Maggie's Diary, from The Lesbian Diaries Series: Available as an Ebook, Audiobook, and in Print!

Maggie’s Diary
A First Time for Everything

by Giselle Renarde
Series: The Lesbian Diaries
Book: 7
Word Count: 38,000
Ebook ISBN: 9781005962371
PRINT ISBN: 9798201430658

Maggie has just started her first year at university, but living at home is cramping her style. When she meets another student commuter, it's clear that Patience is looking for more than just a study buddy. Maggie isn't attracted to her fellow student, but when Patience brings her home to a nudist household, she can't control her desires. How many good-looking girls can Maggie get with before Patience finds out? And what will she do when her world of lust comes crashing down around her?

Staying at home for university wasn't my first choice. It was actually kind of my last choice, right up there with not going to university at all. I wish I had enough money to pay the dorm expenses. Or I wish my parents did. Living with other people my age would be amazing. Living with my parents... not so much.

My parents aren't ogres or anything. They're fine, I guess. It's not like we fight much. We squabble a bit, about little things. I'm just ready to get out from under their wings. I am an adult, after all. I don't need my mother tidying my bedroom when I'm not home. Sometimes she finds things she probably wishes she hadn't.

One time when my mom was doing my laundry, she came across a sticky note someone had stuck on my back—at school, I'm assuming. I was still in high school, at this point.

The sticky note said LESBIAN in big letters.
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If audiobooks are more your style, be on the lookout for Maggie's Diary. I narrated it myself, as usual!

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Memphis by KC Kendricks

The sequel to Bored, Stroked and Blueprinted

Jake Soames is the quintessential everyman. He survived a wild youth and grew up strong. The only thing missing from his life is that one special guy to tilt his world. A man to walk beside him without playing head games with him.

With nowhere else to go, Memphis Wheeler knocked on the door of a former cellmate and found the refuge he’d been promised. His spirit is wounded, and he needs a place to rest and recover from years of physical abuse. He worries he’ll never be able to allow another man to touch him again. 

When Jake meets his buddy’s houseguest, he’s instantly drawn to the shy, retiring younger man. Memphis doesn’t say much and seems skittish around him, yet when Jake proposes they participate in a road rally, Memphis agrees to be his navigator. But there’s no timed course to traverse to reach the future Jake envisions with Memphis. It’ll take patience and understanding to help Memphis to move on from his past and say yes to more than an afternoon together. 


 “What is going on, Memphis?”

There wasn’t one fucking thing going on except that instead of panic, he felt a surge of annoyance at Jake for pushing at him. “Let. Go. Of. My. Hand.”

Jake released him. “Maybe you’ll let me hold your hand when they can’t chaperone, huh?”

He took a step back and finished ripping open the envelope. The man said to divide the money. He took fifty for himself and handed the envelope back to Jake. “And don’t argue with me about the split. I don’t want to hear it.”

“I wouldn’t dream of. I think I’ve crossed a few too many of your boundaries for one afternoon.”

So he recognized that, did he? They were both still standing. Jake because his transgressions were minor and himself because… 

He liked Jake.

Admitting that was a risk. The sky could fall or something equally nasty occur, but it hadn’t happened yet. 

“Okay, Jake. Let me tell Logan I’ll be home later, and we can go get me a phone and you can buy me something non-alcoholic and fizzy.”

Jake side-stepped him and waved his arm. “Logan! I’ll have him home before midnight.” 

Before Memphis could protest, Jake grasped his elbow and pulled him towards the car. Logan took two steps in his direction before Mick stopped him. Memphis waved and smiled, mouthing “it’s okay” at the guys. 

He was going to have some explaining to do when Jake finally took him home. 

Jake opened the car door for him, again. He flashed him a smile and dropped into the passenger seat. 

“Where are we going for this phone,” Jake asked as he started the engine.

“Cheapest place in town, please. I need to start small until I actually get a job.” That was embarrassing to admit, but he didn’t have a choice. His small allowance from the government wouldn’t go far or continue for too many months. 

Jake put the car in gear and headed toward Centerville. “I think I know where to go.”

