Lady Lightkeeper by Nikki Leigh (Book Two of the Misty Cove Series)

The second book in my historic Misty Cove series was released in e-book format on January 1, 2007. What an awesome way to start the new year :)

This is the back cover blurb for my latest book -

Lady Light Keeper (Misty Cove Series - Book Two)
Lizbeth is a woman of uncommon strength and determination and that's one of the things that her husband William, loves about her. When an unexpected turn of events cuts Lizbeth's happiness short, that strength is tested in ways she never imagined. Her children are growing up in a time and place where death and loss are a common part of life.
While she struggles with her own fears, she must help her children find their way through an uncertain future. Lizbeth keeps an almost obsessive vigil from the lighthouse catwalk. This makes her the ideal choice for the new lightkeeper for the Stormy View lighthouse. She must decide if she's ready to move forward. Misty Cove residents are concerned about whether Duncan, the assistant lightkeeper, is hiding a dark secret? What long-buried secrets will challenge Lizbeth as she makes the journey through the pages of Lady Lightkeeper?

Widow's Walk is the first book in the series and it is available in e-book and print book. This is the back cover blurb for Widow's Walk -

Widow's Walk - Book One of the Misty Cove Series by Nikki Leigh
First in a series of three. Days before her wedding, in October 1841, Lizbeth climbs to the widows walk atop her home, with her fiancé. They search the dark and stormy horizon for her father's fishing boat and Lizbeth notices the darkened lighthouse on the point. In such a violent storm, her father and the other men from Misty Cove need the lighthouse to guide their boats safely into harbor.
In the morning and the lighthouse lamps shine out, but it's too late. Death had come in the stormy night and the community is devastated by loss. Is love enough for Lizbeth to overcome the needless death of her father? Mourning and an investigation into the light's failure delay the wedding. When, at last, Lizbeth and William pledge their love, will they find happiness?
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Meg Allison said...

What a gorgeous cover! I so love lighthouses. This novel sounds great. :)

Cindy K. Green said...

I really want to read your Outer Banks novels. They sound wonderful.

Nikki Leigh said...

I have featured lighthouses in all my books so far. I love them too and its great to have a reason to research them. The first Outer Banks book is available in ebook format now and should be print by spring. The cover for that one is an original painting :) I'll post something about it next week :)

Nikki Leigh