ShadowsForge 2: Trials on Tour

ShadowsForge 2: Trials on Tour –

ShadowsForge - This is a warning. This is to let you know that you've been a thorn in my side for far too long. I have had to put up with my lady gushing over you for the last four years now, and I've had enough of it. It was bad enough before you came through my city but since you did, I've given a lot of thought to ending your career permanently. I wanted to give you a sporting chance by letting you know that your days are numbered.

Travel with ShadowsForge as they continue the Ethereal Edge Tour, spending two explosive weeks at venues throughout the United Kingdom. Join Ty Synclair and his band mates, Geoff Richards, Jordan Cantrell, Jon Wiles, and Brian Cummings as they tour their homeland, trying to stay one step ahead of danger.

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