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Secret Rendezvous

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in the My Secret Valentine line

Peter McClellan is a partner in a Chicago advertising agency. His company is doing well, but if he can land Mirabel Cosmetics' Rendezvous Cologne account, he thinks the agency will skyrocket to success.

Aaron Whittaker is the last person he expects to see in the Mirabel offices. The two men were college lovers, their relationship irreparably severed when Aaron 'borrowed' an idea from Peter for his senior project.

Aaron's reactions to Peter are cold and hot--icy when they first become reacquainted, but hot as fire when they reconnect in the bedroom. Can old transgressions be forgiven, or is the past doomed to haunt their possibilities for a future together?

Excerpt: (adult m/m content)

He stomped from the restaurant, ignoring the surprised look on the face of the maitre'd'. He found his keys and punched the remote to unlock the door of his black Volvo.

"Pete, wait!" From the sound of Aaron's voice, he was close behind.

Peter wanted to get in his car and lock the doors before the other man reached him. If Aaron stepped in front of his car, God help him, because at that moment, Peter thought he might run the sucker over.

"Wait!" Aaron grabbed the car door just before it closed.

"Let go," Peter snarled through gritted teeth.

"Please, just let me talk for two minutes. Then, if you want to leave, you can. Two minutes."

Staring straight ahead, Peter replied, "Clock's ticking."

Aaron's words rushed out, sounding like one long sentence. "I'm sorry. Seeing you again shocked the hell out of me. I was confused and conflicted and behaved just like you said, a total asshole. I tried to fight the feelings I had for you by being rude and obnoxious. I think you'll remember, that's really not my style."

Peter glanced at Aaron crankily. "You pulled it off pretty well."

Aaron smiled. "Maybe I should have gone to acting school. I'm sorry, Pete. I really am. I was an idiot. I'll apologize to Marsha if you want, but first, I need you to forgive me." Aaron paused to gulp a breath.

Peter couldn't believe his ears. Is this guy to be believed? He turned his head and looked up at Aaron. "You still have one minute. You're a man who uses words to make a living. Talk to me and convince me you're sincere."

Aaron leaned in closer. "I do my best convincing without any words at all. If you'll unlock that other door, I'll crawl in and explain it to you very clearly."

"You have got to be fucking kidding me. You think sucking my cock is the key to forgiveness for the way you've been behaving? That your mouth is so special, one blowjob and I'll forget everything that's happened between us?"

Licking his lips, Aaron grinned. "Yes."

Peter stared at the face that had once turned his world upside down. So much time had passed. So much bad blood had passed between them. He scowled and pushed the unlock button on his armrest. "Get in."

Aaron was around and in before Peter had time to change his mind. Not that I would. The handsome, blond-haired hunk was on him in a flash, kissing with a passion and hunger that rivalled his own. Peter pulled back long enough to ask, "We staying here?"

"You can go if you want." Aaron's mouth trailed down his neck. "I've got some serious cock to suck, but you might remember I can do that while you drive."

Peter groaned and leaned back. "We'll go to my place."

Copyright (C) 2009 Jamie Hill

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