Eden is out and it's dedicated to all of you

The following is an excerpt from Eden by Tracey H. Kitts, available now at New Concepts Publishing.

This book is dedicated to my readers. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for reading my work and for encouraging me to continue doing what I love.

“Now, any more surprises?” he asked playfully.

“What do you mean?”

“If there’s a silver clasp on that bra, I give up.”

Catrina reached forward and took both his hands. She caressed his knuckles gently, admiring the strength of his long fingers as well as savoring the magic in his touch. Viktor had nice hands. One look spoke of their obvious strength and for years she had wondered what they would feel like against her skin. She pulled him against her gently and placed his hands against her sides.

Viktor lowered his lips to hers once more as he unclasped her bra. With their bodies still pressed together, he pulled the thin lace garment from between them, sliding it expertly down her arms without breaking contact with her lips.

She moved against him and the hair on his chest made her nipples even harder. Catrina’s soft moan of pleasure was captured by his mouth as he wrapped his arms around her. Viktor slid his hands down her back and underneath her panties to grip her butt. When she moaned this time he took the opportunity to plunge his tongue deeper inside her mouth. He nibbled gently at her lips, mimicking with his tongue exactly what he planned to do to her body.

“I can’t take any more,” Catrina panted.

She pulled back enough to run her hands inside his pants. She took him in her hands and nearly cried out from the contact. Naturally, she had hoped he would be well endowed. Who doesn’t want such things from a lover? But Viktor was huge.

“Oh, my God,” she whispered as she continued to stroke him.

“Why, thank you,” he teased.

The vampire laughed softly as he ran his fingers through her hair.

“This will be a whole lot easier if you lie down,” he whispered.

Viktor rested her back against the sheets and buried his face against her breasts. Her hands, which had gripped him moments before were now clasping his hair in desperation as he took one hard nipple into his mouth. He drew on her flesh, almost to the point of pain before releasing her to trail kisses down the rest of her body.

When the vampire reached the top of her panties he took the fabric in his teeth and slid them down her legs. Without further ado, he buried his face between her thighs.

“Viktor,” she cried, wrapping his long hair around one hand.

His response was to slip one long finger inside of her while he continued to lap at her flesh.

“If you don’t slow down I’ll--”

But it was too late. Catrina didn’t finish the sentence, or even the thought before orgasm washed over her. Her muscles clasped around him, gripping his finger as he pressed his wet lips against her inner thigh.

“You are overdue,” he whispered. “Just enjoy it.”

She didn’t remember him removing his pants, but as Viktor leaned back over her, she could feel his erection resting against her thigh.

His eyes became a solid silver as he told her, “I can show you pleasure like you’ve never known. All you’ve got to do is give me the word.”

“Viktor,” she moaned.

“That’s close enough,” he said.

Purchase a copy of Eden: http://www.newconceptspublishing.com/eden.htm

To find out more about me, along with my other books please visit http://www.traceyhkitts.com/

Don’t forget to visit my blog, there’s a contest every month.http://traceyhkitts.blogspot.com/

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Just Released!

...just another day on the ranch.

That's what you think! An escaped convict out for revenge, arson and murder wreck havoc in the lives of two strong willed people drawn together against their will.

If you're into cowboys...sexy cowboys...then you'll love rough and ready Chase Saunders in "THE COWBOY WAY"!

Also, check out my brand new website

Excerpt -
"I want to talk to you."

"Really? And here I thought you stopped to kiss me." What was she saying? Baiting a man like Chase was dangerous.

There was a long pause. Something flickered in Chase’s eyes. His expression gave nothing away, though. Lacey began to feel nervous again, though for a different reason than the one back at the house.

"The cowboy way, ma’am?" His tone was soft, dangerous, carrying the subtle threat of an unspoken promise.

Lacey swallowed nervously. The cowboy way? That was twice he’d used that expression. She wondered what it meant. An explosion of heat expanded inside her belly, as her imagination ran rampant. Of the two of them locked in a hot, passionate embrace. No longer was Chase’s mouth firm and unyielding, but soft and sensuous. His eyes darkened with smoldering intent. Yet instincts warned Lacey that Chase was just as dangerous now as he had been a moment ago, in anger. She tried to jerk the reins from his hands, suddenly afraid she was about to find out what the cowboy way was.

"Let go." Misty moved nervously beneath her, obviously sensing her growing panic.

In the blink of an eye his expression changed. "Not until you listen to what I have to say."

"You can’t bully me, Chase." The wind blew at her loose hair, and she reached up impatiently to wipe it out of her eyes. "I won’t let you."

