Unveiled Seductions, Book Two!

July has been an awesome month for me, marking the release of books one and two in my Unveiled Seductions series, Fleeing Fate and Stone-Hard Passion, both of which were also part of Ellora's Cave Pricked, tattoo themed books. Yesterday I shared the blurb and excerpt from Fleeing Fate, and today it's Stone-Hard Passion's turn.
Can a troll really be sexy? Jasmina, a jinn, thinks so, and when you meet Vidar I'm sure you will too!

Stone-Hard Passion
Anya Richards

 Book two in the Unveiled Seductions series.

Tattoo artist Jasmina Elalmadhoun is on a mission to entice her client Vidar Jarlsen into bed, but getting the shy, obscenely ripped troll to agree is going to take some work. Even telling him straight-up she wants him doesn’t break through his reserved, polite demeanor. Just what does a jinn have to do? Maybe showing him the pleasures they can enjoy without jeopardizing their friendship will do the trick.

Beneath Vidar’s staid exterior his blood burns with the thought of having Jasmina for his own. He’s been carrying a torch for years, never thinking she’d be interested in a troll. Although he desperately wants to take Jasmina up on her offer, there’s something about him she doesn’t know, and he doubts she’ll still be interested if she finds out.

When Jasmina’s past threatens and Vidar offers her sanctuary, there’s no way to stop their passion from boiling to the surface. But despite their new closeness, secrets and dangerous enemies can destroy what they’ve built, forcing them to sacrifice everything to prove their love.


His heart seemed to leap under her palm, and she only just stopped herself curling her fingers into his pectoral muscle. The silence seemed laden with a swirl of emotion, but she wished, as she had so many times before, for the ability to read his expression. Finally he nodded slightly, his eyelids drooping to further obscure what he was thinking.

“I trust you too.” The words were level, but the slight lilt in his voice was a little stronger. “And I’m grateful for your friendship. I’ll value it forever and don’t want to do anything to jeopardize it.”

Jasmina’s breath hitched, and she felt her lips tremble with a rush of relief. She hadn’t really known how important his friendship was to her until this very moment. As much as she wanted him, she now had the treasure of their acknowledged relationship to protect. She sensed he wasn’t one to give his trust easily either and she would do nothing, she promised herself fiercely, to lose it.

“So.” She made her voice teasing, proud at how steady it sounded. “Are we going to let that stiff cock I saw in the mirror and my wet pussy threaten what we have going here?”

She’d thought he looked shocked before but now, as his jaw sagged and his eyes seemed set to drop out of the sockets, Jasmina had to bite back a laugh.

Then his gaze flickered down, lingering for a second on the junction of her thighs, and she felt that quick look as though it were a heated touch right on the clit. 

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Unveiled Seductions, Book One

This month I celebrated the release of books one and two in my Unveiled Seductions series, Fleeing Fate and Stone-Hard Passion and the response to them has been amazingly gratifying! Set in the world beyond the Veil separating our world from that inhabited by all the supposedly mythological and legendary beings, the first book features super-sexy storm god Jakuta Dagbo and his banshee lover Gràinne.

Please enjoy the blurb and excerpt below!

Fleeing Fate
Anya Richards

Jakuta Dagbo knows bad weather’s approaching, even though the sky above the faie world is clear. And when Gràinne Bairdie walks into The Midnight Café wanting an arcane tattoo, he realizes the tempest raging into his life has nothing to do with wind and rain. Just one look at her brings his storm god libido, and the protective instincts he no longer trusts, to thundering life.

Gràinne’s a banshee on the run, desperate to claim the emotions she’s sure are rightfully hers and with no time to explore the sparks of need flying between herself and Jakuta. What she’s trying to do will bring the wrath of the Banshee Council down on her head, and she knows they’ll do anything to stop her.

Yet, as Gràinne and Jakuta peel back the layers of their lives, searching for the answers she needs, they can’t ignore the lightning-hot passion searing their blood. And when emotion reaches its apex, demanding complete surrender to the cyclone of desire, neither can resist. Even if it means Gràinne’s banshee wail of release will be her last.


Lower slipped her fingers, over his chin, down to lightly cup the muscular column of his throat, her thumb stroking the underside of his jaw. Each new place she touched just made her want to explore him further, discover what aroused him, what would make him shake with need, the way she shook. Suddenly being with him, experiencing what it meant to be taken by and give to this man was of tantamount importance. That need forced every other consideration out of her mind.

“Gràinne, sweetness…” She loved the way his words seemed like gravel-filled velvet. “Be careful.”

Ignoring his warning, she flicked open the buttons of his shirt, hearing his breathing grow rougher as each fastening popped free. Finally she could rest both hands on his chest, and they both moaned slightly at the first sweep of her palms over his fiery skin. Finding his nipples tight and puckered, she instinctively pinched them lightly and his eyes grew fierce. But still he didn’t try to touch her in return.

“Do you know what I pledged to myself when I came here tonight?”

Without waiting for his response, she pulled his shirt free from his pants. He grabbed her shoulders and she stilled, looked up to meet his gaze.

“No. Tell me.”

Leaning forward, she circled one nipple with the tip of her tongue, sighing with pleasure as it grew even tighter, and Jakuta’s skin rippled beneath her teasing fingers. When she spoke her mouth was a hairsbreadth away from his body, and she knew he would feel the words as a cool breeze on his damp flesh.

“I promised myself to find freedom tonight, even if it were the very last thing I did.” Closing her eyes, she dragged her lips back and forth over his chest before resting them over his rapidly beating heart. “I never knew it would be so incredible.”

