Sitting Together: Romantic Lesbian Erotica by Giselle Renarde
Yes, it’s true: Brenda is still a virgin. At 26, she’s never even kissed a girl! She’s half in love with divorced Dee, who’s still hung up on her ex-husband, but Dee only sees Brenda as a free babysitter. It’s Silken, Brenda’s friend from the office, who wants everything that’s reserved for Dee. But when Silken makes her feelings known, will Brenda go with the flow or run a mile?



“Have you kissed a girl?”

That was the most embarrassing question anyone could possibly ask. Brenda pressed her palms into her eye sockets and groaned.

“Should I take that as a no?”

Brenda nodded without removing her hands from her eyes.

“Well then you deserve the rest of this ice cream.”

“Thanks.” She went at it.

“No wonder you’re so scared. If you’ve never even kissed a girl you must be freaking out that you won’t know how.”

“I won’t know how!”

“Yes you will,” Silken said, taking on a maternal tone. “It’s not that hard.”

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Revisiting the Murder Mystery Romance: THE DUPLICITOUS DIVORCE (PG excerpt)

THE DUPLICITOUS DIVORCE--Book Three in the Minx Tobin Murder Mystery Series

Author: Susanne Marie Knight

Genre: Murder Mystery Romance

Price: $1.99 electronically

Buy Link:
Available electionically at:

Visit to see a trailer of THE DUPLICITIOUS DIVORCE.

Minx’s involvement with an unhappy newlywed turns deadly... for the bride and for Minx.

Minx Tobin’s latest client, Magda Boswell, complains that her new husband wants her dead.  But maybe it’s the old husband Magda should worry about.  Or the first husband’s new wife.  Then again, Magda’s longstanding boyfriend isn’t too devoted, either.  Minx gets mixed up in convoluted marital problems that just might end up in death... for her.

Homicide lieutenant Gabe Harris can’t believe his good luck.  Not only does he win $20,000 but more important, he persuades Minx to take a chance on him.  But when Minx gets involved in another murder case, he finds the odds for her survival are not in her favor.

Scene Set-Up:
Minx unexpectedly runs into Homicide Lieutenant Gabe Harris while visiting Las Vegas. Their mutual attraction goes up a notch!

Gabe pushed his chair away from the table, then stood. “I’ve got an early start tomorrow, so I’d better get going. I’ll walk you to your hotel room, Minx.”

“Oh.” Drat, had her disappointment sounded in her voice?

He helped her up from her chair. “When are you leaving Vegas?”

“Sadie and I drive back sometime tomorrow afternoon. What about you?”

“I fly out tomorrow night.”

When they entered the hotel, the cool air-conditioning bit at her. He must’ve noticed her shudder for he placed his arm around her nearly bare shoulders.

She sank back against him, grateful for his warmth and for the solid feel of him.

They both were quiet as they rode up to the seventh floor in the Century elevators.

All too soon they stood by her hotel room. Minx eyed the door and gulped down her nervousness. Should she invite him inside? What if Sadie was already in bed?

Minx glanced up at him with her invitation pasted on her lips.

He stretched his arm out to the doorframe, then leaned in close to her. “I’ll say good-night now, Minx, with one stipulation.” He was so close, they shared the same air.

“Stipulation?” she repeated. Her voice sounded husky to her ears.

“Mmm.” He trailed his lips over the shell of her ear.

Whoa. She almost died from the sheer pleasure of it.

“Yeah, and the stipulation is that you’ll go out with me as soon as possible.” He nibbled his way down the length of her neck. “Tomorrow’s out, but what about Monday night?”

Her knees buckled and her heart pounded. It took all her willpower to focus on the physical act of speaking.

“Um, Mon-Monday’s fine.”

“Good. I’ll call you.” Gabe brushed his lips against hers, then pulled away. “Now don’t forget.”

As if she could!

He turned around, walked down the corridor and into the waiting open elevator. Only when the elevator doors swished closed, did Minx move from her position.

Good God, that man was sex personified. Wiping sudden perspiration from her forehead, she slipped her card key into the door and stumbled into her room.


Hope you enjoy!