He reared back his head and laughed at her comment. "And how do you propose to stop me? I could do anything I want to you right now and you wouldn’t be able to stop me."

Lacey tightened her lips in frustration, even while the thought of what that something could be caused a tingle of excitement to zing through her. As his hard mouth curved upwards in a crooked smile that was sexy as sin, she wished she could wipe that arrogant expression off his rugged face. He was so sure of himself. The look in his eyes told her to go ahead and try. Well, she’d taken self defense lessons a few years back and wasn’t as helpless as he thought.

"Then maybe you should have warned me about you, this morning!" She jerked on the reins again, harder this time. When he wouldn’t release them Lacey reached out and slapped him across the cheek. She caught her breath, realizing a man like Chase might strike back. He didn’t look the type to turn the other cheek, or ignore a challenge. Their eyes clashed in silent battle.

Then without warning he reached forward and pulled her from her horse and into his arms. His gaze dropped to her mouth before returning to her eyes. "I think you need to be taught a lesson."

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Unleashed by Ericka Scott

Buy your copy today!


Trade Paperback (The Werewolf Whisperer and Unleashed - two incredible stories in one volume!)

Unleashed by Ericka Scott

The man beside her shifted and twitched in his sleep. Serena O’Toole rolled over and snuggled against his side. She studied his profile and a warm rush of desire washed over her. Asleep, Jackson looked so normal, yet she’d never met a more complicated man. Once a member of a notorious Los Angeles gang, he had turned his life around and became part of the solution. A cop. To look at him, with three-day stubble covering his strong chin and his overlong dark hair, he didn’t resemble a typical officer of the law. Especially not a small town sheriff. But then Eclipse was a most unconventional town.

Several years ago, a government experiment went awry when one of the test subjects, Ben Rawlings, escaped and began infecting civilians. Once Ben had been recaptured, the government segregated him and his victims in a tiny town built in the middle of the Mojave Desert. Unfortunately, Ben had again escaped from quarantine. The danger of his escape pushed the CDC to accelerate their research on the reversal, and they were now closer to finding a cure.

So far, Serena had managed to escape infection, but lately she’d been dancing close to the fire. As a professional dog trainer, it was proving impossible for her to resist trying out her skills on the biggest dog of them all—the werewolf.

She had been able to get some of the members of the pack to obey her commands, but she’d made little-to-no progress with Jackson. Of course, she conducted the training from behind the safety of a wire fence. The true test of her ability would have to be done out in the open, with the werewolves running wild. If something were to go wrong…

Shaking off the negative thoughts, Serena went back to studying her lover. His eyes dashed rapidly back and forth under his eyelids as he dreamed. His legs twitched and he tossed his head a little. What did he dream about? Did he dream as a man, or as a wolf? Could dreams be guided, influenced by an external stimulus? Well, it sure would be interesting to find out.

With a slight smile, Serena ran her hand across his chest. He sighed but didn’t wake up. She finger-walked further down his torso until she encountered the crisp curls of his pubic hair. His cock hardened when she touched it, but a quick glance at his face assured her that he still slept. With soft touches, she stroked him to full arousal, then inched her way down the bed until her face hovered over his erection. She opened her mouth and as she was about to engulf him, a hand on the back of her head gave her a push of encouragement.

“Hey,” she protested.

Jackson just laughed and kept her pinned. His chuckle faded to a groan as she set to work teasing him with her tongue, lips, and teeth. To add torment to the teasing, she caressed his balls. She heard his breath hitch as she took him deep into her mouth.

A tug on her shoulders interrupted her. Allowing him to guide her up his body, she straddled his hips and stared down into his amber eyes. Bedroom eyes, heavy-lidded with desire.

Her breasts ached to be touched and her pussy throbbed. Leaning forward, she brushed a nipple across his lips. He sucked it deep into his mouth and sent a jolt of desire straight to her core, setting off waves of need.

While he suckled, he pinched and rolled her other nipple. Ecstasy danced around the edges of her pleasure; it would only take one thrust to push her over the edge. So, she drew out the moment, resisting the urge to mount him.

Jackson took the decision out of her hands by grasping her hips and surging up off the bed and into her. With a cry, she sank down onto him, reveling in the way he filled her. Matching him thrust for thrust, she gave herself over to the pleasure as lights flashed behind her eyelids. She heard a howl join her cry and felt him throb deep within her as he came.

She lay in his arms, enjoying the aftershocks of their orgasm. When the spasms finally subsided, she nuzzled his neck.

