switch. She didn't want to be surprised by any wolves in the dark.

The overhead lights flickered on and she stared. It was an old-fashioned jail, just like in the movies, complete with three cells. The first two were empty, their doors standing wide open. The third one had an occupant.

" Jackson ?" she called, walking quickly forward. "You gotta tell me where Mike is. Where are the keys? I'll let…you…" The words caught in her throat and she could only stare. It was a wolf, large and black, with amber eyes. There were clothes scattered on the floor of the cell, the same clothes Jackson had been wearing the night before. So, either the wolf had eaten Jackson and not left any blood or…

" Jackson ?" Serena approached the cell.

For more information about the author, come visit her website at www.erickascott.com

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Love can steal a woman's breath and make her throw caution to the winds. Plunge into some otherworldly lovin' with Annie Dean, Dionne Galace, and Bonnie Dee. Demons, dragons and scarecrows, oh my!

"Seven Days" by Annie DeanTeresa intends to devote her life to the church, immaculate and untouched. Into her quiet life comes a beautiful devil sent to test her purity and her determination. She is silent prayers at midnight; he is the flash of gold in a gambler's palm. She has known nothing but service and self-sacrifice. He has known nothing but centuries of carnal sin.Neither know anything about love.If she denies him, she condemns him to eternity in hell. If she yields, she forfeits her soul. Who will emerge victorious? To find out, join Dev and Teresa for Seven Days of temptation.
"The Straw Man" by Bonnie Dee (re-release)
A lonely woman imagines the perfect man and accidentally conjures him into being on All Hallows Eve. For a single night she has the lover of her dreams, but a night isn’t nearly enough. Can she find a way to turn her fantasy man back to flesh and blood?

"Waking Kitty" by Dionne Galace
Jack Ridley is an old-fashioned reporter. He doesn’t believe in anything unless there’s a ton of evidence to back it up and even then, he may still have a question or two hundred for it. Until he meets Kitty Jones and falls like a ton of bricks. Suddenly, Jack can’t seem to care that the ducks in a nearby park are turning pink or giant statues of naked men are appearing out of nowhere in the middle of downtown Chicago traffic.
Pink-haired Kitty Jones is beautiful, flirtatious, and seemingly happy-go-lucky. Under the cheerful, self-assured façade, however, she is slowly falling apart. Not only does she suffer from blackouts and wakes up unable to recall where she is or how she got there, she seems to be seeing dragons… everywhere. The only person she can turn to now is Jack Ridley, a tough-as-nails reporter who seems to have a few secrets of his own.

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Do you have Deep Obsessions?

Now available from Jamie Hill and Phaze,

Deep Obsessions

Bobby Wyatt is obsessed with work, spending more time there than with his lovely girlfriend. When she threatens to leave him, he hatches a plan to keep her home, and satisfied.

On a Caribbean cruise they meet the man who's supposed to fulfill all of Jade Jernigan's fantasies. Bobby doesn't realize Quentin Brooks has obsessions of his own, and they're completely different from what he has in mind. When three strong personalities mesh, whose obsessions will win out?

Buy Now

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Running from a killer, Doctor Annie McCall ends up in the arms of the law. Sexy Detective Marshall Thomas offers her refuge, but who will protect her from him? Neither is looking for a relationship, but it isn't long before the only danger Annie's facing is the heat between the sheets! http://www.newconceptspublishing.com/alltherightmoves.htm

Book Review from Fallen Angels-
All The Right Moves is a sexy thriller that is sure to have your heart racing. D.A. Wallace has created a lot of suspense and passion that had me hooked from the first page. If you’re looking for a great book with lots of kick, then be sure to pick up this great story, which I am happy to give 5 Angels.

Romance Reader at Heart says...
If you like 'em hot, this one is for you. D.A. Wallace has written a top notch thriller with ALL THE RIGHT MOVES. It's suspenseful and on-the-edge-of-your-seat reading, but what really catches you is the heat between Annie and Marshall. I recommend ALL THE RIGHT MOVES

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Prophecy of Vithan First Review and Excerpt PG13

Prophecy of Vithan recieved its first review by TwoLipsReviews.

Alisha gave it 5 Kisses.
TwoLipsReviews gives their definition of 5 Kisses as:

5 Kisses – Excellent! If my review didn’t have a word number requirement, I’d simply say “READ THIS BOOK- YOU’LL LOVE IT!”