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Look what's coming in August! Two erotic romances from Tory Richards. 

Liquid Silver Books
Whiskey Creek Press Torrid

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SEDUCING SIGEFROI - Medieval romance by Vijaya Schartz

Seducing Sigefroi - Curse of the Lost Isle Book 3
Available in kindle at: http://amzn.com/B008LW18EG


Luxembourg - 963 AD - To offset the curse that makes her a serpent from the waist down one day each month, Melusine, exiled Princess of Strathclyde, must seduce and wed a mortal knight, the shrewd and ambitious Sigefroi of Ardennes.
Sigefroi, son of the Duke of Lorraine, suspects Melusine is not what she appears, but her beauty, her rich dowry, and her sharp political skills serve his ambitions. He never expected her to soften his stone-cold warrior heart.
So close to the Imperial court, dangers and intrigue threaten Melusine. War looms on the horizon, a Mermaid was sighted around Luxembourg, and Sigefroi’s bishop brother questions her ancestry. If anyone ever suspects Melusine’s true nature, she will burn at the stake...


"Is everything to your liking so far?"

Jarred by the deep male voice, Melusine snapped awake. Sigefroi stood in front of her, one soft boot nonchalantly propped on the edge of the wooden tub. The white of his tunic matched his teeth as he stared at her with a wolfish grin.

Melusine glanced around in panic for something to cover her nudity but her clothes lay too far away. She pulled up her legs in the bath water and laced her arms around her knees. "How dare you intrude? Can't you see I'm taking a bath?"

Sigefroi's bold gaze swept over her exposed body. "It's not as if it were the first time. You seem to like bathing in hot tubs as well as in cold rivers."

Shocked at his effrontery, Melusine released one arm to point toward the door. "Get out of my chamber immediately!"

"Your chamber?" His grin widened. "This is the only private chamber in the villa, and it happens to be mine."

"Yours?" Melusine flushed in confusion. She knew the villa was small but hadn't really thought about all the details.

"I'll share it with you, unless you want to sleep on the hall floor with the servants." The scowl on his brow returned. "And as the lord of this place, I don't take orders from my guests... or my wenches."

Wench? Her solitary life hadn't prepared Melusine for such vulgarity. According to what she understood of men, however, she must not give herself too fast but rather let Sigefroi grow hungry for her body as long as possible. "I am no wench and demand to be treated with respect!"

He chuckled and effected a mock bow. "You certainly have mine, my lady."

Melusine managed a forced smile. "If you give me your word to behave honorably, I could sleep on a pallet behind a screen at the far side of your bedchamber."

He rolled his eyes. "Truly?"

Melusine hoped her inaccessible proximity would work in her favor. "There is enough space for the two of us."

"Nay." The candles flickered in his amber eyes. "You don't understand, my lady." A slow smile spread on his sensual lips. "I intend to take you to my bed tonight. After all, we are to be wed."

"So soon?" Panic choked her voice. Impaired by Sigefroi's close proximity, Melusine couldn't think. He wanted to consummate their union tonight? She quickly regained her composure. "My lord, it's not proper. We hardly know each other and are not yet betrothed."

He pulled up the sleeves of his tunic. "A detail easily remedied, my lady. Do you mind if I wash my hands before dinner?"

Before she could react, he dipped his hands in her bath, caressed her knee, brushed the skin of her thigh. Delicious heat coursed through her entire body. He seemed to enjoy her confusion as he swept the length of her folded arms with the back of one finger.

Lifting her chin with the crook of one finger, he bent and softly kissed her lips.

Melusine melted into the bath water, waves of heat swelled and washed over her. His smooth, soft lips teased hers. Her mouth relaxed and opened under his. She let him gently probe her mouth then claim it as his own. Dear Goddess, she was lost.

How could she manipulate this man when she yielded under his touch? She had seen shameless wenches offer themselves to strangers when it served their purpose, or even withhold their favors at will, but Melusine could never do that. She could not refuse this man. She was exposed, vulnerable, and in great danger.

Book 1 - PRINCESS OF BRETAGNE: http://amzn.com/B007K1EGAM
Book 2 - PAGAN QUEEN: http://amzn.com/B007Z8F7IA
Book 3 - SEDUCING SIGEFROI: http://amzn.com/B008LW18EG

Review For Book 2 – Pagan Queen:

"Schartz is an accomplished writer, whose pacing, conflicts, and goals are always complex and whose good characters are always likeable, and whose villains are evil incarnate. You have to like her villains as much as the good guys! " Manic Readers - 5 stars

Vijaya Schartz
Blasters, Swords, Romance with a Kick

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I have a new release out! As you probably guessed from the title SPANKING SYDNEY, it's full of sexy spankings! It's also the classic boss-spanks-secretary story, but with some mystery/suspense tossed in! And hot sex, of course!

Happy Reading!

Going to work was never so much fun!

Sydney Davis loves her job as an executive assistant to the vice-president of a software manufacturer. Her boss never cares if she shows up late, takes a long lunch or goes home early. That all changes when he’s forced into retirement and his replacement, the stern but incredibly handsome Max Daniels shows up. The company is over budget on a huge government contract and Max is there to straighten things out. But he’s going to have to take his executive assistant in hand first.

After one too many mistakes, Max gives her a choice — she can either accept a transfer to another department and a lower paying job, or take a spanking. She loves her job and her paycheck, so she agrees to the spanking.

