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Cosmic Hearts

Blurb: In order to save his planet’s people, Chance must gain the help of Vestalumbria’s princess. He proposes an offer she can’t refuse—a chance to unite with a king. But refuse she does. Valeen wants to help Chance, but she has her own problems—she must find out the truth—why males are forbidden on her planet.

As Valeen learns the secrets hidden from her by her dictator of a mother, she has to rely on the handsome king to aid her, especially when she’s abducted by planetary pirates. Her heart begins falling for handsome king, but she’s not sure their people can live together in harmony.
Can the two of them co-exist and unite their Cosmic Hearts?

Book Trailer:


Valeen didn’t know why, but when he touched the small of her back, she felt a charge bolt through her body as if her circuits went through a field of meteors. Stars, he was brazen, and must be unfamiliar with the laws of her planet. She wasn’t very knowledgeable of males, because they hadn’t lived on her planet for years, but she’d heard about them from some of the women she knew.

She hadn’t come this close to a male since she’d been very young. Then, her only interest had been in having playmates, but now her interest went beyond playing games. Well, maybe playing games, but not the kind she’d played when she was younger.

Usually when she visited beverage stations or commodity bases, where she went shopping for attire, she didn’t allow males near her, nor did her guards. But this attractive man couldn’t be overlooked; she didn’t mind his closeness at all. In fact, she wanted him to touch her some more. Maybe even kiss her, and perhaps press his hard-looking body against hers.

What in the name of all the planets was she thinking?

“Valeen, such a lovely name for a beautiful woman.”

He seemed to cringe and made a discouraged face. Had he considered the comment ridiculous? Shifting again, he appeared to relax.

“Ahhh, so, Chance from a close-enough galaxy…” She touched his chest lightly. “You are a flatterer and a charmer.”

Her fingertips trailed down the zipper on the front of his shirt in a flirtatious move. Valeen had never done anything so outrageous or impulsive before in her entire life. She smiled at the thought that she was flirting with him.

Venus, Mercury, and Mars.

It was a ballsy thing to do, and not her usual reaction.

“Only if it gets me a kiss.”

There it is, an offer that you can’t pass up or refuse.

“You wish to kiss me?” she said breathlessly.

“Only if you wish to be kissed.”

She noticed him grimace at his absurd statement. Laughter bubbled inside her. She hoped he would use his mouth in a way that wouldn’t cause him jeopardy. Or maybe it would? Maybe it would cause them both jeopardy.

Valeen watched his hand move higher on her waist, just under the firmness of her breast. The fabric of her catsuit stood in the way of feeling his skin touching hers. Reflections of the various lighting in the dark beverage station moved across his fingers.

Her laughter rose in a nervous giggle. She had never met anyone like him, but she liked his amusing remarks. She tilted her head to look at the light-colored wisps of hair over his forehead. The urge to brush her fingers through his hair suddenly hit her. His locks shimmered in the electronic atmosphere of the bright light beams. She swayed purposely toward him, hoping he would put his arms around her.

Valeen was in the perfect position, and she didn’t want it to slip by without his taking advantage of it. This solar-night, she would be embedded in his memory, never to be forgotten, and now all she had to do was make sure of it.

Would he kiss me already?

End Excerpt.

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Cosmic Hearts Book Review: "Kara Griffin joins two very independent characters together and gleefully burns the pages with their heated encounters. Add in a male obsessed PAM, Valeen's Personal Attendant Moderator, Jack's horny brother, four nubile guards, a scattering of nefarious kidnappers and you have enough spice in the book to zest up your reading enjoyment. Definitely a book to help while away the weekend blues!" JT, Romance Junkies, 4 blue ribbons.

(Thank you RJ and JT! For reviewing my book!)

Coming soon to AMP!

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~Kara Griffin

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This book sounds like a wonderful romp!