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Author: Susanne Marie Knight

Genre: Science Fiction Romance

Available electronically at

Available electronically at

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Naressa, a native of the Earth colony on Alpheratz 3, is chosen at the last minute be the communications officer on an exploratory mission to a planet in the Southern Cross sector. Her hidden ability to receive and translate alien thoughts is the reason for this decision. Now aboard the Nautilus, she’s met with hostility... and something else... by Kurt Stone, the starship’s CO who is annoyed that she replaced his on-again-off-again lover. She also receives messages from a powerful... and amorous alien leader, Mavolian, telling her to “come to him.” Naressa has no interest in forming a love connection with anyone, however Mavolian is determined and Kurt is smitten by her. Will she be able to give up her freedom for the boundaries of love?


Years ago, Kurt Stone left the endless routine of his homestead in the Greater Dakotas for the excitement and danger of interstellar space. He excels at his job and pursues his goal of obtaining a captaincy. On a treacherous mission to explore a uninhabited planet, Acrux 4--a twin of Earth--he meets an unusual female, Naressa, native to an Earth colony that has an excessive amount of the element Xenon in its atmosphere. As it turns out, Acrux 4 also is abundant in Xenon. As Kurt fights his attraction to her, he has to endure watching as the powerful alien leader, Mavolian, makes a play for Naressa. Can Kurt set his jealously aside and convince her to be with him for always?

Scene Set-Up:

As Chief of Operations Kurt Stone processes the new crew assigned to the Nautilus starship for an important interstellar mission, he looks forward to resuming his relationship with one of the officers, Wilda Carr. However, someone else walks through the door.


Kurt watched as the navigator left. The next crewmember through the doors would be the last one to board. Wilda Carr. Only Wilda would do for him.

He heard sounds coming from the corridor. Closer... closer... Hell, his dick twitched and he almost started salivating.

In walked--

He blinked. In walked a diaphanously beautiful young woman with hair the color of a rich autumn sun; her eyes sparkled like cat eyes, dichroic with two distinct colors of green and amber; and her lips pouted... softly pink, softly plump, softly glossy, softly kissable.

Hell. He couldn’t help but stare.

The woman wasn’t in uniform. Instead she wore puce colored leggings that stopped short of her elegantly slim ankles. Her long sleeved blouse was covered by a thin strapped, flared out overshirt.

She was, in a word, gorgeous.

“So sorry I’m late.” Her incredible gaze darted from the Captain to Kurt. “I rushed over as fast as I could. My ship just landed.”

Kurt lifted an eyebrow. “Your ship from?”

“From Alpheratz 3. You know, the lucky planet?”

Alpheratz 3? Alpheratz was a binary star, 97 light-years from Sol, in the constellation of Andromeda. This woman couldn’t possibly be from...

After re-checking his personnel roster, Kurt set his fists on his hips. “Who the devil are you?”


Naressa huffed. She actually huffed. This was the welcome she’d traveled 97 light-years to receive?

She couldn’t help but huff again. The urgent request from SolSpace had been received just over two months ago. Drop everything, she was told, and hop a freighter over to Earth’s satellite to then journey on the Nautilus to the remote star system Crux, in the area of the galaxy known as the Southern Cross.

The Southern Cross was, of course, a constellation as viewed from Earth, not Alpheratz 3.

She rubbed her throbbing temple. She didn’t need this. She especially didn’t need this Earthman’s disdain.

Running her gaze over the man’s pleasing width of shoulders, his obvious six-pack under the uniform’s formfitting shirt, and his handsome face scruffy with unshaven bristles, she then turned to the other man. The older man had five bands on his uniform sleeve; he was the one in charge, not Mr. Who-The-Devil-Are You?

“Sir.” Focusing on the Captain, she controlled her voice and ignored the angry bull almost snorting with his disapproval standing by the Captain’s side. “Reporting from Alpheratz 3, sir. I’m Naressa.”

“Naressa what?” The four-bands-on-his-uniform man narrowed his gaze as he dissected her.

Then he folded his muscular arms across his wide chest, loudly broadcasting contempt and something else... something mysterious, something primitive. 

Ouch. Her head pounded as if it was splitting in two. In her haste to board the Nautilus, she’d forgotten to wear her blocking cap. She unfortunately felt every thought from this crew, every electrical charge, every magnetic vibration sent out into the ether.

