One Crazy Summer

ISBN: 9781419910371

Summer Donahue was not Ben Martin’s type of woman. Ben is conservative, thoughtful and the model of self-control. Summer is whimsical, spontaneous, and just a bit flaky. So why, when she breezed into his office like a tropical storm, was he so instantly and inexplicably attracted to her?

Summer consulted Ben to have her business’s taxes done but when it comes to light that Summer’s ex-husband and ex-accountant Malcolm has embezzled most of her liquid assets and put her on the brink of bankruptcy, Ben ends up throwing aside all of his iron-clad rules about getting personally involved with his clients. Summer and Ben go to Mexico to find her ex and save her business once and for all. But Ben loses more to Summer than his personal credo in the process – he loses his heart as well.

"Fans of Jennifer Crusie will love Jenyfer Matthews'
fresh, fun
is contemporary romance at its best!"

Gemma Halliday
Undercover in High Heels


Ben sat on the couch in his apartment and drank a bottle of beer. The football game he’d planned to watch went on unheeded before his eyes. His thoughts were drifting back to his last meeting of the day.


He scowled. What kind of name was Summer anyway? It was a season, not a person’s name. But as he thought about it more, he decided that perhaps it suited her. Bold and bright and energetic. Warm and fun. When he thought of summer the season those were words that came to mind. And from what he’d seen today, they fit Summer Donahue as well.

He’d been determined not to think of her again once she left his office. She was a client, a job, a means to an end. He would do her taxes for her, suggest a way to organize her records to make tax time easier in the future, and send her on her way. No doubt her own accountant would come back soon and he’d never see her again.


He closed his eyes and her image appeared before him. Denim and dream catchers. He scowled again. He preferred silk to denim, pearls to whatever kind of weird earrings she was wearing. But damn, she was sexy.

And she didn’t even know it.

Her being oblivious to her own appeal didn’t help — it only made her more dangerous. It only made Ben want to show her how sexy she really was.

He opened his eyes and took another swallow of his beer. Damn, he wanted her. He wanted to free that wild red hair of hers and run his hands through it. He wanted to see if she was as exuberant in bed as she had seemed to him just sitting in his office, so unaware of her own sensuality.

Images flickered on the TV but he couldn’t concentrate. He’d never had such an instant reaction to a woman before and it was making feel a little crazy. Restless and edgy. Like he’d been asleep for a long time and was finally awake — and ready to take some sort of action.

Just what that was, he wasn’t sure. And if there was one thing that Ben Martinez didn’t like it was uncertainty.

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