In only a few minutes they arrived at a shopping center with a big box store on the north end located on the outskirts of town. An hour later, Memphis had a basic phone and a cheap monthly plan. He pushed buttons as Jake guided him back to the Camaro. It didn’t have many frills, but it would do.

He leaned against the car as Jake fished his keys out of his pocket. “Thanks, Jake. Tell me your number and you can be my first contact and call.”

Jake unlocked the car door and straightened. He put his hands on Memphis’s shoulders and closed the distance between them. His focus on his new toy, Memphis realized his intention a split-second too late. He licked his lips to speak but never got the words out as Jake’s lips touched his. 

Everything inside him froze. Blinding white panic welled up inside him but bled away as Jake’s soft lips moved over his. He inhaled sharply, breathing in the scent of the man beneath his soft musky cologne. Jake’s heat reached him a moment before his arms drew him into a loose embrace. He did the only thing he could do. He kissed Jake back. 

Fear that he’d forgotten how to kiss flashed through him. He hadn’t. How could he? He touched his tongue to Jake’s lower lip, tasting mint. Surprise and joy streaked along his nerve endings as Jake jerked. He rested his hands at Jake’s waist and leaned in closer. Jake held him tighter.

Sanity reared its ugly head. Memphis pulled away and sucked air down into his burning lungs. Reluctant to give up Jake’s warmth, he rested his forehead on his shoulder. Jake didn’t move or speak. 

Here was a respite, a moment of peace inside surreal clarity. He slid his hands up Jake’s sides, pulled him even closer, and relaxed against him. 

Book 2 of the Centerville Muscle series

KC Kendricks

My home on the web- Between the Keys:

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My country life at Holly Tree Manor:
Snips and clips on my YouTube channel: KC Kendricks Between the Keys

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But Fear Itself: Snake Shifter Short Romance by Giselle Renarde

But Fear Itself
Snake Shifter Short Romance
by Giselle Renarde
Word Count: 7,000
ISBN: 9781005234263

When Racine finds out her lover of the past four years is married with kids, her world crumbles. She'll never find another love. Life is closing in on her. The years are catching up. But, when Racine burns every belonging her ex left at her house, the fire attracts a creature that scares her stiff. Racine's never been a fan of snakes, but when Boh transforms before her eyes, she's willing to make an exception. Can she ever hope to trust another man? And, even if she does, how can she possibly share her life with a snake?

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“Going back to him is not an option,” said that deep, masculine voice in the darkness.

Racine felt a tickle across her bare foot. When she looked down, a garter snake glided effortlessly across her toes. She screamed, dropping the hose, and accidentally kicked the snake into the air. In the darkness, its black skin shimmered orange with firelight.

She stumbled backwards, tripping over the hose and falling flat. Her wet clothes adhered to her skin like they’d been glued on, but she couldn’t steal her gaze away from the snake caught mid-air.

Was it stuck in a spiderweb, or something? How was it doing that, floating there?

And then, as the lawn held her down, something unbelievable happened: the snake… changed. At first, she couldn’t tell what was going on. It grew bigger, wider, thicker, and as it did so, its form altered considerably. The snake became more than just a snake. It sprouted arms, sprouted legs. The tail remained a tail, of sorts, except it moved to the front and… oh! Racine felt awfully naughty when she realized she was staring unapologetically at a cock.

Her gaze darted up the man’s form, stumbling over rippling abs and a hard chest. His skin was as dark as could be—much darker than hers—but it lost the characteristic glimmer of a snake’s. Standing before her was a man, no question. A naked man—no question about that, either.

“What… who…” Racine skittered away from the stranger, her hands and feet slipping against the wet grass. “Is this for real?”

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ANGEL BRAVE - Azura Chronicles Book 3 - new sci-fi romance release by Vijaya Schartz

Find Angel Brave at your favorite online retailer HERE


Keoke Mahoe slips through the forbidden planet’s impenetrable defenses to deliver a perilous message. But Lady Valoria fiercely protects Azura. Any intruder, especially one who kills for food, is promptly terminated.