“I love you.”

“Love you more.” Jackson’s grip tightened on her. “You know that, right?”

Serena pulled back so she could look into his face. His expression was serious and gave her pause.

“Of course I know you love me.” She knew he did; he’d just proposed to her. Or had something changed? Was he having second thoughts?

“More than anything. If…” He took a deep breath. “I’ve been dreaming lately. When I wake up, they almost seem real. You’re standing in the moonlight and I’m torn. I’m filled with this all encompassing love for you. I know I should want to protect you. But…”


“But under all that love is a more primal desire. It takes every bit of my willpower not to attack you.” Jackson shot her an anxious look. “I’d never hurt you, not knowingly.”

Serena bit her lip. She hated keeping secrets from him. So, should she tell him about their moonlit training sessions? If she did, what would he say? Would he be angry or upset? Forbid her to continue? Or would it be better not to tell him? He thought they were dreams, so perhaps it was better to keep it that way. But, it was best to not keep secrets. Especially one where she knowingly put herself in harm’s way. If Jackson ever bit her, he would blame himself. Would he forgive her for the deception? Probably not.

Taking a deep breath, she started to confess it all when she noticed his eyes were closed and his breathing rhythmic and heavy. A quick glance confirmed that he’d already fallen asleep. She carefully extricated herself from his embrace and slipped off him. He didn’t stir when she rolled to her side of the bed.

It was a relief to have made the decision to tell him, and an even greater relief to know she didn’t have to tell him now.

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Now available: Wolfen Choice by Jamie Hill and Jude Mason

Wolfen Choice

The third book in the Untamed Heart Series

Co-authors: Jamie Hill and Jude Mason
ISBN: 978-1-907010-17-0
Genre: Paranormal Were/ Gay/ Menage a trois
Publisher: Total E-Bound

Available Now!

Purchase here

Wolfen Choice


Fire takes the life of the wolfen tribal leader, and a new leader must be found before catastrophe befalls the pack. Only Cole, young irresponsible and unattached, has felt the talisman's heat. Is he the chosen one?

Fire devastates the forest, taking the life of the wolf tribe leader and his mate. With the amulet holder dead, a new leader must be chosen. Cole is young, headstrong and enamoured of his carefree ways. He discovered the bodies, and he's the changeling who brings the amulet back to his pack.

Zane has been a convenient sex partner for Cole, who continues to resist the ties of commitment. When the men come across another pack decimated by the fire, including a beautiful female unlike any they've seen before, Cole discovers that there may be more to life than playing the field.

With dissension among the pack and an unwilling Cole who might very well be the chosen amulet holder, will the wolfen tribe find its new leader? Or will confusion, mistrust and greed destroy them all?


Chapter One

Cole sat with his back to the cliff face, naked as the day he was born. The rough stone scratched his back, the rubble under him dug into his bum. He focused on a distant point where flames had licked at the treetops, leaving nothing but blackened fingers reaching into the sky.

The fire had recently passed over the valley, leaving the territory of the wolf tribe a mixture of ashes and partially burnt foliage. If Gar hadn't been away from home, if the wind had turned the other way, Cole was sure life would have gone on as usual. Many of the small family clans had fought the flames, while some of them fled. But without Gar, the pall of death now loomed over the entire tribe.

His immediate thoughts were of his find, and the meaning behind it. The talisman. The brilliant red stone in the shape of a wolf's head, set in the centre of the gold filigree, rested in his palm. He wanted to throw it as far as his strength would allow. Instead, he tossed it into the air and snatched it back then lifted it so the sun shone through the gem, sending brilliant shards of colour across the dull, burned soil.

"What's the matter?" Zane, his friend and companion, leaned down, and reaching out tried to snatch the stone from his grasp.

Cole pulled the amulet close, unwilling to allow it to leave his hand. Cursing under his breath, he wondered why. He'd have given anything if he'd never found the damn thing—never found their tribal leader, Gar, and his mate's scorched corpses. Charred flesh and bone were all that remained and the smell was something he'd never forget, he was sure of it.

The shock and grief were still hard to bear. The ramifications of what this meant to their tribe, enormous. Cole sighed. No one would ever be able to replace Gar. Yet someone would have to try.

Shaking off his black mood , he dropped the amulet onto the pile of clothing he'd shed and grabbed hold of Zane's wrist. Pulling the pale-skinned, white haired man around, he draped him across his knees. "Nothing besides the obvious. Oh, and I'm horny." It seemed inappropriate, but Cole needed something to distract him from the horrible events that had taken place.