Alisha says about the book:

"Wow, does Ms. Leatherman suck you into to a totally explosive book that kept me on the edge of my seat! The Prophecy of Vithan is one tremendous book with a Star Wars flavor but where the villains are fire-breathing dragons from another dimension. The fantastic setting works really well and I was captivated by it. The Prophecy of Vithan is an absolute must read. "
For the full review visit TwoLipsReviews.

Here is an excerpt:

Vespasian walked around Morgan, inspecting her as the physician injected her with a counteragent. The physician left.
Morgan blinked her eyes as they cleared. Like waking from a low blood alcohol episode, grogginess slowly left her mind and body.
"Dirty as it is, the pale blue tunic suits you." Vespasian said after Morgan recovered from the drug. "I think I would have chosen lavender for you, to match your eyes. The blue is nice. I particularly like,” Vespasian thumbed Morgan's nipples with both hands until they became hard. "The way it accents your beasts."
Morgan tried to pull away. The grav-locks wouldn't let her. She glared at him, hoping he would see the hatred in them.
"Still a spitfire, I see. I'm glad marriage hasn't softened my Morgan."
Morgan tried to shake her head. She was not his. She never would be his. Morgan wanted loose so she could rip his throat out. Instead, all she could do is stand and glare at the monster in front of her.
Vespasian smiled at his captive. He placed his finger under Morgan's chin and caressed her jaw line following it to her ear. Morgan closed her eyes. She tried to remove herself from the throne room, mentally. The block placed in her mind by the Psy kept her in the moment. Morgan mouthed a curse at the Regent. He smiled. His finger circled her ear, touching along the nape of her neck. Delicately, the Regent brushed Morgan's braid from her back over her shoulders. He placed the braid over the erect nipple of one breast. His hand gently shifted from her breast to her back. Morgan tensed. Grabbing a handful of cloth, Vespasian ripped the shift off Morgan. The silk tearing from her body pulled and burned on her shoulders and around her arms. Morgan could feel goose bumps rise as her body responded to the change of temperature. Her stomach churned as Vespasian traced the scars on her back with his finger. He pressed into the folds of her skin. She shuddered as the Regent began using his tongue where his fingers had explored.
"Was that a good one?" Vespasian asked. His hands continued to explore Morgan's body. "Do you enjoy when I do this? Has Len touched you in this manner? Your body tells me much. I see in your eyes, you want to tell me even more."
Morgan hated that she couldn't speak. She was glad she couldn't speak. She wanted to tell Vespasian what she thought of him. She knew she would only be beaten for saying what she thought. She did not want to know how long he would beat her this time.
Vespasian left his task and walked in front of Morgan. His attitude different, strange. "If you swear, on Sonij honor, not to leave the throne room, I'll remove the grav-locks and the silencer."
Morgan nodded. She held her hands to him and lifted her chin, revealing her throat. She had to trust him to remove the restraints and not kill her.
"Remember, this is an oath on Sonij honor." Vespasian grinned.
Morgan sighed heavily. She nodded.
The Regent keyed in the codes and removed the restraints. Morgan kept her surprise to her self. Vespasian did not touch her during the removal process. She expected him to fondle her and cause more discomfort for her. He didn't.
Morgan rubbed her wrists. She flexed her ankles. She cleared her throat. "What is it with you, Vespasian? Why can't you leave me alone? What do I mean to you? You can have any woman in this system, in this galaxy. Why me?"

Vespasian smiled at Morgan. He turned and sauntered to his throne. He whirled and in an exaggerated flounce, he sat. He looked at his hand, studying his immaculately manicured fingernails, before answering. "Do you realize you are the only one who withstood the torture necessary for Vespasian to get off? Oh, he tried other methods. He was a true sadist, through and through. I've inherited his perverse obsession. I don't understand it thoroughly. Other women provide the blood I need to sustain this shape, but it is you I want. Not to kill, to -"
"You keep referring to Vespasian in the third person. Have you gone over the edge?" Morgan interrupted, hoping to distract Vespasian from his current train of thought.
Vespasian leaped from the throne. He grabbed Morgan roughly and kissed her. She pushed with all her might to keep him away. Even with her strength, he held her tightly as he forced his mouth on hers. Morgan's heart raced in horror. He used brute strength, not control on her. The man Vespasian never used his strength alone. He was too insecure. He used control to make her respond. After what seemed an eternity in hell, the Regent released Morgan with a push. He meandered back to the throne.
"You…you're not Vespasian! Who are you?"