While Valoria admires Keoke’s uncanny ability to cheat death, she cannot trust a spy. What he suggests is unthinkable... and could throw the galaxy into chaos. Yet, could he be telling the truth? She appreciates his audacity, his noble heart, and his smile… to the chagrin of Eris the Amazon, her best friend, bodyguard, and would-be lover.

But in the farthest confines of the galaxy, an old enemy is rising again. People are sacrificed by blood and fire on unholy altars. Malevolent armies are assembling, and this time, even Azura's Avenging Angels may not be able to stop the onslaught of darkness upon all civilized life.


Keoke awoke to a raspy tongue licking his hair and face with annoying insistence. Fire-breathing Volcano Goddess! He wiped his cheek and batted at the pestering whatever. The licking stopped. Keoke pulled the sheet over his head and returned to sleep, enjoying the soft mattress, but the nagging feeling of being watched made him open his eyes.

He tossed away the sheet, sat up on the bed and froze.

At the foot of the bed, three sets of round blue eyes stared at him from three white and silver-gray furry faces, and one pink tongue still hanging between unusually long fangs. Keoke’s heartbeat accelerated to the tempo of a wahine’s hips in a Tahitian circle. He glanced around for an escape. He was inside a dome made of blue glass, with no windows or doors. Daylight filtered in through the translucent material.

He reminded himself to breathe.

“Tibeta is a Smilodon.” The lovely woman, with diaphanous robes flowing down to her ankles, appeared from nowhere at the edge of the dome, as if she’d walked through the wall.

Keoke did a double take. She was breathtaking, with flowing, coppery hair, bare shoulders, and wonderful curves in all the right places. A blue sword hung from her hip. And she spoke Galactic standard. Good. That would facilitate communications.

The apparition smiled as she glided toward him on sandaled feet. “This large cat species is extinct on most planets.”

Keoke patted his belt for a blade or a gun and only touched skin. He scanned the space for a weapon. Not even a boot to throw, or a bed-lamp to wield as a stick. And he was naked on the bed. No clothes… an old trick to humiliate a prisoner or prevent an escape. But Keoke never felt shy about his body. His ancestors lived naked. And he didn’t need weapons to defend himself.

Still, he pulled the sheet up to his waist to hide his reaction to the gorgeous woman. “Where am I?”

“I am Lady Valoria, and you are in my home.” The apparition strode with the easy grace of a feline, or a trained warrior. “What’s your name?”

“Keoke.” No harm in giving his first name, it might humanize him as a prisoner, but that’s all she would get.

“Well, Keoke,” her bright blue eyes narrowed upon him. “How are you feeling this morning?”

Happy reading!

Vijaya Schartz, author
Strong Heroines, Brave Heroes, cats
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New Dystopian Romance--STOPPING THE ENEMY (excerpt PG)


A novel of hope! My newest dystopian, post-apocalyptic science fiction romance, STOPPING THE ENEMY, is now available.


Author: Susanne Marie Knight

Genre: Dystopian, Post-Apocalyptic Science Fiction Romance

Available electronically at and

Price: $3.99

Print: Amazon.

Price: $9.99.

Buy link: ebook Print


After the Great Catastrophe, Rhuemma and her people struggle under the oppressive reign of the Dominus. Can she convince the Dominus’ right hand man, Wellington Vadis, that Might is not always Right?


In the “After Time”--after the Great Catastrophe--young Rhuemma Holliday is a healer, a warrior, and a virgin. Ever since her parents were killed by the heinous dictator of the neighboring territory of Verdeton, the Dominus, Rhuemma’s two missions in life have been to protect her people of Casseldia and vanquish the enemy. When chance leads two wounded military males from Verdeton to her cabin door, she finally sees her opportunity to kill the Dominus. However, she doesn’t count on the attractions of the deliciously handsome Colonel Wellington Vadis.


