NEW: Sail Away by Lee Rowan

Sail Away by Lee Rowan
Linden Bay Romance Trilogy No. 109
Please note: Captain's Courtship & See Paris and Live are conventional, m/f romances; Castaway is m/m

The Captain’s Courtship
For Cynthia Lancaster and Captain Paul Smith, it’s love at first sight, but Cynthia has been promised to her father’s protégé, the lackluster Mr. Evelyn Humboldt. A lengthy courtship is what’s expected, but will Paul have enough time to claim his ladylove and get back to port to take command of the Seahorse? There seems to be more than one revolution brewing in the American colonies!

See Paris and Live
Christopher St. John hadn’t planned on staying in Paris, but then he met the unforgettable Zoë Colbert. Unable to pull himself away, Christopher loses his heart to Zoë and finds himself embroiled in the turmoil of the French Revolution. Will passion save them from the ravages of war, or lead them down a path of inescapable danger?

In a time when their love is forbidden and a place where privacy is impossible, the love between Lieutenants David Archer and William Marshall has remained hidden, even from each other. But when a terrible storm at sea leaves the two stranded on a desert island where their fantasies are just within reach, will they be able to deny their desires, or will their true feelings be revealed?

These stories feature characters from the Ransom universe.
SexualContent : (S) Sensual - (EX) Extremely Sensual
Book Length : 148 pages $5.99

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