Tarnished Gold

Destitute, Lilly Stanton has come home after four years in prison. Hardened by her past, she trusts no one, especially the Stanton’s newly hired hand, Chance Boyd. Although he reminds her of every worthless man she’s ever known, Lilly slowly learns to trust him. When her former lover, an outlaw, reveals the truth about Chance’s identity, her love for him crumbles into feelings of betrayal. Now she has some hard choices to make; choices that could send her back to prison.

Dedicated to upholding the law, Federal U.S. Marshal Chance Boyd is assigned to find stolen gold. Only Lilly Stanton can help him, a former convict whose trust he must gain. Keeping his identity a secret, he maneuvers his way into a job on the Stanton farm, but soon learns that Lilly is not the criminal he expected to find. When Lilly is kidnapped, Chance realizes this may be the one woman who can help him recover from his past.

She mistrusts the law and he is sworn to uphold it; can Lilly and Chance find a common ground that will enable them to survive the danger facing them and finally admit the love they feel for one another?

Tarnished Gold is my award winning novel. You can read the first three chapters of all my books on my web site, www.leslierosendavis.com. While you're there I hope you'll visit my blog and join my mailing list.

Thank you for joining me,
Leslie Rosen Davis
Distinctive Love Stories-Unforgettable Romance

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