Sydney quickly discovers that Max not only gives a hard spanking, but that she gets turned on by having her bottom warmed. While he think she’s learned her lesson, she’s trying to figure out how to get him do it again. Only this time, she wants it to end with both of them naked in bed.


When Max frowned halfway through the report, she hoped it was because of the data and not her work. When that frown shifted to her, she knew better. Dammit. What had she done now?

“Would you please close the door?” he asked.

At that time of night, no one was in the building except the cleaning crew. Come to think of it, she was pretty sure they’d probably already left, too. She supposed he didn’t want to take a chance that anyone would hear the lecture he was almost certainly going to give her. Walking over to the door, she pushed it closed, then came back to stand before his desk.

“How long have you been an executive assistant, Ms. Davis?” Max asked.

She shifted nervously. Standing in front of his desk made her feel like she was in the principal’s office. “Eight years.”

He lifted a brow. “Really? Well, I’m surprised to hear that, because your work is shoddy at best.”

Her face colored. “I-I must have been in a hurry, I guess. My work is usually exemplary.”

“You’d never know it. This report is terrible.” He tossed it down on the desk, his jaw tight. “Between your sloppy work and showing up late, I should fire you. The only reason I won’t is because HR says you have an outstanding personnel file.”

Sydney stared at him. He’d been going to fire her? She knew she’d pissed him off, but she hadn’t even considered he might let her go. She owed whoever it was in Human Resources that had talked him out of it.

“But while you might be staying on with the company, it won’t be as my assistant,” he continued. “I’ve asked HR to transfer you to one of the other departments. It probably won’t be an executive position, but at least you’ll still have a job. When you come in tomorrow, go see Patti and she’ll place you.”

Max went back to reading the report, effectively dismissing her. Sydney stared at him, her stomach in a knot and her eyes burning with unshed tears. She couldn’t believe what she’d just heard. She was the executive assistant to the vice president of the company. Any other job would not only mean less money, but less prestige, too. She couldn’t let him demote her.

She swallowed hard. “Mr. Daniels, please.”

He looked up at her, his dark eyes cool. “I’ve already made my decision, Ms. Davis.”

She took a step closer to the desk. “Couldn’t you just put a letter of reprimand in my file instead?”

He was silent as he considered her words, but then shook his head. “A letter of reprimand won’t deal with the primary issue here, and that’s your work performance. Punishing you is only half of it. Besides, a letter of reprimand would go on your permanent record, and that would hurt your chances of getting promoted in the future. I think a transfer to a less demanding job would be best for everyone concerned.”

Best for everyone concerned? How could getting transferred to a lower paying job be best for her? He might as well just go ahead and fire her right now.

She took another step closer to the desk, pleading at him with her eyes. “Mr. Daniels, please. I really love this job and I don’t want to work in another department. I have the skills to do what you need. They’re just rusty because Mr. Willis didn’t require as much from me.” Hell, he hadn’t asked he to do more than get him coffee. “If I promise to work harder and do a better job, couldn’t you come up with some other form of punishment?”

Max sat back and regarded her in silence. That thing she’d said about feeling as if she was standing in front of the principal’s desk? This was way worse.

He admitted he’d read her personnel file, so he knew she had the skills necessary to do the work. He just had to give her another chance. She’d pick up his dry cleaning every day for a month as punishment if she had to.

“There is something” he finally said. “Human Resources wouldn’t consider it an approval discipline, though.”

Relief coursed through her, and she nodded. “Then it will just stay between us.”

Whatever it was she knew she would agree to it. She loved her job that much.

He studied her for another long moment. The knot in Sydney’s stomach tightened. Please don’t let him change his mind.

“Rather than have you transferred to another department, I could give you a spanking instead,” he said softly.

Sydney blinked. She couldn’t have heard him right. “A sp-spanking?”

Was he serious?

He nodded. “In my experience, a spanking can be an excellent method for adjusting a poor attitude. But I’d only do it if you agreed to it, of course.”

Sydney chewed on her lower lip. She’d gotten spanked a few times by an old boyfriend, but it had been during sex, so it had been fun. She didn’t think a spanking administered by her boss as a form of punishment would be very much fun at all. In fact, it would probably hurt like hell. Still, getting spanked would be better than getting demoted. It would also probably be a lot better than getting yelled at again, too. She cringed inwardly as she remembered how Max had shouted at her when he’d come back from the staff meeting that first morning. She really
hated getting yelled at.

Somewhere in the back of her mind, she wondered if his offer to spank her instead of demoting her could be considered sexual harassment. Probably. But a spanking was still a whole lot more acceptable than a pay cut, especially since her lousy performance justified the demotion.

“Well, Ms. Davis?” Max prompted quietly. “What’s it to be—the transfer, or the spanking?”

She swallowed hard. Lifting her chin, she met his gaze. “I-I’ll take the spanking.”

“Are you sure?”

She nodded. “Y-yes.”

If Max was surprised by her answer, he gave no indication of it. Sydney thought she saw the corner of his mouth quirk, but it was gone before she could be sure.

She watched nervously as he got to his feet and came around the desk. How did you get a punishment spanking? Having only been spanked during sex, she honestly had no idea.

“Bend over and put your hands on the desk,” he instructed.

His request sounded so polite Sydney almost smiled. But then she remembered what was about to happen, and sobered quickly enough. She’d agreed to this, she reminded herself as she bent over and put her hands on the desk. The position made her snug skirt cling to her bottom, and she blushed as she felt it ride up a little higher on her thighs to reveal even more of her legs than it already did. If she’d known
she was going to be bending over for a spanking, she would have worn slacks.

