Stacy's Dad Has Got It Going On #OMYW #NewAdult by Giselle Renarde


Stacy's Dad Has Got It Going On
By Giselle Renarde

When Stacy's dad shows up unannounced at her apartment, her roommate Savannah is smitten. Eric's career in humanitarian relief makes him college-girl catnip, and his good looks and hot body only sweeten the deal. 

Eric doesn’t often visit, but after catching his wife with a younger man he doesn’t know where to turn for consolation. Stacy does her best to cheer him up, but no amount of daughterly compassion is going to heal his bruised ego. He needs a special woman to lick his wounds. 

Too bad nobody warned Savannah that Eric would bring more baggage than she'd bargained for... 


“I’m not going to the hospital.” 

“Yes you are,” Eric replied simply. But instead of pulling off his pajama pants and pulling on his jeans, he collapsed beside her on the couch. “Just give me five more minutes.” 

She sighed and reached again for the remote, this time with more care. “See?” she said, turning down the volume. “As long as I don’t move too quickly, I’m fine. I’ll just put another round of ice on my ankle and in the morning I’ll be healed.” 

Eric’s eyes popped wide open at the mention of ice. “You know, that’s not a bad idea.” Pressing both hands down on the couch, he pushed himself up and hobbled to the kitchen. He sighed as he opened the freezer. The cold seemed to revive him. He brought the tray out and snapped it back and forth before dumping the ice into a metal mixing bowl. Even before leaving the kitchen, he picked up one piece and traced it along the base of his jaw and down his neck. “That’s better,” he said. “Nothing like ice dripping down your neck to wake a guy up.” 

“If you say so.” Savannah chuckled. “That’s never been my game.” 

He brought the ice to the TV room and sat on the coffee table before placing the metal bowl on her ankle. She flinched, but she didn’t move her foot away. Anything so unnerving must be a help. 

“How does that feel?” Eric teased. 

“Like hell.”

He moved the bowl from her ankle and set it on top of a magazine. From it, he swiped a single cube. Savannah cringed as she watched it coming for her, but when the ice made contact with her skin, she was surprised it wasn’t painfully cold. If anything, it tickled.

“How about this?” Eric asked, tracing the cube around her slightly swollen ankle. “How does this feel?” 

The ice melted quickly between his fingers and her flesh. Droplets of water trickled down her foot and dripped from her heel onto the throw pillow underneath. 

“Good,” she said. To her surprise, it was true. “It feels really good, actually.” 

“What if I do this?” Eric asked, picking up a fresh cube and tracing it up the inside of her calf. Shifting her robe aside, he circled it around her knee before drawing it slowing up her thigh. The cold made her tremble now. She felt its effects more between her legs than she had against her ankle. A whole line of water droplets tumbled down her inner thigh, soaking the terrycloth beneath her. She knew where he was going with this, and she wanted to show him she was on board. 

Savannah untied her belt and let her robe fall open at the front. Her breasts were warm and soft with sleep. “Do my tits,” she bid. “With the ice. Make them hard.” 

A churlish grin bled upon Eric’s pink lips. “You want me to?”

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Read a #Sexy #Excerpt from #WeddingHeat Hole In One (MMM)

Forget the happy couple—it’s the guests that make this wedding sizzle!

Joey had never been with another guy until he met Greg. Now Greg’s teaching Joey a thing or two... about golf. When Remi the resort instructor tries to take over, Joey’s caught in the middle. He can’t escape these hot and dominant men. When they get Joey behind the tree line, all he can do is surrender to their lust.


Greg’s voice was thin and high when he offered Joey’s golf club to Remi.  “I guess you’ll be wanting this back, huh?”

Remi grabbed the club, but he didn’t look angry or upset.  In fact, he even laughed at the condom Greg had lovingly wrapped over the grip.  “This is a novel idea, boys.”

