Coming Soon - The Lady is a Vamp by Ericka Scott

Coming from Total E-bound  on February 2nd, 2009!

A professional poker player takes the biggest gamble of his life - falling in love with a vampire.

Under the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas is a dark underworld of vampires. Their salvation lies in the hands of a most unlikely pair - a professional poker player and the vampire who loves him.

One year ago, Kylie McKenzie was just a casino poker dealer. However, after being bitten by a rogue vampire, she lost not only her life, but the love of her life. Now, one year later, the man she was engaged to is back. She is determined to stay away from him - but someone else is equally determined to use her to manipulate the outcome of the World Poker Tournament Championship.

Last year, Royce Whittier not only lost his fiancée, he also lost the championship. Determined to get back in the game, he is sidetracked into looking for the origin of a tarot card depicting a woman who looks amazingly like Kylie. In doing so, he stumbles upon the secret vampire society and the slayer who stalks them.

Excerpt from The Lady is a Vamp by Ericka Scott        

His mouth nibbled delightfully on the inside of her thighs while his fingers caressed the swollen flesh of her sex. If only he would delve those talented digits deep into her pussy. Perhaps then, she could finally achieve the orgasm that hovered just out of reach.

With a moan, she turned over.

The slow, subtle beat of a heart penetrated her sleep, rousing her from the lust-filled dream to wakefulness and hunger. She opened her eyes to pitch darkness. The basement room she now called home had no windows, but she knew it was still daylight outside just the same. However, she could also sense that sunset approached. In a few short hours, she would be able to go forth and feed. The sound of the heartbeat made her fangs lengthen with desire. Then she realised it wasn’t just anyone’s heartbeat but the sound that had haunted her dreams for a year now.


She missed him so much. Even after a year, just thinking about his long, lean frame, boyish demeanour and gorgeous cock sent a jolt of desire zinging through her. With little to no effort, she could still remember the feel of his hands on her skin and the taste of his kisses. Seduction and sex. She slipped her hand between her thighs and pressed against her mons. Goodness, the man still affected her. Her panties were damp, and her pussy throbbed. With a sigh, she pulled away her hand.

If she had a heart, it would be breaking right about now. Poised on the brink of true happiness, it had been stolen from her. And for what? Money. Anger bubbled up inside her. She’d been used. Her damnation and disappearance had been manufactured in order to manipulate the outcome of a stupid game.

The sound of another heartbeat intruded on her thoughts. Someone was coming. She closed her eyes and concentrated. To her surprise, she recognised the flow and thump of blood—a sound as individual as a fingerprint—of this approaching figure, as well. The Hunter.

Legendary among the vampire community, The Hunter was feared by all. If the rumours were correct, he was supernaturally strong, and once he had you in his sights, you were a dead vamp walking. When she’d first been turned a year ago, her adaptation counsellor had pointed the man out in a crowd. She’d caught a glimpse of a broad back and a head covered by a signature black cowboy hat. Unable to see his face, she’d memorised the only identifiable feature she could sense. His heartbeat.

With a gasp, she sat straight up in bed and hurriedly swung her legs over the side. The main door was locked, but she wasn’t sure how long that would keep him out. She only had a few moments to gather her belongings, for now that her lair had been discovered, she wouldn’t be able to return.

Damn it. How had he found her?

Her hands shook as she shoved her clothes into a small duffle bag. They were followed by her spare shoes, a handful of cash and the card that falsely identified her as Kyra McKenna. The name was close enough to her real one, Kylie McKenzie, to make it easier to answer to.

Was that how he’d found her?

She shivered both with cold and fear when she heard the footsteps arrive at the door. The pounding on the wooden panels made her start, and she stifled a gasp. Must hurry.

Grabbing her bag, she took one last look around. She’d hated living here, but now that she had to leave, she realised she was going to miss it. Oh well, she’d find another abode. Hopefully, before the scorching sun of the Las Vegas desert turned her to dust.

With a sigh, she closed her eyes and concentrated on finding the panel to the secret passageway that joined up with a less glamorous Las Vegas—the vampire underground, a series of tunnels and rooms secreted under the streets and casinos. She’d been taught the spell to open and lock the escape route when she’d first moved in, but never thought she’d have to use it. To her relief, the panel slid open at her whispered words. She slipped inside and began the spell to close and lock it.

Just in time.

As it clicked shut, she heard the crack and thud of the door to her room breaking. Without a backwards glance, she hefted her duffle bag and started walking down the dark tunnel. About twenty feet in, she spoke one more word. Dust swirled around her as the passageway behind her soundlessly collapsed.


copyright 2009 by Ericka Scott

Ericka Scott




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Susan Kelley said...

Sounds very exciting with some interesting characters. Good luck with the upcoming release.

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