Sydney tensed as Max put a hand on the small of her back. They were really going to do this.

“Are you ready?” he asked.

What kind of question was that? Of course, she wasn’t. But she’d agreed to take this spanking, so she couldn’t very well change her mind. Telling herself it would just be better to get it over with, she nodded.

Sydney held her breath, prepared for him to do his worst. But despite giving him permission, Max didn’t spank her right away. What the heck was he waiting for?

She opened her mouth to ask, but all that came out was a startled gasp as his hand abruptly connected with her ass in a resounding smack.

Buy it at Amazon!

Buy it at All Romance eBooks!

Buy it at Blushing Books!

This book was originally published in 2005 under the title The Executive Assistant, but has been significantly revised.


Sexy Romantic Fiction!


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New Release: Friday Night Lipstick

I've written a great many lesbian erotic romance stories in which one of the pairing was transgender.  Friday Night Lipstick is actually the first trans lesbian romance I've written in which both women are trans.

I think of Friday Night Lipstick as a sweet romance, mostly because the ending makes me cry (happy tears!), but in fact it's full of sex. It's full of tentative friends-become-lovers first time sex.  And there's some wild stuff in there too.

Bernice and Layla have known each other 20 years before surrendering to their shared passion.

There are a lot of little things that set this story apart from some of my others, though I'd say it's a good fit within my body of work.  Bernice and Layla are a little older than your average romance characters.  That was important to me, because I hate to see the rich romance of later-in-life overlooked in favour of eternal youth.

Also, the character Layla is a swinging single, very sexual, flaunting herself and loving the attention she gets for it.  She's larger than life, and I don't usually write trans characters who are like that--mostly because enough people don't know the difference between a trans woman and a drag queen, and I've always wanted my work to communicate the truths of trans women in my life (my girlfriend among them).

But there's nothing wrong with a big personality.  I didn't want my negligence to, in effect, demonize certain quality traits.  So along came Layla, who is sexy and sexual, and who is also a successful real estate agent and bakes her own cookies from scratch.  The woman she's in love with, Bernice, is quiet, reserved, humble, doesn't like to make waves.  They're a beautiful pairing.

Anyhoo, enough of my introductory chatter.  Here's the blurb and an excerpt from Friday Night Lipstick, my newest trans lesbian erotic romance:

When Layla and Bernice first met, they’d never heard the word “transgender.” Back then, they thought of themselves as cross-dressers and frequented the gay clubs together. Twenty years later, Layla is a glamorous and successful real estate agent living as a woman full-time. Repressed Bernice is still married to a Rosanna, who won’t let go of the husband Bernice used to be, but she spends her lonely nights dreaming of a life with lovely Layla. While Bernice is trapped in a hopeless relationship, Layla seems perfectly content hopping from bed to bed. On Friday night, when their facades break down, will these long-time friends finally admit their love for one another? And even if they do, how will married Bernice and swinging single Layla build a future together?


There was nothing to say.

There was only the kiss.

For the first time in their twenty-year friendship, Bernice pressed her lips against Layla’s. Always the intrepid, Layla went one step further, parting Bernice’s teeth with a powerful tongue. Beyond its sheer strength, that tongue was warm and wet and soft as velvet.

Layla’s kisses matched the vivacity of her character, but there was a delicacy Bernice hadn’t anticipated. Had she anticipated ever kissing Layla at all? She’d like to say no, but she’d be lying. She’d hoped for this kiss, dreamed of it, and now it was really happening. Her unnamed wants all sprung to the surface, though she’d cast them aside in her hopeless hours. Now, in the passion and tenderness of this kiss, Bernice saw her future. Eternity was here, and it was beautiful.

They stumbled to the sofa, peeling the straps from Layla’s shoulders, letting her skimpy dress fall to her waist. Bernice slid down her beautiful body, and latched her mouth to one of those beckoning nipples without waiting, without asking permission.

Layla gasped when Bernice sucked, pressing both tits together just like she’d wanted to do so many nights alone in bed, dreaming of the woman she loved. She loved. She switched nipples and Layla writhed against her, moaning, “Yes Bebe, yes doll.”

Bernice pressed her face against those beautiful breasts, so much softer than she’d imagined. She couldn’t control herself, running her tongue nipple to nipple, licking, sucking, biting, making Layla squeal.

When Layla hiked up her skirt and hooked her thumbs around her black gaff, Bernice’s breath caught in her lungs. She backed off Layla’s breasts to give the woman room to wriggle out of her tight-fitting undergarments, her heart hammering as they slid down Layla’s thighs.

“What’s wrong, doll?” Layla’s copper dress covered her crotch as she kicked off her underwear. Bernice looked into her eyes and found them full of concern. “If it’s too fast, or if you don’t want to…”

“No.” At her age, Bernice felt embarrassed admitting to her inexperience. “I’m nervous, if you can believe it. I’ve just… I’ve never done this before.”

With a loving chuckle, Layla leaned forward to plant a kiss on Bernice’s cheek. “You sound like a teenager.”

“I know.” Bernice smirked. “I guess that makes you a cradle-robber.”

Layla rolled her eyes.


“Hardly.” Laughing, she said, “You’re older than I am.”

“Don’t remind me.” Bernice gazed into the valley of Layla’s thighs, and the darkness beyond. God, why was she so afraid? Maybe because Layla had been with so many men, women, people, who probably had university degrees in cocksucking, and what did Bernice know?

But Layla hadn’t loved those other people. And she loved Bernice. That was the difference.

There was nothing to be afraid of.