Susanne Marie Knight

Read outside the box: award-winning Romance Writing With A Twist

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Where Rainbows End by AnneMarie Brear

Where Rainbows End

“I’m not a man, but that won’t stop me. Just you wait and see.”
It’s 1850 and the Noble family have arrived in Australia to start a new life after scandal drove them from their native England. Headstrong Pippa Noble is determined to reclaim their honour by making her father’s plans for a successful stud farm a reality.
Pippa is immediately spellbound by the untamed outback landscape, although she learns the hard way about the unforgiving nature of the bush – sometimes with devastating consequences. When circumstance leads to Pippa tending the new farm alone, it is the steadfast friendship of neighbouring country estate owner Gil Ashford-Smith that helps her through.
Then an unexpected visitor from England arrives, putting Pippa’s dreams in jeopardy. But she refuses to let go. She will hold onto her family’s land and make her mark, even if it means losing everything else …

‘Miss Noble!’
She whipped around at the urgency in Robson’s voice and blanched at the strain on his face. He skidded to a stop in front of her and pointed to the ridge. ‘Bushfire. From the west. I’ve sent Colin to saddle a horse and ride up to the road to see how far away it is. But we must prepare.’
Pippa’s mouth went dry. ‘Bush … Bushfire?’
Esther hurried back to them, her hand clasped against her chest. ‘Oh, my dear lord. What will we do?’
Robson took off his hat and scratched his head, his expression revealing his concern. ‘We must fill every bucket and wet down the buildings, starting with the grain store. I’ve already got Peter and Barney digging a hole to bury feed and harnesses. The water in the creek is too low to last for long. We’ll need to put valuables in the sawpit and cover it with wet sacking.’
Pippa’s mind went blank. He talked too fast for her to absorb his meaning. ‘Robson, please, what are you saying?’
He took a deep breath and then glanced away sharply as Colin galloped across the valley floor, the hoof beats thundering. ‘Miss, try to understand. If the fire gets into the valley, it’ll wipe out everything in its path. We must bury what we can. Once the fire reaches, if it reaches the valley ridge, we’ll all have to escape from the other side, and there’s no track there, so we can’t take the wagon. I’ll get the horses saddled. The ladies must pack only lightly.’
‘Escape?’ Esther swayed just as Hilary and Davy joined them.
Running his hands through his hair, Robson’s eyes implored Pippa to take action.
But she couldn’t move or think clearly. Bushfire. Escape. ‘It it may not even come this way, Robson.’
‘I hope to God it doesn’t, miss.’
She swallowed, but her throat was suddenly dry. ‘But you think it will?’
He looked up at the large gum trees, their top branches swaying in the warm breeze. ‘If the wind doesn’t change, the fire will sweep over that ridge and head straight for us.’
‘But it’s not summer yet. You said bushfires came in January or February.’
‘Miss, we’ve had very little rain, and dead grass will burn whether it be the middle of winter or summer. We were spared fires last year, but all it takes is one spark to set the bush alight, and this wind will not help us.’ He shifted from foot to foot. ‘Please, miss, we cannot waste time talking. We must prepare—’
‘What of the horses? The mares are due to foal within weeks, they mustn’t be scared into bolting.’
‘I’ll get Peter to take them to the far side of the valley. If the fire breaks the ridge, he’ll take them out and head towards Mittagong.’ He gave another nervous glance at the widening plume of smoke on the horizon. ‘Please, Miss Noble, we need to act now.’
‘Yes, go. Do what must be done.’ Pippa waved him away and turned to her family. On seeing their scared and worried expressions, she hid her fear and straightened her shoulders. ‘Come, we must do as Robson says. Pack lightly or bury what you cannot carry. Quickly, now!’
As the others turned and ran back to the house, her mother stepped forward and gripped Pippa’s arm. ‘This valley, the stud, is all we have, Pippa.’
‘Yes, Mother.’ Distracted, Pippa nodded, looking beyond her towards the scurrying men.
Esther’s hand clenched Pippa’s arm like a vice. ‘No, listen to me!’
Pippa stared at her, shocked.
‘You must not let all that we have slip from our grasp. Not now we are finally finding our way out of the depths of despair. I’d not survive another disappointment.’
‘I promise I won’t let that happen.’
Her mother’s gaze remained fixed on hers. ‘If we lose the stud, that will be the end of us. The Nobles will be finished forever.’
‘I know. I’ll do everything I can to prevent it. Trust me.’ She kissed her mother’s cheek and gently pushed her in towards the house. ‘Go help pack. Take only the most important things and hurry!’
Robson, bless him, sprang into action. He ran about issuing orders that everyone instantly obeyed; even her mother showed extreme courage and did as she was told without complaint.
Pippa knew all kinds of fear. The fear of being turned out of their house when her father squandered their money, the fear of being unloved and rejected by Grant, the fear of being in the middle of a vast ocean on an insignificant ship. Yet nothing eclipsed the fear she was experiencing now.
The terror seemed tangible, as though she could taste it, reach out and touch it. She wasn’t one to panic and hated being vulnerable, but as the wind carried the smell of smoke and the sound of crackling wood, her throat closed up through pure dread.
Astounded by the enormity of losing everything she’d worked for and dreamed of, Pippa stood trance-like, unable to move or think. The noise and confusion around her dimmed.
‘Pip.’ Davy tugged at her skirts, his face pale.
For a long moment she stared at him. She didn’t realise she was frightening him until his bottom lip quivered.
‘Will we die, Pip?’
Wrenched out of her daze, she blinked as his words sank in. ‘No … No, darling.’ His hand inched into hers and she squeezed it tight. ‘We’ll be fine. I’ll take care of you.’
A shout made her jump. Colin rode like the devil towards them, waving his hat in the air. Everyone stilled and then quickly joined Pippa and Davy near the creek as Colin pulled up his horse to a skittering halt before them.
‘Well?’ Robson demanded, his body tense as he ran towards them.
Colin winced as he swallowed, his lips dry and face coated with dust. ‘It’s heading this way about four or five miles from here, maybe a mile more, but that’s all.’ He sagged in the saddle. ‘It’s coming from the direction of the Merediths’ property.’
Time froze for a second and then everyone started talking at once.
Millie stared in horror at Pippa. ‘Oh, no. Amelia and the baby, and Douglas.’
‘They might be safe. Don’t worry.’ Pippa patted her arm and then looked to Robson for direction.
‘It’s closer than I thought.’ He frowned, rubbing his fingertips across his forehead. ‘Right, we’ve got to leave the valley now. Colin, bring the work horses here for the ladies to ride.’
‘Can we not fight the fire, Robson?’ Pippa felt her heart would explode from the pain of losing it all. ‘I mean, we’ve got water at our feet. Can we not—’
‘Miss, a few buckets of water will not stand up to a bushfire. You’ve never seen one before. It’s a wild beast feasting and growing in front of your very eyes. There’s no stopping it.’
Her frustration burst into anger. ‘I will not lose this place! I will stay and fight.’
‘Don’t be silly, Pippa,’ Millie scoffed, returning to her side with a large canvas bag bulging with clothes. She took Davy’s hand. ‘We’ll do as Robson says. We must get out of harm’s way. Nothing is worth putting yourself in danger.’
A rifle shot echoed across the valley, sending birds screeching from the trees.
Pippa wheeled around to stare at their entrance into the valley, but no vehicle or horseman came dashing out of the trees at the base.
Robson scanned the slopes, shading his eyes with his hand as the sun burnt down relentlessly. ‘Someone needs help. It’s a signal.’
A shiver of trepidation ran down Pippa’s back. ‘Father,’ she whispered.
‘No!’ Esther jerked. ‘He’s in Berrima.’
Hilary, eyes wide, stepped closer to her mother. ‘But what if he had started to journey home?’

