Original Sin

Original Sin is the fourth book in the Lilith Mercury: Werewolf Hunter Series by Tracey H. Kitts, Coming this December from New Concepts Publishing.

Dracula, who was still standing beside me with his hand on my lower back, began to explain. “Bade works for me.” I looked a question at him and he continued, “Part time anyway.”

“What does he do exactly?” I asked.

“I’m the on the menu,” Bade replied. “For the vampires at least,” he said quickly after the look I gave him. “You see, I like to be bitten, and alpha werewolf is quite the delicacy.”

“You’re on the menu?” I repeated sarcastically.

“That’s right, love. I’m the red light special.”

“We’ve got to stop meeting like this,” I said. Even as I spoke I could feel the smile reaching my eyes. Why did I suddenly have warm fuzzy feelings for Bade? He winked at me then and I decided I didn’t care enough to analyze it right now. Whatever the cause, it felt good to return his smile.

“At least this time we’ve got clothes on,” he teased. His pale blue eyes gleamed with mischief as he extended his big hand to Kat. “The names Bade Garren.” He smiled. “And who might you be?”

She took his hand but seemed beyond speech. Seeing as how Bade was one of the most gorgeous men I’d ever laid eyes on, I couldn’t blame her. However, I felt I should intervene.

“This is my friend Kathryn Roberts,” I said as I leaned in close. It must have looked like I was hugging him, or coping a feel, but in a voice so soft only he could hear I whispered, “If you touch her, I’ll kill you.”

I pulled back to find him smiling. As he released Kat’s hand, I took a step away from Dracula and moved closer to the werewolf. I ran my hands inside the open front of his shirt, and caressed his chest. The sensation was much more pleasurable than I had remembered. The last time Bade and I had any sort of contact, someone had driven a large wooden pole through the right side of his chest. It had been the first time I’d used my powers to heal anyone other than myself. I had felt his desire then, and I could feel it now as I touched him. Desire coursed through his veins, running hot just like his blood.

Up until this moment I had felt slightly threatened by Bade. I knew he wanted to hurt me, but in a good way. Now, as I stood there with my hands inside his shirt, I was nearly overcome. He was so warm and firm underneath my hands. I could feel his muscles shifting with each breath as I moved my hands to touch his sides. His breathing grew faster and I fought the urge to press my lips against his chest. I could tell people were starting to watch us, but I didn’t care. I was no longer frightened of Bade. As a low growl escaped my lips I wondered if he should fear me.

“I see you finished healing,” I said softly as I moved my hand over the left side of his chest to find his silver nipple ring. Bade always wore a silver stud through his left nipple, and I had bitten it off the first time we met.

I’m not sure what came over me when I touched him. It could have been the full moon and the fact that he’s an alpha werewolf. It could have been the fact that I’d gone so long without sex. Maybe it was just that I got hornier around the full moon also, but most likely, it was just Bade.

I leaned in closer and breathed in his scent as I rubbed my face from his stomach to the middle of his chest. That was as far as I could reach, even in heels. He moaned as I continued to rub my face over the fine blond hairs on his chest, and when I flicked my tongue over his nipple ring, he wasn’t the only one who gasped.

I pulled back and smiled shamelessly at an ancient vampire sitting to our right. He didn’t look ancient, but there was something about him that told me otherwise.

“It’s awfully good to see you, Bade,” I purred in my best bedroom voice.

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Estella said...

This sounds like a really sexy read!