This might just be the most romantic story I've ever written. I hope people buy it! (trans lesbian erotic romance isn't exactly a hot seller LOL)

Get it from:

The publisher (loveyoudivine): http://www.loveyoudivine.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=66&products_id=1010

All Romance: http://www.allromanceebooks.com/product-fridaynightlipstick-870985-146.html

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Friday-Night-Lipstick-ebook/dp/B008KNI80S/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1342192939&sr=1-1&keywords=friday+night+lipstick

Amazon UK: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Friday-Night-Lipstick-ebook/dp/B008KNI80S/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1342192986&sr=8-1

Barnes & Noble: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/friday-night-lipstick-giselle-renarde/1112079015?ean=2940014580748

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Anniversary Excerpt: TIme Travel, anyone?

My re-published book, Compassion, released on this date last year. It's a story about John Dillinger, time travel, reincarnation, and second chances ....

Setup: Will Taupert and Theo have been sent back in time to 1934, to spy on John Dillinger. Theo is a shapeshifting cat, acting as Will’s Companion for the History Patrol. In this scene, she’s reported back to him that she talked to Marcos Darby, the man they’ve come to capture.

She scrambled out of his way as Will lunged for the dresser. He pushed clothes impatiently aside and pulled out his foldable computer.

Did you charge it? Theo asked suspiciously. Will was notorious for forgetting to put the solar-cell in the sunlight.

“Of course.” He put the device on his desk and unfolded the flexible pad. Words sprang to life on the wall in front of the desk. “Let’s see…Darby…” He activated voice mode. “Family history, Marcos Darby.” He pulled out the desk chair and sat down, staring intently at the computer screen.

“Marcos Darby, born 2217 in…”

Will hastily turned down the volume as the voice droned on, “…New Florida. Father, Nobles Conner. Mother, Mathilde Darby.”

“Great-great grandparents and preceding ancestors,” Will interrupted. “Display family genealogy.”


Names began appearing on the wall in front of Will, superimposed on a tree-like structure.

Theo jumped lithely onto Will’s knee, barely pausing as she made another leap to the desk. What are we looking for? she asked, peering at the text.

“I’m not sure,” he murmured, eyes darting from one side to the other as the names spread further and further apart on the wall. “I think our tourist might have a reason for being here and—there.”


Will touched a name on the wall. The computer said, “Carter Baum. Born, 1904. Died, 1934 in…”

“That’s it.” Names continued scrolling down the wall. “Stop history,” Will said.

That’s what? Theo stretched, reaching up to tap a name on the wall. That?

“Carter Baum. Marcos Darby is related to Carter Baum. He’s the FBI agent who was killed by Dillinger.”

“Stop history,” the computer confirmed.

Will nodded. “Yes. He’s trying to stop history.”

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New Release! Hot Cop Menage! RIDE-ALONG - The Fourth Book in The Badge Bunnies Series!

I'm so excited to announce that RIDE-ALONG, the fourth book in my hot Badge Bunnies Series, is now available!

It's a smokin' hot menage with two gorgeous cops and one very sexy reporter who has a thing for men in uniform, so it's a dream come true when her newspaper sends her on a ride-long with San Francisco's finest.

Happy Reading!

The pleasure these two hunks give her should probably be illegal!

Laci Howe has always had a thing for cops, so she's thrilled when her newspaper editor sends her on a ride-along with two of San Francisco's finest.

Jase Neilsen and Grant Chapman are so gorgeous, she can't help but flirt a little as she interviews them. When the two cops confide in her about one of the perks that comes with the being a man in uniform - badge bunnies - she's intrigued. Things get even more interesting when they tell her in graphic and very sexy detail about their experiences with these cop-loving ladies.

Laci's so turned on by the time the ride-along ends, she gives into her inner badge bunny and invites Jase and Grant back to her place for a hot night of sex complete with spanking and handcuffs that she won't soon forget. The pleasure she experiences at the hands of the two men is so far beyond amazing, it should probably be considered illegal. Good thing she's with two cops, isn't it?


When they got to her place, Laci didn’t get out of the car right away. She didn't know what she wanted, but she knew she didn't want this day to end yet.

She took a big gulp of air and summoned her courage. “Do you want to come in for coffee?”

The two cops glanced at each other, but didn’t answer. Talk about awkward.

Her face colored. “I don’t know what I was thinking. You probably have to get back to work.” She fumbled for the door handle. “Thank you for all the information you gave me. The article will probably be in this Sunday’s paper, if you want to read it.”

“Laci, wait,” Grant said.

She froze.

“Our shift is over.” Jase smiled. “Coffee sounds great.”

Laci’s hand trembled as she unlocked the door to her apartment, but if either man noticed, they didn’t mention it. Jase and Grant had a presence about them that made her small apartment feel even smaller. It didn’t help that the sexual tension was so thick it made it hard to breathe. Between that, and their badge bunny stories, it was hard not to say the hell with the coffee and drag them off to the bedroom.

Cool it, girl. The two cops were just there for coffee.

She poured the steaming brew into mugs, then handed one to each man before adding creamer and sweetener to her own. “I had a wonderful time today.”

She almost laughed. The way she’d said it made it sound like they were on a date instead of a ride-along. Sad part was, it hadn’t been a date, and yet it still rated a lot higher than most of the ones she’d been on.

Jase flashed her a sexy grin over the rim of his coffee mug. “Me, too. It was fun.”

“You were both so helpful and informative,” she continued. “I only wish I could repay you.”

