Temptation Unleashed by Kari Thomas

My first paranormal romance, Temptation Unleashed, was released in ebook format in July 2006 by Triskelion Publishing. Its been an amazing whirlwind of a ride since then! TU has received great reviews, including a FOUR STAR review from Romantic Times Magazine. And, for the new year it has received the privilage of being BOOK COVER OF THE MONTH for Nov. 2006 at Erin Aislinn's site.

I love writing paranormal romances --- the possibilities are endless! And I love the idea of alpha shapeshifter males, and fiesty heroines who manage to tame these wild boys. I have an excerpt on my author site at: www.authorkari.com, and I change it every now & then to keep everyone curious to read more!

My next book is a paranormal romance, though not associated with TU. I've had so many readers request Gavin's story from TU (the hero's sexy brother), but he will have to wait until he's ready to tell me his FULL story. For now, he's brooding and so I'm working on another story!

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