By the stars, this was definitely worse than traveling through black holes.

Taking a deep inhale, she then turned her head to look directly into that impudent man’s dark brown, compelling eyes. “Since the Human population on Alpheratz 3 is very limited, all colonists go by the last name of Alpheratz. So, I am Naressa Alpheratz,... sir.”


Happy Reading!


Susanne Marie Knight

Read outside the box: award-winning Romance Writing With A Twist!

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Promo: New Contemporary Romance--NEVER TRUST A BILLIONAIRE Excerpt


Can working girl Claressa Lauriano outwit a not-to-be-trusted billionaire who is determined to have his way with her?


Author: Susanne Marie Knight

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Available electronically at and

Price: $3.99


Price: $9.99.

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Billionaire Elliot Beaumont has a laissez faire attitude concerning women... or in other words, he takes them and leaves them. After casually giving one of his American Rose homegrown blooms to his company’s newest employee, Claressa Lauriano, he then learns his father, the CEO, wants him to pursue her to obtain her family’s small vineyard. Elliot assumes she’ll be flattered by his advances, only to learn that she has a laissez faire policy as well; she wants him to leave her alone. She doesn’t trust him... and rightfully so. The only way he can think of to get his hands on the grapes is to arrange to be fake engaged to Claressa. However, the longer she is his faux fiancée, the more he wants the engagement to be real. Can he convince his prickly American Rose to take a chance on a billionaire?


Claressa Lauriano has been working at her new job for only a month, but she also tends to her family vineyard on the side. When she shares a sample of grapes with her office, she comes to the CEO’s attention... which then means she comes to the company’s Chief Biotechnology Officer’s attention--playboy, billionaire Elliot Beaumont. Oddly enough, Elliot suddenly bulldozes his way into her life by becoming fake engaged to her. She doesn’t trust him or his motives, and why should she? Billionaires and working girls come from two different worlds. Why is he so insistent that she is meant to be his?

Scene Set-Up:

Responding to his father, the CEO of Beaumont Industries’ request for a meeting, Elliot Beaumont steps into the elevator and sees an attractive new employee.


Entering the elevator, Elliot reached over to press the seventy-fifth button, but it was already lit up. It was then that he saw he wasn’t alone in the elevator.

Standing toward the back was a cute-as-a button girl, with an elaborate hairdo of thick, shiny dark hair arranged in curls on top of her head. Her eyes were midnight brown and twinkled as if lit from within. If he wasn’t mistaken, she had a hint of dimples that flashed at him as her silver-hanging earrings also flashed at him.

Not that he was interested in cute-as-a button girls, but he had to be polite, didn’t he? So he nodded at her. As he did, he raked his gaze over her pleasing feminine form. She wore a conservative outfit that most likely hid some very shapely curves.

Was she enrolled in the student work program? Shadowing one of the employees? Was she going to see his father? Was it possible that she was the reason Elliot’s presence was requested on the seventy-fifth floor?

He deliberately pressed button number seventy-four. The old man could cool his heels before this “important” meeting while Elliot investigated what was going on.

“Hello.” Facing the girl, he broke the silence. “Sorry I didn’t notice you before. Are you new here?”

He wanted to add that she didn’t look old enough to work at Beaumont Industries, but discretion was the better part of valor. He held his tongue.

A pink blush spread on her cheeks. “I’ve only been here a month. I’m still learning my way around.”

And now she was learning her way up to the CEO’s floor. Interesting.

“Are you? What Division do you work in?”

She ran the merest tip of her tongue over her lips. Oddly enough, his body snapped to attention.

“I work in the Biotechnology Division. Mrs. Plummer’s my supervisor. I do admin support.” Then she shifted some file folders from one hand to the other. “How about you?”

He wanted to say, “I’m your supervisor’s supervisor’s supervisor’s supervisor. In other words the head of Biotechnology.” But he didn’t. There was time enough for her to learn who he was. And vice versa.

Instead, he prevaricated. “I’m with Beaumont Industries’ Welcoming Committee. Glad to have you aboard, Miss...?”

“Lauriano. Claressa Lauriano.” She held out her hand for a shake.