Zane's response was predictable, as was his own comment. "Yeah, so what else is new? Ever since I met you, your cock's been at no less than half-mast."

"Nothing wrong with that, or so you've been telling me for the past couple of weeks. No one else complains about me being hard all the time."

Zane wriggled, dragging his thighs and genitals over Cole's erection. "Like I'm complaining!" He squirmed a little more, and chuckled when Cole groaned.

"Fuck, you know how to get to me." He slid his hand over Zane's lower back and then his arse. The man's squirming took on a more determined thrust, driving his shaft hard into Cole's thigh.

"I understand how you're feeling. This whole situation is overwhelming, and you'd rather not think about it for a while longer. But you're the one who's driving us both crazy!" Zane drove his hips forward again. "Either spank me or fuck me, please!"

Grinning, Cole continued his teasing caress, sliding his palm over the firm cheeks of the man's arse and down his thighs. He nudged them apart and slipped a hand between those sturdy columns of muscle and bone, cupping the warm, round sac. "Spank you? Have you misbehaved? Do you need a spanking?" Cole was intrigued. He'd never spanked anyone before.

"For fuck's sake, just do me, would you?" Zane snarled, his temper obviously getting the best of him.

Cole loved trying new things and wasn't about to let him off so easily. He rested his free arm across the man's back, holding him in place, while continuing to toy with the hefty ball sac and the crack of his arse.

Zane's writhing grew more desperate when Cole pushed a finger against the tight rosebud nestled between his cheeks. He groaned when the finger popped inside.

"So, fucking or spanking?" Cole twisted his finger around the tight passage. His own cock shifted, pulsing under the weight of his new lover.

"Whatever you want. Fuck, spank, I don't care," Zane growled. "Just don't leave me hanging."

"And you said I was always horny. What about you and this monster you have dangling between your legs?" Popping his finger free, Cole pushed his hand between them and grabbed Zane's impressive hard-on.

"Yes," the man hissed and pumped his hips.

"Yes, you want to fuck, or yes, you want a spanking?" Cole asked, insistent. "Make a choice or you get neither."

"Fuck then, fuck me," Zane replied quickly. He raised his arse, perhaps hoping Cole would relent and slip a finger back into his tight hole.

"I think I want to spank you first."

Copyright (C) 2009 Jamie Hill and Jude Mason

~ Jamie

Erotic fiction that's
"Simply Irresistible"
Website: www.jamiehill.biz
Monthly newsletter: Simply Irresistible
Ask me about Custom Erotica Fantasies!
Ready for some Spice?

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Hungry Heart by Jamie Hill

Now available from Phaze Books:

Hungry Heart by Jamie Hill

Book Three in the Phaze Rocks: Streets of Fire series.

Captain Gil Gates is a proud member of the N.Y.P.D. and enjoys his position running a North Bronx precinct. When an incident with grave repercussions rocks the department and the whole community, Gil’s otherwise spotless record is suddenly in jeopardy.

Brian Knight is Channel Nine’s star news reporter, following the most exciting story the Bronx has seen in quite some time. In his line of work as in Gil’s, being gay no big deal unless someone finds out about it.

Brian is the sexiest guy Gil’s been with in ages, but certainly not someone he can confide in as his career spins out of control. Yet Brian offers something the department can’t—something that’s been missing from Gil’s life for too long. If only he can clear his name, and solve a double homicide while he’s at it. (m/m contemporary erotic romance)

More information or purchase here

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Song of Seduction by Ericka Scott

Now available from Cobblestone Press

There's an island in the Pacific where tropical flowers bloom, birds
chirp, and deadly sirens sing.

It's an island that charter boat captain, Yoshiko Moto, wishes she
could forget. Two years ago, the entire crew of The Orpheus was
lost. Visions of their dead bodies haunt her dreams.

Now, a research crew has hired her to take them to the island to
catch a siren. But she knows no man can resist the creatures' deadly
charms. But the trip leads to more than danger, it leads to love.
Can she save Nico Eliopoulos from the spell of the sirens?


“I’d like to charter your ship.”

“It’s a yacht,” Yoshiko Moto murmured under her breath, but she didn’t
give her visitors any other indication that she’d heard them. She’d seen
them coming up the pier. At first glance, they looked like typical
tourists or cruisers looking to sail to Australia. However, they didn’t
pause to study any of the flyers advertising the different packages
offered by the various cruise vessels. Instead, they headed straight for
her and The Orpheus.

