The Shimmering Flame by Jeanne Barrack

R rated Excerpt

BLURB:The battle begun over 3,000 years ago wages on...
Brigid Kawsantower travels to Ireland with her husband, Gabe, unaware of the true reason for their trip--or her true identity--until she comes to the little town of Carrigclarseach. There she learns of the Terrans, a clandestine group of supernatural beings who struggle to keep the earth in balance.
Brigid is a Terran Water and Fire Keeper--and the daughter of Dagda, a powerful Water Keeper, and at one time the leader of the Terrans of ancient Eire. Retreating before invading forces, he concealed Brigid's spirit until the day when her help is needed to defeat Nimhnach, a maniacal Destroyer, who seeks to gain eternal life and world domination. Can Brigid believe enough in her newfound powers to fulfill her destiny?
Gabe is a Terran Protector with a secret--can he protect Brigid from Nimhnach's plans and his own dark desires?
Irish archeologist, Ethan Clark, is a Terran Singer and Air Keeper. Ages ago he was Dagda's harper and right-hand man. And ages ago, Ethan was Brigid's lover. Should he try to regain her love?
Now they all must work together to vanquish Nimhnach before he unleashes a terror that will enslave the world and destroy Brigid's loves--past, present ... and future.
Dreams they say are the gateway to the soul and a gateway, in The Shimmering Flame to memories.
In this excerpt Ethan remembers another time and place
Gabe bent and lifted Brigid in his arms, despite her loud protests. "Yell at me later. Sleep now." And he carried her into the brush behind the ash tree.
Ethan gazed at the retreating backs of the three ancient warriors ands sighed. "If only it were as easy for me." He thought a moment. "Perhaps it is."
He took Ceol Mhor into his arms and played a soft, easy tune, his fingers slowing as the gently rocking melody lulled him to sleep and to dream.
* * * *
Brigid danced sky clad in the moonlight.
The fine mist that clung to her skin twinkled like diamonds. He smiled. She was in her Element. She flung out her hand and a shower of water flew across the sky in an arc. A droplet of pure crystalline liquid clung to each nipple and he yearned to suck them from those rosy peaks.
The first time they had made love had been in the warmth of the sun. She had burned for him. Had it just been yesterday morning that the golden halo of her hair had shone in the green shadows of the forest as he thrust into her willing body?
How he wanted to feel her cool, slick flesh against his. Wanted to feel her melting in his arms. Wanted to feel her tears of intense satisfaction fall upon his face.
Wanted her.
He stepped from the shadows.
She twirled and faced him, her hand flying to her throat. "You startled me. I didn't hear you. You moved like the whisper of the wind."
He smiled. "And isn't the Air my Element? Why I could become a breeze and..." He melted from sight. A moment later a gust of wind touched her body. He felt her shiver and he warmed the gentle currents of air that surrounded her. He teased her, blowing a tendril of hair cross her face. He moved in circles around her puckered nipples and then darted away, solidifying once more into flesh.
She chuckled. "So, you'd rather play than make love?"
He threw back his head and roared with laughter. "I'd rather play first and then make love. Come, my bright love and lie with me in the cool of the evening. I'll keep you warm."
He spread out the blanket he'd left by the foot of the tree and stripped off his clothes. He leaned back against the rough bark and waited for her to join him.
She moved up his body until his cock was nestled at the entrance to her sex. She braced her hands against the tree and rose so that she hovered above the tip of his penis. He watched, his throat dry, as she sank upon him, taking him inside, adjusting to his size.
She bit her lip and winced. He knew he was large for her, but she just gripped the birch tree harder, the tendons in her arms flexing. Then he was there, in her to the hilt.
She began to rock as he moved within her slick warmth. She leaned lower so that her breasts were in reach of his lips and he suckled greedily, pulling and biting the taut peaks. The cool touch of her skin was like a balm against the heat of his need for her.
They moved together faster and faster, her little cries of pleasure building until she was screaming his name and tears seeped from beneath her eyelids and he knew she, too, felt the exquisite beauty of the moment they shared.
He thrust in short, sharp jabs, raising her up as though she rode the waves of the ocean. He poured his seed into her with a rush as they climaxed together and a soft, rain fell upon their heated bodies.
And he exulted because he knew that Brigid had called forth the mist to seal their desire.

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