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Author: Susanne Marie Knight

Genre: Science Fiction Romance

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Naressa, a native of the Earth colony on Alpheratz 3, is chosen at the last minute be the communications officer on an exploratory mission to a planet in the Southern Cross sector. Her hidden ability to receive and translate alien thoughts is the reason for this decision. Now aboard the Nautilus, she’s met with hostility... and something else... by Kurt Stone, the starship’s CO who is annoyed that she replaced his on-again-off-again lover. She also receives messages from a powerful... and amorous alien leader, Mavolian, telling her to “come to him.” Naressa has no interest in forming a love connection with anyone, however Mavolian is determined and Kurt is smitten by her. Will she be able to give up her freedom for the boundaries of love?


Years ago, Kurt Stone left the endless routine of his homestead in the Greater Dakotas for the excitement and danger of interstellar space. He excels at his job and pursues his goal of obtaining a captaincy. On a treacherous mission to explore a uninhabited planet, Acrux 4--a twin of Earth--he meets an unusual female, Naressa, native to an Earth colony that has an excessive amount of the element Xenon in its atmosphere. As it turns out, Acrux 4 also is abundant in Xenon. As Kurt fights his attraction to her, he has to endure watching as the powerful alien leader, Mavolian, makes a play for Naressa. Can Kurt set his jealously aside and convince her to be with him for always?

Scene Set-Up:

As Chief of Operations Kurt Stone processes the new crew assigned to the Nautilus starship for an important interstellar mission, he looks forward to resuming his relationship with one of the officers, Wilda Carr. However, someone else walks through the door.


Kurt watched as the navigator left. The next crewmember through the doors would be the last one to board. Wilda Carr. Only Wilda would do for him.

He heard sounds coming from the corridor. Closer... closer... Hell, his dick twitched and he almost started salivating.

In walked--

He blinked. In walked a diaphanously beautiful young woman with hair the color of a rich autumn sun; her eyes sparkled like cat eyes, dichroic with two distinct colors of green and amber; and her lips pouted... softly pink, softly plump, softly glossy, softly kissable.

Hell. He couldn’t help but stare.

The woman wasn’t in uniform. Instead she wore puce colored leggings that stopped short of her elegantly slim ankles. Her long sleeved blouse was covered by a thin strapped, flared out overshirt.

She was, in a word, gorgeous.

“So sorry I’m late.” Her incredible gaze darted from the Captain to Kurt. “I rushed over as fast as I could. My ship just landed.”

Kurt lifted an eyebrow. “Your ship from?”

“From Alpheratz 3. You know, the lucky planet?”

Alpheratz 3? Alpheratz was a binary star, 97 light-years from Sol, in the constellation of Andromeda. This woman couldn’t possibly be from...

After re-checking his personnel roster, Kurt set his fists on his hips. “Who the devil are you?”


Naressa huffed. She actually huffed. This was the welcome she’d traveled 97 light-years to receive?

She couldn’t help but huff again. The urgent request from SolSpace had been received just over two months ago. Drop everything, she was told, and hop a freighter over to Earth’s satellite to then journey on the Nautilus to the remote star system Crux, in the area of the galaxy known as the Southern Cross.

The Southern Cross was, of course, a constellation as viewed from Earth, not Alpheratz 3.

She rubbed her throbbing temple. She didn’t need this. She especially didn’t need this Earthman’s disdain.

Running her gaze over the man’s pleasing width of shoulders, his obvious six-pack under the uniform’s formfitting shirt, and his handsome face scruffy with unshaven bristles, she then turned to the other man. The older man had five bands on his uniform sleeve; he was the one in charge, not Mr. Who-The-Devil-Are You?

“Sir.” Focusing on the Captain, she controlled her voice and ignored the angry bull almost snorting with his disapproval standing by the Captain’s side. “Reporting from Alpheratz 3, sir. I’m Naressa.”

“Naressa what?” The four-bands-on-his-uniform man narrowed his gaze as he dissected her.

Then he folded his muscular arms across his wide chest, loudly broadcasting contempt and something else... something mysterious, something primitive. 

Ouch. Her head pounded as if it was splitting in two. In her haste to board the Nautilus, she’d forgotten to wear her blocking cap. She unfortunately felt every thought from this crew, every electrical charge, every magnetic vibration sent out into the ether.

By the stars, this was definitely worse than traveling through black holes.

Taking a deep inhale, she then turned her head to look directly into that impudent man’s dark brown, compelling eyes. “Since the Human population on Alpheratz 3 is very limited, all colonists go by the last name of Alpheratz. So, I am Naressa Alpheratz,... sir.”


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Susanne Marie Knight

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