Jaded Beasts At Midnight Showcase!

Jaded Beasts 6 - Secret Order of the Boar by Kara Andrews


Jonin Lee runs the SOB (Secret Order of the Boar), a group of people dedicated to following the ancient Chinese Daoist religion. To reach enlightenment, he intends to turn his followers into boars. He's discontent with his life as a launch engineer in a corporate-driven world and wants to change his future. That is...until he meets Sabine Morgan who treats him like a swine.

Sabine isn't at SOB to make friends, nor to become a member. She wasn't even born in the year of the Boar, but the year of the Tiger. She needs to uncover the truth about Jonin and report back to her boss at the space center. But Sabine can't help but be attracted to the charming, passionate, Jonin. In a mission to return Earth back to the people, she must find the key and search for the pig.

Jonin wants to reside on the space station, and in order to have his application accepted, he must do the impossible -- get the tigress to accept him. At one of his meetings, he falls for a woman so unlike the tigress he so wants to love. As he learns the mysteries surrounding him, he's entwined in a plot to bring the corporation down.

Sabine knows Jonin is the key, and now on the night when all her plans will come to light, she has to warn her lover or lose all. She doesn't want to lose the one man who makes her feel sexy, makes her laugh, and actually listens to her...possibly even loves her for any reason. But can she honestly love a boar?


Enchantment ~ Lizzie T. Leaf
Excitable ~ Leigh Ellwood
Prophecy of the Boar ~ Mila Ramos

To purchase and for more information:

Erotic-ahh Digest Vol 06-30
ISSN1-1555-5496 Vol,06-30
Words: 70,169
Ebook Formats $4.00, Print $13.47
Erotic-ahh Varying levels, IR &
MR, Paranormal, Dragons,
Shapshifters, Wolves

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