And how exactly would she do that? It’s not like she could ask one out on a date without offending the other. Even if she could, she wouldn’t be able to choose. Not when she was seriously attracted to both of them.

“Don't worry about it.” Grant’s mouth curved. “Department policy prohibits any kind of payment for what we did today.”

“Actually,” Jase said. “There is one form of repayment that would be okay.”

“Really?” Laci’s pulse skipped a beat. He was going to ask her out. Hot damn!

“What do you have in mind?”

He smiled. “I think a kiss would make us just about even for today's ride-along.”

Laci blinked. He was kidding, right? Not that she’d mind kissing either cop. But Jase didn’t look as if he was joking. Maybe he’d gotten that first-date vibe, too. Maybe all their sexual banter had gotten him as hot as it had gotten her.

Don't go there. She’d be damn embarrassed—not to mention disappointed—if she thought that was how things were going to turn out and they didn't. But if a peck on the cheek was all he or Grant wanted—she couldn’t give one cop a kiss and not the other—she wouldn’t turn them down.

When she didn’t say anything, Grant eyed her curiously, probably wondering if Jase had overstepped. Jase looked a little unsure himself.

She set down her coffee mug and gave them a sexy smile. “A kiss seems more than fair.”

Grant let out a snort. “Well, if Jase is getting paid with a kiss, count me in.”

Laci laughed. “Okay. But he asked first, so he gets his kiss first.”

Stepping up to Jase, she placed her hands on chest—damn, he had a hard body—then went up on tiptoe and kissed him. On the mouth.

His lips were gentle on hers, almost questing, as if he wanted to go further, but wasn’t sure if he should. She parted her lips, hoping he’d take it as an invitation, but he didn’t. It was still a nice kiss, though, and when he handed her off to Grant, she went reluctantly.

Until his partner’s mouth came down on hers. While she didn’t exactly forget about Jase, at the moment, she found it a little difficult to think of anything but Grant. He wrapped his arms around her, pulling her close and finding her tongue with his to play an erotic game of Twister. Laci moaned, reaching up to bury her hands in his dark hair
as he devoured her mouth. Now that was a kiss.

“Hey,” Jase grumbled. “I thought we were talking about a peck on the lips. If I'd known a real kiss was on the menu, I wouldn't have settled for that chaste-ass one I gave her.”

Grant chuckled as he released her. “I’m sure Laci wouldn’t mind if you gave her another one. Would you, Laci?”

She shook her head, too weak-kneed from the kiss Grant had given her to do more than that. By the time Jase pulled her into his arms, she was fully in control of her faculties again and immediately slipped her tongue into his mouth to tangle with his.

Jase weaved his fingers in her hair, sliding one muscular thigh between her legs.

She sighed and ground against him as much as she dared. Her pussy spasmed at the contact. The feel of Jase’s erection pressing into her tummy nudged her excitement level up a few notches, and she clung to his shoulders to keep from getting too carried away and doing something she shouldn’t. Like sliding her hand down between their bodies and caress him through his uniform pants.

She got the feeling Jase wouldn’t complain if she did. In fact, the casual way he’d suggested she thank them with a kiss made her think he and Grant planned this all along. Was she the object of a well-orchestrated badge bunny set-up?

Maybe. But as Jase gently rotated his hip, Laci decided she didn't care if they had set her up. Some part of her had been hoping this would happen when she invited them in for coffee. The real question was whether she was actually about to get her badge-bunny
ticket punched by two hunky cops at once?

She wasn't sure, but she was damn eager to find out.

Jase slid his hand down her back to almost certainly cup her ass, but Grant snatched her back before she could find out.

“You don’t have to hog her, you know,” Grant muttered.

Laci couldn’t help but laugh. She felt like she was a bottle of champagne being passed back and forth after a championship game. “Play nice, you two,” she scolded as Grant put his arms around her. “There's no reason you can't share. There's enough of
me to go around.”

Grant pulled back to look at her, his dark eyes smoldering. “You sure about that?”

She frowned, not sure whether to be insulted or not. “You don't think there's enough of me to go around?”

Grinning, he pulled her tight against his chest, letting one of his legs slide between hers to come into intimate contact with her pussy. She bit back a moan as heat pooled between her thighs.

“Oh, I have no doubt there's enough of you to satisfy the both of us, Laci. The question I'm asking is whether you want both of us. Really want us. At the same time. Right now.”

Grant had only put into words what she'd been thinking, so Laci didn’t know why she hesitated, but she did. Maybe because Jase stepped up behind her and ran his fingers down her arms until his hands were on her hips. With both men this close to her, touching her at the same time, she was suddenly a lot more unsure of herself.

Could she do this—have sex with two men at the same time?

Buy it at Amazon!

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To check out the first three books in the series, SEDUCING OFFICER BARLOWE, TWO COPS A GIRL AND A PAIR OF HANDCUFFS and A COP HIS WIFE AND HER BEST FRIEND visit my website at




Sexy Romantic Fiction

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Kari Thomas Interviews a Dragon!