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Promo: Revisiting THE RELUCTANT LANDLORD (PG excerpt)

A Regency Romance Family Favorite!


Author: Susanne Marie Knight

Genre: Regency

Available electronically at,, and Wings ePress

Price: $3.99

Buy link:
Available electronically at:

Impoverished Katrina Jones is determined to earn a living by pursuing a career. Her landlord, The Earl of Udall, has other ideas for her. Can she set aside her fears about marriage and learn that trust goes hand in hand with love?

Quentin Thornhill, the Earl of Udall, is used to having his own way. When the delightful Katrina inadvertently thwarts his plans to install his latest mistress at his newly-won lodging, he begins to realize that not all females are as devious as the women he has known. Can he overcome his cynicism and give his heart to this young and innocent silhouettist?

Scene Set-Up:
The Earl of Udall is inconvenienced when he finds Katrina and her great aunt living in the rental house that he just won. He arrogantly believes Katrina will take his money and go elsewhere.

Reaching into his waistcoat, Lord Udall pulled out a small blue pouch. So intent was he with the pouch, that he did not notice he also pulled out a black velvet box. It dropped to the uncarpeted floor without making a sound.

Katrina pointed to the box. "You drop--"

"These guineas will reimburse you for any hardships you believe you have suffered." The Earl jiggled the blue sack.

With a shrug, he threw the pouch next to her feet.

He obviously thought his business was concluded, for he strode to a looking-glass on the wall, then adjusted his cravat.

Katrina narrowed her gaze. So Lord Udall thought he had disposed of her, hmmn? Neatly bribing her so that he could install his latest mistress at this address. Taking a look at her mother's portrait, Katrina straightened her shoulders. I think not.

Picking up the coin sack, she sauntered over to the Earl. After rearranging his cravat, he realigned the stripes on the painted buttons of his tail-coat.

She raised her gaze. Faith, what a dandy!

Preoccupied with his image, he did not see her. She hurled the bag at his chest.

He flinched from the blow, then caught the coins. "What the devil!"

"Lord Udall." She gave him a smile of her own, albeit a little shaky. "I am not accepting your money for a simple reason--my great aunt and I are not leaving this house."

Balling his fists, he tightened his square jaw, giving her a stare that would quell the dead. "Indeed?"

Behind her back, Katrina crossed her fingers. She would not let him intimidate her! "My great aunt and I signed a lease with the Dowager Countess of Udall in good faith. As far as I am concerned, it is a legal document. I am afraid you will have to evict us."

