Two New Releases

from Jamie Hill:

First, from Total e-Bound Publishing: Worth the Risk, Book Two in the Unexpected Love Series. This one has been revamped and made hotter than ever, so check it out!
Sarah Stevens isn't looking for romance when Sam Buchanan leases her loft. But that all changes when their mutual attraction finds them together, half naked, after only one day.

After this momentary lapse, they agree to back off and move forward at a slower, more reasonable pace. Sam's slow dance of seduction is torturous and thrilling for Sarah, who's been alone since losing her husband eight years ago.

With a teenager in the house, sneaking around is titillating but also risky, forcing Sarah to re-examine her priorities and decide if the pleasure Sam brings is Worth the Risk.

This book has been released previously. It has been revised and re-edited for release with Total-e-bound.

More information or purchase here

Next, from Phaze: Jamie Hill's Head Over Heels

A lusty first date jump starts a passionate, all-consuming love affair for Catlin McCall. She's captivated by handsome Steve Naughton, and he's head over heels crazy about her. They quickly become engaged and begin planning their life together.

His two children settle into their lives comfortably, but when a figure from the past reemerges, he poses a serious threat to the new life they're attempting to build. Can their fragile, hasty relationship survive old transgressions? Or will it shatter as quickly as it was formed?

More information or purchase here

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