"The Long Way Home" by Jena Galifany


Brian Cummings has come a long way from Leicestershire, England. Miles of hard road lay between then and now – hard road he's kept hidden—until the nightmares began again.

Diane Starling loves Brian. If she were not carrying his child, she'd still do anything to make him happy—even letting him go to someone else. Who is the woman in his nightly dreams? Why does she make him scream?

Valerie Leonard, journalist, dredged up history that should remain buried; history that could ruin Brian and hurt the people he loves most. Should Val keep his dangerous past to herself? Doesn't Diane have the right to know the truth about the father of her child?

Brian and Diane fight to overcome the past, embrace the present, and build a future as they travel with ShadowsForge on THE LONG WAY HOME.


On a crisp windy morning, Brian saw Mia’s gray sedan stopped at a traffic light. He jerked open the passenger door and jumped in.

“Mia, baby.” He smiled as he swept his wind-blown hair from his face.

Mia stared at him. “What are you doing? Get out.”

“Drive. The light’s changed.” Brian pointed at the signal.

In obvious frustration, Mia punched the accelerator.

“So? How have you been?” Brian rolled the window down, pulled a cigarette from his jacket and lit it. “I’ve missed you.”

“I’ve been all right, I suppose.”

“I thought you’d be sore as hell the next day. You didn’t have too much trouble walking out on me, though.”

She shot an angry look at him. “I never expected to see you again.” She concentrated on the traffic.

Brian frowned. “I’m crushed. I was damn good to you. You didn’t complain.” He took a thoughtful draw from his cigarette. “Unless you count all that moaning you were doing.” He laughed at the light blush that colored her cheeks.

Mia huffed, and kept her eyes positioned forward on the traffic. “You served your purpose.”

Brian raised his brows. “Such a compliment. I’m flattered.” He smirked. “Well, lady, you served your purpose too. Any shag is a good one I suppose. You’re worth seconds. When you decide you want another go round look me up. You don’t have to hit me with the car either. Next time, just ask.”

Mia pulled to the side of the road. She turned to him, and anger flickered in her eyes. “You’re an arrogant bastard.”

“I know.” Brian grabbed her and kissed her hard on the mouth. Before she could catch her breath, he leapt from the car and disappeared into the foot traffic.

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