"By God! You cannot be serious!"

His disbelief amused her. Obviously this man rarely faced opposition. It would do him good to experience a setdown or two.

She tried to keep her lips from curving upward. "Oh, but I am, My Lord. Quite serious."


Hope you enjoy!

Susanne Marie Knight
Read outside the box: award-winning Romance Writing With A Twist! 

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Revisiting the Regency Time-Travel Romance HAVE CHRISTMAS CARD... WILL TRAVEL (excerpt PG)

It’s Christmas in June! :))


Author: Susanne Marie Knight

Genre: Time-Travel Regency

Available electronically at

Price: $3.99

Buy link:

A magic Christmas card sends lonely Meredith back in time... then returns her to her own century each morning. A handsome lord proposes, and she accepts, but then finds herself attracted to her fiancé’s honorable brother. How can she find happiness when she has one foot in the past with the other in the present?

Scene Set-Up:
After waking up in a wintry, wooded area, Meredith meets the two brothers who rescued her and took her back to their house. She thinks she’s dreaming.

"Meredith." William leaned into her ear, and whispered, "I do like your name. Merry Meredith--a diamond of the first water. You feel like heaven in my arms!"

Wow, this guy could lay it on thick. But maybe that was what she needed, to be wined and dined and flattered as if she were the queen of the prom.

Enjoying the moves of the waltz as they swayed, she sighed. She could get used to being the center of the universe.

Someone tapped William on the shoulder. "May I cut in?"

Meredith glanced up at the newcomer and gulped down hard. What a dreamboat! Tall, broad shoulders, deep brown eyes to die for, and dark, disheveled hair. This man had to have been Jeffrey, the one who carried her.

"Rot," William complained. "Do you have to?"

"Yes, I do." Jeffrey turned his stern gaze on her as if asking her permission.

She nodded, and willed her heart to slow its beating. Goodness, she hadn't turned into liquid goo at the sight of a man since her fiancé. But then again, look how that had turned out.

"Well then, if you must." William released her to his brother, then gave her another wink. "After this dance, Merry is mine, old man."

Jeffrey took her in his arms. To her surprise, she almost melted against him. His masculine scent tormented her in a thousand different ways. Everything peaked, in a manner of speaking. Not daring to look up into his face, she studied the jeweled pin in his white cravat.

"Merry? Is that your name?" He expertly maneuvered her about the parquet floor.

She unstuck her tongue from the roof of her mouth. "No, I'm Meredith. Meredith Wyatt. And you are Jeffrey...?"

"Lord Burnett," was his ungracious reply. "So how did you arrive on our lands, dressed in your night clothes, Miss Wyatt? If my brother had not found you, you surely would have expired due to exposure."

He was being very nosy for a hallucination, not to mention haughty. Peering over his shoulder, she stared out at the other occupants of the room. "It's a mystery, Lord Burnett. I have no idea. But I'm very grateful to you and...your brother."

"How grateful are you, Miss Wyatt?" He executed a turn that caused her to bump into him.

Hot fire poured into her veins, and her breasts tingled even more. But dream or not, she had to ignore her feelings. This man was insinuating that she wasn't a lady. After all, he had wanted to deposit her in the servants' quarters.

She stiffened and gave him a tight little smile. "Very grateful, Lord Burnett. You and your brother are such gentlemen."

Hopefully that remark would remind him to behave accordingly.

When the waltz ended, she took a step away from him. Then she noticed another new arrival, a woman a little older than the other young ladies. The woman had more poise, more polish. And she glared daggers of hate at Meredith.

Meredith shivered.

"Are you cold, Miss Wyatt?"

"No, Lord Burnett. Why do you ask?"

The smile on his handsome face could only be described as a smirk. He dropped his gaze to her chest. "Because it looks as if you might be cold."

She glanced down... and died. Her nipples had hardened and the soft satin material of her gown showed every revealing curve.

Thank goodness she'd decided to wear a shawl. She quickly arranged the wrap over her traitorous breasts. "I'm fine. Thank you for your concern."

The music started up again, giving her a perfect out. "If you'll excuse me, Lord Burnett. I'm sure you want to dance with your wife."

She tried to leave, but he grabbed her by the upper arm, effectively stopping her. "You are in error, Miss Wyatt. I do not have a wife."

"No? Then I wonder why that woman with the purple gown is glowering at me." She tried to escape his grip, but he was far too strong.

"Lady Goodstone?" He looked over at the woman, who then reddened and returned her attention to her dance partner. "Lady Goodstone is a recent widow. Her somber appearance must be due to her unhappy circumstances, Miss Wyatt. Nothing more."

Right. And if Jeffrey believed that, he was a deluded fool.