She studied them out of the corner of her eye while she whisked the rag
across the fiberglass, the smell of bleach drying out the inside of her
nose. There were three men. The one in the lead was a small, older man
in Bermuda shorts and an ill-fitting Hawaiian shirt patterned with
purple and pink birds of paradise flowers. The second was a nerdy boy; a
very tall boy with too-long dark hair and a dreamy expression in his
eyes. He, too, wore a Hawaiian shirt, but his was decorated with large
pink flamingoes.

The last man was oh-my-God gorgeous.

He was six feet tall, with a dark olive complexion and curly black hair.
Unlike his companions, he was dressed in dark khaki slacks and a tight,
pale blue polo shirt. His eyes were hidden behind black wraparound
sunglasses. At the sight of his bulging biceps, her hormones did
cartwheels, and a punch of desire hit her low in the belly. Oh, she’d
like to take him for a ride in her boat, right here, right now.
Forget his friends.

“Excuse me,” the old man said, raising his voice. “I need to talk to you
about chartering your ship.”

“It’s a yacht. Ships are much bigger.” Despite her annoyance, her tone
didn’t hold the venom she would have liked. In fact, if anything, her
voice was breathless. Possibly a result of applying elbow grease in an
effort to remove blood stains from the deck.

It was late in April, and she hadn’t been planning on chartering The
anytime soon because she’d just gotten back from a rather
trip involving a band of pirates. As a result, she planned
to take a few days off to restock and recover.

“You’re our last hope,” the man insisted. “Please!”

The words were typical. All but the please. She glanced around. Sunshine
gleamed off the hulls of a half-dozen other charter boats at the pier.

She motioned toward the nearest one. “There are other charter boats

“Yes, but I was told you were the only one who had ever been there
before,” the man who was obviously the leader of this little group

Despite the sunshine, she shivered.

No, he couldn’t be talking about the island. Only one other person knew
about it—her ex-best friend Jenna. Six months ago, she would have sworn
Jenna wouldn’t tell a soul. But a lot had changed since then.

“We were drinking at Rick’s last night, and a woman named Jenna gave us
your name.” The man shielded his eyes from the sun. “She was
intoxicated, but I sensed she was telling us the truth. Was she?”

To lie or not to lie? In the end, she opted for the truth. She stood up
slowly, letting the kinks out of the muscles of her legs and back.
“Yeah, she was telling you the truth. But did she tell you what you’d
find there?”

“I know what I’m going to find. We’re from the School of Biology at
Stanford University. I’m Dr. Trevor Strong, and these are my research
assistants, Aaron and Nico.”

She recognized Dr. Strong’s name and felt as if her blood had suddenly
turned into a cold current when she realized what he was there for. But
she wouldn’t let on. She’d get more information by playing dumb. “Am I’m
supposed to be impressed?”

Yoshiko put what she hoped was a dubious expression on her face. Of
course, she was impressed. Just a few months ago, Dr. Strong had
gone into some unexplored area of Russia and come out leading a unicorn.
The result of his discovery had been a veritable swarm of researchers
scouring the globe for mythical creatures. It was just a matter of time
before someone turned their attention to all the tiny, unexplored
islands in the Pacific Ocean.

“I don’t have to impress you. I just have to convince you to take us to
Anthemoessa,” Dr. Strong said.

“Anthemo—where?” Yoshiko pulled a face. A small spring of hope bloomed
only to be dashed when Aaron answered in a dull, academic voice.

“Anthemoessa is the mythical island where the three sirens settled after
they were turned from handmaidens of the goddess Persephone into sirens
by her mother, Demeter. In most historical works, they’re depicted as
birds with the heads or upper bodies of woman. Sirens have voices—”

“Of angels and lure men to their deaths. Blah, blah, blah,” Yoshiko
interrupted with a shrug. The historical works were right, but only up
to a point. So these academic did know what they were looking for. But
did it really matter? They were men, and they would end up like every
other man who had come close to the island. Dead.

She eyed the professor, Aaron, and then let her gaze rest on yummy Nico.
Oh, what a waste his death would be. But if she played her cards right,
she could have a few nights of pleasure with him before they hit the

As if he knew she’d been thinking about him, Nico spoke for the first
time. He smiled, showing off his straight, white teeth. “We’re prepared
to pay whatever is necessary. So...what’s your price?”

What would he say if she told him that she’d do it for a night of sex
with him? Would he? A warm glow suffused her from head to toe, and she
lowered her eyes, hoping they didn’t notice her blush. “My standard rate
is two grand per day, one way, payable in advance.” She looked up to see
their reactions.

