Secrets and Sacrifices - Historical Romance

Secrets and Sacrifices by Diane Wylie

Diane Wylie's latest Civil War romance, "Secrets and Sacrifices," published by Vintage Romance Publishing (, is now available. The following is from the back cover:

The Confederate army is starving and badly in need of clothing. Add to that the mounting numbers of battle casualties, a lack of medical supplies, and army surgeon, Captain Daniel Reid, of the Twenty-Fifth Virginia, knows he has to take action, no matter the consequences.

Charlotte Garrett loses her husband and her identity when she takes on the guise of a Southern soldier. Learning to march, fight, and even spit like a man is to be expected. But what she doesn’t expect to find is a situation that leads her into the arms of a new man and into big, big trouble with the North and South!

The reviewers have this to say:

Diane M. Wylie’s debut novel, My Enemy, My Love was a runaway success. Once again, this author’s solid research and talent for creating a believable, heart-warming romantic tale will transport her many fans back to the foundation of America’s unique spirit in Secrets and Sacrifices. In the name of love, a young woman fought for her country, but the pain and passion of Charlie’s journey will change many lives.

5 Angels from Fallen Angels Reviews

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