Underdead In Denial

Underdead in Denial By Liz Jasper
Sequel to Underdead
Available now from www.cerridwenpress.com

It's been a quiet summer for middle-school science teacher Jo Gartner — not a pre-teen or a vampire in sight. Just as she begins to believe that the enigmatic vampire who turned her "almost Undead" was a bad dream, Will shows up on her doorstep, making Jo more determined than ever to avoid all things vampire and maintain a normal life. And what's more normal than doing community service to help a lovesick friend? But getting dressed up in a Halloween costume for a haunted house fundraiser is not what Jo had in mind. Especially as the entire vampire community seems to be drawn to the place.

When one of the haunted house extras turns up dead, Jo's hope for a quiet existence slips away faster than an eighth grader can shoot a spitball through a cafeteria straw. A rash of "accidents" makes it hard for Jo to know whom to trust, especially when her once-reliable detective turns standoffish and sexy vampire Will grows entirely too charming. She must choose allies carefully as she races to unmask the killer…or the next death might be her own!

If you'd like to catch up in the series, UNDERDEAD is available in ebook and paperback.

“UNDERDEAD is certainly not your typical vampire story, it's better…. I guarantee UNDERDEAD will have you laughing out loud, while keeping you in suspense right up until the end.”--Two Lips Reviews

"Hysterically funny…a page-turner extraordinaire." –Myshelf.com

Five Stars! "Amusing fast-paced paranormal whodunit that the audience will enjoy because of the combination of suspense, romance and the supernatural. Jo is terrific!"—Harriet Klausner, Amazon.com #1 Reviewer

Happy reading!

Liz Jasper is the award-winning author of Underdead and Underdead in Denial. You can read excerpts and reviews of her mystery novels at www.lizjasper.com

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Estella said...

Sounds like a very good read!

Liz Jasper said...

Thanks estella. : ) Liz

annalisa said...

I love vampire books and Underdead and Underdead in Denial both sound great! :)