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Edge of Sanity, Books 1 and 2, Now Available!

Now available from Freya's Bower: Edge of Sanity, Books 1 and 2, by Jamie Hill.

Detective Jake Gilford is skeptical when he hears Joss Wheeler say she believes her newly inherited house is haunted. He's a man of facts and hard evidence, and ghosts aren't on his radar screen. He's also a man, and Joss is a beautiful, if somewhat nutty, woman. Won over by her charms, he promises to stay and help her unravel the mystery of the house--or whatever else she has that might need unraveling . . .

Excerpt from Book 1:

"I think my house is haunted. Either that, or I'm losing my mind." The petite woman spoke matter-of-factly, a serious expression on her face.

Jake Gilford looked her over carefully, gauging his first impression. She was pretty, her caramel-colored skin slightly darker than a summer tan. Black-as-coal hair, in springy ringlets, touched her shoulders. Her eyes were a shade lighter, chocolate-colored, and definitely piercing as they gazed at him directly. She was a small woman, but shapely. He couldn't help but notice her nicely rounded breasts, which strained against her thin t-shirt, and the way her hips filled out a tight pair of faded jeans. Which doesn't mean she's not a freaking nutcase. He smiled politely. "Miss Wheeler?"

"Of course I'm Jocelyn Wheeler," she snapped, stepping back so he could come inside. "I phoned Chief Taylor about my situation. He assured me he'd send his best detective. I assume that'd be you, Detective…?" She shot him a look, which indicated her skepticism.

He forced another smile, and brushed past her to enter the old house. "Gilford. Jake Gilford. The Chief told me this was a special case. Something about he and your father being old friends—"

"They were. My father died a few months ago, and I'm here to settle his estate—the largest part of which is this house."

He took in as much as he could of the huge, ornately furnished house. If she stood to inherit everything, she'd become a rich woman. He glanced at her—she fidgeted as she looked around, warily. A rich, nutty woman. "I'm sorry for your loss."

She shrugged, crossed her arms and rubbed them, as if to ward off a chill. "We weren't close."

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GOING DOWN by Kris Eton now available

Stuck in an elevator, could Sarah be falling for the office playboy?

When Sarah Hartman steps on the elevator after hours, she comes face to face with the office playboy, Ian Shane. Trapped in the elevator when the power goes out, she thinks he wants to add her to his list of conquests. But what starts out as a game to teach him a lesson, turns into a sexy romp she won't soon forget. How can she be falling for a man who’s only looking to score?

GOING DOWN by Kris Eton now available from Cobblestone Press.

Sales Link
Excerpt Link
Author website
Author MySpace page

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REO's Themed Excerpts

Dear Readers,

Thank you for stopping by REO's Blog. Our authors have been invited to post excerpts, contests, and book trailers here. So get ready, because it's going to get busy in here. We look forward to finding out about all the fabulous books authors are writing.

Romance Excerpts Only

P.S. We're having themed excerpt features during September and October. This week we're featuring Hero & Heroine's First Meeting. Stop by our group and get the most amazing excerpts delivered right to your inbox.

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Dirty Secret Discovered -- ROUGHRIDER is available now

Someone’s Dirty Secret…

Is about to be discovered.

Available now at Ellora’s Cave

For more information and an excerpt –


Whenever Kimberly Taylor’s around her childhood friend—former champion roper and rider, Jack Dodson, the sexual tension between them crackles more than lightning in the Texas summer sky. But both have learned the hard lesson that business must sometimes come before pleasure. Jack’s now co-managing a local ranch and bent on getting his life back together after a series of upheavals, injuries and dead-end relationships. Western outfitter Kim wants to slay her sexual demons and find out if Jack can bring the satisfaction so many have promised but never delivered.

During her vacation visit with the Dodsons she uncovers a sex-slave ring operated by the man who may become Jack’s next father. Rabid curiosity clashes with criminal minds and escalates the drama in a small town where love and loyalties are harder won than any rodeo trophies.

More information and another excerpt are available at –


Promo video for Roughrider

Storyline video for ROUGHRIDER

Giveaway --

Soon I’ll be hosting another giveaway for my readers. This one is something guys and girls will enjoy, but I’ll keep you in suspense a bit longer. More details to follow soon. All newsletter members will be eligible for the drawing. If you aren't already receiving Diary of the Divas e-news, you may subscribe by sending a blank e-mail to:


Happy Holiday Weekend and Reading,

Shawna Moore http://www.grant-moore.com

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