With a nervous chuckle, Greg said, “Yeah, thanks.”
“Why don’t you take a seat over by your friend’s face, huh?”  Remi grabbed the lube and drizzled even more down Joey’s ass crack.  “I think I can take it from here.”
Joey heard himself whimper, but his embarrassment melted away when Greg eased down in front of him on the mossy rock.  The sight of that purple-headed monster made him moan, and he didn’t feel ashamed of that noise at all.
“I want you to suck your friend’s dick, Joey.”
He turned his head just in time to see Remi lifting the golf club, angling it, aiming it right at his waiting ass.  Gulping, he squeaked, “Okay.”
Right away, Greg smacked the side of Joey’s head.  “Friend?  I thought I was more than just a friend.”
“You are!” Joey stammered, feeling like the monkey in the middle.
Greg held his hard-on by the base, flicking it at Joey’s lips.  “Prove it.”
When Joey tasted Greg’s salty-sweet precum on his lips, that was the end.  He opened his mouth, wrapping it around Greg’s pulsing cockhead, and he sucked.
Groaning, Greg ran a hand through Joey’s hair.  “Oh yeah.  Oh fuck that’s good, Joey.  Keep going.”
Those words of encouragement urged him to suck harder, and he did.  He sucked that mushroom tip with all his might, so hard Greg hissed and pushed his head away.  “Too much, dude.  Not so hard.”
“Sorry,” Joey said, feeling his neck and his ears glowing with humiliation.
He was about to try again when Greg palmed his forehead.  “Nah, nah, not yet. You gotta kiss it better first.”
From behind, Remi chuckled.  The deep rumble of Remi’s voice thundered through Joey’s gut, making his dick jump against his belly.
“Yeah, kiss it,” Remi taunted, like he was on Greg’s team now, like they’d planned this encounter.  “Kiss your boyfriend’s dick.” 


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Only Angels: An Erotic Novella by Giselle Renarde

When unhappily-married Helena accompanies her best friend to a top-secret cougar club, she figures it’s just one more underground hook-up joint for rich older women and the hot young guys they crave. No surprise to find the place populated with golden chests and gorgeous faces. No surprise to meet a sympathetic young man named Sandy. The surprise comes when Sandy exposes his huge pair… of stunning white wings! The posh club is called Only Angels. Here begins the adventure of Helena and her angel on earth.


“Husband?” Sandy cried. 
He tried to pull his hands away from her chest, but Helena had the reflexes of a cougar. She grabbed his wrists and held him in position. His expression revealed hurt. Was she grasping his wrists with too much force, or was it the emotional jab of finding out she was married?

“You didn’t tell me you had a husband.”

“Why else would I be wearing a wedding ring?” she asked in an attempt to lighten the mood.
When she nodded to her left hand, his gaze followed. She felt a little guilty, holding him hostage to her cleavage, but it was important the boy understood that she needed him.

“Don’t worry, sweet thing, he isn’t the jealous type.”

“I would be.”

A surge of adrenaline or some such hormone seemed to course through Sandy's body. Helena witnessed the changed in his demeanour. He squeezed her breasts together without her insistence. He moulded them with his fingers, like a sculptor with clay.

But touching was no longer enough for Sandy. He dove face-first into her cleavage, pressing his smooth boy-cheeks against her flesh. It felt so incredible, Helena was tempted to throw her head back in amazement, but if she did, she couldn’t watch as his beautiful face caressed her skin.

“You like them?” she asked.

As soon as the words had passed through her lips, she felt adolescent. A grown woman shouldn’t be so needy.

“Yeah,” Sandy replied as he burrowed into her cleavage.

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Maggie's Diary, from The Lesbian Diaries Series: Available as an Ebook, Audiobook, and in Print!

Maggie’s Diary
A First Time for Everything

by Giselle Renarde
Series: The Lesbian Diaries
Book: 7
Word Count: 38,000
Ebook ISBN: 9781005962371
PRINT ISBN: 9798201430658

Maggie has just started her first year at university, but living at home is cramping her style. When she meets another student commuter, it's clear that Patience is looking for more than just a study buddy. Maggie isn't attracted to her fellow student, but when Patience brings her home to a nudist household, she can't control her desires. How many good-looking girls can Maggie get with before Patience finds out? And what will she do when her world of lust comes crashing down around her?

Staying at home for university wasn't my first choice. It was actually kind of my last choice, right up there with not going to university at all. I wish I had enough money to pay the dorm expenses. Or I wish my parents did. Living with other people my age would be amazing. Living with my parents... not so much.

My parents aren't ogres or anything. They're fine, I guess. It's not like we fight much. We squabble a bit, about little things. I'm just ready to get out from under their wings. I am an adult, after all. I don't need my mother tidying my bedroom when I'm not home. Sometimes she finds things she probably wishes she hadn't.

One time when my mom was doing my laundry, she came across a sticky note someone had stuck on my back—at school, I'm assuming. I was still in high school, at this point.