Since the Dec. 7, 2011 Release of my latest book, SURRENDER HER TOUCH, I have had so many Readers write me and ask that I do MORE Dragon Shapeshifter stories.  Writing Slade Stryker's story was my first foray into the fascinating world of Dragons, and now I have this sneaky suspicion it won't be the last time.
As I was sitting at my desk contemplating this, in walked my sexy Alpha Hero. Or should I say, he "stalked" into my office. Dragon shifters seem to stalk everywhere, as though anyone or anything in their path is prey. It must be their inherent 'primal' souls remembering when they once ruled the world at the top of the food chain. Sexy, but intimidating to say the least!
I tried to hide my surprise as Slade nonchalantly settled into the chair opposite me. "Hey, Slade," I said oh-so-casually. "Any reason for this visit? I thought I'd settled everything with you when I wrote the words 'The End'."
"Good morning, Kari," he rumbled sexily. (He always talks that way!) "I flew over this morning to talk to you about something that has developed since you wrote 'Surrender Her Touch'." (when he says "flew", he means in dragon form! How kewl is that!)
"Problem?" I shook my head. I couldn't think of any problems developing once the book is Released. Everything pretty much goes smoothly. It's all that 'before" stuff that can drive a writer crazy (the edits, etc).
"Yeah," he rumbled again.  "You exposed us with that book. I've had to keep my Firestorm Team patrolling around-the-clock ever since the book came out. We've had nonstop 'tourists' climbing all over the woods looking for easy access into the Compound. None of our people can go into town without being accosted by curious humans." He growled low, a sound indicating his inner dragon was slowly awakening. "Why didn't you think about all this before you wrote about us?"
Gulp. Actually, I had thought about it. But I was so sure that people would think it only Fiction and not go looking for the real dragons! "Sorry?" I gave him my best 'I'm-really-innocent-despite-the-proof' smile. It didn't work. He glared at me. And when Slade Stryker gives his dragon glare, you know you're in trouble. "What can I do to help?" Was it even possible? Readers everywhere were now out hunting the Shamara Dragon Clan, and it was all my fault.
"You're going to write a Retraction," he announced in a soft demand. "Tell those Readers it's all Fiction."
UhOh. "I can't do that," I mumbled. "The book is out and more Readers are reading every day."
Slade stared hard at me for a long minute. Was that steam I saw coming from his nostrils? Never push a shapeshifter to reveal his inner dragon....
"Fine," he said, his tone brooking no argument. "I'm going to tell you more dragon stories. Some so horrifying, so incredibly unbelievable, you'll have nightmares for weeks. Then, you're going to write those stories. THAT should scare off all those Readers."
Meekly I explained, "But Romance can't be horrifying, Slade."
He grinned, the sight so sexy I had to remind myself that he already had a Mate. "Oh, there will be Romance. Passionate, hot, romance to curl your toes. You're going to leave those Readers ....gasping."
Paranormal, Shapeshifters, Contemporary Romance
Kari Thomas

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Anything You Can Do
by Christiane France

ISBN-13: 978-1-61124-297-3 (Electronic)


As teenagers, Devon and Julian denied their feelings for one another and avoided scandal by becoming fierce competitors and sworn enemies, even engaging in physical fights on occasion. After finishing school, Devon went to live and work in New York. Julian took his dreams of becoming a movie star to California and disappeared from view.
Now, years later, they’re both back home in Bayview and those old feelings are still very much alive and well. But Devon needs to focus all his efforts on bringing his family’s beach resort back to life. Julian has to decide what to do with his late grandfather’s house. Should he turn it into a B&B, or should he sell the property and move on?
It wasn’t the right time for them when they were in high school, and now, with problems to solve and decisions to make, the timing seems no better...


...I focused on the shadowy image by the fire. It appeared to be a man about the same size and height as me.

Someone on the run from the law? A druggie looking for a secluded spot to give himself a fix?

I doubted either one would risk attracting attention by lighting a fire outside an abandoned house in a populated area. They usually knew enough to keep their heads down and stay out of sight. But desperation sometimes drove people to do weird stuff. If I was to hazard a guess, I’d say it was some poor schmuck who’d been tossed out of his home or lost his job and had nowhere to go and no one to turn to. Or an abused teen, or…
My resolve to mind my business weakened. Commonsense said not to get involved, but… I know what it’s like to lose your job and the difficulties of finding another. My severance package had been more than I’d expected, but it wouldn’t have kept me going indefinitely. If it wasn’t for The Bayview and the opportunity my parents handed me to restore the resort to its former glory, I, too, could be sitting around with my thumb up my ass. I could be living on the street by now and spending my nights in abandoned or burned-out buildings.

I started across the strip of beach that separated the cottages from the Hanes’ place. If I got told to fuck off, so be it.

“Hey, there,” I called out. If the guy wanted to run, this was his chance. “Everything okay? I know it’s none of my business, but this doesn’t strike me as the best night for a barbeque.”

The man held his ground. “You’re right, it’s not; it’s—” He took a sudden step toward me and then hesitated. “Oh, shit! Devon Lister as I live and breathe. I don’t believe this. I thought you were living the high life in New York. If I’d known you were here…”
I stopped abruptly and stared in shock, while a dozen different emotions rushed through my body and fought for supremacy in my head.
It couldn’t be. It just wasn’t possible.
I’d expected to find some down-and-out stranger, a rebellious kid, a runaway, or anyone other than the person I’d been thinking about less than a moment ago. But that’s who it was. The drop dead gorgeous, dark-haired, dark-eyed Julian Hanes, my boyhood nemesis in the flesh.
“Nice to see you, too,” I muttered, fighting to stay calm and keep my tone casual. “You’d have done what? Gone for a swim? Taken the next flight back to Lalaland?”
He ignored my questions and gestured toward the house. “You know who did this?”
“No idea. Some pyromaniac who wanted to have himself a little fun, I guess. By the time the fire department arrived, it was too late to do much. The fire had too strong a hold."
“No kidding.” He pulled up the collar of what looked to be a thin cotton windbreaker and used a stick to poke at the dwindling fire. Julian had always been on the skinny side, but the way he looked now was more than fashionably thin. I got the distinct impression he hadn’t had what I’d call a decent meal in weeks.
“Didn’t the cops get in touch with you?”
“No, but I’ve been moving around a lot lately.”
Unable to contain my curiosity, I said, “Then how did you find out about it?”
“I knew Granddad was gone, but I didn’t know about this until a few minutes ago. I needed somewhere to stay temporarily. The property is mine, so I figured I could camp here for a few days while I figured out my next move.”
I couldn’t quite suppress the tiny twinge of satisfaction that came from knowing Julian’s plans hadn’t worked out any better than mine. Not very nice of me, but habit dies hard, even though I’m no longer a kid. “Not in this weather you can’t. Guess you’ll have to move on to plan B...”

