Reclaiming Nicola by Anika Hamilton

"How would you correct a terrible mistake? Life is filled with misunderstandings, and Victor’s mistake was no different. This could happen to anyone, and probably is happening to a few people as you read this. Reclaiming Nicola is meant to show us that sometimes love can be recaptured with careful planning, a little inventiveness, and a whole lot of help." ~ Anika ~


Nicola Bourdeaux is Victor’s ultimate woman. She’s smart, beautiful, and the sweetest person he’s ever met. But when a rival firm gets a hold Nicola Bourdeaux is Victor’s ultimate woman. She’s smart, beautiful, and the sweetest person he’s ever met. But when a rival firm gets a holda rival firm gets a hold of confidential information and Victor loses a major lawsuit, he accuses Nicola of betraying him. His mistake leads to a major blow-up and break-up.

Victor Weise is Nicola’s ultimate man. He’s intelligent, handsome, and the most arrogant man she’s ever met. But when Victor accuses her of betrayal, Nicola is determined to a make a fresh start. She accepts an offer for a teaching position out of state, convinced she needed to get as far away as quickly as possible.
But before she leaves, she gets a request to visit the Weise residence. Hoping to gain some closure, Nicola accepts. But Victor has some tricks up his sleeve.

Will one afternoon be enough for Victor to reclaim Nicola?


His eyes locked with hers, glazing with lust. She could tell his thoughts had gotten increasingly hotter, his air of sadness replaced by smoldering heat. She knew where his mind led, that kiss had affected her too. She had wanted him to continue tasting her, drinking her in. Picturing him making love to her, right here in this room, the images came to her clearly.

Stripping her down to her strappy shoes, she would fit her back to his front as he held her hands against the wall. His chest and abdomen would stroke the arch of her neck, the smoothness of her back.

Her skin tingled where they touched, arousing her. His cock would enter her moistened channel, slamming repeatedly into her willing body as she reached for the completion she knew he could give her. Pushing back into his thrusts, she strived to take him with her, demanding his own release.

Mewling, she would scratch at the wall, fighting his hold on her. He would switch both her hands to one of his and reach around her body. Starting at her breasts, he would tweak her nipples, trailing the tips of his fingers lightly between her breasts. Down to her belly button, continuing lower his fingers would skim her pussy lips, capturing her clit.

His thrusts would never slow, his demands of her would never wane. He would expect it all from her and she would willingly submit. Squeezing her nub, her pleasure would heighten. Her peak would be evident by the screams of her release, matched only by his shouts of completion.

Nicola’s chest heaved at the erotic fantasy her mind conjured, vivid and real. She wanted that experience with him, needed it. Gradually, her mind readjusted to the present, her pussy empty and needy, her entire body aching for Victor.

Noticing his gaze still trained on her, she blushed with embarrassment. He might not know what her mind conjured up but he could probably guess the basics. His eyes sweltered at her, and she figured her thoughts must be stamped all over her red stained face.

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Estella said...

Whew! This one sounds very hot.

Cherie J said...

Sounds great! Enjoyed that excerpt too!

bev said...

Whew, am I hot just from the excerpt. what would happen if I read the whole book. Explosions may happen.