Hooray! SLEEPS WITH THE FISHES, Book 1 in my new Sedona West Mystery Series is now available.

SLEEPS WITH THE FISHES, Book 1 Sedona West Mystery Series

Author: Susanne Marie Knight

Genre: Murder Mystery Romance

Available electronically at Amazon.com and Smashwords.com
Price: $2.99

Buy link:

In Print: Coming soon!

About Sedona West:
Recovering from a nasty divorce, Sedona gets more than she bargains for when she moves to the idyllic town of Cozy Haven. Her intention is to piece together her shattered life. But Fate decides to throw major roadblocks in her way. First, the hunky sheriff has his eye on her. Second, a celebrity psychologist tries to get her on his private couch. Third, her disreputable ex husband unexpectedly makes an appearance. And fourth, a Girl-Night party turns into an actual Murder party... with all the guests drugged by sedatives in the wine. Talk about a major hangover! And now, Sedona finds herself under the sheriff’s scrutiny as a possible murder suspect. She had the means, the motive, and the opportunity to kill the deceased so how can she convince everyone that she’s innocent?

Scene Set-Up:
While food shopping, Sedona runs into Doug Marino, Cozy Haven’s sheriff. He asks her to join him for dinner at the adjacent cafĂ©. Still skittish about dating, she reluctantly agrees.

After seeing Sedona and the sheriff settled in a booth by the back window, Nan handed them menus, and then took a step away. She beamed. “Lovely. Um, I mean Terry will be your server. She’ll bring some water. Just take your time you two. Enjoy!”

Nan scurried away, no doubt to spread the gossip. Sedona couldn’t help but chuckle. Setting her lower arms on the wooden table’s edge, she leaned in toward him. “You do realize Cozy Haven’s gossip mill is going to be working overtime tonight, don’t you?”

A twinkle lit his dark eyes, “You mean linking your name with mine?”

“Exactly.” She admired his unaffected smile. “Your office will be getting a boatload of calls from unhappy women, Sheriff. So you’d better do some damage control and fast!”

He removed his bomber jacket, placed it on the side peg on their booth, and then added his big hat to it. He then gestured to her as if asking if she wanted to remove her blazer.

She shook her head. If anything she was too cool, not too warm.

While the lake scene outside the window might’ve been terrific, the view across from her was even better. She stared at his brown uniform shirt with its star badge, colorful patches and nametag, which read, D. Marino, naturally. Underneath the crisp long-sleeved shirt was an undershirt. Peeking above the edge were a few dark curly chest hairs.

Something stirred inside her. Yep, he was very appealing. Very manly. And it had been way too long since she’d felt any stirring whatsoever.

She took the glass of water from their assigned waitress, Terry Yates, who also happened to be one of Sedona’s creative writing students.

“I’ll be back in a sec to take your order,” Terry said as she rushed off.

Maybe Terry was also part of the gossip hotline?

The sheriff took a drink, set his glass on the oak tabletop with a thud, and caught Sedona’s gaze. He didn’t even blink. “First thing, call me Doug. Second thing, I’m not sure I want to do damage control.” He lifted a bushy eyebrow. “What do you say to that?”

She blinked at him--several times. “Oh. I, ah...” Was he flirting with her? Man oh man she did not want to have to deal with that kind of thing.


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