Two Out of Three Ain't Bad by K. Z. Snow


For Professor Glenna Rose, approaching forty years of age means confronting a host of cultural stigmas and self-doubts. The least threatening path through the minefield of middle age seems to the one offered by a stodgy colleague fifteen years her senior... and that path leads straight to the altar.

Although Glenna has managed over the years to varnish her free-spirited longings with the discipline and decorum required by conservative Stockton College, that dignified veneer is shattered when her friends treat her to a bachelorette party at a male strip club. "Dillinger," the sublimely sexy and secrecy-cloaked headliner, unexpectedly sparks Glenna's repressed passion. Her shock and confusion are compounded when the dancer returns her interest. To complicate matters further, Professor Rose has been assigned the duty of shepherding an appealing new faculty member, a young writer-in-residence, and he soon becomes her trusted confidant.

Engaged to one man, obsessively in lust with a second, and increasingly close friends with a third, Glenna finds herself at the center of a life-altering crossroads. While her values and priorities and her very self-image are being put to the test, she knows only one thing for certain: that she must find an emotionally satisfying resolution to her dilemma and must do so without generating a scandal...or worse.

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Cathy M said...

Enjoyed the excerpt and touring your website.