Wicked Desire Excerpt and Video

Maggie Myers returns home to rebuild her life and to escape her stalking ex-husband. To local small town sheriff Matt Dillon she’s more trouble than he needs. But the lady has enough sass and curves to tempt a saint. Well, he never claimed to be a saint, and Maggie is about to find out she’s been teasing the wrong man.


“I hope you don’t mind, Sheriff, but I was starving.” She popped another, smaller berry into her mouth. “They forgot to give me my ration of bread and water back at the jail.” Her smart mouth was going to land her in trouble some day.

“Your smart mouth is going to land you in trouble some day,” he remarked, guessing her thoughts. “Why aren’t you in bed?”

Hadn’t she just told him why? She just managed to hold back a smile. She dipped a finger in the whipped cream and brought it to her mouth, glancing up at Matt innocently. “I wasn’t sure how you’d feel about me eating in your bed.”

Without warning Matt moved away from the door and walked further into the room. The look in his eyes was almost wild. He looked hungry. Maggie caught her breath but he ignored it, continuing toward her with purposeful strides. With a growl he reached for her arm and hauled her to her feet, nearly toppling over the chair she’d been sitting in.


“I brought you here with one thought in mind, to prove to myself that I was immune to you. That I could be in the same room, house with you and control my thoughts of wanting to screw the hell out of you. I’ve always prided myself on being strong enough to overcome any temptation.”

“Do I tempt you?” Her hands fell to his chest.

His laugh was a deep grunt. “Day and night. Hell, you’d tempt a saint, honey. I intend to kiss you and nothing is going to stop me.”

He didn’t sound happy, but that didn’t stop him swooping down on her and taking her mouth in a savage, lustful kiss. His powerful arms crushed Maggie to him. He locked her arms behind her back, even though she wasn’t struggling to escape.

She moaned softly, dreamily, welcoming Matt’s powerful embrace and forceful mouth. When his free hand fastened on her breast, wildfire exploded through her blood, threatening to consume her. She arched her back and thrust her aching flesh more fully into his rough caress. Silently pleading for him to do more.

His hand began to move over her, exploring every inch through the thin fabric of the tee shirt she was wearing, taking his time as though she were something to treasure. Breathless whispers escaped Maggie as she eagerly gave in to his silent, hungry demands.She began to squirm beneath his ardent caresses with a need to participate. But Matt refused to release her hands, keeping total control of the situation. Teasing her at his will. Finally she was able to twist her head, breaking their fiery kiss,

“Mathew!” she panted, gulping in mouthfuls of air. “Please, I need to touch you, too.” Maggie was careful to keep her face turned away but his mouth only moved to the soft exposed arch of her throat. She felt his teeth gently rake along her skin, causing a ripple of sharp desire down her spine.

“Sheriff…” she pleaded, shuddering violently against his length. She felt his hard-on pressing against her and a pool of warmth flooded between her legs. She was actually throbbing with arousal.


“God, don’t say my name like that, Maggie.” His voice came out hoarse, revealing the highly aroused state he was in. “You’re going to make me come.”

Maggie laughed huskily. “Isn’t that why you brought me here?” She finally tugged free. Before she lost her nerve she reached forward and fondled the hot, pulsing length of him through his thin pajama bottoms. His shaft felt thick and strong in her palm. The breath hissed from between his tightly clenched teeth, his eyes darkened into murky, fathomless pools. His nostrils flared, taking in the raw essence of their combined body heat. Chemistry. Maggie watched as he closed his eyes and groaned. “Isn’t it…Sheriff?” She gave him a little squeeze, reveling in her power when he shuddered.

“Yes! Damn you!” he admitted. “I could have turned you loose at the station but for the first time in my life I’ve forgotten the main objective and said to hell with the rules. Nothing I do concerning you makes any sense.”

Maggie shivered wildly, gently squeezing the bulge in her
hand. It thrilled her that she had that kind of power over Matt.

“Maggie…” He shuddered.

Tory Richards
Whiskey Creek Press Torrid
Romance with an Attitude Blog

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by Vijaya Schartz
From Sapphire Blue Publishing
eBook Novella

Available from Kindle
and in other formats from the publisher at:

also from
ARE (All Romance eBooks)

Rookie Border patrol Agent Kaitlin Harrington hates Christmas and all men since she lost her unborn child on Christmas Eve. This year, as she guards the Mexican border, she encounters more than she can handle in the person of a gorgeous Desperado, a despicable human smuggler of all people! Miguel is fascinated by the green eyes of the feisty auburn-haired beauty bent on impeding his important work. But he is a man of many secrets. And on this dangerous adventure through the Arizona desert, anything can and will happen.