Dr. Strong wore a smug smile, Nico’s expression hadn’t changed, but
Aaron looked more than a little puzzled.<

“One way?” Aaron finally asked.

Yoshiko gave them a grin and a wink. “You won’t be coming back.”

Aaron visibly paled, but Dr. Strong made a tutting sound before he
chastised her. “Don’t make it sound so dire, young lady. We’re
professionals and know what we’re up against.”

She didn’t have time to stand on the deck and argue with them. They
could either take it or leave it. “I need payment by three today if
you’re paying by check. If it’s cash, I’ll take it up until midnight. We
leave at dawn.”

Ignoring her visitors, she bent to give the deck one last swipe and to
give the men an illusion of privacy to discuss her terms.

It seemed there was no discussion needed. “You’ll have the money by
midnight,” Dr. Strong assured her with a smile.

The men walked back up the pier, and Yoshiko wondered who would get the
job of dropping off her money. She hoped it would be the sexy Nico, but
truthfully, it would probably be better if it wasn’t. That didn’t keep
her from wishing though.

With a sigh, she abandoned her cleaning job. The blood stains would just
have to wait while she laid in enough supplies and equipment to get them
to the island.

* * * * *
The dining room of the Hacienda San Angel was filled with couples
holding hands, drinking fine wine, and enjoying the sunset over the
ocean. The scent of grilled sea bass from the plate in front of Nico
Eliopoulos teased his nostrils. Around him were the sounds of silverware
clinking on china and the low hum of conversation, but even the louder
voices of Trevor and Aaron across the table couldn’t distract him from
thinking about her.

Yoshiko Moto, according to the records Nico had been able to access, had
acquired the yacht after a fateful trip along the Coconut Milk Run two
years ago. The crew had perished—victims of a mutiny enacted by her
fiancé, Randall Takata. When the yacht got stuck in the doldrums,
Randall had gone completely insane and jumped overboard to his death.
Yoshiko had inherited the yacht from the captain and had been running a
charter service ever since.

It all seemed above board. In fact, Yoshiko was hailed as a local hero
since she’d foiled a band of pirates just days ago. Everyone seemed to
like and respect her. Everyone except Jenna, the woman from last night.

“I’ve done the same research on these creatures that you have,” Aaron
said. “To date, only two men have ever been known to survive their
encounters, and both are mythological. One through the intercession of a

“And the other because he was damned smart,” Trevor finished. “I think
we fall into that last category. I bought the best headphones money can
buy. Believe me. We won’t be able to hear a note.”

Aaron looked mildly relieved. Nico wished he shared his confidence in
their teacher. The only thing Trevor was smart about was taking credit
for other people’s discoveries. Nico fumed as he thought about how Dr.
Strong’s virgin research assistant, Nancy Beal, had been used to lure
the unicorn. And how she’d been killed during the beast’s capture. Her
death certainly hadn’t been written up in the science journals.

Nico’s mind wandered back to the dark-haired beauty on the pier.
Something about her had called to him, stronger than any other woman’s
lush figure ever had. Not even five feet tall, Yoshiko was slim but had
curves that had filled out her bikini in all the right places. Was it
her eyes that made her memorable? Bright green. It was an unusual color
for someone of oriental descent. Of course, their color could have been
artificially enhanced by contact lenses.

He reached up and touched the envelope in his pocket. At eleven-fifty
tonight, he’d drop off the money. Perhaps he’d see the real Yoshiko
then. If he wasn’t mistaken, he wasn’t the only one who’d felt a punch
of lust when their eyes met. Wanting to see her again, perhaps getting
the opportunity to touch her soft skin and taste her lips, was what made
him insist on taking the money to her. Not his doubts of Trevor’s

His cock hardened at the thought of seeing her. And if he didn’t get her
naked tonight, he’d have more time and opportunity to seduce her once
they were onboard.<

A touch on his arm made him jump.

Well, surprise, surprise,” a woman’s voice murmured in his ear while the
strong scent of cigarette smoke assaulted his nose.

“Jenna,” Trevor boomed. “How nice to see you again.”

“Would you like to join us?” Aaron motioned to the empty seat beside

“I sure would, honey.” Jenna slid into the seat and smiled at them. If
she hoped for a seductive look, she’d failed miserably. Her shirt was
open to give everyone an eyeful of her prodigious breasts. However, her
hair was uncombed and her eyes glazed. She didn’t reek of alcohol, so
Nico guessed drugs were her substance of choice tonight. Probably bought
with the hundred dollars Trevor had paid her for the information last

“So, did you talk to Yoshiko?” Jenna asked. She reached over and picked
up Nico’s untouched glass of wine.

