Wolf Caller 2: Power

Wolf Caller 2: Power by Silvia Violet

Derek and Serena have forged an ancient bond between werewolf and wolf caller. But with Albion on the brink of war, there is no time for them to research the magical abilities they've gained.

Days after their bonding, Serena, Derek, and two other wolves, make a daring run into enemy territory, hoping to bring home the stolen technology that could give their enemies the edge in the coming war. As the fight for technological supremacy heats up, so does Serena's regard for Luke, Derek's second in command. The three become lovers, and Serena discovers that she can lend power through sex.

The threesome's new magical abilities are tested when they discover a traitor in the pack. Are they strong enough to preserve Albion's technological secrets and protect Derek's wolves?

To learn more and read an excerpt, click here.

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