"A Desperado for Christmas is a love story and an adventure rolled in to one. There is very little "down time" in this fast-paced story, and this reader was glued to it until the very end." Fallen Angel Reviews


Did she just see something move? Maybe not.

Raising her infrared binoculars, Kaitlin focused on that particular area. There it was again. A flicker of movement. Then she saw people furtively running from rock to rock. She couldn’t tell how many. Fifteen? Twenty? Did they know she was watching? Had they seen the lights of the visiting Jeep? Heard the engine? The conversation?

Sliding down the slope, she searched the Hummer but couldn’t find the blasted radio. Then she remembered it hanging from Josh’s belt. Now it rode with the nitwit toward a damned titty bar.
She flipped the switch of the car’s com system. Only static. Strange, Josh had used it earlier and it worked then. She shrugged. Electronics could be so unreliable and she wasn’t computer savvy. As a last resort, she pulled out the cell phone at her belt and checked the reception. Out of range.

Damn and triple damn!

Light gravel dribbled down the slope. She dropped the cell phone and reached toward her holster. Drawing the Beretta, she turned around, her back safely to the Hummer. Her heart faltered as she held the firearm toward the sound.

"Sweet Mother of God!" She gasped as her target came into view.

Apollo himself couldn’t have looked more handsome under the full moon. Muscles rippled on the smooth torso, shirtless beneath the open denim jacket.

"Stop right there. Hands on your head," she croaked rather than shouted.

He held up his hands, jostling the backpack on his shoulder.

Glossy black hair fell over his forehead, and the dark gaze of the Latino man burned with intense fire. He pinned her with his stare as if trying to say something important, but no words came out. He appeared to be unarmed, strong, yet she sensed no threat emanating from him.

"On the ground. Face down. Spread ’em."

He didn’t move, maybe he didn’t understand, so she motioned with the Beretta. Would he resist arrest? Somehow the thought conjured appealing images.

He dropped the backpack and laid face down.

She took the four steps separating them, kicked away the back pack then reached for the handcuffs at her back. She spread his legs apart. Long, muscular thighs, calves bulging under his jeans. He turned his head to watch her, a half smile on his lips. His temple glistened with sweat. He must have been running but seemed hardly winded. Unlike her breath which came in quick gasps.

Fascinated by his physique, she could not think. But who other than an illegal would roam the desert on Christmas Eve? He didn’t look afraid. Why? The memory of the group she spotted came to mind, but she heard nothing move in her immediate vicinity.

She straddled the man. He didn’t resist when she cuffed his hands behind his back, then patted him down, looking for a knife or a handgun. Her hand only found the planes of his hard muscles. It had been a while since she’d felt a male body this close. He exuded the musky scent of sage. Astounded by her sensual musings, she rose and stared back at him. She hoped she looked fierce, like a predator hypnotizing her prey.

She slowly moved away and motioned with the Beretta for him to get up and get into the Hummer.

The man smiled as he stood up slowly and stared past her. "Ola!" he said in a deep baritone.

"Ola!" another man answered, disturbingly close behind her.

Kaitlin froze and a shiver ran up her spine. She’d made a mistake by leaving the protection of the Hummer.

Vijaya Schartz
Girls with Guns, Romance with a Kick

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I know the phrase Merry Christmas is considered politically incorrect these days, but I feel strongly this shouldn't be the case. I'm at my son's house this evening celebrating Christmas with my family.

I wanted to take the time to wish everyone Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy Hanukaah. May you all find enjoyment with your loved ones this holiday season.

Pam Champagne

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New Free Reads from Noble Romance!

Noble Romance Publishing has started a line of free reads, and there are currently two available. Find out more about Steve and Dylan from What Happens in Vegas, and spend New Year's Eve with them.

It's M/M, it's free and it's fun! Find A Vegas New Year here

The other Noble freebie as of now is A Taste of Nox by H. C. Brown, based on characters from the Pride Brother's Series. This one is paranormal, M/M, menage...and it's free! Check out A Taste of Nox here

Watch for more free reads coming soon from Noble. Jude Mason has a Sparkle Christmas tale coming soon that will warm your, er, well, knowing Jude and Sparkle, it won't be your heart. But it'll be a great read! *grin*


~ Jenna Byrnes

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