“Yes. We’re leaving at dawn tomorrow,” Aaron replied.

“So, she agreed to take you? Wow, I’m surprised.”

“Why?” Nico asked.

“Well, because you’re men, and the last man she took there, well…” She
wore a bitter, resentful look on her face.

“Well?” Trevor asked when the pause went on a beat too long.

Jenna shrugged. “Nothing.” She turned to Nico with a too-bright smile.
“So, since it’s your last night here in Mexico, can I show you boys a
good time?” She waggled her eyebrows suggestively.

Nico shook his head, but to his disbelief, both Aaron and Trevor nodded
and smiled. Well, to each his own.

Folding his napkin, Nico excused himself from the table. A look of
disappointment crossed Jenna face, but she turned back to the other two
with a fixed smile when Trevor refilled her glass of wine.

He made his way across the dining room and out into the cool night air.

The pier was well lit by lanterns. Although it was hours earlier than
he’d intended to deliver the money, he decided to get the task over with
and then turn in. Dawn would come early, and he still had to pack and
prepare for the expedition.

As he neared The Orpheus, he paused. There was a horrific sound
coming from somewhere, an odd tuneless humming that set his teeth on
edge. He inched closer to the yacht and grimaced. The sound came from

“Ahoy?” he called.

If anything, the humming got louder.

Nico looked up and down the pier. No one else was around. Was Yoshiko
hurt? He climbed up the ladder and walked across the deck. He mounted
the short ladder and peered up into the flybridge. It was empty. He
lowered himself back down to the deck, and his tennis shoes were silent
as he crept around. All the windows were covered, so he couldn’t peer
into the living quarters. But whoever made that God-awful racket was in
***************copyright 2009 Ericka Scott
Ericka Scott

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VAMPIRE 101 - New from Paige Tyler!

Vampire 101, the first book in my Modern Day Vampires Series and a smokin' hot, new paranormal erotic romance is now out! It's available from Whiskey Creek Press Torrid! I'm so psyched!

Being a Vampire Isn't What It Used to Be!

Savanna Royce is a weekend Goth-girl who has always been fascinated with vampires. She doesn’t really believe in them, of course, but that changes when she is bitten by a rogue vamp and left for dead.
Fortunately, two-hundred-and-seventy-eight-year-old vampire Kaige Travers is there to rescue her. Unwilling to let her die, he turns Savanna into a vampire to save her life, not knowing if she’ll thank him or hate him for it.
While Kaige is teaching Savanna what she needs to know about being a vampire, neither of them can deny the chemistry that’s there. Somewhere between getting her registered at the local vampire admin office and teaching her how to order blood on the internet, they fall for each other, fast and hard.
Just as things are heating up between the sheets – and everywhere else – they encounter one minor problem. The rogue vampire who attacked her is back and this time, he wants to finish the job he started.


Heart hammering in her chest, Savanna lifted her head to see a tall, dark-haired man coming into the room. Even as fuzzy as she was, there was no mistaking those rugged good looks. He was the guy she remembered leaning over her.

“You’re awake,” he said. “That’s good.”

His voice was deep and velvety, just like she remembered. Savanna jumped to her feet and she backed away from him on wobbly legs.

“Who are you?” she demanded. “Where am I?”

The man held up his hand in a placating gesture. “Just take it easy. I’m not going to hurt you,” he said. “My name is Kaige Travers, and you’re in my house.”

Savanna’s eyes narrowed suspiciously. What the heck kind of name was Kaige, anyway?Probably fake. “Why did you bring me here?” she asked, not bothering to return the introduction.

Kaige regarded her thoughtfully for a moment. “How much do you remember about what happened at the Goth club?” he asked.

Savanna’s pulse began to race. He couldn’t possibly be referring to that crazy stuff from her dream. “What are you talking about?”

He hesitated. “You were attacked. I had to bring you here to save your life.”

She frowned. “What do you mean, you brought me here to save my life? Why didn’t yo
just take me to a hospital? What kind of attack?”

“The hospital wouldn’t have been able to do any-thing for you,” Kaige said. “That guy who dragged you into the alley…he was a…you were…” He sighed. “You were bitten by a vampire.”

Savanna stared at him in disbelief. Okay, that did it. No more Goth clubs for her. She might like to dress all in black and pretend that vampires really did exist, but she knew enough to separate fantasy from reality. Unlike the handsome, but obviously insane, Kaige Travers.