The sticky note said LESBIAN in big letters.
You can find the ebook at many different ebook retailers, including Google Play:



Universal Book Link:

If audiobooks are more your style, be on the lookout for Maggie's Diary. I narrated it myself, as usual!

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Memphis by KC Kendricks

The sequel to Bored, Stroked and Blueprinted

Jake Soames is the quintessential everyman. He survived a wild youth and grew up strong. The only thing missing from his life is that one special guy to tilt his world. A man to walk beside him without playing head games with him.

With nowhere else to go, Memphis Wheeler knocked on the door of a former cellmate and found the refuge he’d been promised. His spirit is wounded, and he needs a place to rest and recover from years of physical abuse. He worries he’ll never be able to allow another man to touch him again. 

When Jake meets his buddy’s houseguest, he’s instantly drawn to the shy, retiring younger man. Memphis doesn’t say much and seems skittish around him, yet when Jake proposes they participate in a road rally, Memphis agrees to be his navigator. But there’s no timed course to traverse to reach the future Jake envisions with Memphis. It’ll take patience and understanding to help Memphis to move on from his past and say yes to more than an afternoon together. 


 “What is going on, Memphis?”

There wasn’t one fucking thing going on except that instead of panic, he felt a surge of annoyance at Jake for pushing at him. “Let. Go. Of. My. Hand.”

Jake released him. “Maybe you’ll let me hold your hand when they can’t chaperone, huh?”

He took a step back and finished ripping open the envelope. The man said to divide the money. He took fifty for himself and handed the envelope back to Jake. “And don’t argue with me about the split. I don’t want to hear it.”

“I wouldn’t dream of. I think I’ve crossed a few too many of your boundaries for one afternoon.”

So he recognized that, did he? They were both still standing. Jake because his transgressions were minor and himself because… 

He liked Jake.

Admitting that was a risk. The sky could fall or something equally nasty occur, but it hadn’t happened yet. 

“Okay, Jake. Let me tell Logan I’ll be home later, and we can go get me a phone and you can buy me something non-alcoholic and fizzy.”

Jake side-stepped him and waved his arm. “Logan! I’ll have him home before midnight.” 

Before Memphis could protest, Jake grasped his elbow and pulled him towards the car. Logan took two steps in his direction before Mick stopped him. Memphis waved and smiled, mouthing “it’s okay” at the guys. 

He was going to have some explaining to do when Jake finally took him home. 

Jake opened the car door for him, again. He flashed him a smile and dropped into the passenger seat. 

“Where are we going for this phone,” Jake asked as he started the engine.

“Cheapest place in town, please. I need to start small until I actually get a job.” That was embarrassing to admit, but he didn’t have a choice. His small allowance from the government wouldn’t go far or continue for too many months. 

Jake put the car in gear and headed toward Centerville. “I think I know where to go.”

In only a few minutes they arrived at a shopping center with a big box store on the north end located on the outskirts of town. An hour later, Memphis had a basic phone and a cheap monthly plan. He pushed buttons as Jake guided him back to the Camaro. It didn’t have many frills, but it would do.

He leaned against the car as Jake fished his keys out of his pocket. “Thanks, Jake. Tell me your number and you can be my first contact and call.”

Jake unlocked the car door and straightened. He put his hands on Memphis’s shoulders and closed the distance between them. His focus on his new toy, Memphis realized his intention a split-second too late. He licked his lips to speak but never got the words out as Jake’s lips touched his. 

Everything inside him froze. Blinding white panic welled up inside him but bled away as Jake’s soft lips moved over his. He inhaled sharply, breathing in the scent of the man beneath his soft musky cologne. Jake’s heat reached him a moment before his arms drew him into a loose embrace. He did the only thing he could do. He kissed Jake back. 

Fear that he’d forgotten how to kiss flashed through him. He hadn’t. How could he? He touched his tongue to Jake’s lower lip, tasting mint. Surprise and joy streaked along his nerve endings as Jake jerked. He rested his hands at Jake’s waist and leaned in closer. Jake held him tighter.

Sanity reared its ugly head. Memphis pulled away and sucked air down into his burning lungs. Reluctant to give up Jake’s warmth, he rested his forehead on his shoulder. Jake didn’t move or speak. 

Here was a respite, a moment of peace inside surreal clarity. He slid his hands up Jake’s sides, pulled him even closer, and relaxed against him. 

Book 2 of the Centerville Muscle series

KC Kendricks

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