Very professional. Instead of a shake, he handed her the single rose that he’d intended to give to his father’s assistant. “For you, Claressa. An American Beauty rose for an American beauty.”

Her eyes widened and she took the thornless rose with her free hand. Then the elevator dinged as they arrived on the seventy-fourth floor.

The door opened. “My stop. I’m sure I’ll see you around, Claressa. Have a good day.”

Stepping out into the corridor, he then headed for an empty office where he could use the phone. He needed to call Human Resources and find out everything he could about Claressa Lauriano. Sometimes the old man pulled a fast one on him. Elliot needed to learn what the hell was going on before he entered his father’s executive office.

* * * *

Frowning, Claressa ran her fingertip over the soft rose petals. That man was a player, from the top of his wavy, caramel hair, to the tips of his Italian leather shoes. From his lantern-shaped jaw to his broad masculine shoulders. Dressed for success in a highly fashionable Armani suit, Elliot Wagner Beaumont was a player, a playboy, and a prince of a billionaire. His masculine scent of patchouli, persimmon, and citrus made her nostrils flare.

He hadn’t introduced himself, but she’d recognized him, of course. Not that she’d seen him before in the Beaumont Building, but from her studying the company website just a few short minutes ago.

Welcoming Committee--ha! Instead, he was the Chief Biotechnology Officer, in other words, the head of the Biotechnology Division.

And the way he insultingly had raked his gaze over her like she was a fresh piece of meat... well! Mr. Super Rich could just... just go stick it up his rear end!

Then again, she had seen him before. She remembered reading about Elliot Beaumont and his philandering ways in the latest issue of People Magazine.

When the elevator dinged for the seventy-fifth floor, Claressa waited until the door opened, and then stomped out. What in the world was she going to do with this “American Beauty” rose that he had given her?

The answer lay straight ahead. Behind a U-shaped desk area made of the finest red cherrywood, a lone woman sat dressed in grey and white colors that happened to match the reception area’s décor. From the woman’s somber expression, it was easy to discern that she was the guard dog protecting the elder Mr. Beaumont’s privacy.

The sound of Claressa’s heels echoed down the expensive Italian marble of the flooring. She stepped up to the desk counter. The woman’s nameplate read: Marnie Otts.

“Hi, I’m Claressa Lauriano. Mr. Beaumont’s expecting me at noon.”

She placed the rose in front of the woman. “Would you like this lovely rose? A... A panhandler gave it to me on the way up here.”

Marnie Otts, a rather colorless middle-aged woman with platinum hair bound into a tight bun, suddenly blushed as pink as a cherry blossom. “How very kind of you, I’m sure. I do adore roses.” She then pointed to a closed door to the right of her. “Mr. Beaumont’s expecting you, Ms. Lauriano. Please, go right in.”


Happy Reading!


Susanne Marie Knight

Read outside the box: award-winning Romance Writing With A Twist!

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Sharing the Nanny: The #Boss and the #Nanny, Book 3 #AgeGap #MFM #Menage #EroticRomance

“That was amazing.”

“Always is,” Henry replied, setting one heavy arm across Theresa's back.

He kissed the top of her head.

She sighed.

This was perfect. He was perfect. She had the best husband in the world, nothing to complain about at all.

So why had another man crossed her mind while they were making love?

And why did it have to be the man she'd agreed to spend all day with tomorrow?

Sharing the Nanny
Series: The Boss and the Nanny
Book: 3
by Giselle Renarde
Word Count: 42,000
Release Date: September 2023
ISBN: 9798223870951

Theresa thought she'd found the perfect balance between work and love when she married her boss, Henry. But when Henry's ex disappears, leaving her latest boyfriend Scott to care for his baby alone, everything is thrown into chaos once again.

As Theresa steps in to help, she finds herself drawn to Scott, the handsome and generous man tasked with raising his daughter on his own. The tension between them is palpable, and Henry can see it too.

While the three adults work together to care for little Cece, Theresa finds herself torn between her loyalty to her husband and her growing attraction to Scott. Will Henry be willing to share his wife with another man in every possible way? And can Theresa navigate the treacherous waters of love and lust without losing everything she holds dear?

Get ready for a steamy and emotionally charged tale of love, desire, and passion shared by three.

