Cosmic Chemistry by Kara Griffin

A little Chemistry goes a long way in this meeting between Jack & Ginger in Cosmic Chemistry...

Ginger glanced across the dance floor at the tables on the opposite side. Smoke inside made a hazy atmosphere, but she blinked and tried to focus on the handsome male directly across from her.

Honestly, handsome wasn’t quite the word she would use for him. Maybe beautiful. Yeah, that more fit his description—a pretty boy with the looks of someone famous. It didn’t seem that the four gorgeous looking females who sat with him kept his attention, because suddenly, he looked directly at her and kept his gaze fixated.
Sweet Venus, what a looker. Too young for me. What is he, twenty-one, give or take a solar-year? Oh, look away, Ginger.

Of course, she couldn’t, or rather wouldn’t. Too late, he caught her looking. He certainly was a pyretic. He stood, leaning forward and spoke to the women at his table. She could tell he was tall. His body was muscular, but not overly bulky or stocky. He moved gracefully toward her, but what drew her was his face. Oh, yeah, a beautiful man.

His hair looked tussled and sexy, probably from his companions running their hands through it—the lucky females. Why couldn’t she have met someone like him fifteen solar-years ago? She quickly turned her head, unable to see what color his eyes were. With a daring look back, she noticed him nearing.

“Uranus-insanus, he’s coming this way.”

Mr. Perfect walked toward her with a gorgeous smile on his handsome face.
Rietta released the straw from her mouth. “Who is?”

Ginger ignored her and hurried to take a quick gulp of her drink, hoping it would alleviate her wish to disappear like a shooting star. Was he still coming her way? When she chanced another look, he’d just reached their table.
He smiled a dreamboat smile. “Your phaser-ray must be set on stunning, because I noticed you all the way across the dance floor, darlin’. Thought I’d come over and say hello. The name’s Jack.”

He leaned casually against the stool across from her, giving her a pyretic grin that could send her flaming through the orbit.

Did he have to have such a moony voice, too? His accent had a slow drawl to it that sent shivers down her spine. He definitely had an enunciation that she couldn’t place. Maybe he usually spoke in an alien tongue. She’d never heard a male speak so huskily before.

Utter perfection in a male specimen met her eye. Speaking of eyes, she raised hers and looked into the clearest-lightest green eyes she had ever seen. His somewhat crooked nose gave him an attractive quality. It should be illegal to have lips that could make a female faint dead-away.

For a brief second, Ginger imagined what those lips would feel like against hers, moving over hers, demanding, teasing and nibbling. Illegal didn’t justify looking so darn sexy. The male should be imprisoned somewhere for making a female want him so badly.

Quickly swallowing the gulp she’d taken of her drink, Ginger smiled and tried to garner one solar-ounce of sanity. She definitely didn’t want to make a fool of herself in front of this pyretic.

“Hi, Jack. It’s nice to meet you. I’m Ginger, Ginger Graham.” Why did her name always sound like an ancient cookie, as if she was named after a graham cracker? She felt ridiculous saying it, but he must not have noticed.

“Why don’t you come over and join us? Or if you want, I’ll join you here.”
He had a face any female would love to run her hands over, a smooth flawless face—a young face. His jaw tightened when she didn’t respond.

Uranus-insanus, she had to get a hold of herself, but the hottie was beyond any male she’d ever seen. Should she join him? Should she let him join her? Oh, wait, Dynah would be meeting her soon. She couldn’t just join him without Dynah’s agreement. Nor could she just leave Lanie and Rietta. That would be rude.

“I’d love to, but I have company coming and my friends here. Sorry, I can’t.” What was she thinking? He was way too young for her, and she shouldn’t even think of encouraging him.

“All right, stunner, but promise you’ll dance with me later. If you don’t, you’ll break my heart.”

He placed his hand on his chest, and his eyes crinkled with a smile that seemed to make her heart pulse in a quicker rhythm. Something definitely pulsed. And he dances too? Oh, sweet Venus, Mr. Perfect was…well, perfect. After such a rotten day, this was certainly a reward—definitely a reward for having patience with her father.

“Sure, I would love to dance with you, Jack.”

“Hi, Ginger. Hey, who’s this?” Dynah approached the table.

Jack didn’t say anything, only continued to smile at her. Be still her frantically beating heart. Ginger rose to greet her friend and to make the introductions.

“This is Jack, Dynah. He just asked me to dance.”

“Hi, Jack. So, are you going to?”

Ginger stood starry-eyed, looking at the handsome man. Her eyes couldn’t help roaming over the tightness of his grey silk shirt. She looked down at his waist, where his black pants snuggly encased his splendid hips, and a bulge worthy of a lingering gaze. Thankfully, her sexually disturbed brain didn’t make her reach out, though she wanted to.

What was wrong with her? She was a trained physexian for the love of the universe. She knew how to deal with males, knew how to control her sexual urges, and knew she’d never be in his league. Even though this male had the qualities of most of her patients, she decided she wouldn’t judge him. She looked back at his face and realized that he had been looking at her as well.

“Well?” Dynah asked. “Are you?”

“Later.” Ginger noticed the expression on her friend’s face.

Dynah’s dark eyes twinkled and for once, her friend didn’t tease her, but she did appear amused. Dynah threw her bag on the table, grinning at them.

“Jack, it was really nice meeting you.”

“Nice meeting you, too.” Jack reached past Dynah and took her hand.

Tingling warmth ran up her arm. Awareness from the light caress of his thumb created a twinge between her legs. Numbing Neptune, she held onto his hand and smiled.

“Ginger, I’ll see you later.” He gave her a sexy wink.

His words sent a spark of excitement throughout her body, or maybe it was the way he’d said them. His voice did interesting things to her erogenous zones. With that, he released her hand and moved back toward his table.

Ginger froze in place, watching his hips move, the firmness of his butt, perfect for nibbling on or perhaps taking a chunk of. Her stomach tightened, as if she anticipated those actions becoming reality.

His long legs took him away with each step. He had a body of a young strapping male, shaped with curves of muscles in all the right places. Trapped in an orb of delight, she didn’t want to take her eyes off him. Not for one solar-second.

“Mars to Ginger. Hello, you hoo. Yo, Ginger, girl, get hold of yourself.” Dynah waved a hand in front of her face trying to get her attention.

She tucked the strands of her hair behind her ear, before turning back to her friend. “Have you ever seen such…? I think I’m in love.”

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Kara Griffin

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