Come to Me

Come to Me

Rachel wasn't a Dom until she met a submissive woman named Anne, who showed her a side of herself she didn't know was there. Now very comfortable in her role as Anne's Mistress, Rachel gets a phone call from Anne one afternoon at work and looks forward to teaching her sub a lesson in patience that evening.

Come to Me has been published as a Sip, Torquere Press' short story line.


I was in a meeting when Anne called me.

"Mistress, I need you. Are you free tonight? Please call me."

Her message on my voicemail made me smile in a way I would never have allowed myself to in her presence. It was so satisfying to be needed, asked for, desired. And yet I knew what I had to do, for Anne's own good, and for mine. I called her back.

"Hello, Mistress." Anne sounded cheerful. It was a shame I was going to have to ruin her mood.

"You've earned yourself a spanking, Pet," I told her. "But you may try again."

I hung up the phone and waited for it to ring, which it did, seconds later. I let my cell phone ring in my hand once, and then again. I answered after the third ring.

"Pet? Have you been thinking?"

"Yes, Mistress Rachel. Please forgive my presumption. I only meant to… that is, if it pleases you, ma'am, I have held tonight in reserve should you happen to be free and wish to see me. I am sorry for my earlier disrespect."

"Try again, Pet." I hung up the phone.

Two hours later I heard the phone ring, but let Anne's call go to voicemail.

"Hello? Mistress? I'm very… I am worried that I didn't receive a call back from you. I hope that I haven't angered you. I'm sorry."

Then, again about four o'clock.

"Mistress Rachel, I'm home, I've been kneeling and thinking and… I'm begging forgiveness for my first voicemail. I was thinking of my own needs and not yours. I was letting my own desires rule me. I was disrespectful and I'm ready to receive punishment for my actions. I humbly put myself at your mercy, Mistress. Just… please tell me what I can do to make this up to you? I love you."

I love making Anne beg, she does it so prettily. All the same I made her wait another hour before I picked up the phone and called her back.

"Mistress?" Anne answered instantly.

"I am leaving the office in five minutes, Pet," I said into the phone, not bothering to hide the slight smile of satisfaction. "Be waiting for me when I arrive."

Excerpt copyright Jodi Payne. All Rights reserved.

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