Passion's Escape-Ashlynn Mornoe-Silver Publishing

$4.99 multiple formats Silver Publishing, hot story...Warning: contains ménage a trios, anal intercourse, slavery.


In a harsh world only the strong survive. Passion has a choice escape or be sold by her desperate father. Fortune sends two powerful men into her life. Men who have the power to free her or enslave her and who together bring her to the pinnacle of pleasure. New worlds await Passion as she discovers that sometimes the slave can become the master.


They stood as she cautiously entered the room. Her cheeks instantly felt the heat of the blush that stained them. Both of the men bowed in the courtly fashion of their more civilized, but restrictive, world. They were responding to her as they would a royal courtesan who'd trained for years for the privilege of giving either of these men pleasure. It was a bit intimidating. Awkwardly, she returned the gesture as was custom.
They immediately seemed to notice her hair. Her blush deepened when she saw the obvious approval shinning in their matching cocoa brown eyes. Her hands wanted to touch them, starting with the soft raven's wing black hair, a trait the men shared due to their royal heritage. Hawk would need to be a distant relation of the prince to be so close to the emperor's court. They were certainly handsome men, and it overwhelmed her a bit. Biting her lip, she glanced up into Dragon's face. His normally playful expression was gone, replaced with sexual intensity. His look made her body ache.
She wanted their hands on her, but she had no idea how to begin or what to say. She was not a professionally trained courtesan. She was also not there because she had to be. She was with them out of her own consuming lust. What was the proper way physically to love two of the galaxies most powerful men? They were both smiling. Obviously they eagerly anticipated her first move. Passion honestly had no idea what they expected. She was not a trained lover or refined woman. She had grown to womanhood in a place that killed softness or weakness and so it wasn't something she understood.
With her own small grin and a sweet blush, she decided to jump right in and do what she knew Dragon wanted. Kneeling in front of him on a plush floor pillow, she began to undo the tie on his lounging pants. They slid easily off his slim hips and ass to pool around his ankles.
His cock was already hard. Passion glanced up at Hawk and gave him a small, shy smile. He smiled back, enjoying the show. Tenderly and with careful precision, she took the large smooth head of Dragon's cock into her mouth. Her ruby red lips wrapped around it and she began to suckle him with sweet force. The quick intake of his stomach muscles told her he certainly liked what she was doing. Taking as much of him into her mouth as she could, she then wrapped her small, soft hands around the rest of him. She began to suckle and stroke in a rhythm that left him moaning. He took a hold of her bobbing head, wrapping her hair around his large hand, pulling it back from her face while at the same time encouraging her to increase her speed. Passion smiled around the mouthful of cock and increased the pressure of her suction. Dragon moaned a long low throaty sound of pleasure. Her teeth gently scraped his flesh, causing him to release a hiss of pleasure. He was one of the most powerful men in the history of the galaxy and she held him in her power, it was an intoxicating sensation.
While she pleasured Dragon, she felt Hawk's presence coming up behind her. His large hands brushed her remaining hair from her face with amazing tenderness. Those hands began to caress her jaw and neck and then traveled down past her collarbone to rest on the front of the robe. Hawk parted the garment softly. One of his large hands dipped down to take her breast out of the robe as his other hand followed the same journey, and soon he had freed both her breasts from their confinement. Each of his hands were busy kneading and then his thumbs and index fingers found her large pink nipples. He rolled them gently and then pinched them just enough to cause pain/pleasure that coursed through her to pool in her womb and make her pussy even wetter. Then his hands skimmed up to her shoulders and he began to massage them with loving tenderness. Restlessly, his hands soon returned to her breasts and began to play with them once more. The combination of his tender touch and the knowledge that she was performing a forbidden act sent a thrill of pleasurable excitement into her that bore no comparison. She knew that no other woman had done this to the men and it made the experience deeper and richer.

~~~~~Ashlynn Monroe is a busy wife and mom. She enjoys writing about anything and everything paranormal or fantasy related while maintaining a career as a full time customer service professional. When she is not lovingly raising her young family, she is dreaming up her next tale of romance. She’d love to hear from you at Visit her website at

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