Circle of Diamonds

"Circle of Diamonds" is an epic love story set during the English Civil War. You can read the first three chapters of this politically charged romance on my web site at

The first time Lady Alexandra Wells sees William Forbes she doesn’t know he is the Earl of Langford, the man responsible for the destruction of her family’s home. On opposite sides of the English Civil War, the two meet at the trial of King Charles and find themselves instantly attracted to one another. The next time Alexandra sees him, William is wounded and she must save his life. But when she learns his true identity she is torn between anger and humiliation, and vows she will never see the handsome earl again.

William, on the other hand, would do anything to save Alexandra the pain inflicted by England’s war, even if it means making a political marriage to save her from transportation.

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Enjoy a summer of wonderful reading,

Leslie Rosen Davis
Distinctive Love Stories-Unforgettable Romance

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