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As soon as she opened her door and entered the hallway she felt the heat of the fire Mike had built. The sound of dry wood crackling reached her ears, and something else. He’d turned the radio on low and suddenly the atmosphere he’d created reeked of intimacy.

Emma’s steps slowed as she neared the end of the hallway afraid of what she’d see when she finally stepped into the living room. Visions of Mike laying naked on a bear skin rug, or in this case the multicolored throw on the back of the couch, waiting for her before the fire caused her pulse to race and breath to catch. However, nothing prepared her for the sight that greeted her when she peeked around the corner.

“Oh my…”she gasped behind her hand, making her presence known.

Mike stood up and swung around, his hands slapping on his hips, which only caused the purple flowered robe he was wearing to part all the way down his magnificent chest. Emma’s mouth went dry at all that exposed masculine flesh.

“Is something funny?” he asked in mock anger, the look in his flashing eyes daring her to laugh at him.

It was too much to take in all at once. Emma’s startled gaze began with Mike’s neck, taking in the width of his broad shoulders before traveling down the well-defined muscles of his sculptured chest and abdomen. A crisp blanket of hair covered his torso, narrowing all the way to his lean hips before disappearing behind a large pink rose

Oh my! Not bad for a forty year old man. Was he completely naked beneath her robe? Her cheeks grew uncomfortably warm, her imagination working overtime. But to keep him from noticing her preoccupation with what was hiding behind that enormous flower she skimmed down the rest of his body, taking in his muscular thighs and long legs.

Lord, even his feet were beautiful.


“Well?” she breathed softly, clearly confused at what he wanted. Had he asked her something?

“I asked you if you think something’s funny,” he repeated.

“No-no!” she quickly said, biting her lip to keep from laughing. However the urge was so powerful that Emma knew the only way she was going to conquer it was not look at him at all. Her eyes danced around the room, touching on everything but him.

“Good. Because if you laughed I’d be forced to do something about it.”

His challenging tone caused her eyes to swing back his way. “That’s not fair, detective.” It wasn’t her fault he was wearing her robe. Troy must have taken his with him the last time he was there. Her lips quivered as she returned his stare, before she finally gave in and burst out laughing. “I’m sorry, Mike! I can’t help it!”

“I warned you…”

“What are you going to do?” As he advanced she retreated, holding her arms out as though to ward him off. “It’s not every day I get to see a big, tough, detective wearing my satin robe.” She backed into a chair and quickly skirted around it. “The color brings out the purple around your eye,” she teased.

Mike made a grab for her, she squealed and just managed to dash out from beneath his hand. Laughing, she headed for the kitchen, not realizing she’d backed herself into a corner until it was too late. She swung around to back track but he was there effectively blocking her escape.
Now he was the one grinning, his electric eyes alive and pinned on her wolfishly. “You’re in trouble now, sweetheart.” He advanced slowly, in no hurry to catch his quarry. Like a cat playing with a mouse.

“You can’t pull off tough in a floral robe,” she chuckled, standing her ground. “What about lunch?
Aren’t you hungry?” She glanced pointedly at the picnic basket, backing up until she couldn’t go any further. The next thing she knew she was up against the kitchen sink.

Mike placed his hands on either side of her against the counter, leaning in close, making her stomach do flip-flops. “Looks like you’re trapped. I bet you’re sorry you laughed at me now.”

Emma was still laughing. Her hands fell on his shoulders and she leaned away from him as much as the counter would allow. But that only caused the lower half of their bodies to collide. Gasping loudly, her smile quickly disappeared. She tried to swallow, all too aware of his hard flesh pushing against her. Her eyes flared with renewed desire.

“You’re not laughing now,” Mike observed, leaning into her.

Neither was he. “This isn’t a laughing matter,” she returned huskily, her gaze falling on his sensuous mouth. She took a deep breath, raising her eyes to his once more, drowning in the sensuality stamped on his face. “I’m ready to accept whatever punishment you deem necessary. I clearly deserve it.”

A husky laugh rushed past Mike’s lips, running over her senses until she melted against him. No longer was she straining to get away. He was going to kiss her again, she sensed it. She wanted it. Although she was half afraid of where it would lead. Mike was a healthy male, after awhile he was bound to want more than kisses and occasional caresses.

Realization that she wanted more rushed over Emma in dizzying waves. She began to breathe heavily, her breasts swelling with aching arousal, tingling against his hard chest. For once she was glad she’d left her bra off, relishing in the feel of the soft cashmere against her ultra sensitive flesh.

He lowered his head, closing the distance between them with purpose in his darkening eyes.


“This is going to hurt me more than it’s going to hurt you,” he said outrageously, continuing slowly. “But someone has to do it. And it’s not as if I didn’t warn you.”

“I’ll suffer in silence then.”

“It’s only a kiss.” His mouth abruptly cut off Emma’s smile of mischief and any smart remarks forthcoming.

Her soft moan of surrender was immediate, producing a low response of pleasure from Mike. They moved at the same time, his arms slid around her waist, pulling her more firmly against him, her arms encircled his strong neck as she welcomed his tight embrace. Their mouths moved against each other in a sensual attack that escalated when their lips parted to allow a more thorough exploration that included warm breath and velvet tongues. Wet heat.

Did he say only a kiss?

Emma’s mouth burned with fire. It was a kiss like none before. The meshing of two hungry souls until they became one. Both moved willfully against each other, taking their time down the path of promised rapture, each seeking a pleasure beyond the reality. Sounds of mutual desire filled the room, drowning out the low beat of a country western ballad on the radio.

She cried out with protest when he suddenly tore his mouth from hers, but it was only to follow the line of her jaw and glide down the side of her neck, teasing and tantalizing her skin as he moved leisurely along. Testing her eagerness while revealing his own.

“I don’t know if I can take much more of your particular brand of punishment,” she gasped as ripples of pleasure traveled over her. She turned her neck so he could have better access. His teeth raked over her with barely controlled desire, producing another wild shiver.

“I want you.” She hadn’t meant to say it out loud and it created an instantaneous response from Mike. He jerked back, his startled gaze locking onto hers. His expression was dark with desire, nostrils flaring with need and making Emma think of a wild, hungry animal. His body was hard and demanding.

She saw the indecision in his eyes, sensing he was fighting with himself not to let things go any further. Yet even as he warred with emotions trapped inside, his body revealed his weakness by thrusting against her. All at once his hands dropped to her hips, holding her tightly before abandoning them to glide up her sides and cup her aching breasts.

“Oh!” Emma’s arms came down from around Mike’s neck and she flattened her hands against the counter top behind her, thrusting her breasts more fully into his caressing palms. “That feels so good,” she whispered weakly.

“You like that?”

“Yes!” Emma cried out. She would have fallen if she hadn’t clenched her hands into the robe he was wearing, laughing softly when the feel of satin in her fists reminded her it was her robe.

“I’ve never made a woman laugh while making love to her, it’s a good thing I don’t offend easily.”
Emma’s throaty laugh sounded deep and sensual. “Believe me, it’s not your technique, detective.” Her hands released the death grip she had on the robe, slipping inside to touch his bare chest. “I can’t get what you look like in my robe out of my head.” She lightly raked her nails across his nipples, getting the response she wanted when his big body shuddered.

Mike pulled back, his eyes smoldering with desire. “Then maybe it’s time to take it off.”

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