Wells Vadis is in enemy territory to rescue his son. His leader, the Dominus, has also tasked him to capture... or kill a female known as the Crone of Casseldia. When the comely warrior princess who bested Wells twice in hand-to-hand combat turns out to be the crone’s granddaughter, he is torn. Should he do his duty and turn Rhuemma over to the Dominus? Or should Wells make his own decisions about what is best for Verdeton, Casseldia, and also for himself? 

Scene Set-Up:

Warrior Wells Vadis is trespassing in enemy territory for two reasons. The first is to rescue his son held prisoner by the Crone of Caseldia The second is to kill the crone. He comes across a lovely young woman who is too tempting to pass up.


Once at the lake, Wells would find the Crone of Casseldia’s cabin... and hopefully his son in good health. He flared his nostrils. He’d take great, perverse pleasure in ripping that hell-hatched crone’s head from her pathetic shoulders.

He approached an area that surely was a gift from the gods. The intoxicating scent of lilacs weaved into his lungs, seducing him to forget his purpose and revel among these flowers of heavenly delight. So awash was this magical place brimming with brilliant colors and permeating the air with an aroma that truly teased his senses; he almost felt as if this was the Garden of Eden.

And then he saw Eve...

For a long moment, he stared at this exquisite creature. He carefully pushed past lilac bushes to obtain a better view.

She sat at the lake’s edge, with her legs pulled in and her well-shaped arms wrapped around them. Her hair--as dark as midnight--billowed out and down her back, and flowed seductively in the breeze.

As she rested her chin on her knees, he could only see her profile, but what a profile it was. High forehead, retroussé nose, generous lips, dark eyes ringed with kohl... she was a proud beauty.

The young woman sighed. It was a heavy sound, a sound without hope, a sound without joy. It was as if this lovely female had burdens too heavy to carry.

Uncharacteristically, he longed to ease her afflictions, whatever they might’ve been.

Then reason returned. He was here for his son... and to slaughter the crone. There would be no room on the return journey for a veritable Venus. However, most likely she knew the direction of the crone’s cabin. He took a step toward her.

Looking up, she gasped. Once she fixed her dark gaze on him, her sparkling eyes widened.

He held his hands out, palms up, to show he carried no weapons. “Do not fear, fair lady. I have no ill intent. Indeed, if I may say, your beauty overwhelms me.”

At his words, she leaped to her feet and stood with arms akimbo, just as a warrior might. “Why are you here?”

Giving her one of his charming smiles--at least he’d often been told his smiles were charming--he took another step toward her. “I could say I’m here to carry you away to my home, but that would be an untruth.”

Her gaze flickered. “An untruth is a lie, and I don’t speak with people who lie.”

Her quickened breathing emphasized the bounty of her breasts hidden by a shapeless tee shirt. He took in the sight and then noticed a patch of flat sand to the right of her. With one sudden movement, he could grab her, throw her down, and have her.

He eyed her combat-ready form. “As I said, I’m not here to carry you away.” Again, he smiled. “Unless, of course, you wish to be carried away?”

“Don’t flatter yourself, buster.” She narrowed her gaze. “Who are you here to abduct then?”

She was young, deliciously young and delightfully curvy... and he evidently was in need of release.

To accomplish his goal, he leaned forward, extending his hands out, intending to grab her. “Touché, my water nymph. I enjoy fencing with words.”

“I’m not your water nymph nor do you belong on these shores. I repeat, who are you here to abduct?”

He placed himself in front of her. “Prickly little thing, aren’t you? Come, I grow warm for you. Hot. Allow me to partake of your sweetness.” Lunging at her, he then tightly gripped her shoulders. 

She flung her arms out from the elbows, surprising him with her strength. The defensive move broke his grasp and before he registered it, she counterattacked with a classic kick to the groin.

His groin. He yowled out in pain. In truth, he actually saw stars.

To his disgrace, he was completely unprepared for her action. And then, using extreme force, she shoved him headlong into the cold waters of the lake.

The girl remained on the shoreline with her hands on her slim hips. A malicious smirk lifted her lips. “Not so hot now, are you, vermin?”


Happy Reading!

Susanne Marie Knight

Read outside the box: award-winning Romance Writing With A Twist!

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