A little Chaos never hurt no one...

Futuristic Romance

Excerpt Copyright @2009:

Kullan looked different all of a sudden. Vance didn’t know what was wrong with her. She stood immediately upon his pressing the ‘operate’ button. With a smug look on his face, he decided to test the device by pressing another button. Why was she so afraid of the device? He examined it and noticed there wasn’t a ‘mute’ button, which actually would have come in handy. Too bad the device couldn’t control a woman. A funny-shaped button lured his finger. His forefinger hovered over the button, knowing it wouldn’t do a thing. Whatever the device controlled wasn’t in the unit.

“I am at your service.”

She’d spoken so low, Vance barely heard her.

“What are you talking about, Kullan?” Accidentally, he pressed the button on the device. Kullan’s eyes glazed as she looked at him sensually, passionately. How many times had he wished she’d look at him like that? Her eyes were dazed and very sexy, dark and alluring. Vance imagined she looked like that after a few hours of passionate love-making.

Another step and she would be close enough to reach. Vance wasn’t sure what was happening between them, but when Kullan wrapped her arms around his shoulders and raised her face, he lowered his mouth.

When his lips touched hers, he tensed. She became the aggressor and increased the kiss to such a level. Vance wanted nothing more than to return the torrid touch. With his arms around her, he clasped his wrists, and lifted her against him. Her body softened and she continued to hold him. Vance kept his tongue moving around hers, reveling in kissing her, but he wanted more—so much more. Their tongues meshed, touching, teasing, swirling around each others with desire—desire he’d resisted until now.

He realized he still held the device. Lowering Kullan to her feet, Vance forced himself to pull back from the kiss. The first thing he saw was her swollen lips, all rosy and wet. A low groan came to his throat; he’d never been so turned on before. He wanted to touch her, touch her everywhere, but before he could reach out to her again, she stepped backward.

Something was throbbing and it wasn’t his leg. In fact, Vance could barely feel the pain in his leg any longer. Kullan advanced slowly, with each step, she inched the zipper of her cat-suit lower. Vance could see the sultry skin beneath the zipper and the way her fingers grazed her stomach. Heat instantly hit him, making him anticipate her touch and springing his cock to life. When she reached him, her creamy shoulders were bared.

“Kullan, do you know what you’re doing?”

She didn’t answer. Vance pulled her back into his arms, feeling her hot skin beneath his fingers. He kissed her again, taking his time to explore her mouth. Each breath through his nose rasped, and he didn’t want to stop even if he couldn’t breathe. While he kept his lips fused to

hers, he let his hands explore her body. The palms of his hands molded the soft curve of her hips. The arch of her sweet ass stilled his hand and he cupped her, bringing her closer. His erection strained, stretching to settle against her firm body.

Something strange occurred to him. Vance wasn’t sure she was responding with the same enthusiasm. Pulling away, he searched her eyes for passion. Her eyes were glazed, but Vance wasn’t sure if it was desire or a haze. Guilt crept into his brain. He wanted to shout at himself for being such a druking ass. How could he treat her so disrespectfully? Although, she’d kind of started it.

Didn’t she?

Vance wasn’t quite sure now.

“Kullan, we shouldn’t…are you sure you want to…do this?”

Setting the remote on the table, inadvertently his finger pressed the operate button again. Vance looked from the device to Kullan and shook his head. He wasn’t sure what just happened between them.

She came out of her trance, gasping at the fact that she’d practically undressed in front of him. Vance liked the look of her breasts, the rosy hue of her nipples and the way they’d hardened at the contact of his body. His mouth watered at the thought of tasting her skin. He wanted to lick her, run his tongue over all the places he’d imagined for so long. She had beautiful skin, olive toned and tanned, why should she hide it now?

“Vance, I… Sweet shivering Saturn, I cannot believe I… You used that…”

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