EROS' VALENTINE by Cat Johnson

When the god of love and sexual desire finds himself bored with both, can a Valentine’s Day trip to the mortal realm and one woman cure him of his malaise and remind him of passions long forgotten?

Excerpt (PG13)

Considering his choices, Eros took in the scene within the bar until one woman sitting alone caught his eye. She was lovely, as far as mortals went, which is what made it even stranger that she was alone. Though she was waiting for someone, judging by the way she continuously peered over her shoulder at the entrance, when she wasn’t consulting what Eros recognized as a phone.

With a huff, she observed her watch and then the phone, followed by the door one more time, just as Eros opened his mind to her. The moment he dropped the mental barrier he usually kept in place, the waves of emotion that radiated off of her struck him like a physical blow. The rich tapestry of feelings drew him to her, and before he knew it, he had risen and was seated next to her. Her deep emerald eyes were trained upon him as all she felt filled his body. Anger. Hurt. Jealousy. Doubt. Insecurity. And below that all, the underlying cause, the unfulfilled desire to be loved.

“I am really not in the mood for a pick up line, so if that was your plan, save it.” Then she laughed. “Although, I should take you up to that overpriced hotel room I just paid through the nose for and fuck you until neither of us can walk. That would teach him!”

Eros raised his brow and considered that. “I’m afraid I don’t know anything about pick up lines, but that second part you mentioned I’m very well versed in.”


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