Postcards from the Dead

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Music spilled out into the street from the open front door of Dino’s, a popular nightspot. Inside, televised sporting events shown on screens over the bar vied with the music played much too loud upstairs.

The bar was packed, and he was late. Drew felt a momentary flutter of panic when he walked in the door. What if she didn’t come? Then, an even worse thought assailed him. What if she did?

Rosalie and Kyle were sitting at a table by the bar. Sitting, facing the door, was his date. He’d expected her to be tall, thin, and red-headed like her sister, Rosalie. The woman listening intently to Kyle was curvaceous, and oh-my-god gorgeous. He sauntered through the crowd to their table, reminding himself this was supposed to be a date, not an interview.

Kyle introduced him to Cassie, and Drew found himself mesmerized by her eyes. They were the color of dark chocolate. And when she smiled, stars sparkled in the liquid depths of her eyes and two deep dimples winked in her cheeks. She might work in the morgue, but he wouldn’t have guessed it. The freckles generously sprinkled across her nose gave evidence she spent time in the outdoors. Even the tips of her strawberry blond hair were bleached gold by the sun.

He didn’t know whether to shake her hand or just nod a greeting. For the first time in his life, he was struck speechless. His mouth was dry, and his tongue felt as if it was stuck to the roof of his mouth. Sitting down, he reached for the pitcher of margaritas in the middle of the table and poured himself one.

“I’ll take a refill.” Cassie leaned into him, and her left breast pressed against his arm. It was like being struck by lightning. A jolt of lust shot straight to his cock. Good thing he was sitting, or he’d have been embarrassed to have his pants tent around his erection.

“Another one?” Rosalie asked, her hazel eyes wide. “That’ll make three.”

“I’m not driving home; Drew will drive me.” Cassie gave Drew a wink. “Besides, you’re always telling me to cut loose and enjoy myself. So, I am and I think Drew here is the man to help me with it.”

Drew laughed. “So, Cassie. Kyle tells me you work for the city?”

Cassie shifted her seat closer to Drew’s. “I don’t want to talk about work. Why don’t you ask me about the summer Rosalie and I swam nekkid in the neighbor’s pool.”

Rosalie looked like she’d swallowed an olive and Drew bit back a smile.

copyright 2007 Ericka Scott

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