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Married to the Nanny: The #Boss and the #Nanny, Book 2 #AgeGap #EroticRomance #PGexcerpt

Married to the Nanny
Series: The Boss and the Nanny
Book: 2
Giselle Renarde
Word Count: 21,000
ISBN: 9798215074176

By day, she takes care of his kids. By night, she takes care of him.

Nanny Theresa is ready to take the next step and marry single father Henry, but love is never as easy as it seems in storybooks. As tensions rise and emotions run high, Theresa and Henry must decide whether their relationship is strong enough to overcome obstacles like an age gap and a jealous ex.

"Married to the Nanny" is a steamy New Adult romance that will leave you swooning. This follow-up to “In Deep with the Nanny” is a must-read for anyone who believes true love can conquer all.

Buy Now from Amazon:
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Read an Excerpt

When Theresa caught up with Henry in the sun-kissed turquoise waters, she jumped on his back, hugging her arms around his neck and wrapping her legs around his waist. He managed a few steps, but not many, before losing his balance.

Together, they splashed into the sea, laughing like children.

As much as Theresa missed the boys, she knew it was good for she and Henry—as a couple—to get some time to themselves. This was their chance to have some fun before returning to the world of unceasing adult responsibilities.

The warm Caribbean water felt wonderful as it enveloped Theresa's body. This felt different from swimming in the pool at Henry's house—which was now her house, too, she realized. Wild to think that, at such a young age, she was now part owner of a home.

Did that mean she was on the hook for household expenses, like the gas bill and the water bill and... she couldn't even think what else homeowners paid for. She'd never been a homeowner, herself.

Would she need to get a job? She was so used to Henry being her employer and paying her to be the kids' nanny.

Now that she was married to Henry, he'd be saving money: he wouldn't have to pay her to look after the boys anymore. Stepmothers didn't get paid for childminding.

Did this make her a stay-at-home mom?

Her stomach knotted.

“Teri?” Henry asked, his voice echoey and distant. “Earth to Teri.”

She realized she'd been floating on her back in this beautiful blue sea, staring up at the perfect sky while reflecting on earthly matters.

The water was shallow enough that she could stand, and when she did, her husband came over and wrapped her in a sensual embrace.

“What's on your mind?” Henry asked.

As soon as his hot hands touched the sensitive skin of her belly, Theresa forgot about all of her worldly problems...

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Promo: New Time-Travel Regency-- WISHING FOR A DUKE Excerpt


Get your fix... with the newest time-travel Regency by Susanne Marie Knight! WISHING FOR A DUKE, is now available.




Author: Susanne Marie Knight


Genre: Time-Travel Regency


Available electronically at and

Price: $3.99


Price: $10.99.


Buy link:




A contemporary young woman thinks she has everything she wants... until a hypnosis session changes her mind... and her location!



Self-sufficient Elaina Wattell is on the verge of starting her own hairstyling business. All she needs is a little monetary help from two men with the last name of Duke. What she gets is “help” from a friend... and the herb thyme... and a common daisy. This peculiar mix of items transports her back to in time to 1820. Once there, she meets a duke--a real duke--and his adorable son. As she adjusts to the different lifestyle of the nineteenth century, she tries to figure out a way that she can return home. However, perhaps what she has been looking for all her life is now right before her eyes.



Widower Charles Burnley, the eighth Duke of Wolfeshire, has a void in his life. He wastes his time with his “Wolfe” Pack, indulging in the excesses of the seven deadly categories of sin: pride, envy, gluttony, lust, anger, greed, and sloth. However, his young son, Robert, is in desperate need of a mother. Prepared to interview Society’s eligible females for a suitable duchess, Charles suddenly finds a most peculiar young woman has somehow turned up on his estate. Elaina is definitely not an appropriate choice, but his son is quite taken with her. The more Charles is around Elaina, the more he becomes quite taken with her as well. Can a high-in-the-instep duke convince the free-spirited Elaina to become his duchess?


Scene Set-Up:

Charles, the Duke of Wolfeshire, finds a strange interloper putting his son to bed. He questions the woman.



Charles pulled the interloper out into the hallway. She was a pretty filly, he would give her that, however no one, no one had access to his son that he--Charles--had not first approved of.

Looking down into her brown ringed with green eyes, he tightened his hold on her upper arm. “I repeat, who the devil are you?”

The girl had the audacity to look down her nose at him. “Unhand me, sir!”

