Devon Falls: Red Hot Magic-Hot paranormal Book

Bitten by Books gave Red Hot Magic a 5 Tombstone review!! Virginia said this "Jean Claude is definitely an intriguing character. The sex scene is steamy and explicit and definitely well written, with a small unexpected fetish making an appearance in the story."

Devon Falls: Red Hot Magic
*Book 2 in series*Raine Delight
Paranormal Romance
Release date: February 7, 2008

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Raven Demarco has sworn off men after one too many disastrous dates and soon begins dreaming of a mystery man who makes her feel things that she never expects to feel again. When the auction comes closer, her sensual dreams become more than she can handle and she finds herself wishing her dream man would show up and sweep her off her feet. What will she do when the man himself comes to claim her: Heart, body and soul?

Jean-Claude LeFever is a dream walker and has searched for years for his mate and finally found her in Raven. With his seduction of her in her dreams driving them wild, he makes sure to come to Devon Falls and make her his for all time as time is running out for him and their love. If she doesn't fall in love with him by midnight, Jean-Claude is destined to walk the planes of dreams for the next hundred years before finding his love again. Can he be able to steal her heart and make her his for all time? Or will it be too late for them?


Raven felt the soft breeze swirl, and the silk sheets slither around her body like a lovers hands. She opened her eyes. Looking around, she knew she wasn't in her apartment at the same time she comprehended that this was a dream; she also knew something was going to happen tonight and it would change her life forever.
"You're awake I see. I was hoping you would soon, since we have so many other delicious things to do yet, my love." The deep voice whispered across the room. Raven shivered as she felt the desire race thru her body faster than she ever could imagine.
"Who are you? What do you want of me?" She asked. Turning left then right, she tried to figure out where the voice came from.
As the breeze swirled around the room, it caressed her naked body, making her nipples tighten and wetness pool in her core. Trying not to let her mystery man know how he much he affected her, Raven tried to still her aching body with deep breaths. That is until she spied the tall man walking towards her from the shadows. With hair dark as midnight, a body that had her almost weeping in pleasure at the strength that seemed to storm her defenses with just a look, stormy blue eyes locked onto her green ones. He was easily over 6 foot 5" and he was utterly, deliciously naked…with a cock that begged to be suckled and licked. It was absolutely the largest one Raven had ever seen and it was growing larger with ever step he took towards her. She knew instinctively this man would give her the ultimate pleasure she has been searching for with and she would crave more from him.
Gulping quickly, she felt rather than saw him sit on the edge of the bed. As her eyes traveled up his body to his face, she caught laughter in those marvelous eyes as he watched her take stock in his body.
"Love, you don't have to be afraid. You know who I am even if you don't want to admit it. I am your soul mate and I have been searching for you for a long time. You need me as much as I need you, Cheri. Don't deny our love, because I am coming for you."
Raven shivered as those words slammed into her with a desire that almost had her coming on the spot. Shifting a little, Raven asked again, "Who are you?"
Before she could do or say anything else, this towering man took her hand, palm side up and with a kiss in the center said, "I am your destiny!"
Raven tried to speak, her lips opened but before she could say one word she felt him tip her face towards his and as he settled those sexy lips on hers, one last thought pierced her already lust filled brain…Damn he is like a decadent dessert…all ready to gobble up unless you slow yourself down to enjoy every last bite.

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