An Introduction to Luis

The following is an unedited excerpt from Brain Dead by Tracey H. Kitts, coming in August from New Concepts Publishing.

On her way out Jane nearly ran into the most devastatingly handsome man she’d ever seen. He was at least six foot three with shoulder length hair so dark it looked almost blue beneath the dim lights. His skin reminded her of porcelain, but this man looked anything but fragile. The night was cool and his long black coat reached to just below his knees. He was wearing black leather pants which left little to the imagination and a button up black shirt. The stranger smiled down at her and Jane looked up into eyes of the deepest blue she’d ever seen.

“Excuse me,” she said breathlessly.

As she walked past him she never broke eye contact with the compelling stranger. Honestly, she didn’t want to turn her back on him. Something in his eyes called to her and made her heart jump so hard that it hurt. He just continued to smile until Jane was forced to turn around. She heard the bell ring above the door and gave a sigh of relief. He was in the store and she was almost to her car.

She tried to grip her keys again so that her house key was between her fingers in case she had to punch someone. But they slipped through her fingers when she walked past the gas pump. Jane was trembling, and as she turned around she found herself staring into those same blue eyes.
“Allow me,” he said, and as he bent down to retrieve her keys Jane caught a whiff of his cologne.
Something stirred within her and she gasped involuntarily. “It’s lust, pure and simple,” she tried to tell herself. She had never been so afraid and so aroused at the same time in her life. Although he looked more than capable of taking care of himself, she wasn’t afraid of him physically. She was more afraid of her reaction to him. Jane was no stranger to desire, but she had never experienced anything like this before. Who was this man?

He stood, slowly straightening to his full height.

“My name is Luis,” he said with a smile, “and I am not a mugger.”

His voice was deep and sultry with traces of a French accent.

“Then what are you?” Jane thought.

Rather than handing her the keys Luis took her hand and placed them in her open palm. The hairs on her arm rose when his bare skin touched her and Jane decided it was time to find out who this man was. She opened her mind to him, reaching out psychically toward the stranger. It was like hitting a brick wall. She had never been so thoroughly blocked in her life and nearly stumbled backward.

“Such turmoil in one so young,” he sighed, caressing the back of her hand before he released her.
Jane took a step back and nearly tripped when her butt touched the car door. She had no idea what he meant by that comment and Luis didn’t elaborate. He was a decadent and deadly poison, and if Jane had known who he was she might have ran from him. But with that smile … maybe not.

She couldn’t think of anything to say and something about him gave her chills in both a pleasurable and frightening way. He continued to wow her with that amazingly sensual smile while Jane got in her car and watched him in the rearview mirror until he was out of sight.

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Debbie Wallace said...

Very pretty book cover and great excerpt!