With two goblets in hand, William approached, wearing an admiring smile. "There you are, my Merry Wood Nymph. Where have you been all my life? Let us leave this dull old dog to languish with these other beauties. Come, enjoy a glass of champagne with me."

"Certainly." Meredith returned William's bright smile and followed him over to an arrangement of chairs near one of the draped windows.

She took the goblet, sat in the chair, and listened to William's amusing gibberish. Either the champagne was more potent than what she was used to, or she was more tired than she realized, for after a while, her eyelids drooped. Despite her urging, there was no way she could keep them open.

Conversations droned around her. One in particular seemed really close by. She struggled to catch the words.

"Dashed good trade for the partridge, don't you think?" one voice asked.

"A chubby bird for a ladybird? This is a disgrace. It will not do," said the other in disapproving tones.

She couldn't fight sleep any longer. She lost consciousness.


Happy Reading!

Susanne Marie Knight
Read outside the box: award-winning Romance Writing With A Twist! 

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Promo: Revisiting the Minx Tobin Mystery Romance Series: THE ILL-GOTTEN INSURANCE

The second case in the Minx Tobin Mystery Romance Series is now at and Desert Breeze Publishing,


Who is Minx Tobin, you ask? Minx is a fitness instructor newly relocated to Los Angeles, California, who has a knack for solving puzzles--puzzles concerning dead bodies. For fun, romance, and... unexpected corpses, follow her adventures in the Minx Tobin Murder Mystery Series!


Minx’s dead friend turns up alive... but not for long. Will the life insurance have to be paid twice?



An odd string of coincidences leads Minx Tobin to an old friend, Bill Gutierrez. Only Bill died five years ago. Before Minx has a chance to question the man, he turns up dead... again, with a slip of paper in his pocket with her name on it. Whether she likes it or not, Minx is involved in another murder. Will the Case of the Ill-gotten Insurance turn out to be deadly for her as well?


Los Angeles homicide lieutenant Gabe Harris regrets that the fitness trainer who piqued his interest is a murder suspect once again. But at least he has a legitimate reason to see Minx. Maybe he can even convince her to go out with him. And maybe he can prevent L.A.’s newest murderer from adding Minx to his... or her fatality list.


Visit to see a trailer of THE ILL-GOTTEN INSURANCE.




4 Hearts! Susanne Marie Knight pens another thriller in this series. The lives of the rich and famous overlap with those who work for a living. Character building and dialogue are great. The suspense as Minx confronts a killer is edge of your seat. For a woman whose intuition and people skills in a case are superb, Minx doesn't seem to do well communicating with Gabe. He's a macho man with a heart of gold but doesn't let Minx see much of his better side. Gabe's friend, Sgt. Antonio Atwell and his family are a priceless addition that really give the tale a boost. The author does a great job blending everyday people, some of whom are a bit creepy, with the suspects. Associates we meet at the fitness Emporium, especially the guys, will pique the memories of those forgettable dates we had before finding Mr. Right for many women. This is a fun series--The Romance Studio


The Ill-gotten Insurance, the second installment in the Minx Tobin Case books, will not only keep you turning the pages until you reach the end of the story, it will have you seeking out the first of Ms. Knight’s Minx Tobin Case books if you have not already read it. The author’s fluent writing style which brings her characters alive, warts and all. Her ability to capture the outrage of the rich implicated in the murder along side her depiction of the hero and heroine and their supporting cast creates plenty of friction as some of those characters are simply ‘way-out’ weird... Ms. Knight offers characters you will want to get to know even better, characters you are still rooting for at the conclusion of The Ill-gotten Insurance. The story is packed with a gallery full of suspects and enough twists and turns to satisfy any reader.--Long and Short Reviews.


I don't normally read mystery, but I'm enjoying your book, Susanne Marie Knight. I just started it a while ago and already I'm hooked.--J. L.


Minx and Gabe need to get together!!--C. K.


I can't wait to read these books!--T. D.


Awesome book!--R.C. WordPress


Specializing in “Romance Writing With A Twist!”, Susanne is multi-published with 34 books and numerous short stories. She’s originally from New York City, and currently lives in the Pacific Northwest, by way of Okinawa, Montana, Alabama, and Florida. Along with her husband and the spirit of her feisty Siamese cat, she enjoys the area’s beautiful ponderosa pine trees and wide, open spaces--a perfect environment for writing.


THE ILL-GOTTEN INSURANCE is available for purchase electronically at Desert Breeze Publishing, THE ILL-GOTTEN INSURANCE is also available in print at


Mystery Romance Novels by Susanne Marie Knight include:








GRAVE FUTURE (Paranormal Mystery)

COMPETITORS! (Paranormal Mystery)



Minx’s next case is The DUPLICITOUS DIVORCE--Case 3.


Hope you enjoy! Thanks!