And then she spoiled the severe effect by grinning. “Oh, I’ve always wanted to use that line. So dramatic.”

His nostrils flared. He waited for her to come to her senses.

Finally, she did. “Okay, you don’t look amused. So, obviously, you don’t know me. My name is Elaina Wattell.” She ran her gaze over him, lingering on his face. “I’m assuming your Robbie’s father?”

“His name is Robert, you brazen-faced baggage.”

He watched her lower lip tremble, then she lifted her hand so that the candle was higher. Now her face was as equally lit as was his.

“I don’t even know what a brazen-faced baggage means. But listen, can we sort this all out tomorrow? I’m, well, truthfully, I’m exhausted. I feel like I’d give my right kidney for a good night’s sleep.” After staring at him, she then lowered her gaze and mumbled, “Changing centuries is no way to spend a birthday.”

Who in God’s name was this girl? Her dark hair gleamed in the candlelight, her smooth complexion showed no signs of ravishes--not by time, disposition, nor chemically harsh cosmetic coverings. She appeared to advantage in his mother’s simple day gown, however the inadequate length revealed a comely set of ankles. She had a peculiar accent and a very odd way with her words.

He yanked on her captured arm. “I will have my answers now.”

Her lips extended mulishly. “I’m an American. I come from New York, and that is, as you know, very far away. I’m a hairstylist, what you might call a coiffeuse.”

Then, suddenly, she yawned. “Sorry,” she murmured. “But I did tell you I’m bushed. It’s been quite a day.”

She seemed to be unsteady on her feet. Charles glanced around the darkened corridor but did not find what he was seeking: a chair or bench for this girl to rest on. Traveling down the grand staircase was out of the question; in the condition she was in, she would not be able to navigate the steps. Plus, if any of his Pack, especially Nome, saw her, then her dubious virtue might very well be assaulted.

No, he would take her to the sitting room in his bedchamber suite.

“Come with me.” He tugged on her arm and walked toward his sitting room. “You may sit and then answer my questions.”

She almost tripped on her own feet. “But why can’t we wait until tomorrow? Honestly, the way I feel right now I might just drop off to sleep standing on my feet.”

He wanted to smile; he found her complaining to be amusing, but he kept a stern face. “Just another minute and you can sit on the settee. Here.”

He opened the door into the sitting room. Fortunately the room was already lit with candles and oil lamps.

She stepped inside and then headed straight for the satin striped settee.

“Nice.” With that word, she sat, set her head on the back cushion, and closed her eyes.

“No.” He leaned over and shook her shoulder. “You are not to sleep here.”

She was not listening to him. Moving as sensuously as any woman he had known in his acquaintance, she wiggled her way to a more comfortable spot.

“Too bad I can’t lie down,” she huffed.

He pulled a chair closer to her position and then sat in front of her. “No... Miss Wattell, is it? No, you are not to lie down. You are to answer my questions. All of them. Why are you here?”

She flashed her eyes at him. They now appeared more brown than green. “I don’t know why. Have you heard of hypnosis? My girlfriend wanted to try it on me, so she did. I closed my eyes and then I woke up in the woods. Your woods. Your son... such a cute little boy... he found me and brought me here.”

Her chest rose and fell so peacefully. She closed her eyes once again. “Please, let me sleep. That’s all there is to the story. Promise.”

He had to shake his head in disbelief. Here this female was, in the presence of a duke, and all she wanted of him was to allow her to sleep? Preposterous!

“You mentioned centuries, Miss Wattell. And a birthday. Whose birthday?”

She snuggled in against the back squabs. “My birthday. I’m twenty-four. Happy birthday to me. Ha.”

“Who gave you permission to play with my son? To read to him? Sing to him? And even dare to kiss his forehead? What manner of female are you?”

“I’m a tired female. And you’d be too if you’d... well, never mind.” She glanced over at him. “Not that you’d be a female. I just meant being tired.”

“Why are you wearing the Dowager’s clothes?”

She took a deep breath. “I don’t have anything else to wear here. No joke. Please let me...”

Her eyes fluttered closed again, but this time she was honest and truly gone to the land of Morpheus.




Happy Reading!


Susanne Marie Knight

Read outside the box: award-winning Romance Writing With A Twist!

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