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Jada Green is shocked when a vehicle appears from out of nowhere, smashing in the side of her new compact car. She's even more surprised to find the driver is a cute, enticing blonde woman. Thrown together for one night, Jada resists the idea of casual sex until a hot dream has her changing her mind.

Wendi Smith has neither insurance, nor the money to pay for the damage she caused. She's prepared to walk away and let Jada deal with everything, until her heart gets the best of her. When there's a carnal collision, can love triumph over money?

Amanda fro
m Dark Angel Reviews gives Carnal Collision a Recommended Read and says, "CARNAL COLLISION is a carnal delight! Jamie Hill just rocks my world with her stories... If you're looking for a heartfelt erotic romance, CARNAL COLLISION is the story for you!"


The car came out of nowhere, smashing into the passenger side of her new, two-door compact with a sickening crunch. Jada Green's head whacked the visor before her airbag deployed, slamming her back. While her vehicle spun in a complete circle, she clutched the steering wheel, alternating curses with prayers until it finally came to a stop.

Dazed, Jada suddenly wondered if she'd remembered to mail her mother's birthday gift. Strange thoughts filtered through her mind. She winced. Focus! A quick inventory established that while she appeared to be fine, the right side of her car had crumpled inward to half its size.

"Lady! Are you okay?" A grey-haired man with a frantic expression pounded on her window. "Stay right there! I called for an ambulance."

"That's not necessary. I'm fine." A round, red splotch fell on her skirt. Mystified, she touched her forehead. Pulling back her caramel coloured fingers, she saw they were bloody. Jada glanced in the rear-view mirror and found a gaping cut above her right eyebrow. Gulping, she nodded at the man. "Thank you."

"I didn't see you!" A woman's pale, tear-streaked face appeared in front of the cracked windshield. "I swear I didn't. Are you all right? Oh god, you're bleeding!"

The man opened her door and offered a folded white handkerchief. "Hold this against your head. Apply pressure."

"Thanks." She did as he instructed and tried to get her bearings. Everything seemed surreal-- faces crowded around her, everyone talking at once. Time stood still. Peeling back the handkerchief, she looked in the mirror again. The gash continued to bleed profusely. She pressed the bloody cloth back to her head quickly.

"You shouldn't move in case you have other injuries," he told her. "An ambulance is on the way."

"I really think I'm fine." She did a mental check of the rest of her body, everything seemed intact. "I just want to go home." It'd been a long day in the beauty salon. One late customer had set her back twenty minutes, and she'd scrambled to make up for it all afternoon. She looked forward to a pint of rocky road ice cream followed by a leisurely soak in the tub, and possibly a little vibrator action. She'd been horny all day. Unfortunately, the accident didn't quell her need, though she suspected her plans might have to wait.

The wail of a siren in the distance grew louder. "Let the paramedics check you out," he insisted. "You might need stitches."

She didn't argue. The man had calmed and taken charge of the situation, obviously pleased to have something to do. The blonde-haired woman sobbing next to him was another story.

Copyright (C) 2008 Jamie Hill

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