Susanne Marie Knight

Read outside the box: award-winning Romance Writing With A Twist!

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(PG excerpt) Revisiting The Science Fiction Romance, ForEvver


Author: Susanne Marie Knight

Genre: Science Fiction Romance

NEW PRICE!! $3.99.

Buy Link:
Available electronically at:

In the year 2102, the Fountain of Youth exists for only a select few. But you can’t cheat death ForEvver.

In the year 2102, Flavia Gracchus reluctantly agrees to deliver a special shipment from her home on the Moon to ForEvver Rehabilitation CEO, Reid Evver. What she doesn’t know is that Evver, a man much older than he appears, intends to marry her and start a family. How can she escape Evver’s clutches and wed the man of her dreams?

Ambitious Jason Maverick can’t believe his new assignment: to babysit Reid Evver’s future wife, a Moon native, by escorting her on a sightseeing tour. But the more time Jason spends in Flavia’s company, the more she captivates him. How can he propose to the woman he’s been waiting for all his life when she’s all but bought and paid for by his mysterious, unscrupulous boss?

Scene Set-Up:
Flavia has reluctantly accepted an assignment on Earth to further her career as a physical therapist. She feels out of place here, especially with the hunky Jason Maverick escorting her around.

If nothing else, Flavia Gracchus was pragmatic. Sitting in the unicopter taxi on the way to the restaurant, she ignored the unfamiliar sights of congested skyways and manmade mountains of steel and glass. She also ignored the handsome, but aggravating man seated next to her, too close for comfort. Thigh to thigh, actually.

No, she couldn’t think about that. She had to focus on what Reid Evver had said. What he had offered. Medical director of the new ForEvver Rehabilitation facility at Copernicus City. Manage the complex the way it should be managed, along with having a wonderful position for her brother, Claudius. She could provide excellent care, help so many people--it truly was a dream come true. All she had to do was have her feet planted here on Earth for one month. Only thirty measly days. Play the sightseer.

And be in this guy’s company.

She shivered. Jason Maverick was a womanizer. A notorious one, her instincts told her. He better not expect anything out of the ordinary from this assignment. Or she would personally make sure he lost the particular part of his anatomy that he was so fond of mentioning.

“Does flying bother you?” Jason shifted in the tiny seat of the cab, which pressed his thigh more tightly against hers. “Probably doesn’t look like it, but we’re almost at the landing spot. It’s amazing how these unicopters navigate through Tri-Metro’s downtown maze.”

Some areas of the Moon had far more dizzying depths to its craggy surface than these oddly shaped buildings. She set the man straight. “No, it’s the cold. I’ve never experienced winter before.”

He looked over at her as if evaluating what he was seeing. His grey eyes darkened. “No, I guess you haven’t, have you? Would you care to wear my jacket?”

His designer suit jacket and her work overalls? No, no way. These sophisticated Metros would take one look at the pathetic sight and end up in analysis for a year.

She shook her head, freeing several wisps of frizzy hair to dance around her face. “That’s very kind of you, but I’ll be fine.”

He shrugged. “Up to you. We’ll have to get you some warmer clothes, though.”

For the first time in her life she was embarrassed, out of place, at a distinct disadvantage. She flushed.

Drat. Still, she had to admit that Reid’s plan to get her familiar with Earth did have merit, and benefits. There were so many activities here that were unknown to her. In fact, she could actually arrange to attend a baseball game so when she returned to Tychotown, she could have a more meaningful conversation with her client, Donald Helman.

The unicopter landed on the pad with a heavy thud. Once the whirl of engines and unicopter blades subsided, the pilot opened the door for them. Jason alighted first, then held out his hand for her.

She had no recourse but to take it. His fingers firmly grasped her, and again warm, strange tingles traveled up her arm. Comforting, yet disturbing at the same time.

As soon as she was out of the unicopter, she let go of his hand. Darn it all, while her body might signal that she was attracted to Jason Maverick, she herself was definitely not an admirer.


Hope you enjoy!

Susanne Marie Knight

Read outside the box: award-winning Romance Writing With A Twist

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Revisiting the Contemporary Romance with a Paranormal Twist: A KARMIC CONNECTION (excerpt PG)

A karmic second chance at love!


Author: Susanne Marie Knight

Genre: Contemporary Romance with a Paranormal Twist

Available electronically at and

Price: $3.99

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DÉJÀ VU--Twenty years ago, Elizabeth Williams had two suitors. She chose Allen over Paul. Now she is divorced and starting over with a new location and a new career. But instead of a new love knocking at her door, an old love seems destined to overwhelm her. Elizabeth’s path crosses with Paul’s, and once again she must make a decision that will change her life.

