An Introduction to Dracula

The following is an unedited excerpt from The Dread Moon by Tracey H. Kitts. The Dread Moon is book three in the Lilith Mercury: Werewolf Hunter Series from New Concepts Publishing.

“He looked like he’d stepped off the pages of an erotic novel. He wore one of those wonderful white shirts with ruffles around wrists which hung over the tops of his knuckles. The front of the shirt had laces between the ruffles, but they were not tied, leaving the shirt open to reveal a portion of his beautiful body. The hood cast a shadow over half of his face, leaving only his full pink lips visible. But I knew somewhere in the darkness lay those piercing emerald eyes, and it made me shiver.”

“I watched as he removed the long cloak and tossed it across the bed. My heart hammered in my chest painfully as Luther slid the white shirt with its many ruffles from Dracula’s body. He looked even better without the shirt. He wasn’t overly muscular, but beautifully toned and undeniably masculine. Every part that should be curved was curved, and everywhere there needed to be a ridge, that’s what I found as my eyes roamed over him. His emerald eyes no longer held magic when I gazed into them, but there was a fire within that never completely died.”

“I looked up as he walked through the door and my breath caught. He was every bit the dream I had held so dear. His naked body glistened in the candlelight, and strands of dark wet hair clung to his throat. He was formed of a devastating and heartrending beauty, making him almost painful to look upon. But pain and pleasure are sometimes separated by only a thin line.”

The Dread Moon is book three in my Lilith Mercury Werewolf Hunter Series, coming soon from New Concepts Publishing.

Books one and two are available now at

Book One – Red -

Book Two Object of My Affection -

TraceyThe Dread Moon – “The beast inside of her craved some sort of satisfaction and Lilith knew just where to find it.”

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