“Look,” he said. “I know it sounds crazy, but –”

“It doesn’t just sound crazy, it is crazy!” she snapped. “Vampires aren’t real.”

Kaige folded his arms across his broad chest. “Actually, they are.”

She laughed. “Right. Next you’ll be telling me that I’m a vampire because I got bitten by one. Sorry, but I think you have your vampire and werewolf lore mixed up. In order to become a vampire, a person has to have their blood drained, and then they have to drink the blood of the vampire who bit them. Are you telling me that the guy who bit me gave me his blood?”

The muscle in Kaige’s jaw flexed. “The vampire who bit you left you to die. I was the one who turned you.”

Savanna blinked. “You?” she said incredulously.

He nodded. “After I chased the other vampire off, I gave you my blood.”

“Please tell me you’re joking,” she said.

“It was the only way to save your life,” he said.

Savanna’s stomach churned. It was one thing to think vampires were sexy, but the idea of drinking blood was too disgusting for words. She swallowed hard. “So, you’re telling me that you’re a vampire?”

He nodded. “Yes.”

“Riiiiiight,” she said, drawing the word out. “Look, no offense. I mean you’re hot and everything, but you’re definitely not vamp material. Take it from me, I know.” She picked up her evening purse from the bedside table. “Now, if you don’t mind, I’m going to go ahead and leave.”

Alarm flickered in Kaige’s golden brown eyes. “You can’t leave yet. You’re still weak. You need more blood.”

Savanna made a face at that, her stomach churning again. “What I need is a shower and a cup of coffee.”

Giving Kaige a wide berth, she headed for the door. As she did so, she glanced at her reflection in the mirror over the dresser and immediately stopped when she saw the puckered red scars on her neck. She reached up to lightly run her fingers over them.

“Now do you believe me?” Kaige asked.

He had moved across the room to stand behind her and she met his gaze in the mirror. She was tall, but even in the high-heeled boots she was wearing, the top of her head didn’t quite reach his chin.

She lifted her own a fraction of an inch. “No. If I were a vampire, I wouldn’t have a reflection. Neither would you.”

He muttered something she didn’t catch under his breath. “You’ve been watching too many movies. Of course we have a reflection. We’re vampires, not ghosts.”

Savanna spun around to face him. “You’ve got an answer for everything, don’t you?”

His mouth quirked. “But unfortunately none of them seem to be enough to make you believe me.”

“Because what you’re talking about is crazy,” she told him. “Vampires don’t exist.”

Kaige lifted a brow. “You certainly seem to know a lot about vampires considering you don’t believe in them,” he said, folding his arms over his chest again.

Savanna felt her face color. “Just because I’m into vampires, that doesn’t mean I think they’re real. Or that you’re one of them.”

His eyes narrowed. “What if I could give you proof?”

“What kind of proof?” she said.

Kaige didn’t answer, but simply opened his mouth. As she watched, his canines elongated before her very eyes, and then retracted.

Savanna backed up until she hit the dresser. Holy crap! “Where the heck did you find a dentist to do that?”

He clenched his jaw. “I didn’t have a dentist do it. I’m a vampire. They come with the title.”

She chewed on her lower lip. This guy really believed what he was saying, she realized. And while the fangs did look sexy as hell on him, the whole thing was still way too weird even for her.

“I’m out of here,” she said, heading for the door.

He followed her down the hall. “Look I won’t stop you from leaving, but if you start feeling weak, you need to come back here immediately.”

She glanced over her shoulder at him as she hurried down the stairs. “Oh, sure thing. I’ll do that.”

“And watch out for the sun,” he said when she yanked open the front door.

She turned to give him a superior look. “Let me guess. Because I’ll burst into flames, right?”

His mouth tightened. “No, but you will get one hell of a nasty sunburn faster than you ever thought possible.”

Savanna just shook her head. The guy might be gorgeous, she thought as she closed the door behind her, but he was also completely certifiable!


5 Cherries from Whipped Cream Reviews!
"Absolutely delightful and wickedly tempting, Ms Tyler has put a new spin on the vampire curse giving it a fresh look. Filled with deliciously sinful love scenes written to set the sheets on fire and characters that will make your mouth water and leave your eagerly flipping to the next page to see what happens next. Guaranteed to tease the senses, push you to the brink and leave you squirming in your seat!"

Read Chapter One!

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"Stories so hot, they'll make your cheeks blush!"


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