DÉJÀ WOO-WOO--Doctor Paul Jones, with his feet firmly planted on terra firma, has no patience for metaphysical matters. When a medical conference brings him to the New Age capital of the world, he keeps his distance from anything “woo-woo.” But when he’s attracted to a woman who insists they’d met before... Paul realizes he needs help--metaphysical help--to show him the way to win his Lovely Lizzie’s heart.

Scene Set-Up:

An unexpected visitor, staying at the hotel where Elizabeth Williams works, asks for a glass of water. She realizes that she might possibly know him from twenty years ago.


From out of nowhere, she heard a knock. Or did she? Setting her bare feet down on the tiled floor, she held the front edges of the robe closed at her neck, then tiptoed to the door.

She checked the time. Ten o’clock. Who could be paying a visit at this hour?

The knock came again.

“Who’s there?”

No answer. She glanced through the peephole, but the magnified view was clear. “Hello?”

Still nothing.

She opened the door to a deliciously mild breeze... and that was it. No one stood on her front step, nor was anyone in sight. The stars twinkled down on her from a sky crystal black. It was quiet, so quiet that goose bumps made noise as they popped up on her skin.

The breeze couldn’t have been responsible for the knocking sound, could it?

About to turn back into the house, she stopped when she heard a man’s voice.

“Hello, there. Is anything wrong?” A tall shadowy figure left the gravel path winding around the colony of resort bungalows and headed toward her. “Do you need some help?”

Oh dear! Elizabeth clasped the edges of her robe even tighter. She definitely wasn’t dressed for company, especially male company, and someone she didn’t know.

“No, thank you. Everything’s fine.” She slipped back over the threshold.

Before she had a chance to close the door, the man had hurried, and now stood on the front step under the outside light fixture. “Pardon me, but aren’t you from the restaurant here?” He didn’t pause for her to reply. “I was wondering if I might have a glass of water. It’s a long walk from the main resort.”

She recognized him. It was the man from the patio who’d ordered the nachos. His eyes, from behind his glasses, were the most vivid green she’d ever seen. They seemed to sparkle at her, just as the stars had. His beard was neatly trimmed, accentuating his high cheekbones and oval face. He looked trustworthy, non-threatening. Plus he was a guest at Sol de Caliente.

Her decision made, she bit her lower lip. “Ah, sure. If you’ll wait here, I’ll get it.”

Pivoting on her heel, she rushed to the refrigerator and took out the water pitcher. She poured a glass, turned around, and then yelped. The man had followed her into the kitchen.

“Oh, I... you, ah, startled me.” She thrust the water at him. “Here.”

“Thanks. You’re very kind.” He took the glass. As he sipped, he slowly wandered into the living area. His keen gaze took everything in as if he was absolutely fascinated.

She tapped her bare toes against the tiled floor. “Look, I don’t want to be rude, but as you can tell I’m not exactly dressed to entertain. And I did not invite you in.”

His smile was warm and open. “True, but I didn’t think you’d mind. I’m curious about this little house you have.” He sniffed the air. “Do I smell lavender?”

The man had the temerity to make himself comfortable on the couch.

Still a safe distance away in the kitchen, she narrowed her gaze at him. “Yes, I took your advice about lavender oil for my sunburn. But, listen--”


“Paul, I must insist you leave.”

He lifted an eyebrow as if waiting for something. What did he want?

Oh. “My name’s Elizabeth. Now please, if you don’t go, I’ll have to--”

“I know your name. I asked Jasmine. Lovely Lizzie suits you.”

Lovely Lizzie. As impossible as it sounded, the earth actually stopped spinning. At least, for Elizabeth it did. Although she would’ve sworn she had never seen this man before today, her vortex visions had reminded her. Only one person had ever called her Lovely Lizzie. Could this man possibly be the same Paul who had volunteered at the hospital with her twenty years ago?


Hope you enjoy!

Susanne Marie Knight
Read outside the box: award-winning Romance Writing With A Twist!  

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New Release: Contemporary Romance: THE TWO OF CUPS IS FOR LOVERS (excerpt PG)

Touchdown! Polar opposites--Drew Gavin, high-profile star quarterback, and Isabeau Delaney, low-key Tarot advisor, go head to head when the Tarot card of lovers and soul mates keeps reappearing in their readings.


Author: Susanne Marie Knight

Genre: Contemporary Romance with a Paranormal Twist

Available electronically at and

Price: $3.99

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Fame. Money. Booze. Women. It’s just another ho-hum day in the life of retired NFL star quarterback, Drew “The Cowboy” Gavin. But Drew’s one love is his young child, Elena. For months she’s refused to talk, and he’s in desperate need of help. He’s exhausted every avenue in conventional medicine; now he’s considering something different. Something unconventional, alternative. His manager sets him up with... what? A Tarot advisor? Not gonna happen! Can Drew put aside his prejudice against metaphysical matters and give his earth angel, Madame Laney, a chance?