Cool mysteries and hot romance - http://www.chrisgrover.ca
Latest Release: ANYTHING YOU CAN DO - http://www.amberquill.com/AmberAllure
http://www.myspace.com/185513895 http://twitter.com/chrisgrover2

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Guilty Indulgence: Red, Hot, & Blue: A FEW GOOD MEN

Guilty Indulgence: Red, Hot, & Blue: A FEW GOOD MEN: Greetings and salutations - we surpassed the humpday mark and made it to Weekend Time!  Woo hoo!  Of course, it's so dang hot - so take m...

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Wedding Heat: If the Shoes Fit

I write a lot of transgender erotic romance, but it usually focuses on a lesbian couple.  Wedding Heat: If the Shoes Fit is a really sweet straight story about Aunt Farrah.  Remember her?  She made an appearance in "Pretty Cousin" after being introduced to the reader as a trans woman in "One in the Hand."

Now Farrah's got her own Wedding Heat story, and it is so gushingly beautiful and nervous and romantic that I just love it to bits.  It's a reunion story, at its core.  Farrah had a mad crush on Lane, a family friend, back when she was a teenaged boy.  Lane was a little older--not by much, but it was enough that he sort of freaked out when Farrah (then Ralph) confessed to the crush.

That crush has grown into a longing sort of love over the years.  For Farrah, no other man could ever live up to Lane.  Now they have a chance to start over.  Lane is certainly interested, but he's got secrets of his own.  I'll give you a hint: they're shoe and foot fetish related.

A lot of transgender erotica uses a trans woman's pre-op or non-op status as a shock factor, something that attracts, revolts, intrigues, etc.  I turned that on its head.  The story is told from Farrah's POV.  She knows she's trans. So does her family, so does Lane, so does everyone.  Her body isn't a surprise.  Lane holds the secret.  He's the one who's worried Farrah might reject him when she discovers he has a penchant for...

Well, you'll see.  ;-)  

Here's a sweet reunion excerpt:

“Lane!” Farrah’s heart clenched. Why weren’t there more mirrors in this place? What if she had lipstick on her teeth?

“That’s right, dear. It’s Lane.” Her mother rubbed her arm gently. “You remember Lane?”

How could she forget him? Every time she closed her eyes and imagined her own wedding, this man awaited her at the altar. Her heart thumped like a bass drum.

“Hi, you.” The warmth in Lane’s smile melted her like chocolate. Her hand trembled as he took it, pressing her palm between both of his. Farrah’s hand was larger and normally she’d have been embarrassed, but right now she was more worried about her knees giving out.

“I haven’t seen you in…” With a blush, Farrah tried to remember how many years it had been since she’d professed her love to this family friend. “Years.”

He’d stopped coming by after that, not that she could blame him. At the time, Lane was a man in his twenties. Farrah was only in her teens. And back then she’d been a gangly teenaged boy, excessively horny but deeply in love. Funny how those few years’ difference melted away now that they were both older.

“I go by Farrah now,” she offered, breathless.

“After Farrah Fawcett, I bet.” He winked conspiratorially.

Her heart fluttered like she was caught in his net. “You know me too well.”

Lane smiled, his gaze moving over her like a sweeping warmth. “Your mother said you looked good, but good doesn’t begin to cover it. You look… Wow, you look…”

Farrah blushed when Lane couldn’t find the words. Her heart felt too big for her chest and she said, “You too. You look… Wow!”

Her mother made a little throat-clearing sound, and Farrah felt suddenly quite bashful. Even if she could quit stammering like an idiot, she couldn’t very well flirt in front of her mother. It just wasn’t in her.

To her great surprise, her mother suggested, “Why don’t the two of you go for a little walk and get reacquainted?”

And then off she went without waiting for a reaction, leaving them perfectly alone.

“I’m not sure how far I’ll get in these shoes,” Farrah said, drawing’s Lane’s gaze down to her heels.

“Yeah.” Lane chuckled, seeming as nervous as Farrah felt. “Those shoes weren’t made for walking.”


So far Wedding Heat: If the Shoes Fit is available from:

eXcessica: http://www.excessica.com/books/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=25&products_id=571

All Romance: http://www.allromanceebooks.com/product-weddingheatiftheshoesfit-862328-149.html

BookStrand: http://www.bookstrand.com/wedding-heat-if-the-shoes-fit

1Place For Romance: http://1placeforromance.com/romantic-fiction/wedding-heat-if-the-shoes-fit/prod_8193.html

1Erotica Ebooks: http://1eroticaebooks.com/fetish/wedding-heat-if-the-shoes-fit/prod_3031.html

Rainbow Ebooks: http://www.rainbowebooks.com/store/product_info.php?products_id=7807

Coming soon to more retailers!


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