Isabeau Delaney, a.k.a. Madame Laney, has big expenses and responsibilities. A beautiful house, a beloved grandmother in a nursing home, and a slew of Tarot clients that depend of her to help them navigate the shoals of life. She has no time for a chauvinistic skeptic who turns his nose up at her life’s work. Drew Gavin just isn’t in the cards... Tarot or otherwise. Not going to happen! But if that’s the case, why does the persistent Two of Cups--the card for lovers and soul mates--keep reappearing in the readings she conducts for Drew?


Drew took a deep breath and squared his shoulders. In his career as a star quarterback he’d faced bulldozer-sized men from opposing NFL teams who had been determined to inflict maximum pain. He’d weathered those bison stampedes; surely he could handle a supposed psychic.

The door opened to reveal... an angel. An ethereal, ponytailed, slender young woman with a form-fitting tee shirt and a flowing layered long skirt. Damn, she was beautiful. She couldn’t be the psychic, could she?

He blinked away his surprise. “Er, I’m here to see Madame Laney?”

Not losing her poise, she held her slim hand out for a shake. “Hello. You must be Mr. Gavin.”

Truth be told, at the moment he wasn’t sure of his name. At all. He quickly pulled himself together and shook her hand. “Yeah, Drew Gavin, here. I’m pleased to meet you, er, Miss...?”

“Madame Laney.” She disengaged her hand. “Please, come in, Mr. Gavin.”

All business, that was what this little package of femininity was. Turning on the charm, he smiled. After all, his fans expected smiles. “Thank you kindly, er, Madame Laney.”

He stepped into the beautifully decorated entryway. It was cool, thankfully air-conditioned against the heated day.

A certain fragrance greeted him, relaxing him, invigorating him. He couldn’t place the scent but whatever it was, he felt better than if he’d just had a professional massage.

Then it came to him: lavenders. Sometimes his physical therapist put lavender oil into his whirlpool bath. So not only was this young thing easy on the eyes, she knew how to quickly take the edge off a man without being obvious about it. Lavenders, yeah.

“This way, Mr. Gavin.” She gestured to the right and followed him into the living room. “Please have a seat.” She indicated a curved chair stationed in front of a cherrywood table.

The table was set in between two matching clamshell chairs. Soft music played in the background--loud enough to fill the quiet and low enough to ignore.

This house of hers really felt like a home. He didn’t know about any of this hocus-pocus stuff, but as a hostess, she was first-rate. He appreciated the soothing atmosphere. Hell, most days he had to deal with pushy women doing anything and everything to attract his attention. Sex, sex, and more sex, along with money, money, money. Sure, those chicks were fine, but as phony as hell, too. They wanted the high profile Cowboy, not Andrew Gavin from Small Town, Montana.

And they definitely did not want a package deal with his three-year-old. Truth be told, after a while the mating games got old.

She waited until he got comfortable. “Would you like a bottle of water?”

“Thanks, a cup of coffee would be nice.” He flashed his standard grin.

She shook her head, sending her dark tail of hair brushing against her shoulders. “Sorry, caffeine isn’t recommended for the type of work we’re doing.”

Well, that was strange. “Okay, sure. Water. So what kind of work are we doing?”

After lifting a feathery eyebrow, she got a bottle from a small cooler nearby. She handed him the water and then sat across from him. “Why are you here, Mr. Gavin?”

Her dispassionate stare bore a hole in him. He wasn’t used to being looked at like he was some kind of germ under the microscope. Frankly, he wasn’t used to being looked at as anything but prime beef.

“I’ll be honest... Madame Laney.” What the hell was her first name? “I’ve never done anything like this before. See a psychic? Hell no, not in my playbook, darlin’.” He shrugged. “My friend thinks you can help me, so here I am.”

“I see.”

Even her voice was detached, unemotional. It actually gave him the willies.

“So let me clear things up, Mr. Gavin. I’m not a psychic. My gift is reading cards. Tarot cards.” She folded her hands on top of the table. Her fingernails were short, unpolished. “Your friend, Mr. Folsom, told me that you could use some guidance. That was all he said. To get a feel for what your concern is, I did a quick reading. The information I received is this: Your question concerns a love interest--in your case I believe it is a young girl. Perhaps a daughter of yours? Something is happening with her and because of this you feel trapped. Your daughter is very important to you. In fact, she’s your world. So you are distressed because you don’t see a way out of the situation affecting her. And this is a heavy weight you’re carrying around.”

Damn. Drew gulped down some water. He was literally without words.

“Does any of that resonate with you, Mr. Gavin?”

“Oh hell yeah.” Although the temperature in the room was pleasant, sweat beaded up on his forehead. He took another, a more discriminating look at the woman.


Hope you enjoy!

Susanne Marie Knight
Read outside the box: award-winning Romance Writing With A Twist! 

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